Chapter 368: Two Methods

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In the campus, the autumn wind blew and the tree rustled.

"I must say that Sun laoshi's classes are indeed impressive!"

Walking along the corridor, Zhao Wuxing commented.

Even though Sun Cheng laoshi, who came in at the same time as Liu Cheng laoshi, was outshone by the latter, he did possess true ability.

It was just yesterday that Liu Changyan and he listened to a lesson from Sun laoshi, and they benefitted greatly from it.

"Indeed, his lessons are very good. I think that he's even better than Hu laoshi!"

Liu Changyan nodded.

Actually, the class which they wanted to listen into was Liu laoshi's, but he was rarely around. They had looked for him a couple of times but to no avail.

Eventually, when they heard the rumors that Sun laoshi's classes were not bad as well, they went to attend his lessons. In an instant, they were astounded.

Sun laoshi may seem unimpressive, but his understanding of cultivation reached an unbelievable level. Even the most impressive star teacher in Tianwu Academy seemed to pale in comparison to him.

"Liu laoshi and Sun laoshi are people of great capability. But why would they be obscure before being accepted by the academy?"

While they were impressed by the means of the duo, they harbored their doubts as well.

All gold shines. Given how capable the two teachers were, it should have been impossible to bury their radiance. They should have long been famous figures in a region, so how could they be only discovered now?

"I have no idea, but since the academy took them in, it must have looked into their backgrounds beforehand so there should be no trouble!" Liu Changyan shook his head. "Actually, we need not pay too much heed to this matter, it is sufficient as long as their lecture is good. Let's listen to Sun laoshi's lessons more frequently. The most important thing we have to do right now is raising our cultivation!"

Tianwu Academy had an open concept, and all students were allowed to enter classrooms freely to listen to the lectures of other teachers.

For top geniuses like them, ordinary lessons were already ineffective. Only by going around the classes and broadening their horizons could they grow.

"You're right... I have a new idol now - on top of Zhang shi and Liu laoshi - Sun laoshi!"

Zhao Wuxing chuckled.

"I feel the same as well. His ability to explain profound concepts so easily truly opens up my mind..."

Liu Changyan nodded. Halfway through his words, he suddenly froze. Then, he pointed to a direction and asked, "Look, isn't that Sun laoshi?"

Following the other party's finger, they saw a youngster staggering weakly with spiritless eyes.

Who else could it be other than the formidable Sun Cheng laoshi they just spoke of!

"What's wrong with him? Let's take a look..."

When they met the other party yesterday, he was still filled with energy and vigor. Why would he be reduced to such a state today?

"Could it be that... he is in the midst of cultivating some powerful battle technique?"

Suddenly, a thought appeared in Zhao Wuxing's mind, and his eyes lit up in excitement.

It was rumored that there was a powerful battle technique in Tianwu Kingdom which one could only execute when drunk. Even though the movements seemed sloppy, similar to that of a drunk person, it was profound and possessed great might.

Sun laoshi had touched on this battle technique when he was explaining and deciphering the various cultivation techniques and battle techniques. Upon seeing his current state, the duo couldn't help but think of this matter.

"It's possible!" Liu Changyan nodded. He couldn't help but utter in amazement, "Such a profound movement. It looks as though it is full of openings, but... there is high possibility that it is intentional!"

Most of the talented geniuses in the academy had bizarre quirks, and given how capable this Sun laoshi was, he might be the same as well. Until now, they still found it hard to believe that there could be such a formidable teacher in Tianwu Academy.

Upon seeing the other party's weak and bizarre footsteps, their first thought was that he was cultivating some powerful battle technique rather than something had happened to him.

"Look at this move. It seemed to be sided toward the east, but it is actually a movement to the west. This must a high-level feint technique..."

"This move also seems quite incredible. His kneecap suddenly caving in might make it seem as though he is falling down, but in truth, this is a good move to avoid an opponent's attack. I should give it a try later on..."

Just as they were complimenting the other party, they suddenly paused.

"The heck! Sun laoshi has fallen into the latrine pit! Save him..."

The Sun laoshi, who they were complimenting to the heavens a moment ago, had suddenly lost his balance and fallen into a latrine pit.

Since there were public toilets in the academy, there were drainage systems for it as well. These drainage systems were located at the corner of the academy, far away from the official paths.

As though drunk, Sun laoshi's footsteps were wobbly and unstable. The duo thought that he was practicing some formidable battle technique, and never in their wildest dreams could they have imagined that he would suddenly fall into the drain.

They quickly rushed forward and, enduring the stench, they fished him out. Zhao Wuxing and Liu Changyan stared at one another with faces burning red.

They had just said confidently that Sun laoshi was definitely practicing some powerful martial arts when he fell into the drainage pit... The heck, what was going on?

For a teacher with such incredible understanding of cultivation techniques and battle techniques to fall into the fecal drain while walking...

Despite witnessing the sight with their own eyes, they were still stumped. They couldn't comprehend the situation.

"Sun laoshi, could it be that... you are tired of living?"

After grabbing a few pails of water to wash up, Zhao Wuxing couldn't help but ask.


Upon hearing those words, Mo Hongyi's face immediately turned pale and spurted a mouthful of blood.

Your head!

Even if I am tired of living, I would at least choose to choose some better location to jump... Have you seen anyone jumping into the fecal drain to commit suicide?

Even if I wish to die, I won't degrade myself like that!

I’ve been poisoned, alright...

This kind of poison can numb one's mind, leaving one unable to control oneself. Otherwise... Do you think that it is possible for me to fall in?

