Chapter 354: Come, Beat Me Up!

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Kacha kacha!

With a swift jerk, a sonic boom sounded. Taking a few steps forward, Zhang Xuan appeared before the Strength Measuring Rock Pillar prepared for the guardian beast to test its strength, and threw a punch on it.


Light shimmered on its surface.

Several digits slowly floated into appearance... 5000!

In Zongshi realm, one's strength had already exceeded 1000 ding. Under normal circumstances, a Zongshi realm primary stage cultivator would possess a strength of 1000 ding, an intermediate stage cultivator would possess a strength of 2000 ding, an advanced stage cultivator would possess a strength of 3000 ding, and a pinnacle cultivator would possess a strength of 4000 ding.

When Zhang Xuan was at Half-Zongshi, his strength was already at 1500 ding. Upon reaching Zongshi realm pinnacle, his strength surged tremendously, reaching the level of 5000 ding.

With such strength, he could already compete with an average Half-Zhizun expert.

"However, it’s a pity that I don’t have enough spirit stones. Otherwise, my strength wouldn’t possibly amount to just 5000..."

While Zhang Xuan was excited by his newfound strength, he was also slightly disappointed by the results.

The six spirit stones that he had obtained from Mo Tianxue and Prince Fei Xuan had all been reduced to dust.

Just like what he had thought, the further one advanced in one’s cultivation, the greater the number of spirit stones required to achieve a breakthrough.

In the past, a single spirit stone was more than enough for him to advance from Zongshi realm primary stage to intermediate stage, but now, even six of them was barely sufficient for him to reach Zongshi realm pinnacle.

Judging from his current rate of consumption, Zhang Xuan would require a minimum of ten to several dozen of spirit stones to reach Zhizun realm.

"Seems like I have to find a way to earn more spirit stones..."

Zhang Xuan rubbed his glabella.

While the Heaven's Path Divine Art allowed him to cultivate swiftly, its demand for spiritual energy was also frightening. The purer a cultivator's zhenqi was, the greater the amount of spiritual energy required for a breakthrough.

If he needed several dozen spirit stones to advance to Zhizun realm, wouldn't he require at least several hundred of them to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle?

Even a Tier 1 Kingdom like Tianwu Kingdom had only a handful of it. Where in the world was Zhang Xuan supposed to find so many spirit stones?

To think that he naively thought the several dozen million of gold coins he had in his storage ring would make him a wealthy person... From the looks of it, he was still a poor bloke.

Money and everything else was just fleeting material possessions... Spirit stones were the way to go!

"To think that a day has already passed..."

Looking out of the window, Zhang Xuan realized that it was already the afternoon of the second day, and he couldn't help but be speechless.

Curing the poison on the Gold-tailed Lion had expended a significant amount of his zhenqi and strength. Just the recovery his energy and conditioning his physical body had already taken a significant period of time. Including the time he had taken for his breakthrough, unknowingly, a day had already passed.

"I should start by helping the Gold-tailed Lion achieve a breakthrough!"

Stretching his back lazily, Zhang Xuan ate the food that Mo Tianxue had someone sent over before walking out of the chamber.

Upon reaching Zongshi realm pinnacle, Zhang Xuan's Heaven's Path zhenqi had become denser and purer, and he was now more than capable of inducing a Bloodline Evolution in that massive fellow.

"Guild Leader Liu!"

Upon walking out of the room, he saw Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu standing a short distance away.

To think that they would be waiting for him outside.

Whether the Gold-tailed Lion was able to achieve a breakthrough or not was intricately linked to the stability of Tianwu Kingdom. No matter how calm Mo Tianxue was, it was impossible for him to not feel anxious over this matter. As such, he had been waiting here with Mo Yu ever since daybreak.

Understanding their emotions, Zhang Xuan wasn't surprised at all. Thus, he casually said, "Bring me to the Gold-tailed Lion!"

"Guild Leader Liu, I've already spoken to the Gold-tailed Lion about it. You can use your method to induce a breakthrough in its cultivation!" Mo Yu flashed him a smile.

"My method?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

Did Mo Yu know that his zhenqi could cleanse the bloodline of savage beasts?

But that was impossible!

Back then, when he helped the Viridescent Eagle achieve a breakthrough, he credited it to the Ancient Lightning Cloud Sparrow's blood. As for the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast, it only achieved a breakthrough due to its physical condition then and the pill Mo Yu had forged...

