Chapter 375: Seeking Mouse

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Tianwu royal palace.

Looking at his depressed daughter, Mo Tianxue was perplexed, "What's wrong? Guild Master Liu turned down the invitation?"

"He came..." Mo Yu shook her head. "However, he wishes to look through the books by his own. He doesn't need me to accompany him!"

"Forget it!" Mo Tianxue sighed. "This kind of thing depends on fate. If you two aren't fated to be, there's no use forcing it!"

He had been wanting to pair his daughter with Guild Master Liu for a while now. If he got his way, he would be able to tie the other party onto his boat. In the future, if the Lin Clan or Mo Hongyi harbored any thoughts toward the throne, they would have to think twice.

But from the looks of it now, he seemed to have been expecting too much.

His daughter could be considered as a phoenix among men, but she was still a far way off compared to Guild Master Liu and Zhang shi.

Mo Yu nodded.

It wasn't that she was interested in Zhang Xuan. All along, she had been the center of attention, and meeting a person who was nonchalant to her piqued her interest and her competitive spirit. However, upon seeing that she had no hopes, her heart calmed down swiftly.

"Father, is it the Lin Clan who laid their hands on the guardian beast? Are there any movements on their end?"

Putting aside all other thoughts, Mo Yu's eyes regained her previous clarity.

"Seven eunuchs were involved in this matter. However, the moment I started looking into this matter, all of them immediately committed suicide!"

Mo Tianxue's eyes turned grim, "I know that it's impossible for us to find anything this way. Furthermore, our enemies are in the shadows while we're in the open. This gives them the chance to prepare in advance. Even if we were to dig up anything, it might very possibly be something they planted to mislead us. Thus... while I had some of my men investigate this matter openly, I secretly sent the others on another trail!"

"Sent the others on another trail?" Mo Yu asked in bewilderment.

"Un. I sent them to... track the origin of the poison!"

A glint flashed across Mo Tianxue's eyes. "Given how the poison was able to send the Half-Zhizun Gold-tailed Lion into such a dire state without us noticing, it must be at grade-2 pinnacle, perhaps grade-3 even!"

Given how the poison was effective on even the Gold-tailed Lion, it must be extraordinarily potent.

Grade-1 poison was capable of killing cultivators beneath Zongshi realm. Grade-2 poison was effective on Zongshi and even Half-Zhizun.

Even though this poison didn't kill the Gold-tailed Lion instantly, it accelerated its aging. Its effects were definitely at the level of a grade-2 pinnacle poison.

"Only the Poison Hall is capable of bringing out such a poison. Based on the results of my investigation, the Lin Clan seems to have some dealings with Red Lotus City. In fact, the most powerful Great Herb King had arrived in the capital a few days ago!"

Mo Tianxue flung his sleeves and harrumphed, "All of this is way too coincidental. As such, I sent my men to investigate the matter, and the conclusion is that the Lin Clan is involved in this matter!"

"Then, what should we do?"

Confirming that it was the Lin Clan's doing, Mo Yu's complexion turned incredibly awful.

Since the other party was able to make a move on the Gold-tailed Lion, it might very possibly be the members of the royal family next.

Once one sets his eye on absolute authority, one's ambition would start to sprout like bamboo shoots after a rain. No one would be able to quell one's fiery desire anymore.

"Even though the Gold-tailed Lion has reached Zhizun realm, the Lin Clan has Xuanyuan Kingdom serving as their backing. Thus, we can't afford to offend them!" Knowing what his daughter was worried about, Mo Tianxue shook his head.

So what if we know that they were the ones who did it?

On top of a 3-star formation master, they even have the princess consort of Xuanyuan Conferred Kingdom on their side. They aren't someone that we can afford to offend.

As long as we pretend to be ignorant about it now, with the presence of the Master Teacher Pavilion, the Lin Clan still wouldn't dare overstep their boundaries.

However, if they were to turn against the Lin Clan, Xuanyuan Kingdom only needed to send a slightly more formidable Zhizun realm expert to destroy their entire royal family.

