Chapter 345: The Viridescent Eagle Who is Willing To Be Beaten Up

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Hearing the other party directly insulting the prince as mentally ill, Envoy Ran Mu's face darkened, "Our prince is very healthy, what kind of nonsense are you spouting?"

"He is healthy?" Zhang Xuan was perplexed. "Then... are you the one who is ill?"

Mo Tianxue had invited him over to conduct a treatment for someone, so naturally, someone here had to be ill. He had just met with the emperor and Mo Yu yesterday, so it was impossible for them to be the patients. The only ones left in this hall were the two of them, so who else could it be other than them?


Seething with rage, a mouthful of blood almost spurted from Envoy Ran Mu's mouth. With a reddened face, he flung his sleeves furiously and turned to the throne, "Emperor Tianxue, is this how your Tianwu Kingdom treats your guests? Our prince might not be the crown prince, but he's still a respected figure in our country, a king personally conferred by our emperor. To allow just anyone to insult him, isn't this a clear provocation toward our Kunqian Kingdom?"

"Envoy Ran Mu, calm down..."

Not expecting Liu laoshi to say such words, Mo Tianxue was put in an awkward position. He hurriedly explained, "Liu laoshi is a physician who I specially invited over to conduct a treatment. It is due to his failure to recognize you two that he unintentionally offended you. I hope that you can overlook this matter!"

After which, he turned to Zhang Xuan and explained, "Liu laoshi, the two of them are guests of our kingdom, not patients..."


Zhang Xuan nodded before turning to look at Prince Fei Xuan doubtfully.

Since he wasn't a patient, why would he utter such gibberish? Seemed like that Kunqian Kingdom was nothing after all. To think that even a mentally ill person could be conferred a king...

Sensing his intent behind the other party’s gaze, Prince Fei Xuan nearly spurted blood and fainted.

What do you mean?

Why are your eyes filled with pity?

I am a prince of Kunqian Kingdom, a person who is second only to the emperor, the figure of admiration for innumerable people! I don't need your pity!

Looking at Prince Fei Xuan's maddened look, Mo Yu widened her eyes and she nearly burst into laughter.

It was no wonder why Liu laoshi was able to make her so angry. His ability to get on the nerves on others was truly unparalleled.

With just a few words, he was able to make the calm Prince Fei Xuan seething with so much rage that he was ready to kill anyone at this moment. In a sense, this was already a wonder in itself.

She was initially rather discontented with him as well, but seeing him leaving Prince Fei Xuan on the verge of erupting, her grudge with the other party vanished and she nodded her head in satisfaction

Forcefully suppressing his anger, Prince Fei Xuan glared at Liu laoshi coldly, "If you dare not duel with me, just say so. There's no need for you to come up with such excuses!"

He had lost his dignity before the princess just a moment ago, and at this moment, he was being mocked once again by this nobody. As a prideful prince of Kunqian Kingdom, this was something he couldn't accept!

"Duel? What do you want to compete in?"

Seeing how the other party was so adamant as to compete with him, Zhang Xuan felt slightly dismayed.

I'll conduct my treatment while you ask for Mo Yu's hand in marriage, why are you so intent on fighting with me?

"Simple. Princess Mo Yu has personally said that she would only marry a person who could defeat her tamed beast. If you can defeat her tamed beast, I’ll admit defeat! How about it, do you have the guts to take on the challenge?"

Sneering coldly, Prince Fei Xuan flung his sleeves.

It was just a moment ago that he lost his pride to the Viridescent Eagle. Since this fellow dared to step on his toes, he wouldn't let him off the hook easily.

In any case, Princess Mo Yu was the one who decided the rules. If you're unable to pass this test as well, let’s see how Mo Tianxue will respond to this matter.

In truth, the thought of Liu laoshi defeating the Viridescent Eagle had never flashed across his mind.

Despite being a Tongxuan realm pinnacle expert, Prince Fei Xuan was defeated by the Viridescent Eagle in just two moves. Given how this young man before him was only at Tongxuan realm primary stage, how could he possibly withstand the attack of a Half-Zongshi realm savage beast?

"Defeat her savage beast?"

Turning around, Zhang Xuan finally noticed the Viridescent Eagle beside Mo Yu.

Even with the sharp senses of a savage beast, the Viridescent Eagle was unable to see through Zhang Xuan's disguise.

