Chapter 361: Then You Should Just Take The Examination!

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Under Apothecary Mu's lead, it didn't take long for them to arrive at a room.

"Please report that Apothecary Mu Yang requests for an audience!"

Apothecary Mu clasped his fist toward the apprentice guarding by the door.


Knowing the other party's identity, the apprentice immediately went in to report his presence. A moment later, however, he returned with an apologetic look on his face. "Teacher is currently discussing some important matters with an esteemed guest, so he isn't free at the moment. Apothecary Mu, you should return tomorrow!"

"This matter is urgent. I really can't wait until tomorrow..."

Apothecary Mu shook his head. "I hope that you can relay another message for me. Just say that I have something urgent that I require Apothecary Hong’s help on!"

Since Liu laoshi had made this request, the grade-4 pill formula must be extremely important to him. Otherwise, he could have chosen to purchase a pill instead. No matter the cost, Apothecary Mu was determined to help Zhang Xuan on this matter.

"This... I'll try asking again!" The apprentice nodded and walked in.

"Aren't you all apothecaries? Why..."

Seeing the sight before him, Zhang Xuan was perplexed.

Hong Yun and Mu Yangfeng were both apothecaries. One of them was a 3-star primary while the other one was a 2-star pinnacle. There wasn't a huge difference between them, so why was it so troublesome to meet the other party?

"The guild leader is already old, so he doesn't interfere in the affairs of the guild. At the moment, most affairs of the guild are handled by Apothecary Hong, and all of the apothecaries answer to him. Thus, his standing is much higher than mine. Because of this, it took me a great deal of effort before I managed to get you the permission to enter the library!" Apothecary Mu explained.

After hearing the other party's explanation, Zhang Xuan finally understood the situation.

Apothecary Hong Yun had always been an arrogant person. Otherwise, he wouldn't have reprimanded the other apothecaries despite not having met Zhang Xuan and verifying the results of the test back in Tianxuan Kingdom.

Having surpassed the boundary which had trapped many other apothecaries had inflated his ego, and now, it was difficult for any apothecary to even meet him, much less ask him for requests.

"Liu laoshi, when we enter the room later on, I'll have to trouble you not to say anything. Outsiders aren’t allowed to access pill formulae easily, and I'm afraid that if you say that you're the one who wanted it, not only will you be rejected, it might even cause a whole string of trouble!"

Apothecary Mu instructed.


Zhang Xuan nodded.

Pill formulae were the treasures of the apothecaries, and they would never show it to outsiders easily. It was indeed a little inappropriate for a physician like him to ask for a pill formula from them.

After waiting for around two incenses' time at the door, just when they were about to reach the limit of their patience, the apprentice walked out.

"Apothecary Mu, please enter! However, our teacher only has a tea's time. After that, he still has other matters to attend to. Thus, if there are any important matter to speak of, please do it fast..."


Apothecary Mu nodded.

The duo entered the room and saw Apothecary Hong Yun sitting on the center seat. Beside him was a young man who was leisurely sipping his tea.

It was none other than the 1-star master teacher who, due to his fancy for Mo Yu, kept trying to prove his superiority before Zhang Xuan back in the Master Teacher Pavilion, the son of Pavilion Master Jiang, Jiang Chen!

"Apothecary Mu, what urgent matter do you have to ask of me?"

Lifting up his teacup, he prodded at the tea leaves floating at the surface before turning to look at Apothecary Mu with a leisurely attitude.

"I have something that I need to trouble Apothecary Hong on!"

Apothecary Mu replied respectfully.

"I wish to ask for Apothecary Hong to request for a grade-4 pill formula for me. I will bear the fees for the transaction!"

"Grade-4 pill formula?"

Apothecary Hong Yun frowned. "You're just a 2-star apothecary. Why would you need that for?"

Clasping his fist, Apothecary Mu replied, "I have others uses for it. However, Apothecary Hong, rest assure, I won't do anything that flouts the rules of the guild!"

Apothecaries were allowed to request for pill formulae, but they were forbidden from selling it or using it to conduct scams or any other immoral actions.

