Chapter 377: Lu Chong's Gratitude

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I am his teacher...

These words sounded ordinary and simple, and there wasn't any excessive adornment or vehement emotions behind them. Yet, Lu Chong felt as though he was shrouded in warm water, and his blood coursed swiftly through his body.

Having come from a wealthy clan, he knew how valuable the lethal poison his teacher concocted for him was. He also understood how valuable the cultivation technique the other party imparted him was...

Without demanding anything return, he gave it his all to guide him, even going to the extent of offending the Lin Clan...

All of this, just because he called him teacher!

Just because he was his student!

Teacher, do you know that your admission is equivalent to falling out with the Lin Clan? They will never let you get away with this...

It isn't worth going this far for a student who you've barely known for six days and hasn't done anything for you...

I have truly pulled you down...

Lu Chong's body trembled in agitation.

"Zhang Xuan, you..."

Mo Yu was taken aback as well.

She had thought that the two weren't related to one another, but to think that the assassin was his student. But... even if the assassin was his student, they probably just met not too long ago. To offend the entire Lin Clan over such a reckless fellow... Was it truly worth it?

"Your student?" Lin Hui was stunned. He found the situation hard to believe.

This Guild Master Liu, despite being a Tongxuan realm primary stage cultivator, actually groomed a Zongshi realm intermediate stage student?

But soon, he recovered from his shock. This kind of situation wasn't completely unheard of in this world.

A student might not necessarily be inferior to his teacher, and a teacher might not necessarily be more virtuous than his students. Everyone has their own strengths, and this is how the world operated!

Given how skilled this Guild Master Liu was in the Way of Medicine, it was highly possible that this assassin was simply his student in medicine rather than cultivation.

"Indeed!" Zhang Xuan placed his hands behind his back and nodded.

Since the other party called him teacher, he couldn't abandon him at this moment.

Even if it means offending the entire world, as long as you are my student, I will make sure you are safe!


Seeing the other party respond to his question, Lin Hui soon calmed down. Then, staring at Zhang Xuan, the corners of his lips crept up, "It's good that you admitted to it. Say, how did our young master offend you? Why did you send your student to assassinate him?"

"Elder Lin, what do you mean by that? Even if Guild Master Liu is that boy's teacher, he can't possibly know every action of his! He isn't his nanny or maid..."

Mo Yu's face darkened.

So what if Zhang Xuan was that fellow's teacher? Must it be under a teacher's orders that a student killed someone? What kind of logic was that?

Teachers are only responsible for clarifying one's doubts and guiding one on the right path. They aren't responsible for their own student's life. In fact, even parents didn't have that responsibility!

"Mo shi, this is a matter between the Lin Clan and Guild Master Liu. It isn't your place to interfere!"

Flinging his sleeves, Lin Hui interrupted Mo Yu, turned to Zhang Xuan, and chuckled, "Guild Master Liu, you are also a respectable figure. Do you wish to follow me obediently, or do you need me to drag you away?"

He thought that the one who attempted to assassinate the young master was just an insignificant ruffian, but to think that such a formidable figure was behind it. However, this was an opportunity as well. As long as they taught this Guild Master Liu a lesson, they could strike fear in the hearts of the entire kingdom. Everyone would learn better than to offend the Lin Clan!

"I'm not done browsing through my books, so I don't have the time to follow you around!" Zhang Xuan shook his head.

When Lu Chong barged in, Zhang Xuan had barely looked through half of the books in the book collection vault. He still needed some time to finish reading all of it, so he didn't have the effort to waste on this fellow.

"Browsing through books?"

Lin Hui was dumbstruck for a moment before his complexion darkened. "I tried to spare your dignity, didn't I? No matter what reason you give, you have to follow me to the Lin Clan today and accept your punishment! To dare to harm the young master of our Lin Clan, at minimum, your cultivation will be crippled, or at worst, you might even be killed on the spot! Let me warn you, don't force me to make a move. You might be the guild master of the Physician Guild, but your strength is only at Tongxuan realm primary stage. You aren't a match for me. Killing you isn't any harder than smashing an egg for me!"


Lu Chong immediately charged forward to stand before Zhang Xuan, protecting him. Nervous, he clenched his fists tightly together.

He had just experienced Lin Hui's strength firsthand, and it was indeed fearsome. His teacher's fighting prowess couldn't even compare to his; how could he be an opponent for the other party?

"Zhang Xuan..."

Mo Yu was also worried.

She knew that Zhang Xuan wasn't weak, but he was only at Zongshi realm primary stage. Furthermore, he only achieved a breakthrough during the master teacher examination a few days ago, so it was impossible for him to be a match for the other party.

"Force you to make a move? Feel free to do so..."

Pushing Lu Chong to be side, Zhang Xuan glanced at Lin Hui as though he was a pitiful fellow and shook his head.

"Since you are so eager to die, allow me to grant your wish!"

Narrowing his eyes, Lin Hui harrumphed coldly. Then, with a swift movement, his palm flew abruptly toward Zhang Xuan.


Just like with Lu Chong a moment ago, before the palm could even reach, the air in the surroundings seemed to have solidified, locking Zhang Xuan in place.


Clenching his fists tightly, Lu Chong was about to sacrifice himself to protect his teacher when he saw Liu laoshi shake his head. The other party's hands remained firmly behind his back, and with a lazy expression, he lifted his legs and kicked at the other party.

Zhang Xuan's kick was so swift that one could barely see the afterimage of his movement. Before anyone could fully perceive the situation, his leg had already struck the area right in between the other party's thighs.

'Kacha!' The crisp sound of eggs breaking echoed in the room.


Flying into the air, Lin Hui released a high-pitch scream of agony which threatened to burst the crowd's eardrums.

