Chapter 327: Teacher, I Was Wrong!

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"Teacher, can I... really exact vengeance within ten days?"

In the one-to-one tutoring room, Lu Chong kneeled before Zhang Xuan. Until now, he still found the situation hard to believe.

Shouldering a debt of bloodshed, he had never told anyone about his burden, and he never expressed it either. In order to prevent himself from revealing it in his dreams or such, he even feigned a mute. He was confident that he had hidden it well.

But this Liu laoshi was able to conclude that he was shouldering a huge grudge just by hearing of his past affairs and his cultivation state. His capability was way too fearsome!

More importantly... the other party promised him that he would be able to exact his vengeance within ten days!

His enemy was a Tongxuan realm cultivator! If it was that simple, he wouldn't have to cultivate as though his life was at stake for the past two years!

"Since I have promised you as such, I have my own ways. However... my method will be excruciating, and whether you can take it or not will be up to your will!" Zhang Xuan looked at the youngster.

He was extremely satisfied with this student of his.

In order to learn under a teacher to raise his cultivation, he was willing to kneel for seven days straight; for fear of revealing his secret, he pretended to be mute for two years straight. Regardless of which it was, it was a clear sign that he had strong mental fortitude and a resolute will.

His talent might not be anything much, but as long as he was groomed properly, his cultivation would definitely soar. It was just a matter of time before he surpassed Mu Xueqing.

Otherwise, Zhang Xuan wouldn't have said that much to him.

When accepting students, he valued mental fortitude and will more than anything else. As for talent, with his capability, it didn't mean anything to him.

"As long as I can have my revenge, I am willing to suffer any kind of pain!" Lu Chong clenched his fists tightly. His eyes were determined.


Placing his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan stared at him with deep eyes. "There's a special occupation which none is willing to come in contact with or bring up. Have you heard of poison masters?"

"I have!" Lu Chong nodded.

He had wanted to learn the art of a poison master back then, but he didn't have the connections to look for the Poison Hall.

"Teacher, could it be that..."

Lu Chong hesitated for a moment before asking doubtfully.

Wasn't poison master a job which was looked down on by the others? Could it be that Liu laoshi was a poison master?

Or did he want to impart to him the skills of a poison master?

"I am not a poison master, and I won't teach you that either!"

Seeing through his thoughts, Zhang Xuan shook his head. "I have a way that can raise your strength swiftly, but it will require the use of poison. Even though it won't be detrimental to your future cultivation, you will have to suffer excruciating pain. Furthermore, if you fail to endure it, you will die."

What he was referring to was the method to cultivate the Poison Body which he saw in the books in the Poison Hall.

Once one managed to successfully cultivate the Poison Body, not only would one be immune to the toxicity of poisons, one's strength, spirit, and agility would be enhanced significantly as well, granting one significantly higher fighting prowess.

Other than the Heaven's Path Divine Art, the only way to raise his strength immensely within the limited time he had was this.

Usually, when poison masters cultivated the Poison Body, they would consume poison and this would affect their longevity. Back then, the reason why Gu Mu sustained a trauma was due to this as well.

However, after the compilation of the Library of Heaven's Path, the detriments to the cultivation method had been reduced to the bare minimum. Even so, without the support of Heaven's Path zhenqi, it wouldn't be easy to cultivate it. One would have to suffer a great pain.

Since Lu Chong possessed strong mental fortitude, it was worth a try. Perhaps, he might produce outstanding results.

"Regardless of how much pain it puts me in, as long as it allows me to exact vengeance, I am willing to give it a try!"

Lu Chong's eyes were filled with resolve.

He only had this one opportunity.

While he was cultivating, his enemy wasn't resting either. Given his talent of only a single rise in a cultivation realm every two years, it was impossible for him to ever surpass the other party.

Since this Liu laoshi said that he could give him the strength to exact vengeance within ten days, he was willing to believe in the party.

He had seen with his own eyes how his fellow peers grew visibly stronger under his guidance. No matter how foolish he could be, it was obvious that he was a person of great means.

