Chapter 346: Zhang Xuan's Identity Exposed

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Seeing the Viridescent Eagle's attitude, Zhang Xuan was speechless as well.

When he saw it charging at him, he immediately communicated with it through the contract and verified his identity.


Such a sight occurred.

After a moment of daze, Zhang Xuan soon understood the reason behind the other party's bizarre behavior.

Back then, when Zhang Xuan pummeled it, he cleansed its bloodline, allowing it to advance to Half-Zongshi realm. Upon realizing that the man standing before it was its owner, it would be bizarre if it wasn't glad to be beaten up.

Seeing the excited expression in its eyes as it waited to be pummeled, Zhang Xuan almost choked on his saliva. He turned to Prince Fei Xuan and said helplessly.

"This... Look, it doesn't dare to stand against me. This is considered as my victory, right?"


Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu.

Prince Fei Xuan's vision turned dark.

The other party had just asked what would constitute a victory, and he replied confidently that as long as the Viridescent Eagle didn't dare to stand against him, it would be considered as his victory...

But... The battle hadn't even begun and the Viridescent Eagle had already conceded, and it was currently waiting patiently to be beaten up...

What in the world was this?

Were they putting on an act?

"I get it now!"

Just as Prince Fei Xuan was feeling gloomy over the matter, he suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up, "You knew Princess Mo Yu beforehand so it isn't surprising for this Viridescent Eagle to be close to you. Naturally, it doesn't dare to make a move against you. You cheated!"

Just a moment ago, this Viridescent Eagle seemed as though it would tear Liu laoshi's skin off, but at this moment, it was as obedient as a dog. Clearly, it already knew of the other party beforehand.

They might even have an intimate relationship with one another.

Otherwise, why would the other party submit without retaliating at all?

Actually, he wasn't the only one who came to such a conclusion. Envoy Ran Mu and Mo Tianxue shared his view as well.

Only Mo Yu knew that it was the first time her Viridescent Eagle was meeting Liu laoshi, and it was impossible for the two to be acquainted beforehand.

"Spouts maddening words; possesses astonishing talent; incredible medical skills; able to disguise himself; a close relationship with the Viridescent Eagle... Why haven't I thought about it before?"

A thought flashed across Mo Yu's mind and her entire body trembled.

Due to her lack of doubt in the information from the Master Teacher Pavilion and her father, as well as the visible physical difference between Liu laoshi and that person, she didn't suspect the other party’s identity at all.

However, upon seeing this sight, she suddenly came to a realization.

Others might not be aware of it, but she knew that that person possessed superb medical skills as well. In fact, she even saw it first-hand in Red Lotus City back then.

Given how the other party was able to solve an affliction which stumped even 3-star physicians, his means were nothing short of exceptional... Given such, it shouldn't be too difficult for him to solve the questions on the Wall of Dilemma!

She had been thinking that it was such a huge coincidence for two incredible geniuses to appear in Tianwu Royal City all of the sudden. In the end, it turned out that... they were the same person!

"You were the one who chose to take on the wager just now, I didn't force you into it..."

Oblivious to the fact that the lady before him had already guessed his true identity, Zhang Xuan turned to Prince Fei Xuan and glanced at him disdainfully, "Surely you aren't going to renege on your words just because you are unwilling to part with your spirit stone! To be unwilling to pay even a mere spirit stone, you sure are a poor bloke!"


Prince Fei Xuan's face reddened.

No matter what, he was a prince. To be criticized as a poor bloke... He was about to explode.

But regardless of how it had occurred, it was true that he had lost.

He was the one who requested for the duel, and he agreed to the wager himself too. In fact, he was the one to state the conditions for victory in the competition as well...

There was no doubt whatsoever that he had lost, and there was no excuse he could come up with to shirk payment.

"It's just a loss, I won't go to the extent of denying it!"

With a jerk of his hands, Prince Fei Xuan passed the jade box over. Then, clenching his fist, he said, "Liu fellow, you might have triumphed over me once, but do you dare to wager with me once more? The bet will still be that spirit stone."

"Wager? What should we wager on?" Zhang Xuan turned to look at him.

"It's simple. I don't mind letting you win even though you cheated, but do you dare to have a fair duel with me?"

Prince Fei Xuan gritted his teeth.

He was truly infuriated at this point.

You might be able to get the Viridescent Eagle to be willingly be beaten up by you, but let's see how you can use the same technique on me!

As a Tongxuan realm pinnacle cultivator, he was confident of dealing with a Tongxuan realm primary stage weakling.