It should have been impossible for her to find out...

Then... What did her words mean?

With a grim expression, he was just about to ask about it when the lady beside her pointed forward.

"The Gold-tailed Lion is already prepared!"

Turning to take a look, Zhang Xuan's eyelids twitched and he nearly keeled over.

At this moment, the massive Gold-tailed Lion was bound by innumerable steel chains as though a dumpling, and it was staring at him resentfully.

What the heck were they up to?

Doubtful, Zhang Xuan turned to Mo Yu and asked, "This is..."

What did tying this fellow up as though a dumpling have to do with my method?

He wasn't the only perplexed one. Mo Tianxue was also on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Early in the morning, his precious daughter had knocked on his door and said that in order for the Gold-tailed Lion to achieve a breakthrough, they had to bind it first.

It took a long negotiation with the Gold-tailed Lion before he managed to persuade the latter to allow them to tie it up.

But was it really possible for it to reach Zhizun realm just like that?

If that was the case, why had he never heard of such a method...

"Your cultivation realm is only at Tongxuan realm primary stage, and so, for the sake of your safety while you execute the [Beast Pummeling Taming Method], we have no choice but to seal its movements..."

Mo Yu answered him seriously.

"..." Zhang Xuan had a strange expression on his face.

Back then, when he induced a breakthrough in the Viridescent Eagle, he had used the [Beast Pummeling Taming Method]. As such, she thought that he was going to use the same method this time around as well...

Given that he was disguised as Guild Leader Liu who possessed a strength of Tongxuan realm primary stage, he shouldn’t be a match for the Gold-tailed Lion if it were to retaliate. That was why Mo Yu proposed to have the guardian beast bound...

Cough cough!

The other party had truly given him the fright of his life! To think that she was referring to this...

Even though it looked unseemly, this was definitely a good idea. It could conceal his identity, as well as the ability of the Heaven's Path zhenqi in cleansing the bloodline of savage beasts.

"Un. Not bad, I'll begin now then..."

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Zhang Xuan walked over to the bound Gold-tailed Lion.

Mo Tianxue hurriedly focused his attention on Zhang Xuan, curious to see what the other party would do.

His daughter had expressed her confidence in the other party's means, but until now, he was still unable to comprehend what the Beast Pummeling Taming Method was.

The Gold-tailed Lion who laid on the floor with a resentful look seemed even more oblivious as to what that was about to happen. However, when it saw Zhang Xuan walk over, gratitude brimmed in its eyes.

If not for this physician, it would probably have died with deep regrets.

Even though the opening of its alimentary canal still hurt at the moment, its body still felt a lot more relaxed now that the poison had been removed. With the strong regeneration capability savage beasts were blessed with, it should only take a couple more days before it made a full recovery.

Just as it was about to cuddle up to its benefactor in gratitude, the man in question suddenly sent a kick in its direction without any warning whatsoever.


The Gold-tailed Lion was stunned.

Aren't you going to help me raise my cultivation? Why are you kicking me instead?

Peng peng peng!

Before it could react, the young man before it sent a few more powerful kicks toward it.

Every single kick landed accurately on its wounds from yesterday, causing it to hiss through its gritted teeth in pain.


"This is the... Beast Pummeling Taming Method you spoke of?"

The corners of Mo Tianxue's mouth twitched.

As the emperor of a Tier 1 Kingdom, he was knowledgeable on many matters. He had the privilege of seeing how a beast tamer usually raised the strength of its tamed beast on several occasions, but to do so through a violent thrashing... Despite his advanced age, he had never heard of such a thing.

"Rest easy, since it’s Guild Leader Liu, there’ll surely be no problem at all!"

Mo Yu said confidently.

The sight of her Viridescent Eagle achieving a breakthrough after being beaten was still crystal clear in her mind.

It shouldn't be too much trouble for him to do the same to this Gold-tailed Lion as well.


Despite his daughter's confidence, Mo Tianxue was still a little doubtful.

"Look, the Gold-tailed Lion seems to have realized something..."

Knowing that this kind of absurd method was hard to accept, Mo Yu pointed to the Gold-tailed Lion.

Mo Tianxue turned to look.

The guardian beast who was still hissing in pain a moment ago was currently looking at Zhang Xuan with eyes glowing in excitement.

Despite being beaten up to the point that it was spewing blood and its body was trembling in pain, its eyes were filled with exhilaration...