Seeing the resolve in the other party's eyes, Zhang Xuan nodded in satisfaction. Then, with a deep and slightly cold voice, he warned, "The cultivation technique that I am about to impart you must not be leaked to anyone. Otherwise, even if I don't do anything, you will suffer a recoil from your zhenqi and you will die tragically!"


Lu Chong nodded. Raising a hand, he swore, "I, Lu Chong, swear to never impart the cultivation technique and secret arts Liu laoshi impart me to anyone else, and if I were to break my vow, may my soul dissipate!"


Zhang Xuan tapped on an acupoint on Lu Chong's body and discreetly sent a surge of zhenqi into his body.

The cultivation technique he was imparting to the other party was too powerful. If it were to leak out, it would bring trouble to him, as well as the world. Even though the other party had sworn to it, he himself needed to prepare a countermeasure as well.

After his study and research of poison, his Heaven's Path zhenqi was capable of turning into a tonic or a poison with a single thought.

If the other party were to seal his mouth tightly, this surge of zhenqi would clear away all of the obstacles lying in his meridians and raise his cultivation. However, if he were to abuse his strength, this surge of zhenqi could also have him killed in an instant.

"Cultivating the Poison Body requires the complementation of poison. I don't have such medicinal herbs on me at the moment, so I will impart the cultivation technique to you tomorrow! However, I will teach you another technique that can strengthen your physical body. You should learn it well as a strong physical body is required to withstand the lethal poison!"

After making preparations, Zhang Xuan looked him in the eye and said, "I will only recite the cultivation formula once. How much you remember and understand will depend on your ability. Don't let me down!"

"I won't let teacher down!" Lu Chong nodded.

"Very well, this physical body enhancement technique..."

Zhang Xuan started explaining.

The technique he was referring to was the Heaven's Path Golden Body. Of course, he imparted the simplified version which he imparted to Zhao Ya and the others as well.

Cultivating the Poison Body required one's body to come into contact with lethal poison. If one's body wasn't strong enough, it would be hard for one to hold on.

Even though this Heaven's Path Golden Body was inferior to the one which Zhang Xuan cultivated, it was still a product of the Library of Heaven's Path and it mustn't be underestimated. As long as one cultivated it seriously, it wouldn’t be a problem for one to grow stronger swiftly.

"... and this is what we call a complete body!"

Soon, Zhang Xuan finished reciting the cultivation formula.

"Teacher, thank you for your bestowment!"

After hearing the formula of the technique, Lu Chong's body trembled and his face flushed in agitation.

Having studied in Tianwu Academy for two years, he had seen quite a few cultivation techniques and he also knew of a few physical body enhancement technique formulas.

Compared to the one which Liu laoshi had just taught him, they were all trash.

At the very least, this technique was at Phantom pinnacle or above!

If Liu laoshi were to auction it, it would definitely fetch an astronomical sum. Even the Tianwu royal family would go in a frenzy for it...

It was such a valuable technique, yet Liu laoshi taught it to him without asking for anything... This was a huge debt which he would never be able to repay.

"You should start cultivating!"

Ignoring the other party's agitation, Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually.


Knowing that teacher didn't like to waste his words, Lu Chong hurriedly sat on the floor and started cultivating.

Following the Heaven's Path Golden Body's formula, Lu Chong drove his zhenqi on a specific path in his body, and after a moment, he felt an extremely comfortable and relaxing sensation gush through his body; all of the traumas he had sustained before instantaneously disappeared.


After an unknown period of time, a cracking sound echoed in the muscles throughout Lu Chong's body, and his strength rose significantly.


Lu Chong opened his eyes.

At this moment, he felt as though he harnessed boundless strength in his body.

"Un, not bad. You managed to achieve Minor Accomplishment within two hours. This shows that you have a good foundation!"

Zhang Xuan nodded his head in satisfaction.