"I don't mind having a fair duel with you, but... are you sure you can afford the bet? If you don't have any spirit stone, let's just drop the matter!" Zhang Xuan said.

The other party was only a Tongxuan realm pinnacle cultivator. Even if Zhang Xuan were to suppress his cultivation to 'Liu laoshi's' level, he was still confident of defeating the other party easily.

However, if there were no benefits involved on his part, he wasn't willing to waste his time and effort with the other party.


Prince Fei Xuan's face reddened.

He only had one spirit stone, and the other party had just won it from him.

Without chips for a bet, he wasn't in a place to be issuing a wager.

"If you don't have it, let's just drop the matter. I still have other things to attend to!"

From the other party’s expression, Zhang Xuan could tell as much that the other party had no more spirit stone, and thus, he waved his hands impassively in rejection.

Since you have no spirit stone, why should I waste my time on you?

After all, you are just an insignificant Tongxuan realm pinnacle cultivator to me.

"I don't have a second spirit stone, but I have something of equal value!"

Seeing the other party's 'don't bother me if you don't have any money' attitude, Prince Fei Xuan gritted his teeth angrily. With a flick of his wrist, he took out a jade box and opened it. Suddenly, a gush of spiritual energy burst into the air.

The spiritual energy originated from the medicinal herb within the jade box.

It was the Spirit Beast Grass which he brought along with him!

"Your Highness..."

Not expecting Prince Fei Xuan to use this as a bet, Envoy Ran Mu hurriedly tried to persuade him.

This medicinal herb was extremely beneficial to savage beasts. If this herb were to fall into the hands of Tianwu Kingdom without confirming the matrimony, it could become a disaster to Kunqian Kingdom.

"If I don't cleanse myself of this shame, how can I meet others in the future?"

Prince Fei Xuan raised his hand, indicating for the other party to speak no further.

He had already reached the limit of his tolerance after being humiliated by a nobody teacher multiple times and even losing a spirit stone in the process.

If he didn't exact his vengeance and news of this incident were to spread to his homeland, he would surely become a laughingstock!

"How is it? Do you dare to take me on?"

Closing the jade box, Prince Fei Xuan glanced at Liu laoshi coldly.

"This is... Spirit Beast Grass?"

After hesitating for a moment, Zhang Xuan asked.

The books he had read in Tianxuan Kingdom's Apothecary Guild regarding medicinal herbs had already been assimilated into his mind through the golden page. As such, he was able to identify this valuable medicinal herb easily.

"That's right. This Spirit Beast Grass has several centuries of maturity to it, and its value is comparable to a spirit stone, exceeding it even. I will use it right now as a bet against your spirit stone. How about it, do you dare to take on the wager?"

Prince Fei Xuan said.

"This... The Spirit Beast Grass may be valuable but it's of no use to me. I only want spirit stones. If you have any other spirit stone, I'll gladly take you on your wager right now..."

Zhang Xuan said.

Spirit Beast Grass was only effective to savage beasts. Even though it was filled with spiritual energy as well, it wasn't suited for a human cultivator's absorption.

On top of that, the Spirit Beast Grass couldn't compare up to his Heaven's Path zhenqi in terms of effectiveness in cleansing a savage beast's bloodline to raise their cultivation realm. There was no need for him to go through so much trouble to obtain something he had no use for.


Seeing the other party coming up with such excuses despite him taking out such a valuable object, Prince Fei Xuan felt as though he was boiling inside. "Emperor Tianxue, can this Spirit Beast Grass of mine be traded for two spirit stones?"

"Spirit Beast Grass is an extremely rare commodity... Of course you can!"

Mo Tianxue's eyes lit up.

This was the item he had wanted, but the other party was unwilling to trade it for anything but Mo Yu's hand in marriage. He wasn't ready to sour the relationship between both countries by taking it by force either. Thus, upon hearing that the other party was willing to pawn it for spirit stones, he immediately felt agitated.

"Did you hear that? This Spirit Beast Grass can be traded for two spirit stones. If I were to lose, you can take the herb and trade it with Emperor Tianxue. If I were to win... not only must you repay me the spirit stone you just won, you must compensate me with an additional one on top of that. Do you... dare to accept my wager?"

Prince Fei Xuan gritted his teeth.

"This grass can be traded for two spirit stones? Great!"

A smile crept onto Zhang Xuan's face.

He was just in a dilemma as to where he could obtain more spirit stones when this fellow delivered it to his door. He was truly a Samaritan!

On the other hand, Mo Yu slapped her forehead.

