Chapter 320: I Can Solve Their Problems

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Contrary to everyone's reaction, Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

As expected of the number one genius of Tianwu Kingdom and a potential 2-star master teacher, he was able to grasp the essence of the matter instantly.


Reverting to the aura of a genius, he gestured grandly, "This female student possesses superior talent, but she has a cold disposition and she seems unwilling to interact with others. Since her talent is not bad, how can she still be at Zhenqi realm given her age? Clearly, she isn't serious about her training!"

Everyone was taken aback.

That was indeed the case! Everyone had said that her talent was good, but reaching Zhenqi realm primary stage at sixteen to seventeen-year-old, she barely even met the prerequisites to enter the academy. Theoretically, it didn't make sense at all.

The only possibility was that she was talented, but she wasn't interested in training.

Despite her reluctance to cultivate, she was confined to the academy. It couldn't be helped that she would grow an aversion towards studying as time goes by.

To deduce this based on the mere difference between her aptitude and cultivation level…

Your discernment ability is way too incredible!

The face of the arrogant young man from before immediately turned ghastly white.

As a teacher, he knew that such situations were common.

Cultivation is an extremely boring process and it isn't uncommon for one to detest it. Even in this world where strength reigned mighty, there were still a lot of people who were unwilling to cultivate.

As a teacher, one would hope for all of his students to be outstanding. However, if a student is unwilling to cultivate, there's no way that a teacher could cultivate in his stead!

Teaching is a two-way thing. It is one thing for a teacher to teach well, and it is another thing for a student to learn seriously. This female student's aversion toward studying was probably the problem that Principal Xie was talking about previously.

All of the teachers here had been tackling the wrong problem from the very start. It was no wonder why the principal wasn't happy.

"What about him?"

Hearing Mo Hongyi's rational and clear analysis on the situation, Principal Xie stroked his beard and pointed to the male student.

"If I'm not wrong, he's probably a problematic youth who often gets engaged in battle, causing him to face the threat of expulsion!" Mo Hongyi chuckled.

"Oh?" Principal Xie looked at Mo Hongyi with interest. "The reason for thinking so?"

"Simple. I have examined the battle techniques he displayed just now and even though it is modeled from the knowledge one learns in a classroom, his movements were aimed straight for the vitals. Clearly, he had undergone quite a few battles, refining his movements to be swift and precise."

Mo Hongyi spoke casually, "But of course, that isn't the main point. More importantly, when he executes the battle techniques, there is a savage gleam in his eyes and one could easily feel killing intent from him. Given his personality, it is normal for him to fall out with his classmates easily... This kind of problematic youth often causes trouble for an academy and it is within expectations for him to be facing the threat of expulsion."

Everyone was stunned again.

Musing over his words, his analysis seemed to be correct.

To deduce so much from a mere battle technique, the fellow's eye of discernment and analysis ability was beyond that of an ordinary teacher.

"Good, good!" Principal Xie’s eyes shone with admiration.

Mo Hongyi was right. This was exactly the test he was posing to all of the teachers here. If it was just guiding those students on their cultivation, any single teacher would be capable of it. There would be no need to conduct a selection exercise at all.

A truly outstanding teacher would be capable of seeing what others overlook.

"How can that problem be solved then?" An elder asked.

"Since she has an aversion toward studying, we have to look for a way to invoke her interest in cultivating. On the other hand, since the male student faces the threat of expulsion, we just have to suppress his urge to fight with other students... However, this isn't something that can be accomplished in a day or two. It requires continuous hard work over a period of time!"

Mo Hongyi said.


"Good, you've been recruited!"

Principal Xie and many other elders nodded their heads.

To be capable of seeing through the problem in the students' attitude through their battle techniques bore testimony to his eye of discernment.

A teacher had to first find the root of a problem before he could deal with them specifically.

If they didn't recruit such a talent, who else would they recruit?

"Is there anyone who still has anything to say? If so, then the ones recruited for this selection exercise will be this Sun Cheng laoshi and Du Xun laoshi."

Principal Xie gestured as he confirmed the names.

Sun Cheng was the name of the identity Mo Hongyi was impersonating as.

"I don't have any objections!"

"There is nothing more we can say, so we might as well not humiliate ourselves!"

Even though the other teachers felt reluctant to give up, it was true that the analysis of the two were the best. They had no choice but to give up. They weren't able to value add to their answers anymore, so there was no point in saying anything else.

"Un, good. Then I announce the ones who have passed this selection exercise to be..."

Just as Principal Xie was about to declare his decision, a voice interjected, "Wait a moment! Why don't I... say something as well!"

After which, the young man who came with 'Sun Cheng laoshi' walked up.

Zhang Xuan.

He would had failed the examination if he were to remain silent. Thus, he had no choice but to step up.

Seeing him walk over, Mo Hongyi chuckled.

He had already said all that he could see, making it impossible for Zhang Xuan to say anything else. If this genius who had exceeded him was unable to say anything deeper than that, he would surely fail this selection exercise.

Knowing his thoughts, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

This fellow sure had no sense of camaraderie.

He could have left something for him to say, but he chose to touch on everything, leaving Zhang Xuan in a spot.

"This Sun laoshi and Principal Xie had already revealed the purpose of the test, so there's no use for me to repeat their words once more!"

Suppressing his dismal, Zhang Xuan said, "Since there's no use in repeating their words, why don't I... solve the problems of these two students on the spot!"

"Solve their problems on the spot?"

"What kind of joke is this!"