For revenge, the other party was willing to take all kind of pain, so he must have trained his body for this goal as well. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to reach Minor Accomplishment for the simplified version of Heaven's Path Golden Body within two hours.

"You can go out now. Your other classmates are probably anxious for you!"

After he was done with the cultivating the physical body enhancement technique, Zhang Xuan pushed the door and walked out.

It had been more than two hours since the duo entered, and the students outside were probably anxious from waiting already.


In the classroom.

"Liu laoshi said that... he would grant Lu Chong the strength to defeat a Tongxuan realm expert within ten days. Do you think that... it is possible?"

Until now, that student was unable to believe it.

"I don't know either. However, judging from how Liu laoshi was able to help us achieve breakthroughs in our cultivation just by giving us a few casual pointers, I doubt that his discernment is inferior to that of a master teacher!"

"I have heard the lessons of a master teacher before, and it is only slightly deeper than the lecture of our previous teacher. Compared to Liu laoshi... I think that their lessons are lacking!"

"Indeed... is he really just an ordinary teacher?"

Discussions sounded in the classroom.

Initially, they harbored deep hostility toward this teacher. However, the moment he started guiding them, everyone immediately realized that they had met with a good teacher and fell to his side.

"At Tongxuan realm, one's strength exceeds 100 ding, granting them the might to easily split open a tree. Lu Chong is currently only at Dingli realm primary stage, and that is two whole realms away from Tongxuan realm... how can he possibly reach Tongxuan realm in ten days under such conditions?"

Mu Xueqing shook her head.

She was at Pixue realm, and she knew how difficult it was to raise one's cultivation. It would already be incredible if Lu Chong could reach Dingli realm intermediate stage within ten days. To advance two whole realms and match a Tongxuan realm expert...

To her, it sounded no different from boasting.

"Indeed..." Meng Tao nodded as well.

Back then, it took him an entire year of effort to advance from Dingli realm primary stage to advanced stage. To reach Tongxuan realm within ten days... he didn't think that it was possible either.


Just when they were discussing, the door suddenly opened and Liu laoshi and Lu Chong walked out.

At this moment, Lu Chong looked spirited, and his eyes were filled with energy. Explosive power could be felt from his body, and it felt like the mighty waves in the ocean, exerting great pressure on the one looking at him.

"Dingli realm... pinnacle?"

Upon sensing his aura, Mu Xueqing and Meng Tao fell silent. Their eyes grew so wide that they were about to pop out from their eyes.

How long had it been since he entered the room with Liu laoshi?

To advance from Dingli realm primary stage to pinnacle in two hours...

The duo felt like spurting blood.

Compared to him, their cultivation speed was no different from a snail’s. It took them several months before they could see a slight progress in their cultivation, yet Liu laoshi simply brought Lu Chong in for just a while and he had already broken through two smaller realms...

Did it have to be that exaggerated?

Furthermore, they were oblivious to the fact that Lu Chong's simplified Heaven's Path Golden Path had granted him the strength exceeding that of an ordinary Dingli realm pinnacle!

Adding his physical strength along with that of his zhenqi, he possessed an astounding might of five ding!

An ordinary Dingli realm pinnacle could only wield a might of four ding.

"This... this is too incredible... Senior, I think it is best that you admit your mistake. It is impossible to find such an incredible teacher anywhere else..."

Suppressing his shock, Meng Tao hurriedly sent a telepathic message to Meng Tao.

Halfway through his words, Meng Tao realized that the other party wasn't responding. Thinking that his senior's proud nature was acting up again, he hurriedly turned around to persuade her, but the unexpected sight before him nearly caused him to faint.

Putong! The incomparably arrogant Little Demoness Mu Xueqing who would never admit her mistakes was already kneeling before Liu laoshi with an earnest expression on her face.

"Teacher, I am in the wrong... please forgive me! I will do whatever you ask of me in the future. I won't disobey you ever again! Even if that genius Master Teacher Zhang Xuan were to come over, I will disregard him as though he is just mere air!"

"..." Zhang Xuan.



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