Chapter 342: Imparting Sword Art

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The spirit stone was extremely important to Zhang Xuan at this moment. Since the other party was offering it to him, he had no reason to refuse it.

However, Zhang Xuan wouldn't accept the other party's gift for free either. Thus, he offered him to treat them once for free in return.

"Speaking of treatment, I really do require Guild Leader Liu's help!"

Recovering from his astonishment from the other party's actions, Mo Tianxue clasped his fist and said.

The main reason why he had chosen to befriend Liu laoshi was because he wanted to borrow the latter’s medical skill. Since the other party had brought up the topic, he decided to grasp the opportunity.

"Execute a battle technique then!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Execute a battle technique?" Mo Tianxue was rendered speechless once more. Shouldn't you ask about the illness instead? What do you mean by execute a punching technique?

Laughing awkwardly, Mo Tianxue said, "It's not for me but... How about this, if Guild Leader Liu is free now, I would like to invite you to the royal palace."

"I have some matters to attend to at the moment. I'll head there after I'm done!" After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan said.

"Isn't Guild Leader Liu heading to the Apothecary Guild? Xiao Yu, you should accompany him there. As a 2-star apothecary, you should be well-versed with the matters there!"

Seeing the other party agree to his request, Mo Tianxue stroked his beard with a smile. "Besides, the both of you are incredible geniuses. It’ll be good for you to get acquainted and learn from one another."

Mo Tianxue thought that it was a good opportunity to give the duo some time together. If sparks were to fly from their interaction, that would be for the best.

"The emperor is asking Princess Mo Yu to accompany him?"

"Clearly, he is trying to pair the princess with Liu laoshi..."

Upon seeing this sight, tears streamed down Zhao Wuxing and Liu Changyan's faces.

Regardless of whether it was her standing, beauty, or talent, Princess Mo Yu seemed to be favored by the heavens. No man could possibly reject her accompaniment.

The emperor's intentions couldn't be clearer. If not for fear of being too abrupt, he might have even betrothed her to him at this very instant. As secret admirers of Princess Mo Yu, their hearts shattered.

Just when they thought that Liu laoshi would agree delightfully to the matter, the latter frowned and shook his head, "There's no need for that..."

"No need?" Mo Tianxue was caught by surprise by the other party’s response. "Isn't Liu laoshi heading to the Apothecary Guild? Even though my daughter isn't the best apothecary there, she is still a 2-star apothecary. With her connections there, you should be spared some hassle in obtaining what you need!"

Even the most skilled apothecary in Tianwu Kingdom Apothecary Guild, the guild leader, was only at 3-star. Thus, 2-star apothecaries possessed immense say within the guild.

"Oh, I'm not heading to the Apothecary Guild anymore. I still have matters to attend to, so I'll be bidding you all farewell here. After I’m done with my business, I will definitely pay the royal palace a visit!" Zhang Xuan clasped his fist and left.

The reason why he wanted to visit the Apothecary Guild was to look for a pill concentrated in spiritual energy for his cultivation. Having obtained a spirit stone, there was no need for him to do so anymore.

His greatest priority at this moment was to return to the residence to impart sword art to Zhao Ya.

After all, she was going to duel with someone two days later.

"You aren't going there anymore?"

Mo Tianxue blinked his eyes blankly.

On the other hand, Mo Yu gritted her teeth.

Her father's intentions couldn't be made any clearer, and yet, this fellow actually rejected the offer... On top of that, it was just a moment ago that he insisted on heading to the Apothecary Guild. But upon hearing that she was tagging along, he immediately changed his mind...

Am I that ugly? Do you have to be that frightened of me?


Oblivious to the misunderstanding he had caused, Zhang Xuan turned around and left.

Master teachers did possess sufficient prestige to disregard royalty. Even though the other party was the emperor of a Tier 1 Kingdom, he still had to think twice before doing anything to even an ordinary 2-star master teacher.

Putting aside the fact that master teachers were backed by the Master Teacher Pavilion, just the ability of a 2-star master teacher to rally experts was sufficient to wreck havoc in the kingdom.

