Chapter 373: Sorrowful Lin Lang

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It was no wonder why Lu Chong refused to say anything at all before Zhang Xuan. No one could have thought that his enemy was the Lin Clan's young master, Lin Lang!

The Lin Clan stood at the very top of the Three Great Clans, and it wielded tremendous power. Even though Mo Tianxue knew that it was likely to be them who poisoned the guardian beast, he still suppressed the news. From this, it was clear how much he feared their influence.

Lu Chong was alone and weak, and if he were to reveal the name of his enemy, it wouldn't take long for those hoping to please the Lin Clan to deliver him to their doorsteps... As such, he would rather act as a mute than to speak.

The hatred only appeared for an instant. Before long, Lu Chong calmed down.

To be able to stop himself from talking for two years and endure the excruciating pain from the tempering of the poison for the Poison Body said a lot about his mental fortitude. His chance was right before him, and he naturally wouldn't act rashly at this moment.

The Emerald Pavilion might seem calm on the surface, but he knew that there were many experts hidden within. If Lu Chong wanted to make a move, he had to succeed in a single try. Otherwise... he wouldn't get another opportunity.

After placing the dishes on the table, Lu Chong slowly surveyed the surroundings before backing out of the room.

There were many experts in the room, making it an unfavorable location to make a move. Thus, Lu Chong decided to wait patiently for his chance.

After standing outside the room for a long time, 'Jiya!', Lin Lang walked out casually.

The wine of the Emerald Pavilion was specially concocted by masters in the industry. Even if a Zongshi realm expert were to consume it, he would definitely fall over, drunk.

At this moment, Lin Lang seemed to be extremely intoxicated. Featuring reddened cheeks, he walked towards the closest toilet in a wobbly fashion.

"This is my chance!"

Knowing that this was probably the best chance he would get, Lu Chong didn't hesitate. He slowly followed behind Lin Lang and entered the toilet as well.

"Who is it?"

Seeing another party walking into the toilet, Lin Lang, who was relieving himself, frowned.


Knowing that such an ideal chance wouldn't come twice, Lu Chong didn't bother to waste his time with words. He immediately charged forward and struck the other party with his palm.

However, before the palm could hit Lin Lang, a huge wind had already been whipped up in the toilet. The violent shock wave from his strike came crashing straight towards Lin Lang.

"Zongshi... Zongshi realm intermediate stage?"

Narrowing his eyes, Lin Lang immediately woke up from his drunken stupor.

Not only was the person who assaulted him a Zongshi realm expert, he even reached Zongshi realm intermediate stage.

Experts of these level were all famous and respectable figures in Tianwu Royal City. Little did he expect that one of them would disguise as a servant to assassinate him.

Lu Chong might have suffered pain worse than death itself by rubbing all of the poison on his acupoints, it had brought him gigantic benefits as well. Not only did he manage to break through Zongshi realm, his strength had even reached the level comparable to a Zongshi realm intermediate stage expert.

"You're courting death!"

Bellowing coldly, Lin Lang immediately raised his palms to receive the other party's assault.

Peng! Peng!

The two palms struck one another, and both sides retreated a single step from the collision.

Lu Chong's face darkened.

Two years ago, when the other party slaughtered his entire clan, he was only a Tongxuan realm primary stage. Lu Chong thought that even if the other party were to improve swiftly, he would only be at Tongxuan realm pinnacle at best... Yet, to think that Lin Lang was at Zongshi realm intermediate stage as well!

However, there was no path of retreat now. If Lu Chong fails to kill the other party today, he would be killed instead.

Narrowing his eyes, Lu Chong drove his Poison Body to the limits of its ability and charged forward, sending consecutive swift and powerful palms straight at Lin Lang.

"Damn it!"

Even though Lin Lang had reached Zongshi realm intermediate stage, it was mostly due to the forceful nourishment from the consumption of various pills. His cultivation hadn't been perfectly reinforced yet, causing him to be unable to bring out the full strength of a Zongshi realm intermediate stage cultivator. Under such conditions, how could he withstand Lu Chong's tenacious attacks? He could only retreat continuously.


Retreating backward, Lin Lang's legs suddenly caved in and he fell down. The next moment, an overpowering stench immediately rushed up his nose, causing him to feel faint-headed in an instant.