"One of them has an aversion toward studying while the other one is facing expulsion. These are the two most difficult problems for a teacher to solve, what kind of solution can you have?"

"Even if there is a solution, it has to be done over a long period of time, just as Sun Cheng laoshi has said. Solving it now? How arrogant!"



An uproar broke out.

As a teacher, the greatest problem one could face was an unmotivated student and a student who often engages in fights.

These two problems had occurred on these two students and even if one knew the problem, it wasn't an easy feat to solve them. One would have to invest quite a bit of time into it.

Yet, this fellow claimed that he was able to solve it on the spot. This made most of the crowd think that he was being overly boastful.

Even Principal Xie and the other elders frowned upon hearing Zhang Xuan's words.

Even they were helpless before them. Yet, this young fellow dared to utter such big words. Wasn't he being too arrogant?

"Why don't you tell us your solution to their problems?"

With a darkened face, Principal Xie looked at him with a face of displeasure.


Zhang Xuan walked forward to the female student and whispered a few words in her ears. The female student was first stunned, then a bright shade of red began creeping over her face. After which, she kneeled to the floor and clasped her fist, "Teacher, please accept me as your student. I am willing to learn seriously under your tutelage!"


"What is going on?"

Upon seeing this sight, the crowd, who thought that he couldn't possibly succeed, nearly keeled over.

They had just said that this fellow wouldn't be able to solve this problem when he whispered a few words in her ears and the attitude of the female student immediately changed, even kneeling on the floor and pleaded with him to accept her as his student....

I thought you have an aversion toward studying?

Your attitude sure changed faster than the weather!

The displeased Principal Xie and the elders widened their eyes in shock, as though they had seen a ghost.

Since they found these two students to serve as the topic of the test, it was natural that they knew of their conditions beforehand. This female student's aversion toward studying was exceptionally severe. She was unwilling to listen to her teacher regardless of what her teacher said, needless to say, study.

They had thought that it would be impossible to change her attitude in the short term, yet with a mere few words by the teacher before them, she immediately kneeled down. What in the world happened?

If not for the fact that they knew it was impossible for Zhang Xuan to have cheated, they would have truly suspected that the two of them knew each other in advance and intentionally played out this show.

"That... What did you just say to make her attitude change so abruptly?"

Unable to hold himself back anymore, one of the teachers asked.

Instantaneously, everyone's gazes gathered on Zhang Xuan. Even Mo Hongyi couldn't help but look over with a perplexed expression as well.

He could discern that the other party has an aversion toward studying, so naturally, he knew that it was difficult to alter such a mindset. Yet, to change the other party's attitude with just a few words... He, too, wanted to know what kind of words it was that possessed such magical powers.

"She does have an aversion toward studying, but it isn't because of her disinterest. It is because of her physical condition."

Zhang Xuan smiled. "I saw through her problem and promised her that I will solve it for her, so naturally, she is willing to study under me!"

The reason why this female student was averse to studying was that of a physical condition. Every time she tried to cultivate, an intense pain would torture her entire body. It is natural that no one would be willing to suffer pain willingly, so eventually, she became averse towards the idea of cultivating that culminated into her disinterest.

Given that Zhang Xuan was able to see through her condition and even promised to solve it for her, it wasn't surprising for the female student to bow down to him immediately.

"That simple?"

"If she has a physical condition, why didn't she mention it before? Why did she keep it to herself?"

Another doubt flashed through everyone's mind.

If she had incurred a problem in her cultivation, she could have discussed it with her teacher. Yet, this female student had never brought the matter up before...

"This is a matter regarding her privacy, so how could she be willing to speak of it?" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

The other party's condition was similar to Zhao Ya's affliction, making it difficult for her to speak of it. Naturally, she found it hard to raise the subject to her teacher.

"If that's the case, then I won't ask any further!"

Even though he was curious, Principal Xie knew that it would be inappropriate for Zhang Xuan to divulge the other party's private condition, thus he chose not to ask any further. Instead, he turned to the male student and said, "What about his problem? If you can make him promise not to fight with other students anymore, we will take it as you have passed this selection exercise and the academy will recruit you as an official teacher!"

"Alright!" Zhang Xuan smiled.

Everyone immediately turned to him once more.

If it was really that easy to get that male student to make such a promise, Principal Xie wouldn't be so troubled over this issue and wouldn't have set it as the test question for the selection exercise either.

They wanted to see what tricks the young man who had just dispelled the female student's aversion toward studying had up his sleeves to stop the male student from fighting with others.

Under the watchful gaze of the crowd, Zhang Xuan walked up to the male student with a smile, "Do you like fighting with others?"


The male student nodded.

"That's simple!"

With a narrow smile on his face, Zhang Xuan suddenly slapped the other party.


Before the male student could react, he felt an ache on his face before he was sent flying upward.

"The heck!"

"Beating up a student? Doesn't he know that it is forbidden to get physical with a student..."

"What the heck is this fellow up to?"

Just when they thought that the young man had some good idea to deal with the problem, he suddenly started getting physical. Shocked by the sight before them, they nearly blacked out.

Peng peng peng peng!

Despite the criticisms, the young man continued delivering punches and kicks onto the other party. Every single move of his was brutal and he didn't hold back at all.

Principal Xie's face darkened. However, just as he was about to step forward to stop him, the pummeled student suddenly kneeled onto the floor.

"Teacher, I.. promise to never fight with anyone ever again..."


Everyone was stunned. Had the world gone insane?



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