Chapter 332: Perfect Solution

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"He doesn't know medicine at all?" Guild Leader Mu Hong's body trembled.

To dare to challenge him despite not knowing the slightest thing about medicine at all... When did the position of a guild leader become so cheap?

"What happened? Explain everything to me clearly!"

With a complexion so dark that it seemed as though one could squeeze ink from it, he bellowed.

"It... it's like that..."

The leader of the guards and Ya Rou explained the situation with Liu laoshi in detail to Guild Leader Mu Hong.

After hearing the words of the duo, regardless whether it was Mu Hong, Du Rao, Cheng Feng, or the other physicians, they were all dumbfounded.

How could there be such an eccentric person in the world...

To manage to stumble into the Wall of Dilemma like that, wasn't he lucky!

"Guild Leader, given that he has triggered the Wall of Dilemma, connection with the headquarter must have already been established. What should we do now?"

Physician Cheng Feng asked.

Upon the activation of the Wall of Dilemma, a bell would chime and the Wall of Dilemma would attempt to establish connection with the headquarter. Most likely, a 4-star physician would have already been stationed on the other side, waiting to assess the challenger. If they were to intrude into the test halfway, it was highly probable that they would incur the ire of the headquarters.

"What else can we do? We can only wait here until he's done. Since he doesn't even know the slightest thing about medicine, he would surely be unable to answer any of the questions. Once he fails, we'll teach him a lesson and kick him out!"

Mu Hong's complexion looked awful.

Challenging the Wall of Dilemma didn't just undermine his authority and sully his prestige... More importantly, the headquarter would be alarmed of this farce as well!

To allow such an ignorant oaf to challenge the Wall of Dilemma... Just the thought of what the headquarter would think of them made Mu Hong tempted to kill the other party...

For such a blemish to appear on a Tier 1 Kingdom Physician Guild, could the situation be any more darned...


Knowing that the guild leader was truly enraged over this matter, the crowd didn't dare to even breathe loudly.

"Can we see the results of the Wall of Dilemma from here?"

While a gloomy atmosphere was looming in this area, there was huge bustle over at the apprentices and patients' side. The apprentices had finally understood what was going on and they immediately put aside their work to observe the abrupt situation out of curiosity.

"Un!" One of the more knowledgeable people in the crowd nodded. "The Wall of Dilemma of the Physician Hall is constructed with a unique material similar to that used in the examination hall of the Master Teacher Pavilion. If the challenger inside were to submit an erroneous answer, the exterior wall of the room will flash red. On the other hand, if a correct answer is submitted, an orange glow will appear. Furthermore... there are different tiers to the answer as well!"


"That's right. Different techniques and medicinal herbs used in the treatment of the same illness would yield different effectiveness. As such, treatment methods can be classified as Subpass, Pass, Good, and Excellent. A ray of orange light represents Subpass, two rays represent Pass, three rays represent Good, and four rays represent Excellent! Back then, Guild Leader Mu Hong consecutively solved four illnesses on the Wall of Dilemma, and on top of that, every single treatment method he submitted ended up inducing three rays of orange light, dazzling the entire Physician Hall. It was truly an unforgettable sight for all that was present back then..."

Recalling that incredible scene back then, the faces of a few veterans of the guild reddened in agitation.

Those illnesses were problems that had remained unsolved by the geniuses of the guild throughout the years. Those problems might not be anything much to those 4-star physicians of the headquarter, but to Tianwu Kingdom, they were questions of absurd difficulty!

Guild Leader Mu Hong's feat of solving four questions with three orange rays of light each had left everyone both awestruck then.

"Guild Leader Mu Hong sure is incredible!"


"Given how that fellow who just barged in knew nothing at all, a red light will probably appear very soon..."

Discussions could be heard around the room.


Suddenly, the wall of the Physician Hall trembled, and an imposing aura emanated from it.

