Chapter 344: You Are the One Who Has a Problem With Your Head!

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Tilting its head up proudly, the Viridescent Eagle stared at Prince Fei Xuan arrogantly.

"Viridescent Eagle?" Prince Fei Xuan immediately identified the savage beast.

He wasn't a beast tamer, but he had a fundamental level of understanding of savage beasts. This savage beast was relatively strong as compared to other aerial savage beasts, but due to the limitations of its talents, it had a cultivation cap of Tongxuan realm pinnacle.

Prince Fei Xuan himself was a Tongxuan realm pinnacle cultivator as well, and given his numerous trump cards, it wasn't too a difficult task for him to defeat it.

As the prince of a kingdom, he cultivated the best cultivation technique and the most profound battle techniques. If he couldn't even triumph over a savage beast who was capable of mere brute force, it would truly be a huge embarrassment.

Chuckling lightly, he turned to Mo Yu and said, "Can I hold Princess Mo Yu to her words? As long as I defeat this Viridescent Eagle, will you agree to the marriage?"

"Un!" Mo Yu nodded her head. "However, if you lose, you’ll have to leave immediately!"

"Of course! If I can't even defeat your tamed beast, what rights do I have to marry you?" Prince Fei Xuan's eyes were glowing with excitement.

Mo Yu’s talent and beauty were well known even in the surrounding kingdoms, and many princes desired to take her hand in marriage.

In truth, he didn't bear too much hope for this proposal, so Mo Yu's offer came as an unexpected but pleasant surprise.

He might not be confident in anything else, but it definitely wasn’t a problem to subdue a Tongxuan realm pinnacle savage beast for him.

"Your Highness..."

Envoy Ran Mu frowned as he examined the Viridescent Eagle carefully.

Different from ordinary humans, the source of a savage beast's strength was mainly derived from their physical body. Thus, when they weren't in combat, it was impossible to gauge their strength. As such, despite being at Zongshi realm pinnacle, Envoy Ran Mu was unable to determine how powerful the Viridescent Eagle.

Based on what he knew, the cultivation of a Viridescent Eagle shouldn't exceed Tongxuan realm pinnacle. Thus, it shouldn't be an opponent for the prince... However, as a master teacher, Princess Mo Yu should be aware of this as well. Her inconceivable confidence in this matter made him hesitate.

"It's just a Viridescent Eagle, there’s no need to worry about it!" Prince Fei Xuan shook his hands casually.

"Let's begin then!"

Chuckling softly, Mo Yu gestured to the Viridescent Eagle. With a piercing howl, the latter charged straight at Prince Fei Xuan, and its gigantic wings swooped down on him.

The thick and massive feathers of the Viridescent Eagle were no different from steel. Due to its incredible strength, even before the attack could land on Prince Fei Xuan, a huge gale had already been whipped up in the hall. Under its forceful might, cracks started appearing on the tough granite-tiled floor.

"Half-Zongshi? This..."

Sensing the incredible strength originating from the other party's wings, the confident Prince Fei Xuan nearly fell to the floor in shock.

Wasn't the strength of a mature Viridescent Eagle capped at Tongxuan realm pinnacle? How could this Viridescent Eagle possibly be at Half-Zongshi realm? Furthermore, given how adept it was at utilizing its strength, it was likely that it had already advanced to Half-Zongshi for some time already.

Even though it was only a small cultivation realm of a difference between the two realms, the difference in fighting prowess was, in fact, worlds apart.

"She got me!"

Prince Fei Xuan immediately realized that he had fallen for the other party's tricks. Alarmed, he quickly pushed against the floor and retreated.


However, before he could get far, the Viridescent Eagle's giant body was already in midair once more. Its steel claws tore through space, headed straight for him.

Not only was this fellow strong, its adaptability also far surpassed ordinary savage beasts. Upon realizing that its attack wouldn’t work, it immediately changed its course of attack.

The Viridescent Eagle had two main offensive techniques: Wing Sweep and Steel Claw.

Since the first technique fell empty, it used the momentum from its sweep to push its body into the sky to launch the second technique.

Si la!

The air moaned under the pressure, and before Prince Fei Xuan could respond, the steel claw had already struck his chest, sending him crashing into a wall. Fresh blood spurted freely from his mouth.

"You've lost!"

Mo Yu beckoned with her hands, and the Viridescent Eagle immediately flew back to her side. Then, turning to Prince Fei Xuan, she spoke nonchalantly.


