Chapter 355: The Promised Duel

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"Cough cough!"

Grabbing her forehead, Mo Yu nearly spurted a mouthful of blood.

Zhang Xuan's Beast Pummeling Taming Method is only suitable for savage beasts. What are you doing tying yourself up and lying on the ground?

Besides, the reason why the Gold-tailed Lion was tied up was out of fear that it would panic and hurt him. As a human, you only have to hold yourself back...

More importantly... What do you mean by beat me up?

Those who don't know the reason might think that you are a masochist...

"Father, come up..."

With a slightly flushed face, Mo Yu hurried forward and helped him up.

However, Mo Tianxue couldn't truly be blamed for behaving in such a manner. Seeing the guardian beast who he thought would be unable to achieve a breakthrough for the rest of its life, he began thinking about himself as well.

If he were to succeed, the country could be brought to even greater heights.

Over the past few years, the Lin Clan and Mo Hongyi had been exerting heavy pressure on him, leaving him in a constantly tense state. Upon seeing the hope of achieving a breakthrough before him, how could he possibly hold himself back?

"Since the Gold-tailed Lion has already reached Zhizun realm, I won't impose on you any longer. I still have matters to attend to, so I’ll be taking my leave now!"

After explaining that his Beast Pummeling Taming Method was only suited for savage beasts, Zhang Xuan clasped his fist and left.

In truth, Zhang Xuan was capable of helping the other party achieve a breakthrough. However, doing so would reveal his identity.

On top of that, he had nothing to gain from doing it either!

After taking a few steps, an aroma suddenly wafted through the air, and he saw Mo Yu running toward him.

"Zhang Xuan, I said that I would bring you to watch a show yesterday. Judging from the time now, it should have already begun. Let's go together!"

"A show? What's going on?"

Zhang Xuan was perplexed by Mo Yu's words.

"You'll know once we get there..." Mo Yu grinned like a gleeful fox.


Since the other party was unwilling to say anything, Zhang Xuan didn't ask either. The duo proceeded out of the royal palace.


Tianwu Academy.

Zhao Ya and the others were here once more.

The previous time they were here, Zhao Ya had fought with that braggart of a lady. The eventual draw had weighed on her mind since then.

Thus, she had been diligently cultivating the sword art her grandteacher had taught her. At this moment, she had complete confidence that she would be able to defeat the other party and force her to apologize!

"That woman had only managed a draw due to her superior battle technique the previous time. Now that Zhao Ya has learned a sword art from grandteacher, that woman surely isn't a match anymore!"

"Indeed! How dare she insult teacher! We must teach her a lesson!"

Zheng Yang, Yuan Tao, and the others harrumphed coldly.

It was due to Zhang laoshi's guidance that they were able to reach such heights in their cultivation. They admired and respected him deeply, as though he was their faith. Yet, someone actually dared to doubt their belief, even claiming that he was inferior to what Liu laoshi. How could they not be angry?

What Liu laoshi... Was he even worthy of being placed alongside Zhang laoshi in the same sentence?


Wang Ying nodded as well, and her mouth slowly shaped into a pout.

She might have a weak character, but if anyone were to insult Zhang laoshi, she would be the first one to confront the other party!

Soon, they arrived at the location promised for the duel. The usually remote sparring ring was filled with a crowd at the moment.

Many students had heard of the news and come, curious to see whether the students of Zhang shi or the recently famous Liu laoshi would be stronger.

"That woman is here!"

Zheng Yang pointed.

The group turned over and saw Mu Xueqing, Meng Tao, and the others walking over.

Deep confidence emanated from Mu Xueqing as she slowly walked over.

She had tried out the saber art that Liu laoshi had imparted her, and it was incredibly powerful. It was many times stronger than the battle techniques she had cultivated before.

From the very start, that woman wasn't skilled in any battle techniques at all, and the only reason why it ended in a draw was due to her powerful zhenqi. Now that she had learned such a powerful battle technique, how could the other party withstand her offense?

"Zhang shi isn't at Tianwu Academy, and even if he is here, it is impossible for her to learn a saber art of my level in just three days. Thus... she is bound to lose today!"

The gazes of the two ladies met, and Mu Xueqing harrumphed coldly in her mind.


"Seems like the two of them are very confident of themselves!"

Liu Changyan had arrived very early on, and upon seeing the expression of both the ladies, he narrowed his eyes.

"They must have learned even more formidable moves in the past three days to defeat the other party!" Not too far away, Zhao Wuxing's expression was grim as well.

As the two strongest experts among the younger generation in Tianwu Academy, they possessed an exceptional eye for such stuff.

These two ladies were spirited, and they exuded powerful confidence and pride through their gestures. Clearly, they were well prepared.

"Who do you think will win this time?"

Liu Changyan turned to Zhao Wuxing and asked.

"I think that it'll be Mu Xueqing!" The latter replied.


Hearing this evaluation, Liu Changyan, as well as several other students around them, turned to look at Zhao Wuxing.

They wanted to know the reason behind the opinion of the number one student in the academy.

"After hearing that Liu laoshi had solved the questions on the Wall of Dilemma perfectly and become the new guild leader of the Physician Guild, I went to their classroom to take a look yesterday and happened to see Mu Xueqing executing a saber art..."

Zhao Wuxing clenched his fists tightly, and cold sweat started trickling down his forehead. "Honestly speaking, that saber art is truly formidable. Even I would be forced to kneel in defeat before it!"

Remembering the sight yesterday, Zhao Wuxing felt fearful.

Yesterday, when he heard the conversation between Emperor Tianxue and Liu laoshi, he had his men look into the matter and learned of the ruckus that Liu laoshi had caused in the city.

