Chapter 325: The Shocked Elders

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Elder Hall.

The teachers who came for the public recruitment had all left and Principal Xie was gone as well. All that were left were the elders.

"The class Bai Fan laoshi left behind is one of the best classes in the entire academy, as well as the one that's the hardest to take. I wonder if Liu laoshi can subdue them and make them listen to him obediently!"

Upon recalling the arrangements made previously, an elder shook his head.

The students in the class possessed superior talent, and on top of their high cultivation, most of them had strong backgrounds as well.

Putting everything aside, their leader Mu Xueqing was the only daughter of a 2-star Apothecary Mu Dan of the Apothecary Guild, and she was well doted on by him. Putting aside her high cultivation, she had many tricks up her sleeves as well. No ordinary teacher would dare to offend her.

"I'm afraid that it will be difficult. Those students are troublesome. Have you forgotten the teachers we sent to them before? They didn't even last for a day!"

Another elder flashed a bitter smile. "If that wasn't the case, we wouldn't have to conduct a public recruitment for them!"

The main reason why a public recruitment was conducted during the term wasn't just because of the departure of those teachers.

After all, if a teacher could take ten students, taking twenty wasn't too much of a problem either. They could simply scatter the class and spread them out over the others, and assign a few teachers over to take them.

However, the main problem was that... these students refused to cooperate!

Especially this class.

They had sent several teachers already, but none of them lasted for more than a few days before being chased away.

Furthermore, due to backgrounds of the most of them, the academy wasn't in a position to punish them too harshly as well. After a few rounds, no teachers were willing to accept them anymore.

Left without a choice, they could only hire teachers from the outside.

"I think that there's still a chance though. Those two students from before, one of them had an aversion toward studying while the other one was prone to violence; these were the most difficult problems a teacher could face. Yet, this Liu laoshi easily solved them and even reprimanded the principal at that. He isn't any simple figure as well. He might really be able to subdue all of these students!"

"This Liu laoshi is indeed gutsy, but each of those students is a thorny one. I wonder what kind of conflicts would emerge when the two of them meet one another!"

"Say, do you all think that they will fight?"

An elder suddenly asked worriedly.


Everyone suddenly froze.

If it was any other teacher, in fear of the Teacher Guild and in consideration of their identity, it would be impossible for them to lay their hands on the students. However, they couldn't say the same about that Liu laoshi.

He even dared to insult the principal, a 1-star master teacher, to be blind. Not to mention, he had beaten that male student in front of their eyes...

If Mu Xueqing and the others went overboard, it seemed very likely that he would get physical with them!

If these students were volatile chemicals, then this Liu laoshi must be an explosive one... didn't you see the principal's brooding expression? He left as soon as the public recruitment came to an end.

"This is bad! If they were to fight, given the background of those students, it might cause a huge uproar!"

"That's right, we have to stop them!"

At this, the elders' faces immediately twisted in fear. Unable to remain still, they hurriedly stood up and rushed over.

If the incident of a teacher beating up a student were to occur here, then Tianwu Kingdom would surely become the laughingstock of all surrounding kingdoms!

The Master Teacher Pavilion might even be urged into action!

Realizing the graveness of the matter, the elders hurriedly rushed to Zhang Xuan's classroom.

"It's over, look!"

Before even reaching the classroom, an elder wailed in agony.

Hearing the shout, everyone hurriedly turned their gazes over and saw a female student kneeling motionlessly outside the classroom.

Upon seeing her appearance, everyone staggered and they nearly keeled over.

This was the most troublesome student in the class, Mu Xueqing!

This lass had good talent, and her cultivation was high as well. She was already a handful of trouble normally, but to have her kneel at the door... Liu laoshi, you are about to smash through the heavens!

They hurried over.

"Xueqing, why are you kneeling outside? Hurry up and get up!"

An elder walked up and tried to help her up.

As this elder wasn't even a master teacher apprentice, he had to address Mu Xueqing's father as Apothecary Mu respectfully whenever he saw the other party. Upon seeing this shocking sight, how could he remain motionless.

"I can't!"

Mu Xueqing shook her head. "I've done wrong so it's only deserving for me to be punished. If I were to stand up now, Liu laoshi will surely expel me. If so, how can I face my father?"

"We will deal with that Liu laoshi for you, so don't worry..."

They thought that she would plead with them to deal with Liu laoshi, but never in their wildest imaginations did they expect her to say such words. Stunned, Elder Bai found the words he was about to say stuck in his mouth. With widened eyes, he asked, "Ah, what did you say?"

