Chapter 335: Myriad Kingdom Alliance

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There were countless kingdoms like Tianxuan and Tianwu scattered all over the continent.

The ranks of a kingdom are as follows—Unranked (Tianxuan Kingdom), Tier 2 Kingdom (Beiwu Kingdom), Tier 1 Kingdom (Tianwu Kingdom), and Conferred Kingdom (Xuanyuan Kingdom).

Due to the multitude of kingdoms, conflict and war were inevitable. Thus, in order to mediate the conflicts among the kingdoms, an existence transcending beyond the system of kingdoms emerged.

Myriad Kingdom Alliance!

The Wall of Dilemma was connected to the Physician Guild of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance!

The alliance head who those elders spoke of was the most authoritative figure within the alliance, the one whom all emperors bowed down to and dared not defy.

Soon, the carriage arrived at the Alliance Head Residence.

"Report to the alliance head that Guild Leader Meng and Physician Hong from the Physician Guild requests an audience!"


Soon, under the lead of the guards, the physicians walked into the palace-like Alliance Head Residence.

"You’re saying that you found a way to treat Lian-er?"

Arriving at the main hall, a middle-aged man looked at them with glowing eyes. He exuded an aura of authority and power which all would defer to.

"We aren't sure about whether the treatment method is effective or not, so we would like to..." Guild Leader Meng's face flushed as he hesitated for a moment before continuing, "...try it out..."


As the most authoritative man in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, it was already a huge torture for him to watch helplessly as his daughter suffer. Yet, these physicians were saying that they want to experiment an unverified treatment method on his daughter. If something wrong were to happen, who could bear the responsibility?

"Are you suggesting to experiment with my daughter's life?"

Raising his eyebrows, a menacing aura emanated from that middle-aged man. In an instant, the two physicians felt as though they were suddenly plunged into massive storm, and the world was ripping apart before them.

The alliance head of the Myriad King Alliance wasn't a hereditary position but a nominated one. Without absolute strength, it was impossible for one to rise up to the position.

"I dare not to!"

Guild Leader Meng's face paled. Exhaling deeply, he said, "Alliance head, please allow me to finish my words first. If you don't wish to have the princess take on this risk, then we won't say any more on the matter!"

"Un!" The middle-aged man nodded gravely.

"We are indeed helpless before the illness the princess is suffering from, but just today, a physician from a Tier 1 Kingdom has delivered us a plausible treatment method to verify!" Guild Leader Meng said.

Upon hearing that it was a treatment method from a Tier 1 Kingdom, the middle-aged man's complexion turned even more awful.

Even a 5-star physician of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance was unable to solve the matter, what kind of solution could a measly physician from a Tier 1 Kingdom possibly offer?

Are you jesting with me?

But even though the middle-aged man was infuriated, he didn't say a thing. He simply stared at the duo coldly, waiting silently to see what they had to say.

"Alliance head, you must be thinking how absurd it must be for us to take the treatment method from a measly Tier 1 Kingdom for real... But if you were to see the treatment methods that person sent prior to that, you won't be thinking the same!"

As though reading the thoughts of the other party, a bitter smile flashed across Guild Leader Meng's face, "That person challenged the Wall of Dilemma, and in a single hour, he solved nineteen questions. On top of that, all of the solutions he gave... reached the level of Perfect!"

"All nineteen solutions are at the level of Perfect?"

The middle-aged man was taken aback, "Are you certain of this?"

The Physician Guild's Wall of Dilemma was where all the difficult illnesses uncovered over the years were recorded. One could already be considered as a genius among geniuses if one could solve a question or two on it. To solve nineteen at once, and for all of the solutions to be Perfect...

This meant that the other party's comprehension of the Way of Medicine had already reached an incredibly high level.

"Yes. This is the treatment method he proposed for the last question. His idea is extremely novel, and none of us here have ever seen something like this before. Upon recalling that the second princess is afflicted with the same illness, we came over in hopes of trying it... If it’s really effective, the princess will be able to recover from her affliction!"

Guild Leader Meng said.

The middle-aged man hesitated.

There wasn’t a single person in the world who would be willing to allow his own daughter act as a guinea pig.

"Other than the method he proposed, we truly can't think of any other solutions. Furthermore... the second princess doesn't have much time left. Thus, I beseech you to give it a try!"

Guild Leader Meng clasped his fist.

Those afflicted with Innate Muscular Deficiency were fated to be unable to reach their twenties. The princess was already nineteen this year, and her condition was deteriorating with every single passing day. Even if this treatment method was ineffective, it was much better than doing nothing at all!

"Alright. I'll be troubling you then!"

After a long moment of silence, the middle-aged man closed his eyes and exhaled deeply.

If there was any other choice, he would have never allowed his daughter to undergo such risk.

Soon, the princess was brought over.

"Pardon my rudeness!"

Taking a deep breath, Guild Leader Meng recalled the treatment method written on the Wall of Dilemma and drove the zhenqi in her body.

Wu wu wu wu!

The wind howled!

The strength of a 4-star physician had already surpassed that of Zhizun realm. Even if he didn't come into direct contact with the other party, he was still able to send a surge of zhenqi into the other party's acupoints to clear her trauma.

Peng peng peng peng!

Soon, an immense amount of zhenqi was sent through the other party's acupoints and meridians according to the treatment method detailed on the Wall of Dilemma.


Exhaling deeply, Guild Leader Meng wiped the sweat off his forehead.

There was simply too many acupoints and meridians one had to deal with in the treatment method. Furthermore, many of these meridians and acupoints were narrow, and thus, he had to concentrate deeply. It was fortunate that he possessed superior medical skills and a high cultivation, otherwise, a single careless mistake could easily spell the other party's death.

