Chapter 323: You're Expelled!

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After Liu laoshi had settled the problems of the two students, Principal Xie no longer doubted his capability and passed the class token over.

Based on his teaching experience in Hongtian Academy, he knew that each of these tokens represented a student. Placing them in his storage ring, he started walking toward his classroom.

The school was vast, and he got lost several times. It was only after grabbing a passerby and verifying the directions several times that he finally reached his classroom.


Pushing the door open, he walked in.

The classroom was much wider than those in Hongtian Academy. It was around seven to eight hundred meters square big, and the ground was forged using smooth bluestone. On the two ends, there was a sculpted savage beast each, adding an aura of grandness to the classroom.

In the center of the room, there were slightly more than a dozen of students surrounding a beautiful lady. They were absorbed in a discussion, and as such, none of them seemed to sense his presence.

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

The sound of him pushing the open wasn't loud, but it wasn't soft enough for him to go unnoticed either. For all of them to be oblivious to his presence, they were truly lacking in alertness.

Walking forward, he was just about to address them when he heard the content of their conversation.

"Senior, did you really meet Master Teacher Zhang Xuan yesterday? And he said that he wanted to take you in as his student?"

"That is Master Teacher Zhang Xuan, the number one genius of Tianwu Kingdom! I really want to meet him too... Senior, if you were to become his student, you must bring me to meet him. I am his loyal fan!"

"Same here..."

The students surrounding that lady had faces flushed with excitement, as if they were fans talking about their idol.

"Met me? And I intended to take her in as my student?"

Zhang Xuan was stunned. He hurriedly took a closer look at that lady.

He was certain that he had never met that girl before, needless to say, accepting that lady as his student.

Besides, he spent the entire day at the Master Teacher Pavilion yesterday, and he came here for the public recruitment right after leaving the library. Thus, how could he have met a Tianwu Academy student?

After all, he was someone who didn't even know where the academy was at...

"Zhang shi is currently in the midst of conducting a mission for his 2-star master teacher examination, and by the time he's back, he will already be a 2-star master teacher. Even though it'll be difficult, I will plead with him to conduct a lecture for us..."

The lady in the middle grinned. However, halfway through her words, she suddenly noticed Zhang Xuan and she frowned, "Who are you? Why are you in our classroom?"


The moment she said those words, the students surrounding her immediately turned around to stare at Zhang Xuan with a guarded expressions.

"I have come under the dispatchment of the academy to be your teacher for this term!" Facing their gazes, Zhang Xuan said.

"Our teacher?"

The students were taken aback.

As the recording in the Record Crystal was taken from quite a distance away, they weren't able to see Zhang Xuan's appearance clearly. However, after hearing that he had beaten a student up, they thought that he would be a bulky person. They didn't think that he would look so refined.

Liu Cheng, whom Zhang Xuan was impersonating, was a twenty-four-year-old young man with a slim build. Even though Zhang Xuan thought that the other party’s appearance was far from a match to his, at the very least, it was still pleasant to the eye.

"Paying respect to teacher!"

The lady in the center coughed, and only then did everyone recover from their daze. They hurriedly bowed and greeted Zhang Xuan.

"Un! My name is Liu Cheng, and you all can call me Liu laoshi. I will be guiding you all on your cultivation from now onward!"

After that, Zhang Xuan walked up to the lecture stand and sat down. Then, he turned to the lady in the center and asked, "You have met Master Teacher Zhang Xuan?"

"Reporting to Liu laoshi, it was just a stroke of good luck!"

Mu Xueqing hurriedly nodded her head.

"So you really met him? May I know how he looks like?" Zhang Xuan continued asking.


Not expecting Liu laoshi to ask such a question, Mu Xueqing hesitated for a moment before answering, "He is slightly taller than Liu laoshi, and he has a muscular build. When I met him then, he was dressed in a green robe. His eyes are electrifying and his smile is charming. He gives a feeling of one who is unsullied by the world, as though a deity in the heavens..."

Even though she had heard numerous stories about Zhang shi, no one had ever described his appearance!

Even so, she had no choice but to answer Liu laoshi's question. If she didn't, it would definitely incur the other party's suspicion. Thus, she could only describe him based on her imagination.

A bizarre expression appeared on Zhang Xuan's face.

Zhang Xuan was at least aware of how high he stood. Since when did he possess such outstanding appearance?

"Based on my knowledge, if a 2-star master teacher intends to accept a student, countless people would definitely jump at that opportunity. Furthermore, Master Teacher Zhang Xuan is a genius among geniuses, so there must be many talented students interested in coming under his tutelage. So, why would he accept you as his student?"

He was already sure that the other party was lying, and based on the expressions of the crowd, he could roughly deduce what they were up to. Thus, Zhang Xuan continued questioning.


Not expecting this aggressive teacher to ask such difficult questions, Mu Xueqing swayed from side to side. Suppressing the urge to spurt blood, she mustered her courage and continued on with the story, "I helped him on a minor affair yesterday, and upon realizing that my talent is still acceptable, Zhang shi decided to take me in. As for the details... I don't really know either!"

"I see... since Zhang shi is willing to take you in, as a normal teacher, I don't think that I'm qualified to vie with him over a student. You do have the right to choose your teacher as well. Here is your identity token, you should go to him!"

Flicking his wrist, Zhang Xuan took out a token and threw it over.

