Chapter 360: Wall of Pill Formulae

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"What's going on?"

Mo Hongyi was on the verge of going insane.

Liu laoshi and Master Teacher Zhang Xuan... Weren't they freaking the same person?

Their students clashed with one another? What was going on?

"You sure are serious in your teaching..."

Sensing the other party's bewilderment, the other teacher immediately filled him in on the details. "A student of Master Teacher Zhang Xuan—if I recall correctly, her name is Zhao Ya—had fought with Liu laoshi's student, Mu Xueqing, because of some unknown reason. It seems that they had clashed once before and today’s fight was the second time they faced one another..."

He quickly recounted the entire matter.

Upon understanding the entire matter, a bizarre expression appeared on Mo Hongyi's face. It seemed as though he was trying his best to hold back his laughter.

For the students under his disguised persona to fight with his original students, not to mention, so vehemently, as though they wouldn't let this matter go unless they do the other party in... Zhang Xuan was probably suffering from a breakdown at this moment.

"What does the principal want from me?"

Mo Hongyi asked.

"The principal wishes to have Zhang shi and Liu laoshi meet one another and settle their grudges. Since you're familiar with Liu laoshi, he hopes that you can persuade him on this matter!" The other teacher said.

"I have to persuade Liu laoshi and Zhang shi... to sit down together and talk it out?" Mo Hongyi's expression became even more bizarre.

You must be joking!

The two of them are the same person! How could Zhang Xuan possibly sit down and talk to himself?

"Alright, I'll look for Liu laoshi and talk to him about this matter. Tell the principal to leave this matter to me..." Suppressing his laughter, Mo Hongyi replied.

Aren't you a genius capable of everything?

Let's see how you'll deal with this...

After conversing for a moment longer, Mo Hongyi started walking towards Zhang Xuan's classroom.


"Yuan Tao, where are you going? Why didn't you invite me along?"

As soon as Yuan Tao walked out of his room, a hushed voice sounded. He quickly turned around and saw Zheng Yang grinning a short distance away.

"I..." Yuan Tao hesitated.

"Alright, I know that you're going to cause trouble for that Liu laoshi. Let's go together!"

Zheng Yang rolled his eyes.

"I'm afraid that teacher will blame us after learning about this..." Yuan Tao said.

If Zhang shi were to find out about this, he would probably be in for a beating. Since Yuan Tao was resilient to thrashings, he wasn't afraid of it. However, he was unwilling to pull Zheng Yang down along with him.

"Don't worry, we're brothers after all. How can I allow you to suffer the blame alone?"

Knowing his thoughts, Zheng Yang chuckled. "However, I'm afraid that just the two of us aren't sufficient!"

"What do you mean?"

"Simple. If you wish to poison that Liu laoshi, you will have to sneak into his classroom, right? On top of that, you have to find the container which he stores his water in before you can spike it. You may possess incredible defense, but you're lacking in agility! It's the same for me as well. So, it's impossible for us to do it..."

At which, Zheng Yang smiled, "Unless..."

"Wang Ying?" Yuan Tao immediately understood Zheng Yang's words.

"Indeed. Why don't we invite her along? Given her movement techniques, she'll surely be able to spike Liu laoshi's drink without anyone noticing!" Zheng Yang suggested.


After giving it some thoughts, Yuan Tao nodded in agreement.

It wasn't too difficult for them to convince Wang Ying. That lady was a weak-willed person so it was normally impossible to convince her to commit such deeds. However, if one was able to grasp her weakness, she was still an easy target.

And this weakness was Zhang laoshi!

In the fight for Zhang laoshi's honor, this Liu laoshi had shamelessly sided with his own student. Even though Wang Ying didn't say anything then, she was actually extremely angry. Upon hearing that they were going to spike his drink, Wang Ying agreed without much hesitation.

After further discussion and refinement of their plan, they trio sneaked out of the residence under the concealment of the night sky and headed towards Tianwu Academy.

Under the veil of the silent night, there weren't too many students walking around the campus and just by asking around for a bit, they were able to find Liu laoshi's classroom easily.

"There doesn't seem to be anyone here!"