Lowering his head to take a look, he realized that he had been forced to a fecal drain under the relentless attack of the other party.

"Damn you..."

Lin Lang had always abhorred dirtiness. Falling into the fecal pit had left his mind in a state of frenzy. Furious, a vicious streak was triggered within him, and with a furious roar, he charged at the other party without a second thought.

However, before he could reach the other party, Lu Chong had already sent a kick into his face, planting his face right into the fecal drain.

To make things worse, since Lin Lang was in the midst of shouting, feces were stuffed right into his opened mouth.

"I will kill you..."

Lin Lang was on the brink of going insane.

How could the number one gongzi of Tianwu Royal City, a person of such prestigious standing that even Mo Tianxue had to defer to, suffer such a setback from an anonymous opponent? Rage bubbled inside his chest.


Before he could finish his words, his head was pushed right back into the fecal pit yet again, causing the brown liquid to smudge over his entire face and mouth.

"Lin Lang gongzi, the lady you presented me with is indeed not bad. Her figure and that sensation..."

Just as Lin Lang was being suffocated in the brown liquid, an intoxicated voice sounded, and Ji Mo gongzi walked in.


Possessing only the strength of a Pixue realm, how could he be a match for Lu Chong? Before he could finish his sentence, the sight before him blurred, and he fell into the fecal drain as well.

"The heck! Who dares to hit me! Do you know who I am..."

Ji Mo gongzi howled furiously.

This was Emerald Pavilion, the grandest place in Tianwu Royal City, an establishment of the Lin Clan's young master, Lin Lang. Who would be so audacious as to lay a hand on him here?

Was that person so tired of living as to offend the Lin Clan?

Putting aside the Lin Clan, Ji Mo was the son of the Ji Clan's clan head. Although his standing couldn’t hold a candle to Zhang shi, he wasn't someone anyone could simply offend.

Infuriated, he hurled insults furiously. However, halfway through his words, he saw a person blowing bubbles right beside him as a pungent stench attacked his nostrils. That person's face was absurdly pale and bruises filled his body. It seemed as though he was on the verge of breathing his last...

Who else could it be other than Lin Lang...

"You... actually dare to lay your hands on Young Master Lin?"

Ji Mo gongzi was on the verge of going insane.

He had just threatened the other party with his own standing when he saw Lin Lang getting pummeled as well.

The Lin Clan only had this male offspring. Laying one's hands on him was equivalent to waging a war against the entire Lin Clan. This was an act of suicide!

Hurriedly lifting his head, he saw a young man stepping on Lin Lang's body, leaving the latter incapable of retaliation at all.

It seemed like Ji Mo had happened to walk in at a bad timing.

"No. If Lin Lang were to be killed, I'll be doomed as well..."

Ji Mo understood how severe this matter was.

He had come here to look for Lin Lang, and the other party had ended up being killed in the toilet. Putting aside whether this mysterious assassin would be willing to let him go, even if he were to survive this ordeal, it would be difficult for him to withstand the wrath of the Lin Clan. In the worst case scenario, the entire Ji Clan might even be annihilated.

The heck, why do I have to meet with this kind of misfortune... Even if you want to kill Lin Lang, can't you do it when I'm not around? Why did I have to happen to come to the toilet at this moment? If he were to die now, it'll be as though I have stained my pants with mud, I'll be in deep shit even if it isn't shit...

More importantly... It's one thing to kill the other party, but what did you mean by kicking the other party into the fecal drain?

Lin Lang gongzi had always paid careful attention to his image and had always assumed a gentlemanly facade before others that attracted many female fans. Yet, at this moment, a fetid odor was lingering around him while his white shirt had been stained yellow. To make matters worse, the overwhelming scent was causing the food that he just ate to threaten to rise up his throat...

Ji Mo clenched his jaws and whipped up his determination.

"Let go of Young Master Lin..."

Knowing that he couldn't allow Lin Lang to die now, Ji Mo gongzi charged straight at the mysterious young man.


Before he could finish his words, a leg met up with his face, causing him to be smashed into the walls of the toilet. Blood trickled down his mouth and nose.

Even though he failed to stop the other party, he managed to vie for sufficient time for Lin Lang to wake up.

