Chapter 374: Tianwu Kingdom's Book Collection Vault

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Tianwu Academy, Zhang Xuan's classroom.

After instructing Mu Xueqing on several matters, he commenced his lesson.

The Eye of Insight had significantly augmented his ability to impart relevant knowledge to others..

In the past, he had to tap into the abilities of the Library of Heaven's Path to determine the flaws of Meng Tao and the others so as to guide and correct their cultivation methods.

But now, all he needed to do was to expend a sliver of his Soul Depth to understand the problems the other party met during cultivation and offer the most accurate solution for it.

"This is the strength of a master teacher..." Zhang Xuan's eyes glowed.

Initially, Zhang Xuan had thought that master teachers were more of a title than anything else. Even though he had become a teacher, he didn't have a clear concept of what it was.

After coming to an epiphany, his understanding of the occupation had reached higher heights. Every single action and gesture of his seemed to carry the disposition befitting of a teacher, and the slight sense of disharmony from before disappeared without a trace.

With the Eye of Insight, even without the Library of Heaven's Path, he could easily peer into the essence of anything. He no longer needed to knock a person out or have him display a battle technique for everything.

Even though the information he could obtain through the Eye of Insight wasn't as in-depth and detailed as that from the Library of Heaven's Path, and he still couldn't peer into the information of those possessing a cultivation higher than his, it was already a good start. As he grew stronger and his knowledge broadened, his Eye of Insight would continue to grow more and more formidable.

Compared to the past when he had to intentionally feign the role of a master teacher, his actions now seemed to carry the natural grace of a master teacher, fitting him perfectly into the ideal concept of a master teacher.

Very soon, he finished his lesson, but his students seemed to be drunk on his words. They felt their cultivation leaping, and it seemed as though they would achieve a breakthrough at any moment.

In the past, when they attended lessons, they had to force themselves to learn. As time went by, some of them even began to detest attending lessons.

However, after Liu laoshi became their teacher, they began to look forward to classes instead. Every single lesson made them feel as though they were drinking a barrel of divine wine, sending a surge of fresh air to all of them.

Unknowingly, their trust toward him slowly but steadily deepened.

"Teacher, Princess Mo Yu wishes to meet with you!"

As soon as the lesson ended, Meng Tao immediately walked forward.


Nodding his head, Zhang Xuan walked out.

Upon seeing Zhang Xuan, Mo Yu smiled gently, and for a moment, it seemed as though a field of flowers had bloomed. "Liu laoshi, didn't you say that you wish to browse through the book collection vault of the kingdom? My father has asked me to invite you over..."

Back then, when Zhang Xuan was treating the guardian beast, he brought up a request to browse through the kingdom's book collection vault. However, the duel between the two of his students occurred and he ended up missing the opportunity.

Since there was nothing on at the moment, Mo Yu decided to come over to extend her invitation.

This was a show of goodwill from the royal family, as well as Mo Yu's way of apologizing to him for hiding the matter regarding Zhao Ya and Mu Xueqing's duel.

"Yes!" Zhang Xuan agreed to it.

Lu Chong had disappeared to exact his vengeance while Zhao Ya was in the midst of awakening her unique constitution.

He was only meeting Mo Hongyi tomorrow to head to the Master Teacher Pavilion together to end the master teacher examinations, so he had nothing to do at the moment. Thus, he decided to make good use of this time to broaden his knowledge through the books of the kingdom's book collection vault.

With Mo Yu leading the way, the duo soon arrived at the book collection vault.

"This is our kingdom's book collection vault. In it is the huge collection Tianwu Kingdom had gathered over the course of a thousand years. There are no books that you are seeking that that you will not find inside!" Mo Yu introduced.


Zhang Xuan nodded his head.

Tianwu Kingdom had more than a thousand years behind it, and its collection reflected its long heritage. To Zhang Xuan, the genre didn't matter—what mattered was quantity.

In terms of books... Zhang Xuan was probably the least picky reader in the world.

If anyone else were to know his thoughts, they would definitely spurt blood on the spot.

