Chapter 333: We Don't Know Either

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A middle-aged man was seated on the lofty throne within Tianwu royal palace.

The emperor of Tianwu Kingdom, Mo Tianxue!

"You say that someone challenged the guild leader in the Physician Guild, and that he solved nineteen consecutive questions on the Wall of Dilemma?"

Mo Tianxue was staring at a guard in disbelief.

He was well aware of the fact that the questions on the Wall of Dilemma were difficult illnesses which had baffled innumerable genius physicians over the years. Even if a 4-star physician came, he would definitely be unable to solve all of them in a single go. Yet, a seemingly unimpressive fellow had solved nineteen successive questions. On top of that, his solutions were on the level of Perfection...

This is insanity!

"It is the unmistakable truth!" A gray-robed man clasped his fist respectfully.

This gray-robed man's aura was rather irregular, but one could still tell that he was a Zongshi realm expert.

Those who were familiar with the kingdom’s workings would definitely recognise his identity as a member of the most secretive army in Tianwu Kingdom —— Shadow Squad!

The Shadow Squad was an organization directly controlled by Mo Tianxue, and they often carried out unhonorable missions in the darkness.

With such a huge affair at the Physician Guild, all of them rushed to the royal palace in first time to inform the emperor of the news.

"To be capable of solving so many questions on the Wall of Dilemma and provide perfect treatment methods over and above all, that person's mastery in the Way of Medicine has most probably already reached the standard of a 4-star or even 5-star physician!"

Mo Tianxue clenched his fists tightly.

"Indeed. If he were to offer his services to the kingdom, the traumas that occur in the guards' training would be resolved easily. Perhaps, with his help, Your Majesty might even be able to achieve a breakthrough to reach that level!"

The gray-robed man said.

"You're right!" Mo Tianxue's eyes lit up. Then, with an anxious look, he asked, "Have you found out who he is?"

There was no such thing as a perfect cultivation technique. As such, all kinds of traumas would appear in one's cultivation.

Even though most of them do not pose a threat to one's life and do not affect one's ability to exert their strength, it locks down one's cultivation, making it difficult to progress further.

If one can solve his traumas, there is a high possibility that he will be able to advance another step in his cultivation.

But of course, that is only a possibility. After all, a physician is only capable of treatment. Unlike master teachers, a physician is incapable of offering pointers for one to achieve a breakthrough. Even so, resolving one's trauma would extend one's longevity and make one more spirited.

This is also the reason why physician is one of the top occupations of the Upper Nine Paths.

"We have already looked into the matter. His name is Liu Cheng, and he is a newly recruited teacher in Tianwu Academy! At twenty-four this year, his cultivation is at Tongxuan realm primary stage. He passed the teacher examination in Quanhai City's Teacher Guild, and he once took a class at Quanhai City for a year! Here is his information!"

After which, the gray-robed man passed a piece of paper over.

The fact that the Shadow Squad was able to gather comprehensive information on Liu Cheng so quickly bore testimony to their fearsome prowess.

"Un!" Grabbing the paper, Mo Tianxue swiftly browsed through the contents.

All kinds of personal information on Liu Cheng had been recorded on the document.

The identity that the Master Teacher Pavilion created for Zhang Xuan was truly impeccable. There were no flaws, and even the Shadow Squad was only able to gather this much.

"To think that an ordinary teacher in Quanhai City would possess such astounding medical skills! Help me prepare another identical set of the gift that was meant for Master Teacher Zhang Xuan, and as soon as he leaves the Wall of Dilemma, we will head over to greet him!"

After browsing through his information, Mo Tianxue affirmed that there was nothing wrong with his background and he gestured excitedly.

"The present for Zhang shi?" The gray-robed man was taken aback.

As a close aide of the emperor, he knew how valuable the gift prepared for Zhang shi was.

"Indeed! A talent of his level is already on par with Zhang shi. In fact, his usefulness surpasses even that of Zhang shi!" Mo Tianxue reasoned.

"Yes!" The gray-robed man nodded.