"That's right. If you dare not accept the challenge, I advise you to stop pestering Princess Mo Yu. She doesn't have any interest in weaklings like you!" The corners of Prince Fei Xuan's mouth curled up.


Zhang Xuan intended to simply disregard that arrogant lad, conduct whatever treatment required of him, and leave when a thought suddenly flashed through his mind and his eyes lit up.

Wasn't the other party a prince?

Then... he should have spirit stones, right?

At this moment, Prince Fei Xuan suddenly didn’t look as hateful as before. Rather, in Zhang Xuan’s view, he looked like a huge treasure trove instead. "It isn’t anything much for me to defeat this savage beast, but... since you wish to compete with me, there should at least be some bet involved, right?"

"Bet?" Prince Fei Xuan was stunned.

The loser loses the right to pursue Princess Mo Yu... Wasn't this the bet?

"How about this? As cultivators, spirit stones are of utmost importance to us. If I defeat this savage beast, you’ll give me one spirit stone! On the other hand, if I lose, I’ll give one to you. Do you dare to accept this wager?"

The corners of Zhang Xuan's mouth inched upward as he taunted the other party.

"Spirit stone?"

Prince Fei Xuan's eyes narrowed.

Spirit stones were incomparably valuable, and even as a prince, he only had one in his possession. His father had given it to him, and he intended to use it to advance to Half-Zongshi realm.

To use this spirit stone as a bet?

"Why? You don't dare? If you don't dare, let's drop this matter then. I'm not interested in dealing with that eagle anyway!"

Zhang Xuan stretched his back lazily.

"You... Why would I fear you!" Seeing the other party's casual and nonchalant attitude, Prince Fei Xuan could no longer rein himself back anymore. "Let's do just that then!"

"Your Highness..."

Envoy Ran Mu immediately tried to persuade him otherwise.

Spirit stone was a lacking resource even for Kunqian Kingdom's royal family. The only reason why Prince Fei Xuan was bestowed with one spirit stone was due to his standing as a king of the kingdom. It was a too big of a gamble to use it in a bet.

"Don't worry, he's just putting on a brave front. I don't believe that a mere Tongxuan realm primary stage cultivator can triumph against a Half-Zongshi realm savage beast!" Prince Fei Xuan harrumphed.

The difference between each small cultivation realm was vast, especially between that of a Tongxuan realm and Half-Zongshi. At Half-Zongshi, one would have already attained the disposition of a ‘grandmaster’.

Usually, even four to five Tongxuan realm pinnacle cultivators working together would be unable to defeat a Half-Zongshi realm cultivator, needless to say, a mere Tongxuan realm primary stage cultivator.

Without a doubt, Liu laoshi would be destroyed in an instant.

In his opinion, the only reason why the other party had raised such a bet was to scare him off.

With a flick of his wrist, Prince Fei Xuan took out a jade box and opened it. A transparent stone could be seen in it, and in a small area around it, one could see a dense congregation of spiritual energy.

Spirit stone!

"Here is my spirit stone. May I know where is yours?"

Holding his spirit stone up, Prince Fei Xuan turned to Liu laoshi.

"Mine? Of course I have it with me. If I were to lose, I’ll definitely hand it over to you!" Zhang Xuan said. "If you don't believe me, you can verify it with His Majesty!"

His spirit stone had already been reduced to dust after being absorbed dry. Naturally, he couldn't take anything out. However, if he were to say that he didn't have a spirit stone now, the other party would probably back down in this instant.

"Liu laoshi does have a spirit stone. I gave him one as a present yesterday!"

Even though Mo Tianxue didn't know where Liu laoshi's confidence comes from, he hesitated for a moment and eventually nodded.

"Alright!" Prince Fei Xuan gestured grandly. "Go on then! Princess Mo Yu, I hope that you won't get your savage beast to go easy on the other party. Otherwise, don't blame me for not obeying the rules you set just a moment ago!"

While he did have the intention to humiliate Liu laoshi by inciting him to battle with the Viridescent Eagle, he also hoped to reverse his bet with Mo Yu through this matter.

Once that fellow loses, let's see how you can still marry him...

Mo Yu frowned. She hesitated for a moment, and eventually, she felt that she should say a thing or two to persuade the other party.