"Other uses for it? Hmph!"

Apothecary Hong Yun stood up, and with his hands behind his back, he walked up to Apothecary Mu and glared at him imposingly. "As an apothecary, attempting something beyond one's capability will not only not bring one glory, it'll even embarrass one! Your pill forging skill isn’t bad, but grade-2 pinnacle pills are already your limit. Come back to request for a grade-4 pill formula after you can successfully forge a grade-3 pill!"

In his view, the reason why this fellow was asking for a grade-4 pill was because he wanted to try forging it to impress everyone.

However, despite being unable to forge even a grade-3 pill, he was actually attempting to forge a grade-4 pill. That was nothing more than a waste of precious medicinal herbs!

"I..." Not expecting the other party to react so vehemently, Apothecary Mu's face flushed.

"Alright, you should leave now!" With a dark complexion, Apothecary Hong tilted his head upward with a proud expression.

"I beseech you to help me request for it. The process isn’t too bothersome so it shouldn’t pose much of a problem. It’s just a small favor..." Apothecary Mu tried once more.

Regardless, they were both apothecaries of the same guild, and their ranks weren't too far apart from one another either. A grade-4 pill formula might be valuable, but Apothecary Mu had already promised to bear the price of it. Thus, it shouldn't be a big deal to apply for it.

To be rejected on the spot and told such words placed Apothecary Mu in a very embarrassing position.

"Aren't my words clear enough? Given your current pill forging skills, you don't have the qualification to see a grade-4 pill formula!"

Apothecary Hong Yun flung his sleeves and said, "I still have things to attend to. Apothecary Mu, you should leave!"

Then, ignoring Mu Yangfeng, Hong Yun turned to Jiang Chen and clasped his fist with a smile. "Young Master Jiang, I'll be depending on you for Zhang shi's side! Back then, I had benefited greatly from his guidance. You must introduce me to him!"

"Don't worry, this is only a small matter. Senior Uncle Zhang is the senior of my father. After he's done with his 2-star master teacher examination, it won't be a problem for me to meet him. I promise to help you on this matter!" Jiang Chen replied impassively.

The reason why he felt hostile toward Zhang Xuan before was due to Mo Yu. However, after realizing that he wasn't interested in her and witnessing his grand feats, not only did the hostility he felt disappear, he even started to regard the other party as his idol.

"Then, I'll thank Young Master Jiang in advance then..."

Hearing the other party agree to the matter, Apothecary Hong Yun's eyes glowed in excitement, and he hurriedly nodded.

Even though his encounter with Zhang shi in Tianxuan Kingdom was very brief, the other party's guidance had opened up new doors for him in the art of pill forging.

It was precisely because of that that he was able to reach 3-star. If he could listen to another lesson from the other party, his pill forging skill might reach even higher realms.

"Un!" Jiang Chen nodded.

Nodding with a delighted expression on his face, Apothecary Hong Yun suddenly realized that Mu Yangfeng and Zhang Xuan had yet to leave, and his face darkened once more. "Why are you still here? Are my words not clear enough?"

"Apothecary Hong, I really have an urgent need for the grade-4 pill formula. I beseech you to help..."

Mu Yangfeng pleaded earnestly.


Apothecary Hong Yun's eyebrows shot up, and an imposing aura immediately burst from him. With an inviolable disposition, he bellowed, "Apothecary Mu, take note of your identity! Only 3-star apothecaries have the rights to request for grade-4 pill formulae. I am a busy person and I don’t have the time to play along with you! Why? Are you going to drag me there?"

"If you really want a grade-4 pill formula, you can apply it yourself after you become a 3-star apothecary! If you continue acting unruly here, don't blame me for charging you for insubordination!"

Every single occupation was governed by a strict hierarchy. Insubordination was a serious offense, and once reported to the headquarter, the headquarter would issue a severe punishment to send a loud warning to the others against it.

Upon seeing the other party's attitude, Apothecary Mu's body trembled and his face steeled. Just as he was about to speak, a slightly questioning voice sounded.