"That fellow has just finished answering a question on the Wall of Dilemma, and the physician on the other side is currently checking it. I think he'll be in for a round of misfortune soon..."

Halfway through his words, that person's eyes suddenly widened. A reverberation echoed in the room, and he suddenly froze.

The wall before him emanated a bright light, but it wasn't red... It was orange!

"How is this possible? Did he answer it correctly? But... how can that be? These questions have remained unsolved over the course of so many years, and innumerable 3-star physicians had attempted them only to end in failure. How could he possibly succeed? Isn't he an ignorant oaf who knows nothing at all...?"

Rubbing his eyes, that person stared at the sight before him in disbelief.

"It seems like not only did he provide a correct answer, it seems to be... above the level of Subpass..." A voice sounded among the crowd.

After which, before the light on the wall could fade completely, another burst of light took its place!

The two rays of light overlapped with one another, filling the room with tremendous brilliance.


Before everyone's gaze of disbelief, the wall shook once more and yet another ray of light burst forth. For a moment, it was as if a sun had descended upon the room, blinding everyone's eyes with its radiance.

Three rays!

Four rays!

Five rays!

A total of five rays of orange light had appeared from the wall!

"This is... Perfect! A perfect answer..."

Upon seeing the sight, the mouths of a few veterans in the room twitched. They were rendered completely speechless by the sight.

It was common knowledge that there were only four levels to a treatment method: Subpass, Pass, Good, and Excellent! But in truth, there was another level that few knew about, a level that only existed in the legends. A treatment method of that level was capable of solving an illness completely in the shortest period of time while using the most inexpensive and common medicinal herbs!

It was known as Perfect Treatment Method. Such treatment methods possessed absurd compatibility with the illness that not the slightest side effect would be derived from the treatment. Compared to this, all other treatment methods were no different from dirt.

However, such level of treatment method existed only in the legends. In the several thousand years of history since the establishment of Tianwu Kingdom, no one had ever heard of the existence of a Perfect Treatment Method!

Yet, not only did that ignorant oaf actually managed to come up with such a treatment method... Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

"Five rays of orange light?"

"What in the world is going on?"

"A Perfect Treatment Method?"

The entire room burst into an uproar.

Upon seeing this sight, Guild Leader Mu Hong felt a little light-headed. He immediately turned to Ya Rou and the guard leader and glared at them.

The heck!

Didn't you say that the fellow who went in was an ignorant fellow?

Explain to me what is going on…!


Tears streamed down the face of the guard leader.

Brother, I thought you didn't know anything at all?

How in the world did you manage to solve the incurable illnesses of the Wall of Dilemma? Furthermore... for it to induce five rays of orange light, a Perfect Treatment Method?

"He... he... is probably just lucky. Perhaps he will fail at the next question..."

Biting his tongue, the guard leader could only force his way through.

However... before he could finish his words, the wall shook once more.

Weng weng weng weng weng!

Another five rays of orange light burst into the surroundings once more.

"Another Perfect Treatment Method?"

"What the heck is he!"


Seeing the second instance of five rays of orange light, another huge uproar exploded in the hall. The guard leader felt a stinging sensation on his face, and he nearly spurted blood and died from frustration.

He had just said that the other party was only lucky when the other party immediately overthrew his words with his actions. Even if you are so eager to slap my face, surely you don't have to do it so quickly...

Weng weng weng weng weng!

However, that wasn't the end of it yet. The light grew brighter and brighter, and the intervals between them grew shorter and shorter. It was as if they had stepped into a festive firework celebration; wave after wave of orange light assaulted their vision.

"Three times!"

"Four times!"

"Five times..."

"Eighteen times..."


It was only less than an hour since the appearance of the first instance of the five rays of orange light, and it had already appeared consecutively for another seventeen times.

Slowly, the shock grew into numbness.

Guild Leader Mu Hong's lips quivered. At this point, he was already on the verge of tears.

