"Guild Leader Liu, is it really alright... for you write these words?"

In the Apothecary Guild, Mu Yangfeng even felt like dying now.

He should have stopped the other party from writing anything!

It was one thing for you to know what the Constellation Sea Pill was, but you should at least check on it! To write the answer right after touching the wall, aren't you being too casual?

Even though Apothecary Mu didn't know the reason behind the loss of medicinal property in the Purple Pearl Grass, Evening Flower Sun, and Three-leafed Green, as a 2-star pinnacle apothecary, he still knew a little about them.

Exposing a cold attribute medicinal herb to the extreme heat, removing the roots of the Evening Sun Flower, to demand for the maturity of the Three-leafed Green to be as low as possible... What the heck are you writing?

Anyone who knew the least bit about pill forging would know that this was utter bullshit. It deviated completely from the core principles of pill forging. Was Guild Leader Liu really trying to do him in?

Without a doubt, the 4-star apothecary on the other end would surely be stomping his feet in anger. If the other party could, he might have rushed over to kill him this instant.

Initially, he was extremely grateful to the other party for guiding him to forge a grade-3 pill. He felt as though the other party had brought him to the peak of life, but at this moment, he realized that he was just imagining things.

The other party was bringing him to the very top of the mountain before pushing him down into the valley!

Otherwise, have you ever seen a low-ranked apothecary speaking to a high-ranked apothecary like that?

Just as his lips twitched furiously and he felt that he was doomed, the wall before him lit up once more.

"I'm done for..."

Certain that what that would be written on the wall would be his punishment, his heart turned cold. Unwilling to face reality, he immediately turned his head away to avoid seeing the content of the message.

But to his astonishment, he heard Apothecary Hong Yun breathing heavily, as though he was suffering a heart attack out of shock.

"Apothecary Mu, lo… look…"

With a shaking finger, he pointed at the wall.

Doubtful, Apothecary Mu turned to take a look, and with a glance, he felt as though his heart was about to burst apart. He suddenly froze on the spot.

It took a long while before he managed to utter a word.

"This... What is going on?"

Bright and forceful words appeared on the wall — Correct, this can strike off the payment required for the Frigid Yin Pill formula.


Apothecary Mu rubbed his eyes and confirmed that he wasn't seeing things. He found the sight before him impossible to comprehend.

The few casual words that Guild Leader Liu wrote with a confused look on his face was the correct answer? Am I dreaming?

"It's good that it's correct. With this, my career should be fine..."

Relief gushed through his body. Since it was correct, it was unlikely that the other party would strip him of his apothecary license for insubordination. At the very least, his career was safe now.

Heaving a sigh of relief, he was just about to say something when the wall in front glowed once more and a line of words appeared.

"Grade-4 pinnacle [Energy Aperture Pill]; it is common for the cauldron to explode during the forging process. How can this problem is solved?"

"Grade-4 pinnacle pill?"

"Energy Aperture Pill? I've heard of this pill before. It is a grade-4 pinnacle pill, and even 5-star apothecaries would find it hard to forge. After consumption, it will open up a person's energy apertures, thus boosting their cultivation. As such, it is an extremely valuable and sought after pill... The other party is posing a question on it?"

The entire room fell silent.

Was the 4-star apothecary on the other side insane?

Despite Guild Leader Liu’s lack of respect, not only did the other party not pursue the matter, the other party even continued asking questions. Could it be that... this Guild Leader Liu was really that incredible as to be able to even guide a 4-star apothecary on his pill forging?


Staring at the young man not too far away with a bizarre look, Apothecary Mu was just about to step forward and discuss with him on how to solve this problem when the other party picked up a brush and started writing once more.

Taking a look at the words the other party wrote, Mu Yangfeng, who had just barely heaved a sigh of relief at having preserved with career, saw his vision go dark. His heart nearly leapt out of his mouth.

Apothecary Hong Yun and Jiang Chen fared no better than him. They felt their knees caving in, and they swayed weakly on the spot.