After which, that arrogant fellow fell to the floor and scrunched together as though a shrimp. White foam kept flowing out of the corners of his mouth, and his entire body twitched non-stop.


Lu Chong, Mo Tianxue, and the others were dumbfounded.


They had seen Lin Hui's attack clearly. As expected of the seventh strongest expert in the kingdom; before his palm even arrived, the pressure from his assault was already sufficient to render anyone helpless... Even if Mo Hongyi wanted to defeat the other party, he would take at least a hundred blows. Yet...

With a single kick, this Liu laoshi immediately sent him rolling around the floor... As though a dying dog!

When did subduing a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert become so easy?

The heck!

Aren't you a Tongxuan realm primary stage cultivator?

To render a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert powerless with a single kick? This...

Mo Yu was also dumbstruck.

She had personally seen Zhang Xuan reach Zongshi realm a few days ago. There was a huge gap between Zongshi realm primary stage and Zongshi realm pinnacle, and it was completely impossible for the former to even match up to the latter. Yet, to subdue the other party with a single kick...

How in the world did he do it?

Even the guards behind Lin Hui were flabbergasted.

They thought that it was a sealed deal since the Third Elder was making a move personally. Who could have thought that before his attack could reach the other party, he was already rendered infertile with a single kick...

"There's no need to face a person head on in a battle, what you should do is to find the other party's weakness and utilize it against him! Take for example this elder, he managed to conceal his aura within, so his only visible flaw is that spot. If you strike at his weakness accurately, you can subdue him effectively!"

Ignoring the widened mouths of the crowd, Zhang Xuan turned to Lu Chong and explained.

The other party had reached Zongshi realm pinnacle as well, and his fighting prowess was one to behold. In a straightforward battle, even despite Zhang Xuan's immense strength of 5000 ding, he couldn't have subdued the other party with a single blow.

However, possessing the Eye of Insight, he was able to see the direction and speed of the flow of the other party's zhenqi. Thus, he immediately kicked out and struck the other party's mingmen.

And thus... This fellow was in for a round of suffering.


Despite nearly killing the Lin Clan Third Elder with a single kick, his teacher still deciphered the entire situation and explained it to him as though it wasn't a big deal. Feeling a little awkward, it took Lu Chong a while before he recovered and hurriedly nodded his head.


Nodding his head in satisfaction, Zhang Xuan instructed. "Since you understand, give it a try!"

Previously, when Lu Chong was fighting against the other elder, his moves were too unpolished, and he relied too heavily on brute force to break through the other party's offense. Since he was free now, Zhang Xuan decided to guide him along.

"Give it a try?" Lu Chong hesitated.

"Indeed. Cultivation and fighting instincts require consistent polishing and refinement. If you don't practice, how can you grow stronger than the others?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Battle techniques were just empty movements if one wasn't able to integrate it into a real battle. Only when one managed to bring it out naturally in a true battle would it be able to show its true might and effectiveness.


After a moment of hesitation, Lu Chong gritted his teeth and walked up to Lin Hui, who was scrunched up as though a shrimp. Then, facing a certain spot, he lifted his leg and kicked at him forcefully!


Upon having that which was shattered kicked fiercely again, Lin Hui's eyes flipped upward. With this single blow, even the pipe was gone. Unable to hold on any further, he immediately keeled over.

After kicking the other party, Lu Chong turned to look at his teacher to listen to his evaluation, only to see the latter glaring at him furiously. "When I asked you to give it a try, I meant those guards! Who asked you to kick him..."

It was no wonder why Zhang Xuan was angry. He explained so much to the other party to make him understand that technique is equally important and brute strength...

His motive for asking the other party to give it a try was also simple. Even though Lin Hui was down, there was still a huge group of guards for him to practice on. Perhaps, his skills might improve if he refined his offense on them... In any case, they were all his enemies, so it wouldn't matter beating them up either...

But... What the heck are you doing? Why did you go and kick Lin Hui?

That fellow is already spurting white foam, what can you learn from kicking him?

Does stabbing a knife into a corpse means that you have managed to kill someone?


It was only then that Lu Chong understood his teacher's intentions. With a face flushed in embarrassment, he charged straight at the other guards.

The guards were mostly at Tongxuan realm. While they weren't weak, but compared to a Zongshi realm intermediate stage expert, they meant nothing at all. In just a short moment, they were all lying on the ground, motionless, and just like Lin Hui, white foam flowed out from their mouths.

"Un!" Even though Lu Chong's offense was still slightly stiff, there was a visible improvement from his completely unrefined movements from before. Thus, Zhang Xuan nodded in satisfaction.


Upon seeing this sight, Mo Yu and Mo Tianxue's eyes circled around their socket, and they felt frenzied within.

Liu laoshi, do you know what you're doing?

This is the Third Elder and they're guards of the Lin Clan! To render the former infertile and knock out all of the guards... This is equivalent to a complete fallout with the Lin Clan, there is no room for reconciliation!

Your student might be reckless, but as an elder, you should know better!


After knocking out everyone, Lu Chong walked up to Zhang Xuan and kneeled down. Agitation and gratitude reflected in his eyes.

Being pursued, he had no choice but to hide his identity. In this period of time, he had undergone and seen numerous betrayals. He had once considered of the possibility that his teacher might deliver him to the Lin Clan once he knew of his enemy, but contrary to all that he could have imagined, not only did his teacher not do that, he even helped him despite incurring the wrath of the Lin Clan!

He could never repay this gratitude in this lifetime!

Knowing that Lu Chong was expressing his thanks, Zhang Xuan nodded his head. Just as he was about to speak, his mind jolted, and the Library of Heaven's Path shuddered.

The golden book appeared once more.

"This..." Zhang Xuan was stunned.

He had only thought of saving his own student. He didn't think that the other party's gratitude would bring him a golden page!



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