"Liu laoshi, you should reconsider your decision. My Viridescent Eagle has reached Half-Zongshi realm!"

With the other party's Tongxuan realm primary stage cultivation, he would surely be unable to withstand the attacks of the Half-Zongshi realm Viridescent Eagle.

Her father intended for her to befriend the other party, and if he were to be injured by her tamed beast before she could build an intimate relationship with him, it would be difficult to mend this tear in the future.

Hearing Mo Yu's words, Prince Fei Xuan was infuriated.

When I promised to fight your tamed beast, you immediately agreed to it happily, as though you couldn't wait for me to embarrass myself. Yet, when it's his turn, you started to hesitate. What in the world do you mean by that?

"I've already taken on the wager, and if you were to take back your words now, it'll be considered as your loss. Surely Princess Mo Yu wouldn’t wish to see Liu laoshi suffering a defeat without even trying?"

Harrumphing coldly, Prince Fei Xuan said.

"Princess, thank you for your advice. However, it doesn’t make a difference to me!"

Zhang Xuan nodded in response to Mo Yu’s goodwill before turning his attention back to Prince Fei Xuan. "I will fight with this Viridescent Eagle, but I would like to clarify your definition of defeat first."

"Defeat refers to the Viridescent Eagle being reduced to state such that it dares not make a move against you..." Placing his hands behind his back, Prince Fei Xuan said.


Zhang Xuan nodded. Then, he turned to the Viridescent Eagle and beckoned with his forefinger, "Come over here and let me beat you up. I’ll beat you until you are no longer able to retaliate!"

"Cough cough!"

Upon hearing those words, Princess Mo Yu and Emperor Mo Tianxue swayed from side to side and they nearly fainted.

The aggressive nature of savage beasts made them react violently to provocations. Not only did you beckon it with your finger, you even spoke such arrogant words...

Aren't you afraid that the Viridescent Eagle would kill you with a slap from its wings?

"You're courting death..."

Initially, Prince Fei Xuan was still fearful that the other party had some tricks up his sleeves. However, after hearing the other party utter such provocative words, Prince Fei Xuan's eyes immediately glowed in excitement.

Despite having not provoked the Viridescent Eagle, he was nearly beaten to his death. For the other party to actually taunt the Viridescent Eagle, wasn't he courting his own death?

He could already foresee the Viridescent Eagle going on a rampage and reducing this fellow to a lump of meat paste.


Just as what Prince Fei Xuan had expected, the eyes of the Viridescent Eagle immediately turned red, and it released a deafening howl which pierced through even the clouds.


It immediately moved its thick and massive wings as it shot out from Mo Yu's back.

"Be careful..."

Despite many months of being with the Viridescent Eagle, it was her second time seeing it fly into such a rage.

The first time was in the Beast Hall, when it was taunted by Zhang shi. However, Zhang shi possessed the strength to back his words up. On the other hand, this fellow was only a Tongxuan realm primary stage cultivator, what the heck was he bragging for?

If the Viridescent Eagle were to kill him with a single flap of its wings, wouldn't the people from the Physician Guild charge in here and demand an explanation from them?

Just as Mo Yu was considering whether she should get the Viridescent Eagle to go easy to Liu laoshi, the scene that unfolded before her caused her eyes to abruptly widen in shock. Her slender frame shook, and she nearly passed out from astonishment.

Even the gleeful Prince Fei Xuan who thought that Liu laoshi was doomed had his mouth agape.

The furious Viridescent Eagle rushed up to Liu laoshi, only to use its beak to pull the latter’s fist onto its body.

From the looks of it, it seemed as though it was pleading with the young man before it to beat it up.

Don't you feel insulted by him?

Don't you want to kill him?

What the heck is this then?

What was even worse was that upon seeing the other party clench his fist, the Viridescent Eagle immediately stopped moving. Spreading its wings open, it stood motionless on the spot, not attempting to dodge or retaliate at all. Instead, it looked expectantly at Liu laoshi as though it craved to be beaten up…

Despite being insulted, not only did the Viridescent Eagle not attempt to kill the other party, it was inviting the other party to hit it...

Prince Fei Xuan felt blood welling up at the back of his throat, threatening to spill out at any moment.

Can anyone tell me what is going on?


King conferred by our emperor (qinwang)

In this case, king refers more to a noble (such as duke and marquis) rather than the sovereign of a nation.



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