Pushing the door open slightly, they realized that there was no one in the classroom and their eyes shone in delight.

They thought that Liu laoshi or his students would be here, but to their relief, it was empty.

Zhang Xuan and Mu Xueqing had headed for the Apothecary Guild whereas the other students had left right after they were done cultivating.

Even Lu Chong, who had been training here for the entire day, had already dragged his wearied body back to his dormitory.

At this moment, the classroom was devoid of people.

Entering the classroom, they quickly searched and found the teapot and teacups reserved for the usage of the teacher.

"This is it! Place the poison inside!"

The trio nodded. Yuan Tao took out the jade bottle and poured the powdery content inside.

Overjoyed by how smooth the operation went, the trio was just about to leave when 'jiya', the door to the classroom opened.

Even though they were astonished, they knew that it was too late for them to hide. Thus, they turned around and faced the person at the door.

"Is Liu laoshi in?"

A voice sounded.

"Reporting to teacher, Liu laoshi isn't in..." Upon hearing his question, they immediately realized that it wasn't Liu Cheng or his students and they heaved a sigh of relief. Turning around with a lowered head, Zheng Yang replied to the other party's question.

"He isn't in? When he returns, tell him that Sun Cheng laoshi had visited!" The person outside said.


Zheng Yang hurriedly nodded.

"Un!" After which, the visitor turned around and left. However, a distance away, he suddenly stopped. Why did those youngsters in the room look so familiar, as though he had met them somewhere before?

"Forget it..." Unable to recall anyone who fit those profiles, he didn't think much of it. Thus, he resumed his steps.

"We should leave now!"

Seeing that they had managed to get away unscathed, Zheng Yang and the others immediately took the opportunity to leave the classroom and dashed back to the residence.



Heaving a sigh of relief, Zhang Xuan stretched his back.

It took him an entire afternoon before he managed to duplicate all of the books in the Apothecary Guild into his head.

Having expended much of his mental strength, he was exhausted.

"Pure Yin Body!"

With a thought, dozens of books immediately appeared before him.

He casually flipped them open.

Quickly browsing through them, Zhang Xuan's eyes lit up.

Indeed, there were records on the Pure Yin Body in them.

"Grade-4 Frigid Yin Pill is extremely effective in the awakening of Pure Yin Body..."

"Frigid Yin Pill?"

Reading through all of the books on the Pure Yin Body, only two of them contained content regarding the awakening of the constitution. Both of them mentioned the Frigid Yin Pill.

"Frigid Yin Pill, a grade-4 pill, forged with medicinal herbs of extremely cold attribute. It is an extremely valuable pill..."

The content of the book was verified by the Library of Heaven's Path, so Zhang Xuan was certain that the pill was useful for the awakening of the Pure Yin Body. However, it wasn’t long before another dilemma struck him.

There were no 4-star apothecaries in Tianwu Kingdom, and naturally, there were no grade-4 pills either. Thus, the only way to obtain the pill was to purchase it from the headquarter.

Moreover, it was highly probable that it would take several days for the pill to be delivered here, just like when Zhang Xuan ordered the Unravel Yin Pill from Tianxuan Kingdom. However, Zhao Ya and Mu Xueqing's duel was in three days' time. It was impossible for the pill to arrive in time.

More importantly... A grade-3 pill was already sufficient to send him into bankruptcy, a grade-4 pill was bound to be worse. It was probably impossible for Zhang Xuan to afford it.

"If I have the pill formula, I may be able to guide someone to forge it..."

A thought appeared in Zhang Xuan's mind.

He might be incapable of forging pills, but he could guide someone to do so. However, the prerequisite for that was that he had to have the pill formula. Otherwise, given the countless medicinal herbs in the world, he would be dead before he could find the formula for it on his own...

"The pill formula for the Frigid Yin Pill!"

With a flick of his mental consciousness, he swiftly looked through the contents in the Library of Heaven's Path, but soon, his face fell.

Despite the innumerable books in the Tianwu Kingdom's Apothecary Guild, there weren't any books that recorded the formula for this pill.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t long before Zhang Xuan came to a realization.

