It wasn’t too different from the cliché plots one would see in soap opera.

The Lu Clan, which Lu Chong was born in, wasn't exactly a prestigious clan in Tianwu Royal City, but still, it was a sizeable one.

Lu Chong's talent had been average since young. On the other hand, his elder sister was the star of the clan, becoming an apprentice formation master at just seventeen-year-old. Back then, she was the talk of the town.

However, that was also the origin of the disaster.

Talented and beautiful, she caught the eye of a certain scion.

Love eventually grew into hate, and the story ended in a tragedy.

"Eventually, our entire family of 137 people was all killed in the span of a night. Back then, I happened to be out hunting and coincidentally avoided the calamity..."

Recalling the matter, the resentment he sealed in his heart burst forth, and his entire body trembled in agitation.

"Your clan used to be in Tianwu Royal City?" Zhang Xuan asked.

If his clan wasn't located in Tianwu Royal City, there would be no need for him to act so cautiously here, going to the extent of even playing mute.

"Yes!" Lu Chong nodded. "Given my weak cultivation, I knew that I would never be able to escape from the other party’s pursuers. Thus, I decided to join Tianwu Academy instead and cooped myself within its compounds. I think that it is likely that the other party didn't think that I would pose much of a threat that I was able to survive until now."

"The most dangerous place is always the safest place. Perhaps the other party didn't expect you to hide in the prestigious Tianwu Academy. However... given that a clan of 137 people was killed, there should have been a huge uproar in the city. Didn't the Master Teacher Pavilion and Tianwu Kingdom attempt to investigate the matter and return justice to the Lu Clan?" Zhang Xuan realized that there were some doubtful aspects to the matter.

The Master Teacher Pavilion was a powerful organization spread across innumerable nations. Not only was it responsible for grooming master teachers and guiding the populace, it also took on the role of maintaining order in the region. While they typically didn’t interfere in fights of minor scale, an entire clan being slaughtered overnight was a huge matter. Given such, the Master Teacher Pavilion should have sent someone to look into the matter.

Besides, even if the Master Teacher Pavilion chose not to interfere, how could the royalty of Tianwu Kingdom stay out of the matter as well? How could they allow the murderer to get away scot-free when an entire clan was killed in the capital right beneath their eyes?

"I am not sure about the details either. After everyone else died, I went undercover. I didn’t dare to look into the matter out of fear that the other party would notice my existence." Lu Chong had a savage expression on his face, and deep resentment burned in his eyes.

Zhang Xuan continued asking a few more questions, but after realizing that Lu Chong didn't know much about the matter as well, he stopped.

"There's no need to bother all these first, just focus on your training for the time being. Use the method I taught you yesterday to cultivate. As long as you persevere on for five more times, you should attain the strength to kill Tongxuan realm pinnacle experts easily. You should rest well for now and prepare for the second round tonight!"

"Yes!" Lu Chong clasped his fist before returning back to his dormitory.

Even though Lu Chong had worded it lightly, Zhang Xuan knew that the matter wasn't as easy as it sounded.

Given how the royalty of Tianwu Kingdom stood idle when an entire clan was killed, his opponent must either possess immense strength or be of high standing.

More importantly, if it was only a matter of love turning into the hate, the other party could have just killed his sister. Was there a need to wipe out the entire clan?

There was probably something deeper to it.

It seemed like his student was still hiding several matters from him.

"I shouldn't pressure him if he doesn't wish to say it. I will ask him when he's willing to talk about it!"

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan decided not to dwell on the matter.

Even though he had decided to help the other party, their time together was still too short. It was normal for Lu Chong to not have absolute trust in him. Thus, Zhang Xuan wasn't angry.

In the book compiled on Lu Chong in the Library of Heaven's Path, it was only reflected that Lu Chong carried a deep grudge against him. It didn't state who his enemy was, and what exactly happened back then.

It was just like the case with Zhao Ya and Mu Xueqing. He could tell that the duo was injured, as well as how they were injured, but he wasn't able to tell who was the one who did it.


Walking out of the classroom, Lu Chong turned around and glanced at the young Liu laoshi. His eyes reddened, and he tightened his fist.

It wasn't that he didn't trust Liu laoshi, but he... didn't dare to tell him the truth!

He knew very well the standing and influence his enemy wielded. He didn't want the only person in the world who treated him sincerely to be harmed because of him.

"Liu laoshi, I am indebted to you. It seems like I won't be able to repay you... I really hope that you won't be implicated in this matter. After all, you're just an ordinary teacher in the academy! If they were to realize that you have taken me as your student and imparted me with knowledge, they might lay their hands on you!"

"Allow me... to settle my grudge myself!"

Coming to this decision, Lu Chong turned around and left.

The sudden surge in his strength had reignited his hope for exacting vengeance.


Not long after Lu Chong's departure, the other students arrived.

After imparting them some basic knowledge and giving them pointers on their cultivation one by one, Zhang Xuan called Mu Xueqing into the small room and imparted her with the Heaven's Path Saber Art.

Initially, when Mu Xueqing heard that there was only one move, she was slightly disappointed. However, after learning it, she realized that it was an exceedingly profound and high-level skill. Agitated, her body couldn't stop shaking.

Even though she was unable to tell the tier of this saber art, she knew that it was at a much higher level than the Fallen Flower Fist that her father imparted her.

They weren't even comparable to one another.

This saber art seemed to harness the fundamental laws of the universe. Profound concepts were concisely expressed through this single move, making one feel as though it was impossible to withstand it.

"Thank you, Liu laoshi for your generous bestowment!"

After practicing it for two hours, Mu Xueqing finally opened up the zhenqi pathway required for the Heaven's Path Saber Art. Filled with gratitude and reverence for her teacher, she kneeled onto the floor and kowtowed.