No matter how capable a master teacher is, even if he possesses photographic memory, browsing through ten thousand books is the maximum one could do in a day. Not to mention, a human’s vitality is limited. One would have no choice but to read selectively.

On top of that, different books were written from different people, and as such, they contained different concepts and content.

Often were the explanations in different books contradictory, making it extremely difficult for one to determine truth from false. If one were to absorb the thoughts of many different people without bias, it would just make one confused and lost.

Thus, reading more books wasn’t necessarily beneficial. Rather, one had to pick their books properly to pile up on their knowledge. Only this way would one's understanding of a topic deepen.

Flipping through books randomly could cause one's mind to fall into chaos, and their cultivation might even go berserk due to this.

But Zhang Xuan was an exception. All books recorded in the Library of Heaven's Path would have their errors and flaws pointed out clearly. What that would have perplexed others meant nothing to him at all.

Walking into the book collection vault, Zhang Xuan took a brief glance and saw countless towering bookshelves erected all over the room. The number of books in here seemed to exceed ten million.

"What kind of books are you interested in? I'll bring you there..."

Smiling, Mo Yu asked politely.

The reason why she was considered a genius was because of the humongous quantity of books that she had browsed through.

Ever since learning how to read when she was six, she would spend at least two hours reading here everyday. It would be no exaggeration to say that she was the most knowledgeable among her peers. At the same time, this had also given her a clear idea of the layout of this gigantic library.

Despite the hulking number of books here, she could still roughly point out the bookshelves of where the books one wanted to find was.

"You should get along with whatever you intend to do. I can find the books that I want by myself so I won't trouble Your Highness on that! Besides, I prefer a quiet environment when I'm reading, so..."

Zhang Xuan said with an apologetic look.

His way of reading books was simply too astounding. Just by running around the library, he could record the contents of the books into his head.

If anyone else were to see it, they would definitely take him to be a lunatic. As such, he felt that it would be best for him to be alone while doing it.

"Alright, I'll be going out now then!"

Seeing that the other party didn't require her help, Mo Yu left the room slightly disappointed.

She felt that her charms were completely meaningless before this young man.

Men of her age group would naturally find themselves allured by her looks, and they would try all means to perform and brag before her. Yet, this fellow seemed completely nonchalant to her presence, treating her as though she was merely a part of the background.

Sometimes, she couldn't help but feel dismayed by Zhang Xuan’s response, or more exactly, lack of response.

Could it be that he was uninterested in women? Could he be... impotent?

Cough cough!

Princess Mo Yu's face flushed.

Given how capable the other party was as a physician, even if he was impotent, he would surely be able to treat himself... So, it must be that her charms weren't sufficient to attract the other party!

After all, the other party was a genius who even Mo Hongyi couldn't compare up to. He must have high demands for his other half. Even though Mo Yu thought that she wasn’t a bad candidate as a partner, that was probably limited to the sphere of a Tier 1 Kingdom. The other party probably had his eyes set even further, so it's only normal for him to not be interested in her.

Understanding all of these, she glanced regretfully at the young man, whose head was lowered in contemplation, before turning around to leave.

Mo Tianxue had asked her to look for means to strike up connections with Zhang Xuan and Guild Master Liu, and it would be best if she could make one of them her future partner. But from the looks of it now... it was definitely impossible!

If Zhang Xuan were to know of her thoughts, he would definitely shake his head.

Rather than a lack of interest in beautiful ladies, Zhang Xuan just hadn't met one who moved his heart.

Mo Yu might be pretty, but could she be prettier than Zhao Ya?

On the other hand, the latter was his student so that was out of question too.

Besides, he had spent his previous life in the digital age. What kind of beauty hadn't he seen before? He had long built up a strong immunity to physical charm.

More importantly, he had just arrived at a foreign world, and he hadn't truly come to terms with it yet. On top of that, there was a lethal poison within him that was threatening to blow up f he didn't reach the level of a 9-star master teacher before thirty. Given the threat on his life, how could he be in the mood to pursue romance?