"I wonder if it’s effective..."

After carrying out the instructions on the treatment method strictly, Guild Leader Meng glanced at the second princess worriedly. But with just this single glance, his entire body shuddered and his eyeballs were popped out from their sockets.

The second princess, who was still lying completely motionless a moment ago, suddenly leaped off the bed and smashed her fist into the ground, causing stone fragments to fly everywhere.


Rendered speechless by the sight before them, the other physicians trembled in astonishment as their lower jaws fell to the ground.

The middle-aged man stared at the situation with a dumbfounded expression. At this point, he was already on the verge of going insane.

His second daughter had been diagnosed with Innate Muscular Deficiency at birth. Pain and suffering followed her as though they were her shadows, and immobility had always been something she had to cope with. Making use of his connections as the most influential person in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, he had invited the most formidable of physicians from all locations, but all of them were helpless before her affliction.

He thought that it would be yet another disappointment. Never in his dreams did he expect that she would really be cured of her affliction this time around...

More importantly... Shouldn't recovery be a slow process? Shouldn't one start from moving their fingers before walking around?

How in the world was she able to... leap off the bed right after the treatment was completed, and not to mention, smash through rock with her fist?

This was way too exaggerated!

"Lian-er, you've... recovered?"

Unable to believe his eyes, the alliance head asked.

"Father, I have recovered fully. Furthermore... I feel boundless strength surging through my body!"

The lady chuckled as she stomped on the ground.


A rock tile flew up, and the lady struck the tile with her palm.


Fragments flew around the room.

"..." The crowd.

For an Innate Muscular Deficiency patient to abruptly become a powerful person with overwhelming muscle strength with just a short treatment...

Even if the treatment method was effective... wasn’t this was way too effective!

"Guild Leader Meng, may I know from which kingdom did the person who presented the treatment method come from? I would like to thank him personally!"

Seeing her daughter walking around healthily as though an ordinary person, the middle-aged man was so excited that his eyes were gleaming.

"Yes... He came from a remote Tier 1 Kingdom near Xuanyuan Conferred Kingdom!" Guild Leader Meng pondered for a moment before replying.

"Father, there's no need for you to do so. Since I have recovered, I would like to go out and walk around. I will meet and thank the person who saved me personally!"

The lady chuckled.

"Alright then!"

The middle-aged man nodded his head.


Naturally, Zhang Xuan was oblivious to the matters occurring at the Myriad Kingdom Alliance. At this moment, he had already altered his features to take on the appearance of 'Yang Xuan', and he was currently on his way to the Master Teacher Pavilion.

After taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped.

"Wouldn’t it be inappropriate for me to meet Jiang Shu like that?"

Yang Xuan, who he was impersonating at, was supposed to be a master teacher ranked above 3-star.

Given his standing, if he were to travel all the way to the Master Teacher Pavilion to look for Jiang Shu, he might incur the other party’s suspicion instead.

He was confident in fooling others, but having taken the master teacher examination, he understood how fearsome the eyes of master teachers could be.

The slightest carelessness might possibly cast doubt upon his identity or even give him away.

"I should look for Liu Ling and the others and have them bring Jiang Shu over to me!"

After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan decided on another course of action.

It was perfectly normal for a master teacher of 'Yang Xuan’s' level to summon his student if he wanted to meet him. It would hurt his prestige instead if he were to head there personally to look for the other party.

As Zhang shi''s students, Zhao Ya and the others were considered as celebrities in the capital. As such, it wasn't too easy for him to find their residence.

"Looks like that fellow Bai Chan at least knows how he should act!"

Upon seeing the residence, Zhang Xuan chuckled. He immediately knew that his threat was effective.

Otherwise, it would surely be impossible for Liu Ling, Zhao Ya, and the others to find such a huge residence in the vicinity of the Master Teacher Pavilion.

After ascertaining the location, Zhang Xuan walked over. Soon, he was already standing at the entrance.

"Old master, you're back..."

Just as Zhang Xuan was thinking about how he should explain his identity to the guards to enter, Sun Qiang suddenly appeared and welcomed him. The latter was so agitated that the fats on his face were bouncing around vigorously.


Sun Qiang had appeared at a timely moment, saving Zhang Xuan of the hassle. Nodding his head, he walked into the residence.

"Old master, I heard from the young master that you're coming as well. I thought that it will take a while longer before you arrive here..."

Sun Qiang spoke agitatedly as the duo walked along the corridor of the residence.

Bai Chan's ability to accomplish tasks was indeed splendid. This residence was several times larger than the one Zhang Xuan rented at Tianxuan Kingdom.


Soon, he arrived at the main hall. After receiving news of Yang Xuan's arrival, Liu Ling and the others also hurried over.

At this moment, Bai Chan had an anxious look on his face.

The person before him was the teacher of Pavilion Master Jiang and Zhang shi. No matter how brazen he might be, he didn't dare to act out of place before him.


Nodding his head, Zhang Xuan surveyed the surroundings before frowning, "Where are the students of Xuan lad?"

Bai Chan, Liu Ling, Lu Xun, and Huang Yu were all here. Why were all of his students missing instead?

He was currently assuming the identity of Yang Xuan, the teacher of their teacher. In other words, their grandteacher!

How could they not greet their grandteacher? They were being too impertinent!


Liu Ling and the others were just about to speak when flurried footsteps sounded beyond the hall.

"Liu shi, bad news! Zhao Ya has been injured by someone. Please save her..."

After which, Zheng Yang and the others walked in while supporting Zhao Ya.



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