"Indeed! It's just like the Qu Clan back then... Seems like we're helpless once more!" Understanding the troubles of her father, Mo Yu sighed.

"The Qu Clan might not be a prestigious clan, but they have a huge establishment in the city. Yet, for some reason, their entire clan of 137 people were killed overnight by the Lin Clan... Even until now, I can't forget this matter..." Mo Tianxue clenched his fists tightly.

Two years ago, the Qu Clan of Tianwu Royal City, for some unknown reason, offended the Lin Clan, and over the course of a single night, the entire clan had been purged. When the royal family sent someone to look into the matter, Clan Head Lin arrived in the palace personally and forced them to clamp down on all news. In the end, this matter could only end inconclusively.

Despite being the emperor of the country, he was unable to protect his own people. As though a thorn, this matter had been pricking on Mo Tianxue's heart.

"Actually, this isn't father's fault. Back then, the other party was holding onto the Xuanyuan KIngdom's token, saying that they are carrying out the orders of the crown prince. As a Tier 1 Kingdom, we can't possibly disobey his orders!" Seeing the sorrowful expression of her father, Mo Yu consoled.

Back then, it wasn't because they feared the Lin Clan that they decided to lie low. It was because the other party was holding onto the edict from Xuanyuan Kingdom's crown prince.

As a lower tiered kingdom, they could only submit.

"I know..."

Mo Tianxue shook his head. "In the end, a human can't defy circumstances! That's why I hoped that you can pull Guild Master Liu or Zhang shi to our side. As long as one of them becomes the prince consort, they wouldn't dare to make a move anymore!"

That was the reason why Mo Tianxue had been trying to create opportunities for his daughter and Guild Master Liu to be together. However... the other party didn't seem to be interested in his daughter at all.

Hearing her father's words, Mo Yu felt a little depressed. Shaking her head, she was just about to speak when a panicked eunuch rushed into the room.

"What's wrong?" Mo Tianxue frowned.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, the Third Elder of the Lin Clan has brought a large group of men here, saying that the royal family owes them an explanation..." The eunuch trembled.

"We owe them an explanation? What does that mean?"

Mo Tianxue's eyes narrowed.

We haven't even settled the score of the Lin Clan poisoning the guardian beast, yet the other party came knocking?

Demanding for an explanation even?

Could it be that they've decided to abandon everything and decided to just go through with it?

"Your humble servant doesn't know. They are currently at the gates of the royal palace, and they're about to rush in..." The eunuch hurriedly replied.

"Let's go take a look!"

Harrumphing coldly, Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu started walking out.

Soon, they arrived at the palace gates and saw a huge group from the Lin Clan standing arrogantly outside.

"Emperor Mo Tianxue, I advise you to hurry up and hand over the man. If so, we can let this matter rest. Otherwise, don't expect this matter to end so easily!"

Upon seeing Mo Tianxue walking over, an elder walked forward with a menacing expression.

"Hand over the man? What do you mean?"

Mo Tianxue was baffled.

"Stop putting on an act, you sent your men to assassinate our Young Master Lin Lang. Even now, he's severely wounded and still in a coma. It can't be that you don't dare to admit it?" The Lin Clan's Third Elder narrowed his eyes.

"Assassinate Young Master Lin Lang?" Mo Tianxue was even more baffled. "Could there be a misunderstanding?"

Even though he desired to destroy the Lin Clan, he knew the potential consequences of doing so. As such, he had been suppressing his desire all along. Could it be that something had happened to Young Master Lin Lang?

"Misunderstanding? The culprit has already escaped into the royal palace, and he's currently within the palace walls. Yet, you say that it's a misunderstanding?" The Lin Clan's Third Elder sneered coldly.

Unable to comprehend the situation, Mo Tianxue was about to continue asking when a gray-robed man silently walked toward him and whispered a few words into his ears.

He was a member of the Shadow Squad.