The Frigid Yin Pill was a grade-4 pill while the most capable apothecary in this guild was a 3-star. Thus, how could such an advanced formula be in the library?

"Without the formula, I'll be unable to forget the pill... What should I do?"

Zhang Xuan rubbed his glabella.

After all, he couldn't just help Mu Xueqing and neglect Zhao Ya.

In this case, it wouldn't be a duel, but a one-sided battle.

"Forget it, I'll ask about it later!"

By the time Zhang Xuan walked out of the library, the sky had already darkened.

"Liu laoshi!"

Apothecary Mu rushed forward to greet Zhang Xuan.

The other party was working diligently for the sake of his own daughter, skipping his meals and studying for long hours. This had made him extremely grateful to the other party.

"Apothecary Mu, is there anyone in our guild who possess grade-4 pill formulae?"

Zhang Xuan asked.

Even though there was no grade-4 pill formula in the books in the library, some of the apothecaries might have it in their private stash.

"Grade-4 pill formulae?" Apothecary Mu shook his head. "Our guild doesn't have any pill formula of this level. However, if you wish, it's possible to apply for it from the headquarter!"

"Apply from the headquarter?"

Zhang Xuan smiled bitterly. "Then, wouldn't it take at least half a month before the pill formula arrives?"

He knew that the headquarter would surely have the pill formula, but the travel time, to and fro, from the closest Conferred Kingdom, Xuanyuan Kingdom, to Tianwu Kingdom, was at least half a month. Even if he were to apply for it right now, it would be impossible for the pill formula to arrive on time.

"Half a month? There's no need for that! If it's a pill, a tangible object, it'll have to take at least half a month... However, the pill formula will appear on the Wall of Pill Formulae straight!" Apothecary Mu smiled.

"Wall of Pill Formulae?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

"Indeed. Similar to the Wall of Dilemma of the Physician Guild, the Wall of Pill Formulae is connected to the headquarter. Through the Wall of Pill Formulae, apothecaries who have reached a certain rank can pay a price to request for a pill formula which grade isn't too far beyond their rank or knowledge!"

Apothecary Mu explained.


Upon hearing the name, Zhang Xuan immediately looked up related information among the books in the Library of Heaven's Path.

Just like what the other party said, the Wall of Pill Formulae was similar to the Wall of Dilemma in the Physician Guild. It was connected to the headquarter and as long as one was able to pay the price, one could request for a pill formula or information from the headquarter.

However, to make use of the Wall of Pill Formulae, one must at least reach the level of a 3-star apothecary.

Apothecary Mu was only at 2-star pinnacle, so he didn't have the right to use the Wall of Pill Formulae.

"If that’s the case, do I have to take the 3-star apothecary examination?"

Zhang Xuan hesitated.

He wasn't too worried about taking the apothecary examination, but everyone knew that Zhang shi's pill forging was incredible and he would surely attract the suspicion of others if he were to do so.

"How many 3-star apothecaries are there in the guild?"

Zhang Xuan asked.

"Initially, our guild leader was the only 3-star apothecary. However, some time back, Apothecary Hong Yun managed to achieve a breakthrough and became a 3-star apothecary as well. The others are all 2-star pinnacle just like me, a step away from reaching 3-star. Thus... only the two of them have the qualifications to make a request on the Wall of Pill Formulae."

At this, Apothecary Mu glanced at Zhang Xuan doubtfully. "Does Liu laoshi require a grade-4 pill formula? However... even if we were to obtain the pill formula, it will be for naught if we can't forge it!"

"Apothecary Hong Yun? Where is he? Bring me to him!"

Upon hearing Apothecary Hong Yun's name, Zhang Xuan's eyes immediately lit up.

This fellow was the arrogant fellow who delivered the Unravel Yin Pill to him back in Tianxuan Kingdom. They had also met while he was the taking the master teacher examination.

Upon Apothecary Mu's reminder, he suddenly recalled that the latter had indeed reached the level of a 3-star apothecary.

Since he was able to make a request on the Wall of Pill Formulae, Zhang Xuan could totally engage his help. This way, he could avoid taking the 3-star apothecary examination, as well as attracting unneeded trouble.



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