Zhang Xuan didn't know who the lady was, but her blood was infused into the token. By matching the aura of the two, Zhang Xuan was still able to find her token easily.

"What do you mean..."

Mu Xueqing subconsciously grabbed the token, but she was in a daze.

This wasn't how it should have gone.

It was impossible for one to only have a single teacher in his entire life. It should be an honor for a student to have a master teacher value his students.

Shouldn't Liu laoshi value her more after hearing that Zhang shi was interested in accepting her?

What did he mean by throwing the token over?

"I don't mean anything!" Zhang Xuan shrugged casually. Lifting his eyelid slightly, he said, "It just means that... you're expelled!"


Mu Xueqing's body shuddered, and she nearly spurted a mouthful of blood.

I am a genius! Regardless of where I go, I am someone who all teachers want under their tutelage. Yet, to expel me at first sight?

Are you sure you aren't joking?

"That's right. As a student, instead of studying, you choose to use your wits to fool your teacher... of what use are you to me? Don't worry, I'll report this matter to the academy and have them post an announcement to inform all students of the matter. Thus, you can feel free to go to Zhang shi!"

Zhang Xuan said calmly.


Mu Xueqing's body trembled.

Due to her appearance and her talent, she was one of the most celebrated students in the academy. If the entire school were to know of her expulsion, how could she face others in the future?

She knew that this teacher was eccentric, but... this was way too eccentric!

Based on her predictions, even if the other party didn't believe that she was acquainted with Zhang shi, he would at least be intimidated.

After all, what if, against all odds, she was really acquainted with Zhang shi? Even the principal would have to take her seriously if that was the case.

Yet, this fellow... he didn't even bother to weigh the consequences before expelling her from his class...

If scoring poorly in the Teacher Qualification Examination was the most shameful matter for a teacher, then being expelled was the most shameful matter for a student.

Even if her cultivation were to reach a high level, this blemish would continue to remain with her no matter where she goes.

"I am not fooling teacher..."

Gritting her teeth, Mu Xueqing hurriedly spoke up.

"You aren't fooling me?"

Zhang Xuan shook his head. Standing up, he placed his hands behind his back and walked slowly around the classroom. "Firstly, despite the sound I made coming in, you, as a Pixue realm cultivator, didn't notice me at all. Instead, you continued chatting with the others. Do you think that it makes sense?"

"You chose to disregard the presence of a teacher, this is flouting Clause 17 of the student guidelines of Tianwu Academy, disrespecting one's teacher. In severe cases, one is even susceptible to being expelled!"

"Also, to intentionally say that you know Master Teacher Zhang Xuan before me... let's put aside the question of whether it is real or not. If it is real, it means that you are using Zhang shi's reputation to oppress me. Based on Clause 42 of the student guidelines, making use of your background to disrespect one's teacher or even threaten him is prohibited. In severe cases, one might even be expelled!"

"On the other hand, if it is false, that means that you are lying to your teacher. This is flouting Clause 45 of the student guidelines, spreading false rumors to mislead or deceive a teacher. This is also a clause going against whom calls for expulsion!"

"Regardless of which it is, if we were to operate strictly by the rules, you will be expelled. What else do you have to say for yourself?"

The student guidelines of Tianwu Academy were pasted all over the academy. On his way here, Zhang Xuan had passed by it numerous times, and he had long memorized them all.

This bunch of children wanted to climb over his head... since that was the case, he should first teach them that he wasn't one to be trifled with!


Mu Xueqing's face became devoid of color. Staggering backward, she stared at Zhang Xuan as though he was a monster.

Didn't he just arrive at the academy?

Why is he so familiar with the student guidelines?

More importantly... I thought that he is a person who settles matters physically! Why are his verbal skills equally powerful?

"Pack up your things and leave! I welcome students with their own opinions and thoughts, but I don't welcome students who fan others to stand against me!"

Zhang Xuan gestured.

With just a single word, this lady was able to get the other students to greet him. It was clear that she wielded great prestige among the group.

If he didn't intimidate them on the first meeting, it would be impossible for Zhang Xuan to control them in the future.

Teaching wasn't confining one's students to follow strictly by one's instructions. However, if Zhang Xuan failed to establish his superior position on the first meeting, he wouldn't be able to control them once they rebelled. More importantly... the students wouldn't learn anything like that.

They would underestimate you, and naturally, they wouldn't learn properly from you as well.

"Teacher... Senior Mu is the most talented student in our class. Despite being only eighteen this year, she has already reached Pixue realm. She is our goal and direction, so we beseech teacher to rescind your order!"

Seeing that the new teacher was going to expel their leader as soon as he arrived, Meng Tao immediately stood forward.

"Most talented student? Goal and direction?"

"She started training when she was seven, and it has been eleven years since then. During that time, she consumed three Acupoint Soothing Pill and ten other pills, but even so, she only managed to open twelve acupoints, giving her a strength of 16 ding."

"Despite having learned the Floating Water Palm for three years, she has only reached Minor Accomplishment in it. Furthermore, she isn't adept in it yet, and in a battle, she is unable to bring out its full might!"

"On top of that, at least seven of her acupoints are completely sealed by her turbid zhenqi, making it difficult for her to advance in her cultivation. Even reaching Tongxuan realm will be a huge hurdle for her..."

At that point, Zhang Xuan turned to Meng Tao and spoke composedly, "This... can be called talented as well? You must be joking!"


Mu Xueqing's face immediately turned as pale as a sheet of paper.



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