Chapter 349: Lin Clan

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"Billowing Waves Confinement Formation, grade-3 formation, flaws..."

The name and the flaws of the formation were written in the book.

Just as Zhang Xuan was browsing through the book, Mo Tianxue suddenly turned around and clasped his fist, "Grandmaster Lin Tao!"

Retracting his consciousness from his mind, he turned around and saw an elder walking toward them. The other party’s chin was slightly tilted upward, and he had a proud expression on his face. With a cold and nonchalant voice, the other party replied, "Un!"

"This is Grandmaster Lin Tao, the vice guild leader of the Formation Master Guild, as well as the grand elder of the Lin Clan, one of the Three Great Clans of Tianwu Royal City!"

Seeing the confusion in Zhang Xuan's eyes, Mo Yu secretly sent a telepathic message over.

"The vice guild leader of the Formation Master Guild?" Zhang Xuan assessed the elder before him.

This elder possessed the cultivation realm of Zongshi realm pinnacle, and there was a golden emblem on his chest with two bright stars embedded on it.

2-star pinnacle formation master!

"This formation was set up by the guild leader himself so it should have no problem confining the [Gold-tailed Lion]. What happened for you to call me over so urgently all of the sudden?"

Glancing at Mo Tianxue, Vice Guild Leader Lin Tao frowned.

Not only was there not the slightest respect in his tone, and it even seemed as though he was blaming the other party for bothering him.

Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

No matter what, Mo Tianxue was the emperor of Tianwu Kingdom, and with his esteemed standing, even Pavilion Master Jiang would have to take on a respectful tone with him. Yet, wasn’t this mere vice guild leader of the Formation Master Guild acting a little way too arrogant?

Even if formation master was one of the top occupation among the Upper Nine Paths, and their formations allowed them to display a might far beyond their level, their standing still couldn't possibly be above that of the number one occupation in the world!

"It's because he’s from the Lin Clan... The Lin Clan is an exception in this kingdom!"

Sensing the other party's bewilderment, Mo Yu sent another message.

Having guessed Zhang Xuan's thoughts, she explained the matter, "The head of the Lin Clan is the guild leader of the Formation Master Guild. Not only has his cultivation reached Half-Zhizun realm, he is also a 3-star formation master as well!"

"Half-Zhizun realm? 3-star formation master?"

The Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast was at a Half-Zhizun realm. Zhang Xuan was well aware how fearsome experts at this level could be.

Half-Zhizun realm might only be just half a step higher than Zongshi realm pinnacle, but at this level, what one would be coming into contact with was the zenith of the Fighter realm, power incomparable to the other realms.

On top of that, he was a 3-star formation master capable of setting up grade-3 formations. Even real Zhizun realm experts would find it hard to subdue him easily.

His strength might be nothing much when placed in a Conferred Kingdom, but in a Tier 1 Kingdom like Tianwu, only the guardian beast confined within was capable of matching him.

However, the savage beast was currently ill and went on frequent rampages. It was no wonder why the Lin Clan’s respect for the royal family had been on a steady decline.

"Even Pavilion Master Jiang hasn't reached Half-Zhizun yet. How did he reach that level?"

After a moment of shock, Zhang Xuan found yet another doubt in the matter.

Typically speaking, regardless of which kingdom one was in, the Master Teacher Pavilion would always possess strength that no other guilds could match up to. How could the guild leader of the Formation Master Guild possess strength superior to Pavilion Master Jiang?

"Actually, Guild Leader Lin Ruotian has only managed to achieve the breakthrough earlier this year. It can't be helped, he has an outstanding daughter after all..." Mo Yu said.

Zhang Xuan blinked his eyes.

"His daughter possesses outstanding talent in formations, and as such, she was sent to Xuanyuan Academy to study quite a long time ago. Due to some turn of events, the crown prince of Xuanyuan Kingdom ended up falling in love with her, and she went on to become the princess consort! Under the halo of her daughter, Guild Leader Lin Ruotian was bestowed with a pill which allowed him to make the breakthrough into Half-Zhizun realm!"

Mo Yu explained.

Zhang Xuan finally understood the situation.