He thought that he could already be considered as a genius given how he induced three rays of orange light for four times. He thought that no one in Tianwu Kingdom would be able to match his feat. However, after seeing this sight... he realized that his accomplishment was truly nothing at all!

The other party doesn't know medicine?

What a joke! If the other party doesn't know medicine, then what do I count as?

Am I worse than an ignorant oaf?

"Guild leader..."

Seeing Mu Hong's current state, the guard leader called cautiously after noticing the latter's daze.

"Guild leader your head! I am no longer the guild leader, that fellow inside is!" Mu Hong flung his sleeves furiously.

As long as one's result in the Wall of Dilemma surpassed that of the previous guild leader, one would automatically take his place. Mu Hong had only managed to induce three rays of orange light four times, but the other party had achieved the level of Perfect for eighteen times straight. At this point, there was already no way to dispute this!

In other words, that fellow inside was already the guild leader!


The mouth of the guard leader twitched, and he hurriedly shut his mouth fearfully.

He was afraid that this Physician Mu Hong would go on a rampage and kill him on the spot if he were to speak any further.


Ya Rou shuddered fearfully. She felt so much regret that her guts were turning green.

If only she knew that the fellow inside possessed incredible medical skill that was superior to even that of the guild leader, she would have never dared to act so rudely to him!

Considering how disdainfully she treated him at the start, it was about time for her to resign from her job and go into hiding.

In contrast to the gloomy atmosphere floating around Guild Leader Mu Hong and the others, the majority of the crowd in the hall was rowdy, excited by this incredible sight.

"Five rays of orange light! All eighteen of those solutions are a Perfect Treatment Method!"

"To be able to see such a formidable physician overcome the Wall of Dilemma, I feel like I haven't lived my life in vain..."

"Hurry up and inform the old master! Wasn't his illness listed on the Wall of Dilemma? There is finally a cure for him..."


The commotion slowly crescendoed as everyone's eyes burned with excitement.

The explanations and descriptions from the apprentices and veterans had given them a rough idea of the current situation.

To actually solve eighteen difficult illnesses listed on the Wall of Dilemma, and on top of that, for all of them to reach the level of Perfect Treatment Method, the medical skill of the person inside had already surpassed the capability of a 3-star physician!

It was a huge benefit to have such an incredible physician in Tianwu Kingdom.

After all, no matter how much money they had, if they couldn't find a sufficiently capable physician to treat them, it would be for naught.


"There are only a total of twenty questions on the Wall of Dilemma. Could he really... solve all of them in one go?"

Putting aside his dismay, Physician Mu Hong stared at the wall before him intently.

Other people might not be aware of how many questions there were on the Wall of Dilemma, but as the previous guild leader and someone who had challenged the Wall of Dilemma, it was natural that he was aware of the situation on site.

Even though these questions had accumulated over several centuries, every succeeding guild leader would always strike a few questions off the wall, leaving only a total of twenty questions.

The other party had already solved the eighteenth, and every single answer was on the level of Perfect. Could this fellow really solve all twenty questions in one go?

"Impossible... The final question is an illness who no one was able to solve in the past several centuries. It is impossible for him solve it..."

Recalling the final question, Mu Hong clenched his jaws.

Even though the other illnesses were difficult as well, this concept of 'difficult' was only limited to Tianwu Kingdom. To the physicians in Xuanyuan Kingdom or other more advanced regions, those problems were nothing more than a walk in the park.

However... the final question was an illness that stumped even the physicians of Conferred Kingdoms!

It was an extremely rare and troublesome illness. Rumor has it that a 5-star physician had once attempted to find a solution to the illness, but in the end, he wasn't even able to find the root of the problem, leaving him at a loss to even where he should start.

Weng weng weng weng weng!

Just as his thoughts were wandering around, orange rays of light filled the hall once more. The nineteenth question was also solved with a Perfect grade.

"It's down to the last question now..."

Physician Mu Hong's breathing quickened.



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