"I should begin now!"

Seeing that Mo Yu had left and he was the only person remaining in the book collection vault, Zhang Xuan breathed out deeply. He walked over to the first shelf, placed a finger on the first book, and started running.


Under his touch, row after row of books appeared on the shelves of the Library of Heaven's Path.

Having reached Zongshi realm pinnacle, as well as the strengthening of his soul, his rate of collection increased significantly.



In a silent alley, Lu Chong stopped and panted heavily.

After leaving Emerald Pavilion, he changed into a fresh set of clothes, changed his hairstyle, and hid his aura. He thought that he was already safe, but somehow, the men from Lin Clan still managed to find him.

He had escaped from them several times already, and in the midst, he had tried changing into many different sets of clothes, but the other party was still able to track him down each time.

"I have made sure to conceal my appearance back in the Emerald Pavilion, and during my escape, I made sure to stay out of open places as well. How could they still find me so quickly each time?"

Lu Chong frowned doubtfully.

Despite his young age, he had undergone a near death experience before, and because of it, he had learned how to escape from one's pursuers. Even though he had grown significantly stronger under Liu laoshi's guidance, he didn't act recklessly!

This assassination plot was actually carefully planned and refined over a long period of time. He had made sure not to catch anyone’s attention in the Emerald Pavilion, and he was certain that no one had seen his face during the time he was there. So, how could his pursuers still find him each time?

"I can't allow this situation to continue on like that..."

Lu Chong's complexion was incredibly awful.

With his strength and wariness, he successfully evaded his pursuers several times. However, he knew that continuing on like this wasn't a solution.

Given how relentless the other party was in their pursuit, it was just a matter of time before he was caught.

"If I were to head to Tianwu Academy, I might implicate teacher and the other students. Fleeing beyond the city isn't an option either. Given the vast empty terrain outside, I'll surely be found quickly. So, I can only find a hiding place within the capital..."

Lu Chong was anxious, but he didn't panic.

If he were to head to Tianwu Academy now, someone would definitely point out that he was Liu laoshi's student, and this would bring calamity to his teacher and his peers.

His teacher was his benefactor, so this course of action was out of question!

As for escaping beyond the city...

Beyond the city gates, other than small patches of forests here and there, an empty plain extended to the horizon. Without the flow of crowd hiding his presence, he would only be making things easier for his pursuers.

Given the Lin Clan's standing, they could definitely mobilize the kingdom's army to encircle him.

If he were to be surrounded in the empty plains, he would truly be doomed.

Thus, the only solution was to remain in the capital. Under the concealment of the infrastructures and crowd, it would be easier for him to hide.

"But where can I hide for the Lin Clan to be unable to find me?"

Lu Chong's mind whirled swiftly.

Since the other party was able to find him despite having escaped multiple times, it was likely that they possessed some kind of special mean to track him down. If he didn't find a good hiding spot, it would just be a matter of time before he was found again. He would be a goner if the other party manages to surround him.

"Right! Tianwu royal palace!"

Suddenly, Lu Chong's eyes lit up. A location suddenly flashed across his mind.

Back then, the news of the destruction of the clan was so carefully restrained that not a single person in the Master Teacher Pavilion knew of it. Lu Chong would never believe it if the Tianwu royal family didn't play a part in the matter!

Since they had colluded with one another, he might as well hide in the royal palace and leave those two to fight with one another!

After all, no matter how formidable the Lin Clan was, they couldn't possibly brazenly demand to search the royal palace!

Even if they did, the royal palace couldn't possibly give in the other party's demands easily either. That would be a humiliation to the royal palace, sullying the prestige of the royal family.

With an idea in mind, Lu Chong headed straight for the royal palace.

Having successfully cultivated the Poison Body, Lu Chong's current strength was at Zongshi realm intermediate stage. Even though his cultivation wasn't top-notch in Tianwu Royal City, there were very few who could match up to him. Most guards wouldn't be able to sense his presence.

It didn't take long for him to arrive at the royal palace.



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