Chapter 321: You Have Been Recruited

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"Done!" Zhang Xuan clapped his hands with glee.

Seeing how casual the other party was, everyone suddenly felt dizzy and an urge to spew blood welled in them.

Wasn't he being too eccentric?

The Teacher Guild had explicitly stated that one was not to punish a student physically, yet you had to the cheek to beat the other party up so severely. If the Teacher Guild were to pursue the matter, no one would be able to shoulder the responsibility.

"Liu laoshi, you..." Mo Hongyi was speechless. He nearly fainted from anger, "Teachers aren't allowed to beat students up!"

Is this fellow for real! It is one thing for you not to know the rules of the master teacher examination, but you would have at least taken a class before, you would have at least taught some students before... As a 2-star master teacher examinee, how could you not know these fundamental rules?

A teacher was supposed to win over his students by virtue. If the Teacher Guild were to realize that one had punished a student physically, it is very likely that one's teaching license would be revoked.

"Beat students up? Who said that I had beaten a student?" Zhang Xuan glared at the male student. "Did I beat you up?"

"No! I am indebted to teacher. You did it to save me, you did not beat me up!" The male student quickly kowtowed as he explained through his now-incomplete set of teeth.


The crowd was thrown into a frenzy.

Brother, can you be any more arrogant?

Do you think that we are all blind?

All of us personally saw you beat the other party up. It is one thing for you not to admit it, but you even threatened the student! This is truly atrocious and deplorable!

They had seen ridiculous people, but they had never seen someone who left them so speechless.


Flinging his hands, Principal Xie's face steeled.

As the principal and a 1-star master teacher, a teacher had beaten up and threatened a student before him. He couldn't simply remain motionless to this matter.

"Liu laoshi, punishing a student physically is already a violation of the responsibilities of a teacher. I will report this matter to the Teacher Guild, so you should prepare yourself for the sanction from the guild! Also, our Tianwu Academy is unwilling to recruit a deplorable and irresponsible teacher like you, so please leave immediately!"

After which, he pointed to the doors.

"Sanction? Irresponsible?"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback. He turned to Principal Xie and asked, "Is this your judgment on the matter?"

"That's right!" Principal Xie harrumphed.

"Fine!" Zhang Xuan shook his head. "Given your eye of discernment, you still call yourself a 1-star master teacher? Honestly speaking, I would really like to ask... Are you blind?"


"Did this fellow just insult Principal Xie?"

"The heck! He physically punished a student and insulted a 1-star master teacher. Is this fellow insane?"



The other teachers' eyeballs were about to pop out from their sockets.

This is the principal of Tianwu Academy, a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert. In terms of strength, he is ranked in the top ten of the academy. Not to mention, he is a 1-star master teacher as well. To say that he is blind...

The heck!

They had only thought that he was arrogant a moment ago, but now, they realized that he was insane!

Otherwise, how could a teacher who came for a public recruitment beat up a student in public and insult a 1-star master teacher?

Master teachers were not to be sullied. Just this crime was sufficient to have him killed!

The corners of Mo Hongyi's mouth twitched as well.

However, he knew that even though Zhang Xuan had an eccentric personality and a vile mouth, he had the capability to back it up. Based on his understanding of the latter, it was impossible for him to be insulting Principal Xie for no good reason.

Reexamining the male student's condition, he suddenly froze. "This..."

Meanwhile, Principal Xie was already spurting blood.

He was so furious that all of his hairs stood at its end and it felt as though he would erupt at any moment.

"Liu laoshi, do you know that you are insulting a master teacher!" Suppressing his rage, Principal Xie spat through gritted teeth.

If not for his identity, he would have charged up and taught this arrogant fellow a lesson.

"Insulting a master teacher? Me?" Zhang Xuan looked at him with a look of pity. "Someone is insulting the identity of a master teacher, but it isn't me. It is you!"

"You..." Infuriated, Principal Xie was just about to step forward to teach this conceited brat a lesson when the other party walked up to the male student with his hands behind his back and explained calmly.

"Blood Calamity Spider. It is a unique type of savage beast around the size of a human's thumb. It feeds on the blood of living beings and favors dark and cold habitats. It often moves around in the dark and most importantly, it carries a lethal poison on it."

Everyone thought that this fellow was going to say something important, but he talked about an unrelated savage beast instead. Everyone was baffled.

Principal Xie came to a halt and his eyebrows furrowed together. He wanted to see what this fellow had up his sleeves."

"If a cultivator were to fall prey under this spider's poison, he won't die immediately. However, the venom will numb his nerves and cause a change in his personality. He will become violent and an urge to battle with others would overwhelm him... This is because only battle could alleviate the boiling poison in his body and bring him peace!"

Zhang Xuan continued.

"There is actually such a savage beast?"

"Is there really such a peculiar poison in the world?"

Upon hearing the effects of the poison of the Blood Calamity Spider, a conjecture appeared in everyone's mind. However, they didn't dare to confirm it. Rather, their gaze remained fixated on the young man before them.

"That's right, this male student had fallen prey to this poison and it was already at an extremely severe stage! Thus, he couldn't help but fight with others to alleviate his raging emotions. Did you all realize that even though the movements of his battle techniques were sharp and lethal, there was a trace of redness in his eyes? No matter how many battles a cultivator undergoes, it isn’t possible for their fights to affect their mental state and change the color of their eyes."

Zhang Xuan surveyed the surroundings.

"Trace of redness... I noticed it too, but I thought that it was because of his agitation!"