Given the huge ruckus in the Emerald Pavilion and that the entire Lin Clan was dispatched to dig out the culprit, it didn't take long for news to reach the Shadow Squad.

Hearing the other party's words, Mo Tianxue immediately understood the situation, and a look of dismay appeared on his face.

He had never sent anyone, and even if he did, he would ensure that the entire Lin Clan would collapse with a single blow. To leave Lin Lang in a coma... Wasn't this offering the other party a reason to strike at them?

"Elder Lin Hui, I can tell you clearly now that Lin Lang gongzi's condition isn't the doing of our royal family..."

Mo Tianxue said.

"Isn't your doing?" Third Elder Lin Hui laughed frostily. "I'm fine with you denying it. However, you'll have to get your guards to leave so that we can search the royal palace. We'll know the truth once we find the culprit!"

Mo Tianxue's face turned dark, and his entire body tightened.

The royal palace wasn't only the royal family's foundation, it also represented the entire kingdom's dignity. If he were to allow them to search through the royal palace, what prestige would the Tianwu royal family have to command the entire Tianwu Kingdom in the future?

"You said that the culprit has escaped to the royal palace, but do you have any evidence?" Mo Yu frowned.

"Paying respect to Mo shi!"

Glancing at Mo Yu, Lin Hui chuckled softly and said, "Of course we have our basis for saying so!"

Then, he beckoned to the back.

A man immediately walked forward with a cage in his hands.

There was a snow-white mouse crawling around the cage. Lifting his nose, he kept sniffing around the place.

"This is a... [Seeking Mouse]?"

Mo Tianxue's body jolted.

The Seeking Mouse was a unique savage beast that possessed an extraordinarily sensitive nose. No matter what it was, with a single sniff, even if it was thousands of miles apart, it would be able to find it.

This animal was even rarer than spirit stones, and it was hard to find even in Conferred Xuanyuan Kingdom. To think that the Lin Clan would actually possess one of them.

If it was the Seeking Mouse, as long as the assassin left behind his scent, no matter how far he escaped or how many clothes he changed into, it was impossible for him to escape.

"Indeed. Seems like Emperor Tianxue recognizes it. It's not my claim that the assassin is hiding in the royal palace, but the Seeking Mouse's judgement. Why? Does Your Majesty doubt its judgement?"

Lin Hui harrumphed.

"This..." Mo Tianxue fell silent.

Since they had followed the trial of the Seeking Mouse here, the culprit must truly be hiding in the royal palace. However... For him to know nothing at all, what in the world was going on?

"All we want to do is to capture the man who harmed the young master, we won't wreak havoc in here. If Your Majesty insists on stopping us, we can only take it as a sign of guilt..."

Lin Hui continued.

If that Gold-tailed Lion had died, the Lin Clan would definitely make use of this opportunity to force the royal family who had ruled over Tianwu Kingdom for over a thousand years to step down.

However, not only did that savage beast not die, it even became a Zhizun realm expert. With this consideration, they had to think twice before doing anything.

Before they were completely prepared, it was best not to fall out with the other party.

Otherwise, if the Zhizun realm guardian beast were to make a move, it would be hard for the Lin Clan's grade-3 formation to withstand its might.

"Fine. Our royal family definitely didn't send anyone to harm Lin Lang gongzi. As long the Seeking Mouse finds the culprit, we'll know the truth!"

After hesitating for a short moment, Mo Tianxue nodded.

Since the other party had the Seeking Mouse with them, it shouldn't be too difficult for them to find the culprit. They would have no reason to overturn the royal palace under the context of conducting a search. At the same time, Mo Tianxue would also like to see who it was who assaulted Lin Lang and ran to the royal palace to frame them.

"Since Your Majesty has agreed to it, I won't stand on formalities then!"

Seeing that Mo Tianxue had given in, Lin Hui raised his hand, and his subordinate immediately opened the cage, allowing the Seeking Mouse to jump out. Lifting up its slightly slender and long nose, it sniffed around before dashing forward.

"Follow it!"

The large group followed closely behind the Seeking Mouse.



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