Chapter 326: Three Sentences

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In the classroom.

Mu Xueqing was staring straight forward without blinking at all.

She thought that Liu laoshi would say something after calling her in, but he only got her to stand by in the corner while he continued to offer pointers to the other students one by one.

"During your cultivation, do you feel a slight blockage when your zhenqi flows through your chest?"

Walking up to a youngster, Liu laoshi said.

"Yes!" The youngster was shocked to hear Liu laoshi's words, but he still nodded.

"The cultivation technique you took up at the start is [Tianwu Fundamental Formula]. There isn't too much of a problem with your cultivation technique, but when you were trying to break through to the Zhenqi realm, you directed your zhenqi into the wrong meridian, causing a problem to occur with your body. Am I right?"

"That's right..."

The youngster clenched his fist and nodded.

That was true, but it was a matter of two years ago, and his previous teacher had already solved this trauma for him.

"After which, you switched to [Four Tributaries True Martial Formula]. This cultivation technique is slightly calmer than the former, and it did help to alleviate your problem. However, it doesn't solve the root of your problem, and as time went by, your hidden trauma worsened.

Liu laoshi looked at him calmly, "Listen to me, switch to [Eastern Blaze Art]!"

"Eastern Blaze Art?"

The corners of Mu Xueqing's mouth twitched.

That was the most violent cultivation technique Tianwu Academy had. Even ordinary cultivators had to be careful when practicing it, fearful that it might inflict some grievous injury on them. Given that the other party had already sustained a trauma, wasn't practicing this cultivation technique no different from courting death?

"I..." the youngster also realized that something was amiss, and his face distorted in distress.

"Rest assured, I am here. Nothing will happen to you!" Liu laoshi gestured grandly.

"Alright!" Clenching his teeth, the youngster nodded.

Eastern Blaze Art couldn't be considered a valuable cultivation technique, and there was a copy in the classroom. Taking the copy, the youngster flipped through it and started cultivating.

Driving his zhenqi according to the formula written inside the manual, the youngster's flushed and paled at intervals, as though he was suffering from irrepressible pain. Just when Mu Xueqing thought that he would fail to hold on and his cultivation would go berserk, his aura suddenly rose.


The sound of zhenqi exploding resounded, and the aura within the other party's body suddenly soared swiftly.

"A br-breakthrough?"

Mu Xueqing uttered with quivering lips. Unable to comprehend the sight before her, her body trembled in shock.

The other students also stared at the seemingly inconceivable sight with eyes widened as though a gong.

As fellow peers who were together on a daily basis, they knew the situation of that youngster well. He had been stuck at his current cultivation realm for more than half a year without progressing at all.

The previous teacher had tried many methods, and even Mu Xueqing had pleaded with her father for a precious pill for him... but it was all to no avail.

His previous teacher said that he could only persevere and progress slowly. It would take at least two years before his cultivation could start to advance... in the end, just by getting him to change a cultivation technique, Liu laoshi managed to induce a breakthrough in his cultivation...

Did it have to be so exaggerated?

"Do you find it difficult for you to harness your strength? It is because of your zhenqi..."

Ignoring everyone's shock, Liu laoshi acted as though he had only done something insignificant and immediately went on to the next student.

Ten minutes later, the student's aura also rose suddenly, and with a 'boom!', he broke through his bottleneck and achieved an advancement in his cultivation realm.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

In less than four hours, all of the students in the classroom had their cultivation raised significantly.

This Liu laoshi was as though an enlightened sage. With just a few words, he was able to point out the problems in their cultivation and resolve them.

With a pale face, Mu Xueqing's entire body stiffened.

This sight was too shocking.

Those who were weak-minded would have probably gone insane on the spot.

Her father was a 2-star apothecary, and due to his esteemed standing, she had met with numerous star teachers and even master teachers!

But even the master teachers she met weren’t so incredible as to get a person to achieve a breakthrough in their cultivation with just a few casual words...

This was completely beyond her comprehension.

"How could he be so incredible? He is... probably on par with Zhang shi..."

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, at this moment, Mu Xueqing felt nothing but reverence for Liu laoshi.

When she first heard of how this teacher inflicted physical punishment on a student, she was extremely angry, and she even found herself loathing him.

Yet, after seeing the other party inducing a breakthrough in each of them with just a few casual pointers, she realized that he was an extraordinarily capable teacher

He didn't pale in comparison to her idol, Master Teacher Zhang Xuan.

When did the academy recruit such a monster?

Looking at the other students, Mu Xueqing trembled once more.

The gazes they directed toward Liu laoshi had changed as well--they were filled with admiration and respect.

From the looks of it, even if she were to try to incite them to stand against him, none of them would listen to her.

In less than four hours, he managed to surpass her position in the group's hearts...

Even though this was all happening before her eyes, she couldn't help but suspect that her eyes were playing tricks on her.


"It's your turn!"

Disregarding the frenzied Mu Xueqing, Zhang Xuan walked up to another youngster.

This was the final student in the class, Lu Chong. He was currently at Fighter 5-dan Dingli realm primary stage.

Upon seeing the teacher, the youngster didn't say anything. He simply clasped his fist and stood silently on the spot.

"Liu laoshi, Lu Chong doesn't like to speak..." Meng Tao hurriedly walked up.

"Un! I heard that his cultivation and family background are ordinary, and it is because he kneeled at the entrance of Tianwu Academy for seven days straight that an exception was made for him?"