"That's right, I saw it too. I thought that it was because of his unique battle technique... Could it really be because of a lethal poison?"

"How is that possible? If he was poisoned, why couldn’t any of us detect it?"



Recalling the sight they saw when the male student was displaying his battle technique, everyone froze.

There was something bizarre about that male student's gaze, but there were some battle techniques which could change one's gaze as well. Thus, they didn't consider such a possibility.

Besides, who would have known that there was a poison in the world which could affect a person's mental state and make them aggressive?

"I wasn't beating him up just now. I was using a unique method to force the poison out of his body. If you don't believe me, you can look at the blood on the floor!"

Zhang Xuan casually pointed.

Following his finger, the crowd saw the blood that flowed out from the apertures of the male student when Liu laoshi beat him up just a moment ago.

To their horror, the blood was thick and black in color. The blood had curdled on the spot and the stones in contact with it corroded, causing a dent to appear. It was an extremely eerie sight.

"There was really lethal poison..."

Principal Xie's face turned pale.

It was impossible for normal blood to curdle so quickly, even less so, corrode stone.

Such a situation would only occur if the blood was harnessing a lethal poison.

Which meant to say...

There was lethal poison within the male student! And Liu laoshi wasn't beating him up just now, he was... expelling his poison!

"Usually, one would die within three months of falling prey to the Blood Calamity Spider's poison. Judging from his current state, he should only be a month in, so he isn't in any danger. That's also the reason why he was still able to suppress the poison with his cultivation, making it impossible for anyone to notice it."

Zhang Xuan turned to Principal Xie and said, "Even so, despite being the top academy in Tianwu Kingdom, how could you all not know that one of your students had fallen prey to lethal poison! It is out of kindness that I saved him, yet you framed me of beating him up and even threatened to report this to the Teacher Guild... You're the principal of the academy as well as a 1-star master teacher. How could you fail to see through this much? May I ask... If you aren't blind, what else could it be?"


Principal Xie's face paled.

The black poisoned blood was an extremely clear sign that the male student had been poisoned. However, overwhelmed by rage, Principal Xie actually overlooked the matter. He even bellowed at the other party for beating the male student up. Embarrassed, his face flushed. He wanted to explain but words evaded him.

"Liu laoshi, please calm down. Poison master is an uncommon occupation and very few people have knowledge of it. It's normal for one not to know of it!"

Sensing the awkwardness of the situation, Mo Hongyi interjected.

He was right. Most of the information regarding poison had been sealed by the Poison Hall so most people were uninformed about the matter.

Furthermore, teachers prided themselves on being righteous. As such, they rarely came into contact with something as vile as poison, so naturally, they would have very limited knowledge on them.

Knowing that it was impossible for Zhang Xuan to insult the other party for no good reason, he had reexamined the condition of the male student. When he saw the poison in the blood he spat, he was also thrown into a state of shock.

To be able to tell that the other party had been poisoned just through his battle technique, and even solve it... This meant that Zhang Xuan's mastery of poison had most probably reached the level of a grandmaster.

3-star painter, 2-star beast tamer, and pill forging skills exceeding that of a 4-star apothecary... How many hidden capabilities was this fellow hiding up his sleeves?

Initially, he had thought that even though the other party was superior in terms of pill forging and teaching, it would just be limited to those. However, after this incident, he realized that... the other party was skilled in many other occupations as well, just that he hadn't displayed it before him.

"Even if you didn't know that it was lethal poison, that student had already said that I am saving him. Yet, you still chose to doubt me. Is this the discerning ability that a 1-star master teacher should have?"

Oblivious to Mo Hongyi's attempt to alleviate the atmosphere, Zhang Xuan continued.



Upon hearing those words, everyone went speechless.

The male student did say that you were saving him, but you had just finished beating him up then, not to mention, your ferocious glare. No matter who saw this, they would have thought that you were threatening him. Intimidated, he would have no choice but to answer that way.

Who would have known that... he truly meant it.

"It's due to my lack of observation. I am truly unworthy of the title of 1-star master teacher..."

Under Zhang Xuan's intense interrogation, Principal Xie's face paled and he looked as though he had aged a decade.

He was supposed to be the one conducting the test for the public recruitment, but little did he know that he himself had failed to notice so many crucial details.

"Alright, there's no need to be depressed. Just continue learning earnestly and don't come to a conclusion recklessly before clarifying the situation!" Zhang Xuan shook his hands casually.

Everyone staggered.

This was the principal of Tianwu Academy! Yet, he was being lectured as though he was a student by a mere ordinary teacher...

Everyone was completely speechless, but at the same time, they were also astonished by this Liu shi's means..

Not only did he manage to locate the root of the problems of the two students, something that even Principal Xie overlooked, he was even able to treat the two of them easily. Be it his eye of discernment or his means, it was at an astounding level. If not for them witnessing this sight personally, they would have never believed it to be possible.

In an instant, they were all filled with amazement and respect for this young teacher.

Just when everyone's gazes were gathered on him, wanting to know how he managed to notice the lethal poison in the male student's body, Liu shi's majestic aura suddenly dissipated. Like an expectant student waiting for his examination results, he scratched his head awkwardly and asked, "This... So, will I be accepted into the academy?"

"Of course, of course, you're accepted into the academy!" Hearing Zhang Xuan's question, Principal Xie's vision suddenly turned dark, but he hurriedly nodded his head anyway.

If you’re not accepted into this academy even with such high-level capabilities, then I would really be unworthy to be the principal of the academy…



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