It's fortunate that he was using his impersonated identity. Otherwise, if word were to spread around the kingdom that the genius Mo Hongyi had fallen into fecal drain, how could he meet anyone else in the future?

"Other than drinking a cup of tea at Zhang Xuan's classroom this morning, I didn't do anything else..."

Despite his dismal, Mo Hongyi didn't dwell on his misfortune. Instead, he slowly inferred and deduce the situation.

Upon waking up, he went straight to Zhang Xuan's classroom, and while waiting for him, the only thing he consumed was a cup of tea. Could it be that... the tea was poisoned?

From the looks of it, that seemed highly probable!

However, his arrival at the Liu laoshi's classroom was opportune. It was impossible for the other party to bank his hopes on an uncertain factor. In other words, the other party's target was... Master Teacher Zhang Xuan!

But who could it be? Who would be so daring as to lay his hands on a master teacher?

"Wait. Yesterday night..."

A thought suddenly flashed through his head, and he recalled the three figures he saw in Zhang Xuan's classroom yesterday.

All along, he had thought that they were the newly-accepted students of 'Liu Cheng', so he didn't think much of it. Yet, in the two hours he spent in the classroom, he didn't see any of the trio.

Despite not being Liu Cheng's students, they suddenly appeared in his classroom in the middle of the night. Could it be that...

"They are... Zhang Xuan's student?"

Recalling the appearance of one of them, Mo Hongyi's mind suddenly jolted. He remembered where he had met them before.

Back when Zhang Xuan was taking the 1-star master teacher examination, he had brought his students along. It's these students who allowed him to pass the House of Trust with a Trust Level of 85, breaking his own record.

Back then, overwhelmed by astonishment, he only briefly glanced at their appearance. Thus, he didn't have a clear memory of their appearances.

As such, the second time he met them, he only found their faces familiar. However, thinking about it now, that seemed to be the case...

Zhang Xuan's student had tried to drug 'Liu Cheng', and... he accidentally took the other party's place!

What the heck was this?

Who in the world did I offend?

It’s one thing for those two female students of yours to cause such a huge ruckus throughout the capital... But on top of that, your remaining students even sneaked here to poison you!

If they wish to poison you, so be it. But what does this have to do with me...

Mo Hongyi felt a stifled feeling in his chest, and tears streamed down his face.

Due to his talents, his name had induced awe through Tianwu Kingdom and even the neighboring kingdoms when he was just five. No one dared to disrespect him, so when did he suffer such grievous injustice before...


"Mo... Sun laoshi dropped into the fecal pit?"

Hearing Meng Tao's words, Zhang Xuan nearly choked on his own saliva.

That was Mo Hongyi, a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert, one of the top ten strongest cultivators in Tianwu Kingdom, the idol of countless young ladies...

Yet, he fell into the fecal pit?

What was going on?

"Yes. When I went out, I saw Zhao Wuxing and Liu Changyan helping him out... Teacher, you should hurry and take a look!"

Meng Tao urged him.

Zhang Xuan nodded and he swiftly walked out of the classroom. Walking around two hundred meters, he saw a stiff 'Sun laoshi' lying on the floor, staring at him with a look of anguish.

"Liu laoshi, could Sun laoshi be tired of living? You should hurry up and talk him out of it..."

Upon seeing Zhang Xuan, Zhao Wuxing and Liu Changyan stood up and clasped his fist.

"Tired of living?" A bizarre expression was on Zhang Xuan's face.

In just four to five days, he managed to induce a Trust Level of forty among his students with his disguised identity. He was currently filled with expectations to pass the 2-star master teacher examination... So how could he possibly be tired of living?

"Don't worry, let me take a look!"

Replying so, Zhang Xuan walked up to Mo Hongyi.

At this moment, the other party's face was pale, and a powerful stench was emanating from his body. His lips were quivering, and it seemed as though he was trying to say something but his body wouldn't listen to him.

"He is... poisoned?"

Even without the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan could immediately tell what was going on.

With a glance, he could tell that the other party was poison... And on top of that, it seemed to be rather similar to the effects of the 'Dry Earthen Powder' that someone laced his tea set with.

"You drank the tea in my classroom?"

Zhang Xuan immediately understood the situation.

The tea was laced with poison, and Mo Hongyi was acting abnormally. It was obvious that he had drunk the tea.

Upon realizing this, Zhang Xuan was tongue-tied.

Dry Earthen Powder was a grade-2 pinnacle poison. Not only could it induce nausea and diarrhea and leave one completely weak, it would also numb one's nerves, leaving one unable to move one's body properly.

This fellow was caught off guard. It was no wonder why he fell into the fecal drain.

The poison concocted by poison masters were scentless and tasteless, making it nearly impossible to guard against. On top of that, even Zongshi realm pinnacle experts, despite their strength, had no immunity to their poison either. This was the reason why poison masters were such a feared existence, and few were willing to come into contact with them.


Given how severe his symptoms were, he seemed to have consumed quite a lot of the poison.

Probably around an entire bottle!


Upon hearing Zhang Xuan deducing the matter accurately, Mo Hongyi tried to nod his head, but he was lacking the strength to do so. Thus, he could only whimper in response.

"Un. Since you're poisoned, then we should find a way to treat you... I have two methods. One will require quite a bit of medicnal herbs, and it'll take one to two days! As for the other, I am confident that I can treat you by today! Which one... do you choose?"

Zhang Xuan gazed questioningly at Mo Hongyi.

Mo Hongyi struggled to put out two fingers.

"The second one, is it? Alright..."

Nodding his head, Zhang Xuan lifted up his hand.


A powerful slap struck him.


With eyes widened in disbelief, Mo Hongyi fainted.



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