Struggling to his feet, Prince Fei Xuan's face was livid.

He knew that he wouldn’t be able to subdue this Viridescent Eagle easily, but never in his dreams could he expect to be severely injured in just two moves.

This fellow was way too bizarre!

It seemed to understand the art of fighting, as though it was a human.

"You are cheating... Due to the limitations of its bloodline, the cultivation of a Viridescent Eagle can only reach Tongxuan realm pinnacle. How could this one be at Half-Zongshi realm?"

Only after consuming a recovery pill did Prince Fei Xuan's injuries alleviate slightly. Through gritted teeth, he protested.

"A loss is a loss! Why? Does Prince Fei Xuan hopes to renege on his words?" Mo Yu answered impassively.

This Viridescent Eagle was the one which Zhang Xuan tamed at the Beast Hall via his Beast Pummeling Taming Method back then. After its blood had been cleansed by Heaven's Path zhenqi, it managed to successfully advance to Half-Zongshi realm.

Not only so, due to the incredible purity of the Heaven's Path zhenqi, savage beasts whose bloodline was cleansed by it would find their primal instincts being replaced with rationality and intelligence.

This was precisely the reason why the Viridescent Eagle was able to swiftly change its course of attack in the middle of a battle and defeat Fei Xuan easily.

Back then, in Red Lotus City, as Zhang Xuan had managed to tame the Half-Zhizun Howling Firmament Beast, it no longer mattered whether he had this fellow or not. Thus, he returned it back to Mo Yu, and Mo Yu rode it back to Tianwu Royal City.

Even though she hadn't established a contract with it yet, it possessed a Trust Level of 30 with her. As such, it was extremely obedient to her.

"I..." Prince Fei Xuan's face turned scarlet. He wanted to retort, but not a single word would come out from his mouth.

He had just declared confidently that he would give up if he were to be defeated by the Viridescent Eagle. Given how he didn't even manage to withstand two blows, no matter how thick-skinned he was, he wasn't able to say anything at all.

Just as he was conflicted over how he should reply, a eunuch walked in.

"Your Majesty, Liu laoshi from Tianwu Academy requests for an audience!"

"Oh? Liu laoshi? Invite him in quickly!"

Mo Tianxue's eyes lit up.

"Yes!" The eunuch walked out of the room.

"Hmph!" Upon recalling that infuriating fellow, Mo Yu's face darkened.

She had always been the center of attention as far as she could remember, and this was the first time... Oh, second time that she had been treated like that.

Glancing at his daughter's expression, Mo Tianxue shook his head with a smile, "Xiao Yu, make sure to build a good relationship with Liu laoshi, you mustn't be that stubborn anymore! He's the ideal candidate that I have found for you!"

"Ideal candidate?"

Prince Fei Xuan and Envoy Ran Mu glanced at one another with an alarmed look.

It was no wonder why Emperor Tianxue kept turning them down with all kind of excuses. It seemed like he already found a suitable spouse for Princess Mo Yu in Tianwu Royal City.

"Hmph, I would like to see how incredible he is for Emperor Tianxue to act like that..."

Prince Fei Xuan's eyes narrowed into small slits. He immediately felt overwhelming hostility for this Liu laoshi even though he hadn't met the other party before.

A grim expression crept onto Envoy Ran Mu's face.

They had just arrived at Tianwu Royal City, so they hadn’t heard of Liu laoshi's incredible feat of solving nineteen questions on the Wall of Dilemma in a single breath. Even so, to be so highly regarded by Emperor Tianxue, he couldn't help but feel a little curious about the other party.

Turning to the entrance of the hall, he saw a young man walking in beside a eunuch.

"Tongxuan realm primary stage?"

Glancing at one another, frowns appeared on Envoy Ran Mu and Prince Fei Xuan.

They were wondering what kind of talented young man this Liu laoshi would be, but contrary to the expectations they held, the other party was only a measly Tongxuan realm primary stage cultivator.

He would be considered as an exceptional genius in remote countries such as Tianxuan Kingdom, but in Tier 1 Kingdoms, his achievements could only be considered to be slightly above average.

"Your Majesty!"

Walking up, this young man known as Liu laoshi casually clasped his fist.


Upon seeing his actions, the duo was even more perplexed.