"It's... deserving for you to be punished? You have done wrong?"

The other elders were stunned as well.

Mu Xueqing was nicknamed the 'Little Demoness' in the academy due to her unruliness. Yet, to be kneeling at the door and admitting her mistakes...

Why did it seem so inconceivable?

"Indeed! After Liu laoshi's guidance, I realized my own inadequacies, and I am willing to study under him as his student. Elders, there's no need to persuade me anymore." There was a determined look in Mu Xueqing's eyes.

That Liu laoshi was able to point out her physical problems, as well as those of other students, with a single glance. Without a doubt, he was a person of great capabilities.

She had heard her father mentioning the issue of pill poison as well. It was something unavoidable when one consumed pills.

Given how Liu laoshi was able to point out her problems so easily, he might have a solution to it. It wasn't easy for her to come by such an opportunity and such a formidable teacher. If she allowed this chance to pass her by, she would definitely regret it for life.

She might be rebellious, but she wasn't a fool.

"Guidance? Realized your own inadequacies?"

Elder Bai and the others were perplexed.

When did this Mu Xueqing become so obedient?

If she was like from the start, she wouldn't have scared away several teachers.

"Elder Bai, is it possible that Liu laoshi has already... started?"

An elder suddenly thought of something and he paled.

A shudder suddenly ran through everyone's bodies.

Given that it was Liu laoshi they were talking about, it was possible!

That male student from before also changed his attitude after being beaten up. Could this Mu Xueqing be the same as well?

As such a thought ran through their mind, they subconsciously turned to look at her. However, they couldn't find a single injury on her.


Just when they were perplexed over the matter, the doors suddenly opened.

A student walked out. It was Meng Tao.

"Senior, teacher has asked for you to come in!"


Hearing that she had obtained her teacher's permission, Mu Xueqing's eyelids leaped and she immediately charged in excitedly without even bidding the elders farewell.

"This... it doesn't seem like she has been beaten up..."

Baffled by the entire situation, an elder commented.

If she was beaten into submission, there should at least be some injuries on her! Even if she wasn't injured, she should harbor some resentment toward the other party. To run in excitedly the moment the teacher called for her to enter, to the point that her face was red in agitation...

Who in the world could look so happy and excited after being beaten up?

But... if she wasn't beaten up, why in the world would this wilful lass be kneeling obediently at the door?

"You're called Meng Tao, right?"

An elder hurriedly stopped Meng Tao before he could return to the classroom. "Your grandfather, Meng Fan, is a good friend of mine. We've met the other time as well!"

"Elder Jin!"

Only upon hearing someone call him did Meng Tao realize that there were so many people at the doorstep. Shocked, Meng Tao’s body stiffened and he hurriedly clasped his fist.

This Elder Jin was a good friend of his grandfather and they've met many times.

"Did Liu laoshi... inflict any physical punishment on you all?"

Elder Jin asked.

The other elders pricked up their ears as well.

"Inflict physical punishment?" Meng Tao was taken aback. "Liu laoshi is such an amiable person, why would he inflict physical punishment on us?"

"Then... Mu Xueqing..." Elder Jin pointed.

"Oh, Senior Mu did it of her own volition. Teacher got her to pack up and leave this classroom to join the other classes, but senior was unwilling to. Thus, she kneeled outside in hope that teacher would change his mind!" Meng Tao said.

"Of her own volition?"

The elders glanced at one another.

Based on their previous experiences, if a teacher dared to talk to her like that, this young miss would have already rushed to the Elder Hall to cause a ruckus.

Why was she keeping silent this time, even willingly kneeling at the door?

"Elders, Liu laoshi is still in the midst of the lesson and I have to get back now. Farewell!"

After saying so, Meng Tao hurriedly rushed back into the classroom.


Seeing that the fellow was the same as well, the elders couldn't help but open a slit in the classroom doors and peer in.

Through the slit, they could see the students standing respectfully before Liu laoshi. No matter what Liu laoshi asked them to do, they would immediately carry it out without protesting or hesitating at all.

Was this really that most unruly and troublesome class of the academy?

How did it suddenly change so abruptly?

Even if Liu laoshi was capable, how long has it been since he left the Elder Hall?

Adding it up, it was only an hour at most. In this time, he managed to whip the most rebellious students in the academy into obedience...

Can anyone tell me what is going on?

All of the elders felt dizzy.



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