It wasn’t too difficult for the crown prince of a Conferred Kingdom, given his authority, to obtain a pill that could help a Zongshi realm pinnacle achieve a breakthrough for his father-in-law.

With such a backing, it was no wonder why the Lin Clan didn't think much of Mo Tianxue.

Even though there was only a single rank of a difference between a Tier 1 Kingdom and a Conferred Kingdom, there was a huge difference in the strength of the two.

Under Xuanyuan Kingdom’s jurisdiction were at least twenty to thirty Tier 1 Kingdoms similar to Tianwu. If Tianwu were to offend Xuanyuan, the latter could easily eradicate it.

After all, Tianwu Kingdom was a country without Zhizun experts at all. Even their strongest individual, their guardian beast, was only at Half-Zhizun.

"I have specially invited Guild Leader Liu Cheng from the Physician Guild here to treat the guardian beast, Gold-tailed Lion!"

Mo Tianxue smiled awkwardly as he explained. "Thus, I'll have to ask Grandmaster Lin Tao to help remove the formation so that he could enter to take a look. If he succeeds in curing the guardian beast, the Formation Master Guild would be spared the hassle of maintaining the formation!"

"The Gold-tailed Lion isn't just sick, its lifespan is also nearing its end. Our guild leader has already taken a look at it himself and determined that there's no solution to the problem. The reason why we set up a formation for you to confine the guardian beast is so that it could die in peace... What if Guild Leader Liu fails to treat it when I remove the formation, and the latter escapes to wreak havoc in the city? Who can take responsibility for the destruction it'll cause?"

Lin Tao flung his sleeves furiously.

"This..." Mo Tianxue was unable to answer the other party's question.

The other party was right. It would be ideal if Guild Leader Liu could treat the guardian beast. However, if the treatment fails and the guardian beast charges out, it could cause a huge catastrophe outside.

By then, even as the emperor of Tianwu Kingdom, it would be hard for him to escape blame.

"Since you're able to set the formation, you should have a way for us to enter and leave it freely! If you're afraid that I'm unable to cure the guardian beast, I can just go in, take a look, and if it's beyond my means, I can simply leave!"

Zhang Xuan couldn't help but interject.

Since formation masters were capable of setting up confinement formations, then they must know of a way to enter and exit it freely. After all, there was counterproductive for one to spend their time studying a formation with limited utilization.

Initially, the reason why he had agreed to conduct a treatment for the other party was to return the favor for the spirit stone, as well as to see if it was possible for him to earn more of it for his cultivation.

Due to his gamble with Prince Fei Xuan, he had a total of three spirit stones at hand, and that should be sufficient for him to reach Zongshi realm pinnacle.

Since his second aim had been met, it was no longer important to him whether he successfully treated the guardian beast or not.

But no matter what, he felt that he should at least give guardian beast a look. Even if he was stumped by its condition, at least he had given the matter a try.

"Who are you to interfere in our conversation!"

Hearing Liu laoshi's words, Grandmaster Lin Tao's eyebrows shot up as he glanced at the other party disdainfully. "I've heard of your matter. You were lucky to solve all of the questions on the Wall of Dilemma, but your strength is only at Tongxuan realm primary stage. Given how you barely qualify as a 1-star physician... What right do you have to be the guild leader?"

"No matter what, the Physician Guild is of equal prestige with our Formation Master Guild. If you want to be the guild leader, you should at least reach the level of a Zongshi realm pinnacle first! Without sufficient strength, it'll best for you to not claim to be as the guild leader so that you don't embarrass yourself!"


Zhang Xuan was speechless. He didn't expect a few casual words he spoke would actually make the other party despise him.

It was not like he had asked others to call him Guild Leader Liu. Besides, it was only the Physician Guild of a Tier 1 Kingdom. He didn’t think it was a big deal for him to become the guild leader here.

"Grandmaster, please calm down!"

Afraid that Zhang Xuan would get angry by the other party's words, Mo Tianxue anxiously stepped in to mediate. "As long as grandmaster brings us in, even if we're unable to treat the guardian beast, we can simply leave..."