If her conjecture was right, the person before her was a Zongshi realm expert, not to mention, a 2-star master teacher...

For a mere Tongxuan realm pinnacle cultivator to challenge a 2-star master teacher...

Indeed, the ignorant was fearless. Without any doubt, Prince Fei Xuan would surely lose. Shaking her head, Mo Yu almost felt sorry for him.

At this moment, her father's voice suddenly sounded beside her.

"Xiao Yu, will... Guild Leader Liu be alright?"

Mo Yu had a rough idea who Liu laoshi could be, but Mo Tianxue was still kept in the dark. Given the present circumstances on the surface, it was unavoidable that he would be worried.

In his perspective, even though Liu laoshi was a talented individual, his cultivation was his greatest flaw. Possessing just a cultivation of Tongxuan realm primary stage, Mo Tianxue didn't think well of the other party’s fighting prowess.

He didn't think that Liu laoshi would be a match for the Tongxuan realm pinnacle prince.

"Don't worry, just wait and see..."

Mo Yu shook her head.

If Liu laoshi was truly Zhang Xuan, then her father might not even be a match for him, needless to say, this prince.


Even though Mo Tianxue had no idea why Mo Yu was so confident in Liu laoshi, he trusted his daughter's judgement as a master teacher. Thus, he turned his attention to the duo below.

"Since you've agreed to it, let's begin!"

Prince Fei Xuan even prepared a long speech to shoot down all of the excuses the other party could give. Thus, when the other party agreed to it directly, Prince Fei Xuan froze for a moment. But slowly, his eyes started to glow.

Given that it was a formal duel, the other party wouldn't be able to blame him even if his blows landed heavily. He was determined to make the other party regret offending him!

"I don't have much time so let's not bother finding any other locations and just hold the duel here!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Since you're courting death, don't blame me for it!"

Prince Fei Xuan sneered coldly in his minded. Savagery painted his face as he opened up his palm and charged straight toward Zhang Xuan.

Hu hu!

Before he could even reach Zhang Xuan, his zhenqi as a Tongxuan realm pinnacle cultivator had already whipped up a powerful storm in the room, tearing apart the granite floor.

Even though Prince Fei Xuan was arrogant, he had the strength to be so. He possessed superior fighting ability even compared to those of the same cultivation realm.

"What kind of moves should I use to teach this fellow a lesson without revealing my true strength?"

Seeing the other party rush over, Zhang Xuan hesitated for a moment.

He was currently impersonating Liu Cheng, who only possessed the cultivation of Tongxuan realm primary stage. If he were to defeat the other party too easily, everyone would definitely realize that there was something amiss. Thus, he had to think of a way to defeat the other party without revealing his true strength.

Just as Zhang Xuan was in the midst of his contemplation, a gray silhouette flashed across the room. Before Prince Fei Xuan’s palm could land, a giant talon suddenly appeared right before him.


With a dull thud, Prince Fei Xuan was sent flying backward at an incredible speed.

Taken aback, Zhang Xuan lifted his head and saw the Viridescent Eagle standing in front of him. The fellow who was knocked back by its talon was currently spurting mouthful after mouthful of blood after crashing into the wall.

"The heck..."

Prince Fei Xuan really cried.

What was wrong with this Viridescent Eagle?

When you were ordered to beat Liu laoshi up, not only did you not lay your hands on it, you even closed your eyes to allow him to pummel you... Yet, when it's my turn to attack, you just had to charge up and kick me...

Are you Princess Mo Yu's tamed beast or Liu laoshi's?

Dismayed, he was just about to push himself up when he felt astonishing weight pushing against his body. The massive physique of the Viridescent Eagle suddenly crushed down on him as though a giant mountain. A continuous creaking sound echoed beneath him.

"Viridescent Eagle, what are you trying to do? This is my duel with Prince Fei Xuan, what are you interfering in it for?"

"Besides, even if you want to beat him up, you should wait until I'm done first. Can't you see that I'm trying to earn some spirit stones now? If you wreck my moneymaking plans, I will barbecue you to eat..."

"You undisciplined fellow..."

"Take note of it in the future! Don't act so rashly next time! Only operate after you are certain of my intentions..."


A lecturing voice sounded, and Prince Fei Xuan nearly blacked out after hearing those words. Blood trickled down from the edge of his lip, and at the same time, tears gushed down his cheeks.


Even if you wish to teach this savage beast a lesson, can you get it off me first?

If it were to continue crushing me, before you're done lecturing it, I would have been dead already...



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