Injured and humiliated, Lin Lang was on the verge of erupting.

"I had not intended to use this item at all. However, since it has come down to this, I want you dead..."

Roaring furiously, Ji Mo whipped his wrist, and a palm-size circular plate appeared in his palm.

"Formation plate?"

Upon seeing the object the other party took out frenziedly, Lu Chong's eyes narrowed.

He had heard of this item from his older sister before. It was called a formation plate!

It was a method of compressing a formation into a small special jade plate. By triggering the jade plate, the formation inscribed on it would be activated, trapping or even killing one's enemies. In addition, one could use trigger a formation plate even if one wasn't a formation master.

However, formation plates were extremely valuable, and each of them was worth a huge fortune. There was less than a handful of it even in Tianwu Kingdom.

As a 2-star formation master, the son of the Formation Master Guild Master, and the younger brother of Xuanyuan Kingdom's princess consort, it wasn't surprising for Lin Lang to possess this kind of survival mean on him.

"This isn't good!"

Lu Chong knew that a formation would immediately cover the surroundings as soon as it is triggered.

Even though the might of a formation plate was inferior to that of a normal formation, it was still more than sufficient to trap a person who knew nothing about formations at all like Lu Chong.

The moment Lu Chong was trapped, not only would he be unable to kill Lin Lang, his life might even be in danger.

For the sake of exacting vengeance for his clan, he mustn't die!


Without any hesitation, Lu Chong dashed out. In just half a breath, he was already at the entrance of the Emerald Pavilion.

Dressed in the attire of a servant, everyone thought that he was a servant whom Young Master Lin Lang had entrusted an urgent matter to. As such, he was able to make the escape quickly without much obstruction.


As soon as he left the Emerald Pavilion, he felt an intense burst of spiritual energy behind him, and a layer of mist seemed to envelop the infrastructure.

The formation plate had already been triggered.

"I should hurry up and leave..."

Knowing that it wouldn't take long before the Lin Clan sent men after him, Lu Chong didn't dare to stop here. In the blink of an eye, he blended into the crowd and disappeared from the watchful eyes of others.

Having escaped from the Lin Clan's pursuit once, he had learned how to prevent anyone from tracking him down, and he knew how he should act so as to avoid detection.

"Why was a formation triggered?"

"Did... something happened?"

"This is the formation plate that young master brings along with him everywhere. Damn it, young master is in trouble..."


As soon as Lu Chong left, an uproar broke out in the Emerald Pavilion.

The personal bodyguards of the young master immediately recognized that the abnormality originated from the formation plate that their young master always carried around. To go to the extent of even triggering his final mean for survival, he must be facing grievous danger.

"Hurry up and inform the old master!"

The formation spanned over the entire Emerald Pavilion, and most of the guards here lacked knowledge about formations. Thus, they didn't dare to move around recklessly.

Even so, they had a special communication device. It didn't take long for the news to reach Clan Head Lin, Lin Ruotian.

"What happened? Why would Lang-er trigger the formation plate?"

With eyes as cold as ice, Lin Ruotian enquired with a steeled face.

"You better hope that Lang-er is alright. If something goes wrong, all of you will be buried along with him..."

Glancing at the bodyguards coldly, Lin Ruotian walked into the Emerald Pavilion.

Even though the still-active formation plate made it difficult for one to discern direction, as a 3-star formation master, Lin Ruotian was able to maneuver around it with ease.

Walking straight towards the core of the formation, it didn't take long before he reached the toilet.

"Why would it be here?"

Lin Ruotian was perplexed.

"Hurry up and find the young master..."

The few guards hurriedly dived in upon hearing their master's instructions..

A moment later, a swollen-faced fellow who was emanating a putrid stench was brought before Lin Ruotian.

As the state of the other party registered in his eyes, Lin Ruotian was taken aback.

He almost couldn't recognize his own son.

Isn't the place Lin Lang opened supposed to be a place to eat and drink? Why did he... fall inside the fecal drain?

"Who was it? Go, go find the culprit! Even if you have to turn Tianwu Royal City upside down, you better bring the culprit to me..."

Soon, after understanding the situation, a furious bellow pierced through the air, shaking even the clouds.



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