"This is a grade-3 formation, do you think that you’ll be able to enter and leave as you please? The formation is filled with peril, and even the slightest carelessness can place you in grave danger! It isn't a problem for me to enter alone, but you want me to bring in a Tongxuan realm primary stage burden in as well? You must be joking!"

Grandmaster Lin Tao sneered coldly.

Mo Tianxue fell silent.

Even though the other party's words were harsh and disrespectful, he was right.

A grade-3 formation was something that could trap even a Zhizun realm expert. Judging from how the Gold-tailed Tiger was confined for so many days without succeeding in breaking out, it was clear how powerful it was.

Even if one knew the pathway in, one needed to be strong enough to react quickly to the dangers within to avoid them. In this case, a Tongxuan realm primary stage cultivator was indeed a little too weak. Once he failed to keep up with their footsteps and got lost within the formation, it would be hard to save him.

Mo Tianxue had failed to consider this aspect beforehand, and he only realized the matter after hearing the other party's words. With an awkward expression, he turned to Zhang Xuan and said, "Guild Leader Liu, I apologize for this..."

He had invited the other party over, but due to the matter regarding the formation, the other party didn't even get to meet his patient. He couldn't help but feel a little apologetic over this matter.

"It's alright!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head. Just then, he suddenly thought of something and asked doubtfully, "Since you can't remove this formation, and there's no way to bring me in either, can't we pause it temporarily? As long as it's paused for a short moment, we shouldn't be in the danger of being trapped within. And after we're in, we can activate it once more. This way, the guardian beast shouldn't be able to escape from its confines!"

Since it was possible to activate the formation, then surely, there must be a way to pause it as well.

Pausing the formation temporarily to enter before activating it once more, wouldn't that solve the problem?

"Pause it?"

Mo Tianxue smiled bitterly as he shook his head.

Even though he didn't know much about formations, he found it hard to listen on to Zhang Xuan's words.

Powerful formations harnessed immense power once activated, and unless one destroyed the core of the formation, it would extremely difficult to pause it.

Even the formation master who set the formation up would find it difficult to do so.

Unless the formation master was at a much higher level as compared to the formation, thus allowing him to find and exploit the flaws of the formation to accomplish that, otherwise, it was an impossible feat.

If everyone could stop formations that easily, then formation master wouldn't be such a fearsome occupation, ranked at the upper echelons of the Upper Nine Paths.


The disdain the Lin Tao's eyes deepened.

Pausing a grade-3 formation... Easier said than done! Even the guild leader would be incapable of such a task...

Do you even know formations?

On the other hand, Mo Yu slapped her forehead.

Brother, no matter what, you're a 2-star master teacher! Even if you don't know much about formations, you shouldn't say such amateurish words!

A grade-3 formation was something that could trap even a Zhizun expert. If it could be paused that easily, then what was the use for it?

"One has to have a profound knowledge of formations before one can pause a formation... In truth, it's much more difficult than simply destroying a formation..."

Seeing the confusion in the other party's eyes, Mo Tianxue spoke up.

"Much more difficult than destroying a formation? Alright..."

Zhang Xuan contemplated for a moment before saying, "Wait here a moment!"


Mo Tianxue thought that Guild Leader Liu would give up on the idea after listening to his explanation, but after everything he had said, all he could see on the other party’s face was nonchalance.

Wait for a moment...

Wait for what?

Will anything happen if we wait for a moment?

Just as he was doubtful as to what was going to happen, he saw the fellow walking straight toward the courtyard in front.

"Guild Leader Liu, be careful! It'll be troublesome if you got trapped by the formation..."

Not expecting the other party to charge straight toward the formation without saying anything, Mo Tianxue was alarmed.

This is a formation which could trap even the Gold-tailed Lion. What in the world is a Tongxuan realm primary stage expert like you doing around it...

"You're courting death..."

Not expecting that arrogant fellow to rush forward, Grandmaster Lin Tao harrumphed coldly. He was prepared to see this fellow step into the formation and embarrass himself, but contrary to his expectations, the other party stopped right before the formation, lifted his leg, and kicked forcefully.


A sound similar to a buzz echoed.

The interiors of the courtyard suddenly appeared clearly before everyone's eyes.

"Alright, I've paused the formation..."

Zhang Xuan clapped his hands.



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