"Grade-4 pill formula... can be requested as long as one is a 3-star apothecary, right?"

The one who spoke was Guild Leader Liu behind him.

"That's right!" Apothecary Mu nodded.

"Then... Why don't you just take the 3-star apothecary examination?" Guild Leader Liu asked doubtfully.

Upon hearing those words, a bizarre expression appeared on the face of the infuriated Apothecary Mu. Then, he shook his head with a bitter smile. "To become a 3-star apothecary, one has to be capable of forging a grade-3 pill. I'm... still far from reaching that level!"

Even though he had been stuck at 2-star pinnacle for many years, he was still a far way off from forging a grade-3 pill. In fact, given the limitations of his talents, he might not be able to do so in his entire life.

This was a fact that everyone knew of. Thus, upon hearing Guild Leader Liu's words, he didn't know how he should reply.


"If grade-3 pills could be forged that easily, there wouldn't be just two 3-star apothecaries in the entire guild!"

Upon hearing the 'apprentice' behind Mu Yangfeng spouting such ignorant words, Apothecary Hong Yun and Jiang Chen flung their sleeves in disdain.

What the heck was that!

Why don't you just take the 3-star apothecary examination... Do you think that it is that easy to become a 3-star apothecary?

Do you think that you can pass the examination just because you wanted to?

There were a total of five 2-star pinnacle apothecaries in Tianwu Kingdom Apothecary Guild, but despite many years had passed, the only one who managed to achieve a breakthrough was him. This clearly reflected the difficulty of the task.

If Apothecary Mu was capable of forging a grade-3 pill, he would have taken the examination long ago. There was no need for him to wait until now!

That fellow was truly incomparably ignorant!

"It is just a grade-3 pill; it is actually quite easy. As long as you follow my instructions closely during the forging, you'll surely succeed!" Ignoring the disdainful duo by the side, Zhang Xuan spoke nonchalantly.

He was counting on Apothecary Hong Yun to send in the request, but since the latter wasn't willing, he didn't want to stoop down to begging him either.

Since all 3-star apothecaries could request for pill formulas, then... why couldn’t he make one himself!

It isn't a big deal anyway!


"How arrogant!"

Upon hearing the 'apprentice' bragging, Apothecary Hong Yun's complexion turned dark and he nearly erupted.

Where did this fellow pop up from?


Do you know what a grade-3 pill is? How dare you spout such arrogant words here!


Apothecary Mu hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth. "Alright!"

He didn't know why Liu laoshi would say such words, but as the guild leader of the Physician Guild, he didn't think that the other party was a braggart. Since he had said such words, he must have a way to do so.

"Let's not waste time and just forge here then!"

Seeing the other party agree to it, Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually.

Back then, Zhang Xuan had guided Mo Yu to forge a grade-2 pill at the Beast Hall. Honestly speaking, guiding a 2-star pinnacle apothecary to forge a grade-3 pill wasn't too much of a problem for him.

If he knew that it was that easy to become a 3-star apothecary, he wouldn't have gone through the trouble to look for Apothecary Hong Yun.


Knowing that it was impossible to back down now, Mu Yangfeng did not hesitate anymore. With a flick of his wrist, a giant cauldron appeared in the room.

"Fine... I would like to see what kind of pill you can forge!"

Not expecting the 'apprentice' to be so arrogant as to have Mu Yangfeng forge a grade-3 pill on the spot, Apothecary Hong Yun felt so angered that he started laughing instead.

He had seen braggarts, but he hadn't seen one who was capable of bragging to such an extent!

Guide him to forge pills... A grade-3 at that... Who do you think you are?

Pavilion Master Jiang of the Master Teacher Pavilion?

The pill forging genius Zhang shi?

What a joke! You're just a mere apprentice! Despite your insignificant position, you sure have a big mouth!

By the side, Jiang Chen frowned as well.

As a master teacher, he knew how difficult pill forging was. Guiding a 2-star pinnacle apothecary to forge a grade-3 pill was as difficult as ascending the heavens... Surely I must be dreaming?

Are you sure there isn’t something wrong with your head?



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