"Alright, let's go. Accompany me to the Physician Guild!" After which, Mo Tianxue dismounted his throne and began forward without any hesitation.


Tianwu Academy.

Principal Xie was sitting gloomily alone in his courtyard.

No matter who it was, it would be hard for one not to feel embarrassed getting criticized by a new teacher.

"Principal, principal..."

He was thinking of a way to vent his frustration when an elder rushed into his courtyard.

"What's wrong?"

Principal Xie frowned.

"That... Liu laoshi went to challenge the Wall of Dilemma!" An elder said.

"Challenge the Wall of Dilemma? To provoke Guild Leader Mu Hong, is there something wrong with that fellow's head?" Principal Xie's body swayed, and he nearly blacked out.

Instead of teaching your class properly, what are you doing over at the Physician Guild? On top of that... challenging their Wall of Dilemma and provoking their guild leader, you must be mad!

"He is truly a problematic teacher. Nevertheless, he possesses true capability and will become a pillar of the academy in the future. We mustn't allow anything to happen to him!"

The other party had embarrassed him in public, but as fellow teachers, he felt obligated to stand up for him. "Bring me my name scroll, I will visit Guild Leader Mu Hong now. Hopefully, he won't pursue the matter on my account!"

"No, that's not enough. Challenging the Wall of Dilemma is equivalent to an attempt to wrest authority from the current guild leader. Guild Leader Mu Hong won't allow this matter to simply rest... Let's go to the Master Teacher Pavilion to look for Pavilion Master Jiang. With his help, the situation should be much easier to resolve"

Thus, Principal Xie stood up and prepared to rush to the Master Teacher Pavilion.

"Cough cough... Principal, wait for a moment. Allow me to finish my words first..."

The elder felt stifled. The principal had reacted violently after hearing a single sentence. He couldn't find a chance to cut into his words at all.

"What's the use of talking about it? I know Guild Leader Mu Hong's temper well, he will definitely fly into a rage upon seeing someone eye his position! Even though that Liu laoshi is a little arrogant, he is still a member of our Tianwu Academy. We mustn't allow anything to happen to him. Otherwise, the pride of our academy will be sullied!"

Principal Xie swung his hands and rushed out of the courtyard.

However, barely after he took two steps, the elder stopped him.

"Principal, allow me to first finish my words..."

The elder felt faintheaded.

Why are you so agitated? Can't you allow me to finish my words?

"Speak! Can it be that... we're already too late and that Guild Leader Mu Hong has already laid his hands on him?" Seeing the anxious look on the other party's face, an ominous omen loomed over his mind. Gedeng, Principal Xie's heart skipped a beat.

"That's not it... Liu laoshi has solved nineteen questions on the Wall of Dilemma consecutively, and he provided a perfect treatment method for every single one of them... Right now, the entire Physician Guild is in an uproar!"

Afraid that the other party would jump into conclusion once more, the elder spoke quickly.

"Solved nineteen questions on the Wall of Dilemma? Provided a perfect treatment method for each of them..." Principal Xie was taken aback. It took him moments before he managed to digest the other party's words, and his eyes nearly popped out from its sockets. "You mean to say that... Liu laoshi has already broken Physician Mu Hong's record and he is now the new guild leader of the Physician Guild?"


The elder flashed a bitter smile.

When he first heard this news himself, he also felt as though the world had gone mad. His condition then wasn't any better than that of the current Principal Xie.

"How-how-how is this possible?"

Principal Xie froze in shock.


Oblivious to the huge uproar he had caused, Zhang Xuan was staring at the final question on the Wall of Dilemma.

The Library of Heaven's Path could only reflect flaws, it couldn't provide a solution to these flaws.

When a person is ill, it means that a flaw has appeared on him, resulting in his current condition. As long as one is able to identify the crux of the problem and work backward, it isn't too difficult to treat an illness.

That was precisely the reason why even though the first nineteen questions had stumped many talented physicians, Zhang Xuan was able to solve them easily, providing perfect treatment solutions without thinking for long.