All those who had benefited from their lessons in the past could be considered as their student. With the influence they wielded, destroying the royal family was nothing more than a walk in the park.

"Father, this fellow is getting out of hand!" After the other party disappeared in the distance, Mo Yu bellowed furiously.

"It is perfectly normal for talented people like him to be proud and unruly. The Zhang shi that you spoke of seems to be even more unruly than him, isn't that so?" Mo Tianxue replied.

With superior talents, it was inevitable that geniuses would tend to be proud and unruly. Besides, they had the qualifications to act in such a manner as well.

"Zhang shi possesses true capability. He isn't someone that fellow can compare with!" Mo Yu harrumphed.

Having accompanied Zhang shi from the Beast Hall to the Red Lotus City, she had a firsthand view of the other party's capability. While she couldn't say that his talents were unparalleled, she didn't think that he was too far from it. In a sense, Mo Yu viewed him as her idol. But this Liu Cheng... He was just an insignificant figure who hadn't even seen the wider world outside. He only happened to possess outstanding medical skills, how could he compare up to her idol?

"This isn't necessarily so. Not only is that Guild Leader Liu skilled in Way of Medicine, his aptitude for teaching is also top-notch!" Mo Tianxue chuckled. With a flick of his wrist, he produced a confidential document and passed it over. "Take a look at this!"

Mo Yu took it with a doubtful expression, and with a single glance, her eyes immediately widened. "He-he... With a single day of guidance, he made all of his students achieve a breakthrough in their cultivation? On top of that, he settled Mu Xueqing's pill poison?"

Mu Xueqing's father, Apothecary Mu, was one of Mo Yu's examiner during her apothecary examination, and she had met him several times. Through their interactions, she learned that Apothecary Mu was looking for a cure for his daughter's pill poison.

Given how Liu laoshi was able to become the head of the Physician Guild, his medical skill had to be outstanding. As such, while it was amazing for him to have resolved Mu Xueqing's pill poison, it wasn't beyond expectations. However, for the other party’s entire class to achieve a breakthrough in just a single day of guidance... This wasn't something that just anyone was capable of!

Even her, a 1-star master teacher, was incapable of such a feat!

"Indeed. If he wasn't that formidable, I wouldn't have tried to pair him with you!" Mo Tianxue chuckled. "You should continue on reading. There's something even more interesting beyond that!"

Princess Mo Yu continued browsing downward and her hands suddenly trembled, "Zhang shi's student, Zhao Ya, fought with Mu Xueqing in a duel, and the result is a draw? And they are fighting once more two days later?"

"Un. If Mu Xueqing wins in this duel, it would mean that Liu laoshi's teaching capability has surpassed that of Zhang shi! Even if he isn't a master teacher, he would definitely contribute greatly to the country. Try thinking about it, if he were to conduct lessons in the military... What kind of effects would there be?"

Mo Tianxue said.

"That..." Mo Yu fell silent.

In just a single day of guidance, the other party’s entire class managed to achieve a breakthrough in their cultivation. The benefits of the other party lecturing in the military were unimaginable. He might just singlehandedly induce the military might of the country to rise exponentially.

"Liu laoshi possess incredible medical skills and amazing teaching capability. Even though he is unable to match up to Zhang shi in pill forging and beast taming, the extent of his talent isn't inferior to the other party. It would definitely be beneficial to you to get close to such a person. But of course, you should also try to become closer with Zhang shi as well. If he were to speak up for you, regardless of how incredible Mo Hongyi is, he wouldn't be able to shake your position anymore!"

Mo Tianxue instructed gravely.

"Yes!" Mo Yu nodded. Suddenly, she thought of something and hesitated for a moment before asking, "Since we are intending to get on close terms with the two, should we stop the duel between Mu Xueqing and Zhao Ya?"

"Why should we stop it? Not only should we not stop it, we should even propagate it. We should make everyone aware of this matter and create a huge uproar! This way, we will be able to win his goodwill!"

Mo Tianxue declared confidently.

"The other party's intentions are clear. Since he didn't attempt to stop the duel between Mu Xueqing and Zhao Ya, then clearly, he wishes to make use of this matter to strike his name out. Since that's the case, we should give him a helping hand!"

