Chapter 328: Brawl of the Two Ladies

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"Stand up!" Even though he felt dismayed at Mu Xueqing's words, Zhang Xuan walked over to help her up.

He didn't intend to quarrel with a student over this affair. The only reason why he threatened her with expulsion was to warn her so that she would listen obediently in the future.

Due to her consumption of pills from young, the pill poison had already permeated deep into her body, blocking her meridians tightly like shackles. He needed her unreserved trust to clear away the impurities in her meridians.

Thus, he intentionally gave her the cold shoulder so that she could think it through and cherish this opportunity. If she was willing to grasp this opportunity, Zhang Xuan didn't mind saving her. However, if she decided to remain obstinate, Zhang Xuan didn't think of it as a huge loss either. At worst, he would just lose a student. If he wanted, he could easily groom students with cultivation surpassing hers within ten days.

"Even though there is poison in the pills, it isn't a severe problem. Otherwise, the standing of alchemists won't be that high either!"

Zhang Xuan explained, "Your cultivation method has the effect of swiftly propelling the medicinal energy through your body, allowing it to take effect swiftly. However, at the same time, it also causes the pill poison to be absorbed into your body swiftly as well, thus causing your condition to become so severe. Over the years, the pill poison accumulated in your meridians, making it difficult to expel it!"

"Write down your cultivation technique, I will modify it for you. As long as you cultivate according to it, the pill poison that has sunk into your body should be expelled in less than ten days and you will experience a rise in your cultivation as well!"

Pill poison was a difficult problem for even a 4-star master teacher. However, given that Zhang Xuan had cultivated the Heaven's Path Divine Art—the cultivation technique closest to perfection—it wasn't too difficult for him to solve it.

"Yes!" Not daring to hesitate, Mu Xueqing quickly copied down her cultivation technique on a piece of paper.

After taking a look at it, he did a few modifications before passing the paper back to her and instructing her to cultivate according to it.

An hour later, Mu Xueqing felt a refreshing sensation gushing through her body. The shackles which seemed to be binding her body before seemed to have been released, and a relaxing feeling surged to embrace her body from within. In fact, she even managed to achieve a small breakthrough in her cultivation, opening up another acupoint.

Sensing the change in her body, Mu Xueqing finally understood how incredible this Liu laoshi was. Instantaneously, she was filled with gratitude for him.

"Alright, we'll end the lesson here. You all may leave now!"

After settling Mu Xueqing's issue, Zhang Xuan casually waved his hands.

The crowd nodded and left the classroom.

Leaving the classroom, the group could no longer suppress the excitement in their hearts.

"Liu laoshi is simply too formidable! After his guidance, I realized that my cultivation method was entirely wrong. If I were to cultivate according to his instructions, I will surely be able to reach Dingli realm in less than three months!"

"It's the same for me as well. After cultivating according to the formula teacher gave me, I feel relaxed all over, and my strength is also progressing swiftly. I didn't expect that a problem I didn't think much of would weigh me down so much.

"This is what a truly incredible teacher is like! Did you notice that we actually know about the things he had pointed out, but we have never thought of putting them together..."

"I thought that the academy would send another mediocre teacher over, but to think that Liu laoshi would be this formidable..."


Everyone's eyes were glowing.

Even though it hadn't been long since they met with their new teacher, they were already completely amazed by him.

"To be able to raise our cultivation with just a few casual pointers, even master teachers might not possess such capability!" Hearing the group's discussion, Meng Tao couldn't help but add in.

"Indeed! I've had the honor of meeting with several master teachers, and I even once obtained Pavilion Master Jiang's Tutelage Jade Token and listened to two hours of his lecture. His lecture was impressive, but he was still lacking compared to Liu laoshi's precise guidance!" Mu Xueqing nodded.

Due to her family background, she had come into contact with numerous master teachers from young, to the point that she had even listened to Pavilion Master Jiang's lesson before. However, his guidance wasn't as spot-on as Liu laoshi's, the latter pointing straight to the crux of the problem and allowing one to improve immensely once they corrected it.

"Even Pavilion Master Jiang's lesson is lacking compared to his? Does this mean that our Liu laoshi's teaching ability is already above that of a 2-star master teacher?" Meng Tao asked in disbelief.

"Not only Pavilion Master Jiang, I think that the genius Master Teacher Zhang Xuan also pales in comparison to him! He only managed to cause a huge uproar in the master teacher examination due to his talent... the cultivation of his students aren't anything much. Based on what I've heard, they are all at Dingli realm, and even the strongest of them was only at Pixue realm!"

Mu Xueqing continued.

"If he was really as proficient in teaching as Liu laoshi, how could his students be so weak?"

With a new idol, Mu Xueqing was no longer blinded in her reverence for the genius master teacher.

Recalling the news she had heard, she made a comparison between Zhang Xuan and Liu laoshi, and arrived at this conclusion.

Master Teacher Zhang Xuan was a talented individual, but in terms of teaching, it was impossible for him to match up to Liu laoshi.

Otherwise, how could his direct disciples be so weak?

One had to know that Liu laoshi had claimed that he could make Lu Chong defeat a Tongxuan realm expert within ten days. Regardless of how short the duration when Master Teacher Zhang Xuan's students had been with him, it was definitely more than ten days.

It was clear who was the superior one.

"Who did you say was mediocre in teaching? I dare you to repeat your words!"

Mu Xueqing had just finished speaking her piece when a cold voice sounded out behind them. Turning around, they saw an incredibly beautiful lady who was around Mu Xueqing's age standing in the distance. Her eyebrows were knitted tightly together in displeasure.