Recalling the information provided by the academy, Zhang Xuan asked.

Most of the students in this class had huge backgrounds, but this Lu Chong was an exception. The part on his background and family was vague, and the only thing detailed was that he had kneeled outside for seven days straight before his admission.

"Yes!" Meng Tao nodded.

"To be able to kneel for so long to become a student of the academy, you do have the tenacity. However, cultivation isn't all about tenacity!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

Without a doubt, the student before him was the most stoic student in the class. However, despite having being admitted into the academy for two years, he had only managed to progress from Pigu realm primary stage to Dingli realm primary stage.

"The cultivation technique you are currently practicing is Frost Martial Technique, right?"

Zhang Xuan continued looking at Lu Chong.

The youngster nodded silently.

"Please don't blame him, Liu laoshi. He is like that. We have been together for more than two years, but he hasn't spoken more than three sentences..."

Seeing how the fellow was still reluctant to talk, Meng Tao quickly explained awkwardly.

"Oh? He hasn't spoken more than three sentences in two years?"

Zhang Xuan chuckled softly, "I will make him speak more than three sentences now!"

Meng Tao was taken aback, and the others expressed their disbelief as well.

Even Mu Xueqing couldn't help but shake his head.

This Lu Chong was no different from a mute. Even her, as Tianwu Academy's famous beauty, was unable to pry his mouth open. The previous teacher also failed to make him speak as well.

If not for the fact that they had heard him speak before, they would have thought that he was mute!

He hadn't even spoken three sentences in two years! To make him speak more three sentences now? How was that possible!

"You all don't believe me?"

Sensing the crowd's disbelief, Zhang Xuan asked. Then, he turned to the youngster before him and asked him as well, "You don't believe me as well?"

Lu Chong was still silent.

"Fine then..."

Not minding it, Zhang Xuan placed his hands behind his back and said, "If you were to cultivate on like that, you won't even reach Pixue realm in ten years. At this rate, you will be dead before you can... exact your vengeance!"

"Exact vengeance?"

Everyone was taken aback. Why did Liu laoshi suddenly bring up exacting some vengeance?

They had been with Lu Chong for two years, but they had never heard that he had a grudge against anyone!

Just when they were perplexed over the matter, they saw the seemingly mute youngster suddenly turning pale, and his body trembled in agitation. "Tea-teacher, how did you know that my goal is to exact vengeance?"

"You don't have to bother how I know of it! Your vengeance is both a motivation as well as a hindrance to your cultivation. You are suppressing your worries too deep within, and it has suppressed your cultivation, making it difficult for you to achieve a breakthrough. I know that the reason you refuse to speak is because you're afraid that you might accidentally speak of your enemy's name and make them aware of your existence."

Zhang Xuan said calmly.

"Don't worry, as long as you believe in me, I promise you that you will be able to exact your vengeance within ten days!"

"Ten days?"

Lu Chong found his words hard to believe, "This enemy... is a Tongxuan realm expert..."

He was only at Dingli realm primary stage whereas his enemy was a Tongxuan realm expert. There was a huge gap between the two, and it couldn't be covered that easily. Let alone ten days, even five years would be insufficient for him to catch up!

"It's your choice to choose whether you want to believe me or not! However... You only get this one chance!"

Zhang Xuan said.


Conflicted, Lu Chong hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth. His knees caved in and 'putong!', he kneeled on the floor.

"Liu laoshi, please guide me..."

"It has been more than three sentences..."

Hearing the duo's conversation, everyone flew into a frenzy.


Near the Master Teacher Pavilion, in a grand residence.

"Liu shi, how long will it take before teacher finishes his 2-star master teacher examination and returns?"

Zhao Ya asked.

"I don't know either. I've tried looking into the affair at the Master Teacher Pavilion this morning, and based on what I've got, he has already left the capital to conduct the mission, and they estimated that it would take at least ten days!"

Recalling the answer from the Master Teacher Pavilion, Liu Ling replied.

"That is quite long..." Zhao Ya's eyebrows furrowed into deep creases.

"Ten days isn't really long, it depends on how you look at it. How about I bring you all around Tianwu Royal City so that you all can expand your horizons?" Seeing the bitter look on the faces of Zhang Xuan's students, Liu Ling chuckled.

"Expand our horizons? Sure! Where are we going?" Yuan Tao's eyes lit up.

Tianwu Royal City was a city far grander than any of those in Tianxuan Kingdom. He had already wanted to explore the city, and upon hearing Liu shi's words, he could no longer hold back his excitement.

"Why don't I bring you all to Tianwu Academy first? That is the greatest academy in the thirteen surrounding kingdoms, a sacred land for cultivators. From time to time, the master teachers from the Master Teacher Pavilion would head there to conduct lectures. It might be good for you to take a look around there!"

Liu Ling pondered for a moment before replying.

"Master teachers conduct lectures there as well?"

"The greatest academy?"

"Zhang shi would take a minimum of ten days anyway, it would be good to take a look!"


Upon hearing that master teachers would conduct lessons there and that it was a sacred land for cultivators, everyone was moved.

"Furthermore, I heard that Tianwu Academy promotes a free learning environment, so we can enter the lesson of any teacher freely without reporting in advance. It would be good for you to listen to the lectures of other teachers as well!"

Liu Ling smiled.


Hearing that they could listen in to any lessons they wanted, the crowd was excited.

Thrilled, Zhao Ya and the others immediately set off for Tianwu Academy.



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