Hearing Mo Tianxue's words, Mo Yu came to a realization. To be honest, she was also curious whether Zhang shi's student, Zhao Ya, or Guild Leader Liu's student, Mu Xueqing, would win?

But regardless of who wins, the fact that the two of them came to a draw in their first fight showed that Guild Leader Liu's teaching capability was in no way inferior to Zhang shi!

"I should watch their duel two days later..."

Mo Yu made up her mind.


After leaving the academy, Zhang Xuan double checked that no one was following him before diving into an alley and transforming into 'Yang shi’. Then, he walked into the residence.

"Old master, a few guards came by yesterday night to seek refuge with the young master. However, young master is away now, so what should we do with them?"

Upon seeing Yang shi, Sun Qiang stepped forward and greeted him before asking.

"Seek refuge with the young master?" Zhang Xuan asked doubtfully.

"That's right. They said that they were once guards of the Ji Clan and they have come here due to a promise with the young master..."

Sun Qiang added.

"Oh!" Zhang Xuan nodded as he recalled the matter.

Two days ago, when he just arrived in the capital, he offended a painter, Ji Mo gongzi, and the latter sent his men after him. In the end, the other party's men ended up being thrashed by him instead. He then fed them poison and commanded them to teach Ji Mo gongzi a lesson.

Given that Zhang Xuan was away due to his 2-star master teacher examination... These people had no choice but to escape here to prevent themselves from being killed by the men of the Ji Clan.

"I have heard this matter from Xuan lad, and it seems like he intends to have them serve as guards. As for the trauma they are suffering for, I will resolve it for them!" Zhang Xuan shook his hands casually.

While the cultivation of these people was nothing compared to Zhang Xuan, they were still Tongxuan realm experts. The residence would be much safer under their protection.

Even though it was unlikely that anyone would cause any matter here in deference to Zhang shi's name, it would still be best to prepare for the unexpected.

"Yes!" Even though he wasn’t too sure what the old master was speaking of, Sun Qiang took note of it.

"Call Zhao Ya over!"

Walking to the hall and sitting down on the center seat, Zhang Xuan instructed.

Sun Qiang nodded and left. Soon, Zhao Ya walked into the hall.

"I have found a sword art compatible with you and I will impart it to you now. Regardless of who you are fighting with two days later, I hope that you can emerge victorious. Don't let me and your teacher down!"

Looking at the girl before him, Zhang Xuan spoke impassively.

"Grandteacher, rest assured! Zhao Ya will not disappoint you!" Zhao Ya clenched her jaws in determination.

"That's good. This is the secret manual for the sword art. After you've read through it, feel free to look for me to clarify any doubts!"

Zhang Xuan passed Zhao Ya the manual of the simplified version of the Heaven's Path Sword Art.

Knowing that the battle technique imparted by the grandteacher was couldn’t be ordinary, she immediately started browsing through the technique seriously.

The Heaven's Path Sword Art had condensed innumerable profound concepts into simple ones that pointed straight toward the essence of swordsmanship. As such, it wasn't too difficult to learn the technique. In two hours, Zhao Ya managed to grasp the basics of the technique. However, it would still take some time before she manages to become adept in it.

Even so, she could already feel the overwhelming strength of the sword art.

It was even superior to Zheng Yang's spear art.

"Teacher, Pavilion Master Jiang requests an audience!"

Just as Zhang Xuan was done imparting Zhao Ya the Heaven's Path Sword Art, Liu Ling walked into the room.

"Bring him in..."

Zhang Xuan shook his hands casually when he suddenly froze. Slapping his head, an idea popped into his mind.

He was too used to operating in his identity as Zhang Xuan that he neglected Yang Xuan's standing.

As a 1-star master teacher, Zhang Xuan wasn't qualified to enter the 2-star library of the Master Teacher Pavilion. However, it should be easy for 'Yang shi' to enter!

In any case, this wasn't a huge matter in itself. If Yang Xuan were to raise the idea, Pavilion Master Jiang surely wouldn't stop him!



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