Brother... You are about to bash through the heavens.

On the wall, four words shone brightly——

Price, three spirit stones!

"This fellow... Does he really think that we're trying to learn from him?"

On the other end of the wall, upon seeing the words Zhang Xuan wrote, Qi Shengyu nearly erupted.

Right after recovering from the shock from the other party's answer, he felt that there was a need to continue testing the other party to see whether he possessed true capability or merely lucked out in his guesses.


Guild Leader Su raised the current question to see what the other party would answer. However, the other party simply replied with four words...

Price... Price your head!

I am testing you, a 3-star apothecary, in my capacity as a 4-star apothecary of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance Apothecary Guild. And yet, you demand payment?

The heck!

This is a test! A test! Don’t you get it?

Do you really think that we don't know the answer and that we are consulting you on it?

"Agree to his request!"

After hesitating for a moment, Su Xing nodded.


This time, Qi Shengyu was stunned.

"Actually... I don't know the answer to this question as well. I'm just curious to see what kind of answer he would give!" Su Xing replied.

"You... don't know?" Qi Shengyu fell to the ground.

You are the most capable apothecary in the entire guild, reaching a rank of 4-star pinnacle. What do you mean by you don't know the answer...

Aren't we supposed to be testing him?

Why did it become a consulting session instead?

Besides, if you don't know the answer as well, how can we determine the authenticity of his answer?

Even though Qi Shengyu was shocked, under the persistence of the guild leader, he still wrote 'Agreed'.

After which, the other party replied with two words 'pill formula'.

After hesitating for a moment, Qi Shengyu wrote the pill formula for 'Energy Aperture Pill' on the wall.


Soon, words appeared on the wall once more.

"The medicinal herbs required for the Energy Aperture Pill are volatile, and they react violently with one another. Thus, one has to first soak the medicinal herbs in flowing water to remove its volatility before adding in a stalk of Quxi Grass..."

"I'll try it out..."

The solution recorded on the wall was quite simple. After taking a look, Guild Leader Su immediately tested it out. Not too long later, he came to a stop. Catching the scent of the fragrance from the cauldron, he was dumbstruck.

It's correct!

To think that the method the other party provided was actually correct!

To think that a question which even a 4-star pinnacle apothecary like him couldn't solve was answered by a fellow who had just become a 3-star apothecary so easily. On top of that, the answer was flawless...

What in the world was going on?

"The person on the side probably isn't Mu Yangfeng. Apothecary Qi, go and check who he is..."

After a moment of silence, he suddenly came to a realization.

If Apothecary Mu was that capable, he would have become a famous figure long ago. How could he possibly remain unknown for so long?

"Alright, I'll head to Xuanyuan Conferred Kingdom now..."

Upon coming to the same conclusion, Qi Shengyu hurriedly nodded his head.

Tianwu Kingdom was a territory of Xuanyuan Conferred Kingdom. As such, he had to head to the latter first.

"Un. However, hold it for a moment first. Let’s first sound the bell and summon all of the apothecaries in the alliance to the guild now!" Guild Leader Su instructed.

"Yes!" Qi Shengyu nodded, turned around, and left.


"Alright, done!"

After collecting the Frigid Yin Pill formula in the library, Zhang Xuan chuckled.

With this formula, he would be able to forge the Frigid Yin Pill to awaken Zhao Ya's unique constitution.

Not only did he not spend any money on the pill formula, someone would even be sending spirit stones to him. In a sense, he had profited from this deal.

"Right, when will the other party send the spirit stones over?" Zhang Xuan asked.

"This... Such a thing has never happened, so I'm not too sure either... However, based on my estimations, it should take around half a month!"

Mu Yangfeng contemplated for a moment before answering.

At the start, he was shocked, but eventually, everything faded and only numbness remained.

When requesting for a pill formula from the headquarters, everyone had to pay a heavy price. Yet, not only did this fellow manage to get his pill formula, he even earned some spirit stones from the headquarters...

