Chapter 372: Lin Lang

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"The Lin Clan is the number one clan of Tianwu Kingdom, and Lin Lang is the sole son doted on by Clan Head Lin, needless to say, the younger brother of Xuanyuan Kingdom's princess consort. Even Emperor Mo Tianxue would have to defer to him. As long as he agrees to it, young master has nothing to worry about!"

The coach hesitated for a moment before nodding vigorously.

There was no better solution for the current situation.

Once this Zhang Xuan passes the 2-star master teacher examination, his standing and identity would rise up accordingly. If he were to pursue the matter that day, the Ji Clan, despite being one of the Three Great Clans, would not dare to oppose him.

2-star master teachers, especially this kind of exceptional genius, possessed immense prestige and strength.

On top of that, he was the senior of Pavilion Master Jiang with an even more formidable teacher behind him...

Ji Mo didn't dare to exact vengeance; all he wanted was to find an influential intermediary to resolve the issue.

And this Lin Clan was the best bet he had.

"Un, let's enter!"

Waving his hands, Ji Mo gongzi started walking toward the Emerald Pavilion with widened steps.

Judging from how he was able to maneuver around the place easily, he must have visited here often. Soon, he arrived at a vast room.

After exchanging some words with the guards at the door, he walked in.

A sight of magnificence unfolded before him as soon as he stepped into the room.

All kinds of gemstones were embedded into the vast lounge, and mats made from the hide of beasts filled the area. It was so extravagantly decorated that even the royal palace seemed to pale in comparison in terms of grandness.

Furthermore, under the influence of a formation in the room, not only was the completely underground lounge not stuffy, it even felt like an otherworldly paradise.

At the center of the room, a young man lay on a large beast hide mat, and beauties stood by his sides. Before him was an arrangement of all kinds of delicacies, and the smell of marvelous wine tickled one's nose.

Sitting opposite to that person was another young man dressed extravagantly. He was holding onto a cup, proposing a toast with the other party.

"Brother Ji Mo, it has been long since we last met..."

Upon seeing Ji Mo enter, the young man who was lying in the embrace of a beauty beckoned him over.

"Lin Lang gongzi!"

Ji Mo clasped his fist.

"Come, allow me to introduce you. This is Kunqian Kingdom's Prince Fei Xuan!"

Lin Lang gongzi pointed to the young man opposite of him and introduced the two to one another. "Prince Fei Xuan, this is Ji Mo gongzi from Tianwu Royal City's Ji Clan!"

"So it's Ji gongzi. To be able to become an official painter at such a young age, I have heard of your great name even from Kunqian Kingdom!"

Prince Fei Xuan smiled.

He was the prince who proposed to Mo Yu when Zhang Xuan visited the royal palace.

Given that his proposal failed, and guessing that Guild Master Liu would cure the guardian beast, he had turned his attention to the Lin Clan.

With the backing of the Formation Guild and the princess consort of Xuanyuan Kingdom, Lin Clan was a massive power among Tier 1 Kingdoms. Even a prince like him didn't dare to act arrogantly before the Lin Clan.

Before arriving at Tianwu Royal City, Prince Fei Xuan had already investigated the various powers in the capital. As such, he was able to trace his background upon hearing Ji Mo gongzi’s name.

After getting to know one another, Ji Mo sat down, traded some pleasantries with the duo before diving straight into the topic. "Lin gongzi, the reason why I am here is that I have something to request of you..."


Lin Lang glanced at Ji Mo curiously.

"Actually, I... unintentionally offended Master Teacher Zhang Xuan awhile ago, and I'm afraid that he might come and exact vengeance once he passes his 2-star master teacher examination. Thus, I would like to ask you to act as an intermediary to settle this issue..."

Ji Mo gongzi said.

"Zhang Xuan? You mean that famous genius?" Lin Lang poured himself a cup of wine nonchalantly.

"That's him..."

Ji Mo gongzi hurriedly nodded his head. Then, with a flick of his wrist, a scroll appeared in his hands. "I understand that it'll be hard to resolve this matter. I recall that Lin gongzi fancies painting, so I prepared the [Withered Pine Painting] from Elder Jin Mantang for you. I hope that you can accept this gift of mine!"