Upon seeing this lady, Mu Xueqing, who always prided herself on her looks, couldn't help but gasp in admiration. However, envy soon welled up in her.

"What business of yours is it whomever I speak of?" Mu Xueqing harrumphed coldly.

She was the Little Demoness who feared nothing at all. She might have become an obedient lamb facing Liu laoshi's authority, but if a random stranger thought that she could climb over her head, then she must be dreaming!

"Did you just say that Master Teacher Zhang Xuan is mediocre in teaching, and his students are weak?"

The beautiful lady opposite to her stared at her with eyes burning with fury.

"Why? Have I said anything wrong? There is nothing to be said about Zhang shi's talents, but the students he taught are truly ordinary. Just by looking at their cultivation, one can tell that his teaching abilities are subpar!"

Mu Xueqing was a person who favored the carrot over the stick. Even though she revered Zhang shi a lot, she couldn't help but retaliate verbally upon sensing the threat the lady's voice.

"You... since you said so, let's not waste any words. Do you dare to duel with me!?"

The lady's face steeled and she gritted her silver teeth.

"Duel with you?"

Mu Xueqing was taken aback.

She must be sick!

She only casually said that Master Teacher Zhang Xuan's lessons couldn't compare up to Liu laoshi’s, yet this lass was acting as though she had killed her entire family. What in the world was she up to?

However, as the Little Demoness and one of the top students in the entire Tianwu Kingdom, she couldn't back down a duel!

"Let's fight then, do you think that I will be scared of you?" Harrumphing coldly, Mu Xueqing flung her sleeve.

"Senior..." seeing the Little Demoness flying to a rage, Meng Tao and the others were shocked. They hurriedly tried to stop her.

On the other hand, another lady beside the beautiful lady looked a little worried as well.

"Zhao Ya, Liu shi told us not to cause any trouble..." the female said feebly, worried that they would get into trouble.

"Wang Ying, they have already insulted our teacher, are we to tolerate it?" A young man stepped forward. With a flick of his wrist, he whipped out the spear behind his back, and the joints of the spear started fixing itself together.

"Indeed, we can't tolerate it. They have insulted our teacher and us. So what if this is Tianwu Academy?" A plump-faced fatty stepped forward.

They were Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang, and the others who came to Tianwu Academy for a leisurely stroll.

They had been walking around Tianwu Academy, and the grandeur of the top academy of the thirteen surrounding kingdoms had indeed left them stunned. After walking for an entire afternoon, just as they were about to return, they heard someone insult Zhang laoshi!

How could they watch by the side as the respected figure in their hearts was being sullied?

They could tolerate being insulted themselves, but they couldn't allow anyone to insult Zhang laoshi!

In their hearts, Zhang laoshi was an existence equivalent to a god. What Liu laoshi and Jiang Chen... all of those meant nothing to them at all!


Seeing Zheng Yang and Yuan Tao fervently supporting Zhao Ya's decision, Wang Ying hesitated for a moment before nodding her head, "Alright!"

Zhang Xuan's five students always had a fearless personality. Otherwise, they wouldn't have dared to challenge Lu Xun publicly during the Teacher Evaluation.

Even though they were at Tianwu Academy, and they had no connections or backing here, they couldn't forgive the fact that someone had dared to insult their teacher.

"There is a sparring ring right in front. Whoever loses must apologize to the other party!" Zhao Ya's pitch-black hair flew in the air, and in an instant, she felt as though a pure and valiant goddess. "Do you dare to accept the challenge?"

"What is there to fear? Rather, I'm afraid that you will go back on your words when you lose!" Mu Xueqing didn't back down at all.

"Then cut the crap, let's go!"

Zhao Ya couldn't be bothered to argue with the other party, and she began to walk toward the dueling ring.

As an academy for cultivators, Tianwu Academy had average-sized sparring rings throughout the entire campus to allow students to spar with one another and raise their cultivation.

"What's wrong?"

"It seems like Little Demoness Mu Xueqing is sparring with someone!"

"Sparring with someone? Who would be so daring as to fight with her? Zhao Wuxing? Or is it Liu Changyan?"

"It isn't them... I haven't seen the other party before either. It is an extremely beautiful lady, so beautiful that I couldn't believe my eyes!"

"The battle between two beauties? I have to take a look then..."


Sensing the strong smell of gunpowder between the duo, the other students, who were walking leisurely around the campus, were immediately roused and innumerable people gathered around the sparring ring.

Mue Xueqing was both beautiful and strong, and she had always been in the center of attention in the academy. Not to mention, the lady she was facing was even more beautiful than her. In an instant, the attention of the entire academy was focused on this duel.

Large circles of crowd gathered around the sparring ring.

"She's indeed beautiful!"

"That... why haven't I met her before?"

"She must be new. Otherwise, given her beauty, it is impossible for me to not have heard of her!"


Upon seeing Zhao Ya, the eyes of the student population lit up.

After triggering her Pure Yin Body, her disposition and appearance became refined, and she stood out from the typical ladies. In an instant, she attracted everyone's gazes, and the eyes of many male students were glowing.

"Damn it..."

Seeing those male students directing furious glares at her, Mu Xueqing's face steeled, and she was about to explode with fury.

In the past, regardless of where she went, she was the center of attention. But at this moment, her spotlight was being stolen by some other lady. How could she take this lying down?

"If I don't leave your smash your head until you even forget your own name, I'll forsake my surname..."

Clenching her jaws forcefully, Mu Xueqing clenched her fists tightly.



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