"Innate Muscular Deficiency resulting in the lack of strength in one's body and a lifespan of only twenty years. How do we treat this?"

The final question carved on the Wall of Dilemma was just two short sentences, and it seemed to be simple.

"Innate Muscular Deficiency?"

With a will of his mind, a book appeared in Zhang Xuan's head.

Zhang Xuan had taken in a substantial number of books in the Master Teacher Pavilion. As physician was one of the top occupations of the Upper Nine Paths, there was a substantial collection within. It just so happened that there was an introduction on the illness.

"Innate Muscular Deficiency results in the stagnation of the growth in one's muscles. A person born with such a condition can only lie on the bed, unable to exercise or cultivate..."

There was only a brief introduction to the illness in the book. There wasn't a solution provided.

"Let's see whether there is any solution to it. Flaws!"

Placing his hand on the wall, Zhang Xuan thought.


A book appeared in his mind.

"Innate Muscular Deficiency refers to a lack in strength in one's muscles. Flaws: An inborn damage in one's meridians..."

On the portion of the book detailing the flaws of Innate Muscular Deficiency, the locations of the damaged meridians, acupoints, and body parts were stated.


With a glance, Zhang Xuan suddenly froze. "This illness is actually the opposite of the Heaven's Path Golden Body?"

He had never heard of the illness, but based on the flaws, he realized that it bore striking resemblance to the cultivation method of Heaven's Path Golden Body.

That was to say, one could easily solve this illness through the cultivation method of Heaven's Path Golden Body.

"The Heaven's Path Golden Body shouldn't be leaked out, but this is a part of the physician examination. If I were to answer this question inaccurately, I might not be able to become an official physician..."

Feeling distressed, Zhang Xuan rubbed his glabella.

He didn't know about the Wall of Dilemma, and up until now, he still thought that he was only taking the physician examination.

"Since I know the specific points where the flaws appear in, as long as one uses zhenqi to nourish these few spots, the illness should still be treated even without the cultivation method of Heaven's Path Golden Body!"

After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan suddenly slapped his forehead.

All along, he had been thinking in the capacity of an individual, neglecting the fact that the zhenqi could come from an external source.

As long as he wrote down points that needed to be nourished with zhenqi and avoid mentioning the formula in detail, the Heaven's Path Golden Body would not be leaked.

After all, the crux to all cultivation techniques lies in the formula to propel one's zhenqi.


After confirming the treatment, Zhang Xuan picked up a brush and started writing on the wall.


"It'll probably be impossible for him to solve this question!"

Physician Mu Hong stood stiffly before the Physician Hall with his hands clenched by his sides.

The other party had already surpassed his feat, replacing him as the new guild leader. No matter how depressed he got over this matter, this was already a fact. At this moment, all he wanted to know was whether this Liu fellow would be able to solve all twenty problems on the Wall of Dilemma with a Perfect grade.

If that really happens, the Tianwu Kingdom Physician Guild would gain great prestige because of this.

However... Even 4-star physicians would be puzzled by the final question. Is it even possible for that Liu laoshi to succeed?


Just as they were anxiously waiting for the result, the wall before them started to tremor once more.

"The results are out..."

Everyone waited with bated breaths. Physician Mu Hong stiffened in nervousness.


A bright ray of light radiated from the wall.

"It's... a ray of white light? What does white light means?"

"Red light should indicate failure while orange light reflects a correct answer. Why would there be a white light?"

Upon seeing the light, everyone became flabbergasted.

Even Physician Mu Hong widened his eyes in astonishment.

The answers should either be right or right. In other words, the light should either be red or orange. For a white light to be emanated instead... What the heck?

"Can the wall in the Physician Hall have spoiled?"

"That should be impossible, right..."

Everyone blinked in disbelief.

"Wait, something seems to be appearing..."

Just when everyone was overwhelmed with shock, someone from within the crowd shouted suddenly.

Swiftly turning toward the smooth wall, four words slowly floated into appearance——

We don't know either!

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