The other party had solved her pill poison issue and imparted her with such an incredible battle technique...

It was impossible to express her gratitude through words.

"I must defeat that lady and bring honor to Liu laoshi's name!"

Gritting her silver teeth, she strengthened her resolve.

She had no other way to repay her teacher but to bring glory to him, and defeating Master Teacher Zhang Xuan's student was the most effective way to do so.

Oblivious to the fact that this newly accepted student of his had already made up her mind to give Zhao Ya a good thrashing, Zhang Xuan instructed for the other students to cultivate properly before leaving the classroom.

It wasn't easy for him to create the Zongshi realm Heaven's Path Divine Art, but due to lack of spiritual energy, he could only cultivate slowly. Now that he had some free time, he decided to head to the Apothecary Guild to find some suitable pills with concentrated spiritual energy.


"Is that Liu laoshi really as incredible as they say? Helping others achieve a breakthrough with just a few casual pointers?"

Not too far away from Zhang Xuan's classroom, two young men were discussing.

If any other students were here, they would surely recognize the duo to be the two stars of the academy, the champion of the academy's tournament, Zhao Wuxing, and the first runner-up, Liu Changyan.

The one who had just spoken was Zhao Wuxing.

"There must be a reason behind these rumors! It's not like you don't know Mu Xueqing's temper. To be able to make her listen obediently and even fall out with Zhang shi's students, that Liu laoshi must possess exceptional means." Liu Changyan replied.

After witnessing the brawl between the two ladies, the duo grew interested in the legendary Liu laoshi.

"No matter what, we should see for ourselves whether it is real or not. I don't believe that there's any teacher in this academy who can surpass Bai laoshi in terms of teaching!" Even though the Liu Changyan's words were logical, Zhao Wuxing still found it hard to believe the matter.

As they lived on the campus, they were unaware of the ruckus that Liu laoshi had caused in the Physician Guild. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been doubtful of the other party’s capability.

As for Bai laoshi, he was the most famous star teacher in the academy. His standing was similar to that of Lu Xun in Hongtian Academy.

"Hm? Why is the carriage of the royal family here?"

Just as the two of them were discussing the matter, Liu Changyan abruptly pointed to the road.

Tracing the other party’s finger, Zhao Wuxing was stunned.

A golden carriage was slowly heading toward the academy from the streets.

The insignia of the royal family was on the exterior of the carriage.

"Eight horses... This is the carriage that only the core members of the royal family are entitled to ride on. Is this the crown prince or... the third princess?"

Speaking of the third princess, Zhao Wuxing and Liu Changyan's eyes immediately burned in passion.

Third Princess Mo Yu was the ideal goddess in their mind. Not only was she beautiful, she was blessed with great talents as well... Despite her young age, she had already passed the master teacher examination, causing her name to be known throughout the capital.

If not for Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi, she would definitely be the brightest star in the city.


The carriage came to a stop and an elegant figure alighted from it.

"It is indeed the third princess..."

Upon seeing the figure, the two geniuses immediately flushed in agitation.

However, puzzlement soon replaced their agitation. "Why would she be at the academy?"

As a 1-star master teacher and an incredible genius, if Princess Mo Yu was planning to conduct a lecture in Tianwu Academy, they would have definitely heard of the news beforehand. But if she wasn't here to conduct a lecture, what other reasons could she be here for?

Perplexed, they saw her walking toward Liu laoshi classroom and bowed.

"Tianwu Kingdom's Mo Yu is here to pay respect to Liu Cheng laoshi!"

A crisp voice sounded clearly in the surroundings.

"Pay respect to Liu laoshi?"

"Princess Mo Yu is a 1-star master teacher, 2-star apothecary, and 1-star beast tamer. Despite all of these, she still has to pay respect to this Liu Cheng?"

Zhao Wuxing and Liu Changyan were stunned. They were so shocked by the sight that their lower jaw nearly fell to the floor.

In Tianwu Kingdom, Princess Mo Yu's talent was only second to Mo Hongyi and Zhang Xuan. On top of being a master teacher, she was also a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert... Yet, she came to the academy to pay respect to an ordinary teacher?

Surely they were seeing things?

Didn't that Liu Cheng just entered the academy yesterday?

For a 1-star master teacher and the princess of the kingdom to visit him personally, who exactly was he?

Before they could recover from their shock, they saw Liu laoshi open the door, walk out, and glance at Princess Mo Yu.

"What are you doing here... Cough cough, do you need something of me?"


Zhao Wuxing and Liu Changyan fell to the ground. A mouthful of blood welled up in their throat.

What in the world was with that attitude!

Even if you are capable, it is only right for you to bow in greetings to the princess!

At the very least, you should at least address her respectfully... To immediately say 'what are you doing here' and 'do you need something of me' upon seeing the princess...

Who do you think you are?

You aren't even a star teacher, you are just an ordinary teacher in the academy. The other party is a 1-star master teacher, but not only is your attitude completely disrespectful, there is even a questioning edge to your voice. Aren't you disregarding the other party a little too much?

Infuriated, the duo was thinking about how they should report this matter to the academy to send a strict warning to this conceited fellow so that he would learn to follow the rules of the Teacher Guild when Princess Mo Yu stepped forward and said, "My father is waiting outside for you. He hopes that Liu laoshi can spare some time for him..."

"Father? His Majesty Mo Tianxue?"

"He hopes that Liu laoshi can... spare some time? What in the world is going on? His Majesty is actually paying a visit personally to an ordinary teacher?"

Zhao Wuxing and Liu Changyan's eyes were widened to the maximum. At this moment, they really felt as though the world had gone mad.



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