Mo Tianxue suddenly saw his own worldly horizons crumbling before him, and his mind went faint.


Initially, the Gold-tailed Lion felt only excruciating pain from Zhang Xuan's frenzied beating, but a few moments later, it noticed that something was amiss.

What that came with every kick was a surge of zhenqi that cleansed its bloodline and raised its cultivation.

At this moment, it couldn't be any more clear to it that the other party was sincerely trying to help it raise its cultivation. Thus, instead of retaliating, it focused all of its efforts into trying to absorb the zhenqi shot into its body to cleanse its bloodline.


After absorbing many surges of zhenqi, it felt as though its bloodline had been cleansed to the limit, and under a violent buzzing sound, a powerful aura suddenly burst from its body.

Zhizun realm!


With a deafening roar, the Gold-tailed Lion stood up.


With a jerk of its massive body, the steel chains locking it in place immediately broke apart, falling onto the floor.

"It... really managed to reach Zhizun realm?"

Mo Tianxue was dumbfounded.

Despite witnessing the sight with his own eyes, he felt as though his brain was unable to cope.

It was difficult for even a human cultivator to reach Zhizun realm, needless to say, a savage beast which was limited by its bloodline... Yet, with a frenzied beating, it managed to achieve a breakthrough...

Wasn't this way too easy?

"Could it be that... even though it looked like Guild Leader Liu was frenziedly beating up the Gold-tailed Lion, he was actually opening up all of the restraints within its body in order to raise its strength?"

A thought suddenly popped up in his mind.

He had read on an ancient manual that there were some formidable master teachers who could raise the cultivation of another by beating them. By striking a person on the right locations, they were able to knock open the jammed parts in a person's body, allowing their zhenqi to flow smoothly, thus raising their cultivation.

The young man before him struck the Gold-tailed Lion to the point that it was spewing blood, and it looked as though it was on the verge of dying. Yet, the latter was still able to achieve a breakthrough successfully despite the overwhelming odds, so this might very well be the reasoning behind it.

"Since he was able to help a savage beast achieve a breakthrough via such a method, would it be possible for him to do the same to a human as well?"

As this thought popped into Mo Tianxue's mind, his eyes lit up with fervor.


"I'm done!"

Upon seeing that the Gold-tailed Lion had achieved a breakthrough, Zhang Xuan nodded in satisfaction.

It seemed it was indeed possible for him to induce a breakthrough in a Half-Zhizun realm savage beast with the zhenqi of a Zongshi realm pinnacle.

Thus, Zhang Xuan made a mental note to try it on the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast later on as well. If that fellow was able to reach Zhizun realm as well, Zhang Xuan wouldn't have to fear any opponent in Tianwu Kingdom anymore.

Clapping his hands, he disregarded the look of gratitude in the eyes of the Gold-tailed Lion before him, and walked up to Mo Yu and Mo Tianxue instead.

"Guild Leader Liu, thank you for helping the Gold-tailed Lion to achieve a breakthrough. I am truly grateful to you..."

Mo Tianxue bowed deeply and earnestly thanked Zhang Xuan.

"It's nothing!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

He had already agreed to help the other party. Furthermore, he had accepted five spirit stones from the other party, so it was only right for him to return the favor.

Seeing the other party brushing off the matter nonchalantly made Mo Tianxue even more confident of his conjecture. He hesitated for a brief moment before asking, "If possible, I would like to ask Guild Leader Liu to help me on another matter!"


"I've been stuck at Zongshi realm pinnacle for many years now, and no matter how hard I try, I've been unable to advance my cultivation. Guild Leader Liu... Can you help me overcome my bottleneck as well? I don't ask of you to help me reach Zhizun realm, just Half-Zhizun will be enough..."

Mo Tianxue stared at Zhang Xuan expectantly, and his breathing inadvertently hastened.

"Help you overcome your bottleneck?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

"Indeed! Don't worry, I know what I should do..." Mo Tianxue nodded.

Looking at the other party's confident look, Zhang Xuan was perplexed. What was this fellow up to? Could it be that the other party knew that he needed spirit stones, and he had a hidden stash in his possession?

But at this moment, the other party picked up the steel chain on the floor and tied himself up tightly. Then, lying on the floor, he yelled excitedly, "I'm ready! Come, beat me up..."

"..." Zhang Xuan.



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