"Withered Pine Painting? That's the last painting of Elder Jin Mantang left in this world! Even among fifth level paintings, it is considered as a top-notch work. This painting is extremely valuable, and it is only due to the kindness the Ji Clan showed the old master back then that he gifted this painting as a way of thanks. To be willing to give this to me... Not bad, not bad!"

Grabbing over the painting, Lin Lang opened it, took a look, and nodded in satisfaction. "Alright, I promise to help you on your matter!"

"Thank you, Lin gongzi!"

Ji Mo gongzi's face flushed in agitation.

"It isn't a huge matter anyway. 2-star master teachers may be impressive, but they mean nothing to our Lin Clan! He's just a lucky fellow who managed to find a good teacher!"

Lin Lang gongzi waved his hands casually and said, "When he's done with his examination, I'll send a letter to invite him over so that the two of you can meet one another and resolve whatever conflict you have!"

"Yes!" Ji Mo gongzi nodded vehemently.

If it was anyone else who said those words, he would have definitely scoffed. However, this Lin gongzi did indeed possess the rights to speak such words.

Even though the other party was only three years older than him, he was already a 2-star formation master. On top of that, just two months ago, he had managed to achieve a breakthrough, reaching Zongshi realm!

To break through the Tongxuan realm pinnacle to Zongshi realm, he had only used less than half a year. Even though part of the reason was that of the hulking resources that Xuanyuan Kingdom devoted to the Lin Clan, his talents still played an important part!

Above all, he had the Lin Clan as his backing.

Conferred Kingdom Xuanyuan Kingdom had 3-star master teachers in their Master Teacher Pavilion. Even if Zhang Xuan could oppose the Lin Clan, it was impossible for him to oppose Xuanyuan Kingdom.

No matter how talented and prestigious Zhang Xuan was, he was nothing before Lin Lang.

"Lin gongzi, it's best for you not to get careless. I've heard of Zhang shi before as well, and he seems to be a person of great means. His talent surpasses that of even your kingdom's number one genius, Mo Hongyi!" Prince Fei Xuan interrupted.

Having stayed in Tianwu Royal City for a few days now, he was well abreast of the current affairs here.

Zhang Xuan's feat of breaking the countless records set by Mo Hongyi was already a well-known fact throughout the entire city.

"So what if he is a remarkable genius? His cultivation is only at Zongshi realm primary stage... If he wishes to remain in Tianwu Royal City, he better keep himself in check!"

Lin Lang sneered in disdain.

So what if that Zhang Xuan is a genius?

Without sufficient strength, all of these were just illusory.

After all, strength was what counted in this world. This was something that becomes increasingly apparent in the higher ranked kingdoms. The stronger one is, the higher one’s standing becomes. Without sufficient strength, even if one had great achievements in their occupation, they would still be looked down by others.

"That's true..."

Prince Fei Xuan nodded in agreement. Then, he continued, "Right, there's another genius in the city recently, has Lin gongzi heard of Liu Cheng? According to the rumors, he is a teacher in Tianwu Academy!"

"You mean Guild Master Liu who solved nineteen questions on the Wall of Dilemma in the Physician Guild?"

Lin Lang waved grandly and replied, "Of course I've heard of him, he's indeed a talented person! However, his cultivation is too weak, being only at Tongxuan realm primary stage. He's a figure that can be squeezed to death at a whim... He's nothing at all!"

"Alright, let's not talk about these unpleasant matters in my Emerald Pavilion, we should have fun instead! Men, the food has already turned cold, change them!"

Chuckling lightly, Lin Lang commanded.


Upon hearing his orders, a few servants hurriedly rushed forward and replaced those cold dishes with piping hot ones.

All of them were wearing a hat, but one servant's hat was exceptionally low, making it difficult to make out his appearance. That servant glanced at Lin Lang, and dense hatred rippled in his eyes.

It was Zhang Xuan's missing student... Lu Chong!



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