Impressed, he had visited their classroom and happened to witness Mu Xueqing executing the saber art that she had just learned.

Every single movement of her saber was absurdly profound, and he found himself unable to decipher it at all. After simulating the other party's movements in his mind the entire night, to his helplessness, he realized that even if he were to use all of the techniques he knew, he would still be unable to avoid her attacks.

It was simply too powerful!

It was far beyond any single battle technique one could find in Tianwu Academy.

Now that Mu Xueqing's powerful cultivation was paired with such a formidable saber art, who could possibly be her match?

"Senior Zhao admitted defeat?"

"Doesn't this mean that Mu Xueqing is currently the strongest student in Tianwu Academy?"

"That is way too fearsome..."

The crowd broke into a commotion.

Zhao Wuxing had dominated the academy for several years, and countless students viewed him as their idol and goal. Yet, at this very moment, he was actually admitting his inferiority to Mu Xueqing. The uproar that would result from these words once it spreads was unimaginable.

"I don't agree with your evaluation!"

Liu Changyan shook his head. "Mu Xueqing's saber art might be incredible... But I don't think that she would necessarily win today!"


Hearing that his good friend didn't share his opinion, Zhao Wuxing turned to look at Liu Changyan.

"I don't know whether this Zhao Ya has become more powerful in the past three days or not, but I've looked into Zhang shi's matters in the past few days. If you were to know of the miracles he had created, you would also think that there is nothing impossible when he is involved!"

A look of respect appeared on Liu Changyan's face.

"He became a master teacher despite being under twenty, and in the midst of doing so, he broke the numerous records that Mo Hongyi left behind. On top of that, he is also a 3-star painter and a Zongshi realm expert... More importantly, I heard that his current students had only come under him two months ago, and the total duration that he had been with them only numbered a total of five to six days!"

"In such a short period of time, he was able to grant Zhao Ya and the others, who came from Tianxuan Kingdom, strength that could rival Mu Xueqing... Don't you think that his ability is terrifying?"

"Only came under him two months ago?"

"A total of five to six days?"

"Where did you get this news? Is it reliable?"


Hearing this news, the crowd was completely shocked.

What kind of place was Tianxuan Kingdom?

A backward kingdom located in a remote region!

It was said that the students there could enter the academy at Fighter 1-dan, and upon reaching Zhenqi realm, they would already be considered as one of the top experts in the academy!

In just five to six days of teaching over a span of two months, he was able to groom students capable of rivaling Mu Xueqing...

Surely I have heard wrongly?

"The person I asked is a master teacher apprentice, and she happened to be present during Zhang shi's examination. She heard these words from Zhang shi in person, so it's impossible for her to be mistaken!" Liu Changyan replied confidently.

The person who told him this news was his childhood friend, so it was impossible for the other party to lie.

"To able to attain such overwhelming strength with just around six days of guidance... It might really be possible for Zhao Ya to make another huge leap in just three days..."

Zhao Wuxing nodded in agreement.

"Even so, didn't Zhang shi leave the city for the 2-star master teacher examination?"

"Indeed. Since he isn't here, without his guidance, it'll be difficult for Zhao Ya to triumph over Mu Xueqing!"


Someone from the crowd exclaimed, and a wave of approval immediately sounded out.

"Even if Zhang shi isn't here, he could have left behind secret manuals for his students to learn... After all, Zhao Ya and the others are vying for his honor now. If they were to lose, wouldn't it mean that he is inferior to this Liu laoshi?"

"As a master teacher, how could Zhang shi be inferior to Liu laoshi?"

"Liu laoshi isn't too bad as well, alright? Despite his young age, he has become the guild leader of the Physician Guild. Furthermore, in just the first lesson, he managed to induce a breakthrough in all of the students in his class. If not for his limited talent which prevented him from taking the master teacher examination, he wouldn't be inferior to Zhang shi in any way!"

"I still think that Zhang shi is stronger..."


Soon, the crowd began arguing who was better.

Some of the students were Zhang Xuan's fan and were filled with admiration for him. Some were conquered by Liu laoshi, and as students of TIanwu Academy, they hoped that a teacher of their academy could win against outsiders.

They quarreled fervently with one another, and neither side was willing to budge. Before Zhao Ya and Mu Xueqing could fight, a huge argument had started down below.


"Damn it!"

"How dare they say that Liu laoshi is more formidable than Zhang laoshi? Zhao Ya, even I'll look down on you if you fail to beat this Mu Xueqing up today!"

Hearing the commotion below, Zheng Yang gritted his teeth furiously.

He always had a fiery temper, otherwise he wouldn't have accepted Zhou Tian laoshi's Student Dueling Platform challenge back then when the latter treated Zhang laoshi unfairly back in Hongtian Academy.

The reason why they accepted this duel was to defend their teacher's honor and bring glory to him. Yet, over half of the audience here were actually supporting Liu laoshi, claiming that Zhang laoshi was inferior to him. How could he take this lying down?

"Don't worry! If I don't force her into submission today, I will look for Zhang laoshi myself and ask him to punish me for disappointing him!"

Grabbing a sheathed sword in her hand, a powerful and cold aura surged forth from Zhao Ya.


The crowd opened up a path, and Zhao Ya slowly walked up to the sparring ring. After which, she stood there proudly, as though there was no one in the world who could stand against her.


A shrill sound rang clearly in the air as Zhao Ya drew her sword. She pointed it straight at Mu Xueqing valiantly.

"Mu Xueqing, do you dare to fight with me using weapons?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

Mu Xueqing leaped onto the sparring ring as well. In her hand, a saber danced as if it were a mighty dragon, and the air moaned under the pressure of her swings. Her aura abruptly surged as she propelled her zhenqi.

The battle... was about to begin!



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