If not for personally witnessing this sight, he wouldn't believe it even if someone were to coerce him at knife-point. At this moment, his head still felt light, as though he was in a dream.

"Half a month? That's still alright..."

Zhang Xuan nodded.

It was quite good for him that he would be getting three spirit stones in half a month's time.

"Guild Leader Liu, what do we do now?" Mu Yangfeng asked.

"Since the pill formula is here, naturally, we have to forge it. Help me gather these medicinal herbs..."

Zhang Xuan said.

"Even though the Frigid Yin Pill is a grade-4 pill, based on what I've seen just now, the medicinal herbs required aren't too rare. We should be able to find all of them in our Apothecary Guild. However... even if we manage to gather all of the medicinal herbs, without a grade-4 apothecary here, we can't forge it!"

Mu Yangfeng looked at Guild Leader Liu doubtfully.

Apothecary Hong Yun was also perplexed.

The most proficient apothecary in the entire Tianwu Kingdom's Apothecary Guild was the guild leader at 3-star primary. No one else here was capable of forging a grade-4 pill!

Even if they managed to get the pill formula and gather the medicinal herbs, they were unable to do anything at all!

"Who says that it is impossible to forge a grade-4 pill without a 4-star apothecary?" Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually. Then, he turned to Apothecary Mu and said, "Aren't you here? You can just forge it for me..."


Shocked, Mu Yangfeng nearly fainted on the spot.

He was well aware of his pill forging skills. He was only at the level of an ordinary 2-star pinnacle, and the only reason why he successfully forged a grade-3 pill was because of the other party's guidance...


He didn't even dare to harbor such thoughts!

"Don't worry. Let's just gather the medicinal herbs for now, I'll instruct you on it later on!"

Knowing what the other party was worrying about, Zhang Xuan consoled him.

"You'll instruct me?" After hesitating for a moment, Mu Yangfeng looked at Zhang Xuan doubtfully. "Can I really succeed?"

If it was anyone else, Apothecary Mu would have surely thought that he was bragging. However, he had seen too much miracles from this youngster from the moment he met him until now. Perhaps, the other party might really be able to guide him to successfully forge a grade-4 pill.

"Don't worry. Even if we don't succeed, we'll just fail. At the very worst, the cauldron will only explode..."

Zhang Xuan answered casually.

"The cauldron will only explode?" Mu Yangfeng's lips twitched and he nearly fainted. "Do you know how strong the explosion will be... if the cauldron explodes while forging a grade-4 pill?"

Even though it was only a level between grade-3 and grade-4, there was a qualitative difference between the two. It was just like how a Phantom equipment and Spirit equipment were two completely different concepts.

Even a Zhizun realm expert could be blown to smithereens if unprepared against a grade-4 pill explosion... Needless to say, Zongshi realm cultivators like them!

To think that you said it will only explode...

If it truly exploded, the entire Apothecary Guild would disappear from the face of this world.

"It will blow the entire Apothecary Guild up?" After hearing Apothecary Mu's explanation, Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

He thought that, at the very worst, an explosion similar to that when Mo Yu forged the pill in the Beast Hall would occur. He didn't think that the explosive power of a grade-4 pill would be so great.

"Un. On top of that, the medicinal herbs of a grade-4 pill are also extremely valuable. Even though our guild has them all, the total cost of them all adds up to a huge fortune! A single set would cost... around three spirit stones! In terms of gold coins, it is impossible to buy it without a hundred million..."

Apothecary Mu continued.

"Three spirit stones? Costs more than a hundred million gold coins?"

Before Apothecary Mu could finish his words, the young man before him trembled. Then, he quickly turned to the Wall of Pill Formulae with crimson eyes, picked up the brush, and started writing, "Is the apothecary on the other side still there? Do you have any other questions? Three spirit stones for one, the more the better. I can answer all of your queries now..."


Mu Yangfeng.

"..." Jiang Cheng and Apothecary Hong Yun.

On the other side.

"..." Guild Leader Su Xing.



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