Under normal circumstances, one should at least bow respectfully upon seeing the emperor. Even if the other party wasn't a subordinate of the emperor, he should at least bow in the capacity as a junior. Yet, this fellow... actually greeted him as a fellow peer?

Despite being in his twenties and possessing a cultivation realm of Tongxuan realm primary stage, he greeted the Zongshi realm pinnacle emperor as a fellow peer?

What kind of identity did he possess?

"Of the Three Great Clans in Tianwu Royal City, the high nobles, and authoritative officials... there doesn't seem to be anyone who goes with the surname of Liu?"

Envoy Ran Mu found the situation inconceivable.

Given how they were able to uncover the condition of Tianwu Kingdom's guardian beast, a classified secret, naturally, they were well aware of the various powers within the capital as well. However, they hadn't heard of any powerful figure that goes by the surname of Liu.

Even the Master Teacher Pavilion didn't seem to have any master teachers whose surname was Liu.

Besides, if he was a master teacher, he would be addressed as Liu shi instead.

"Liu laoshi, you sure kept me waiting, I thought that you would be visiting yesterday!"

Mo Tianxue smiled bitterly.

The other party was a genius physician, as well as the guild leader of the Physician Guild. Even though he was the emperor of the kingdom, he wasn’t in a position to urge him into doing something. Thus, he could only wait silently in the royal palace. Even so, he didn't expect to end up waiting an entire day for the other party.

"I had urgent matters to attend to yesterday!"

Zhang Xuan nodded.

"I've said yesterday that I'll conduct one free treatment for you. Who's the one that's sick? Bring him here!"

After which, Zhang Xuan began scanning the surroundings, and soon, his eyes fell on Prince Fei Xuan and Envoy Ran Mu.

Under the other party's gaze, Prince Fei Xuan's eyebrows shot up.

He had already carried immense hostility for the other party even before his appearance, and yet, at this very moment, the other party was actually insinuating that he was ill. Infuriated, he almost exploded on the spot.

"You are Liu laoshi, right?"

Suppressing his rage, he stepped forward and asked coldly.

Zhang Xuan stared at him doubtfully.

"I am the second prince of Kunqian Kingdom. I am here to ask for Princess Mo Yu's hand in marriage..."

He emphasized on the word 'marriage' so as to see the other party's reaction to the matter. However, the other party seemed to be completely nonchalant to the matter, as though it was none of his affair.

Feeling humiliated by the other party's indifference, he harrumphed, "Since you're the candidate the emperor and the princess have decided on, do you dare to take me on in a duel?"

"Candidate the emperor and princess have decided on?"

Zhang Xuan was bewildered by the situation.

Is there something wrong with this fellow? How have I crossed you? You ask for your hand in marriage while I conduct my treatment, why in the world are you challenging me to a duel when I’ve only just walked into the hall?

Besides, what do you mean by I am the candidate those two have decided on’?

After a moment of contemplation, a thought suddenly flashed across Zhang Xuan's head, and he finally understood what was going on.

Didn't Mo Tianxue invite him over to treat someone?

This fellow kept rambling nonsense, so he must be that sick person...

Un, mental illness. It was harder to treat than typical illnesses plaguing the body. He should make full use of this opportunity to highlight the difficulty of the treatment as a leverage for more spirit stones. It would be best if he could obtain two more...

The very reason why he came here to conduct a treatment was to obtain spirit stones anyway. Even if the patient's symptom wasn't too severe, he would still have to exaggerate it to ask for more spirit stones.

However, judging from the complete nonsense this fellow was speaking, he was definitely severely ill. At the very least, his treatment would be worth two to three spirit stones!

After clearing up his thoughts, Zhang Xuan looked at Prince Fei Xuan with a look of satisfaction and nodded. Then, he turned to Mo Tianxue, and with a contemplative look, he said, "Your Majesty, this patient's illness is extremely severe! His illness lies in the head, and such illnesses are much more difficult to treat than ordinary illnesses. It will take me quite a bit of effort to cure him..."


Prince Fei Xuan thought that the other party's nod represented his consent toward the duel, but upon hearing these words, a mouthful of fresh blood spurted from him and he nearly fainted on the spot.

You're the one who is afflicted with mental illness, your whole family is afflicted with mental illness…


The character of Liu laoshi’s surname is different from that of Liu Ling. Also, Liu Ling isn’t a master teacher of Tianwu Kingdom.



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