"With this page, I can finally assimilate all of those books in the Library of Heaven's Path into my knowledge!"

Zhang Xuan smiled.

After traveling out of Tianxuan Kingdom, he had visited the Beast Hall, Poison Hall, Apothecary Guild, Tianwu Kingdom's book collection vault... There were more than a dozen million books in the Library of Heaven's Path. The content of all of these books added up to an unimaginably massive amount of knowledge.

By then, even without the Library of Heaven's Path, his knowledge would be sufficient to awe others. Taking on the 3-star master teacher examination wouldn't be an issue for him.

"I should think about it only after collecting the books in the book collection vault!"

Knowing that it wasn't easy to produce a golden page, Zhang Xuan wasn't in a rush to use it.

In any case, this was a single use item. Thus, the more books he collected, the greater the use of the golden page. At the moment, he was only halfway through the books. It wouldn't be too late for him to use it once he was done collecting all of them.

Delighted at the formation of the golden page, Zhang Xuan looked at Lu Chong in satisfaction.

"Stand up! You are my student, and I am your teacher. As long as our relationship holds... I cannot stand by idly and watch as you are insulted!"

Helping the young man up, Zhang Xuan nodded slowly.

Understanding the true meaning behind the teacher and student relationship, Zhang Xuan meant the words that he just said. The earnest sincerity in his words affected all those listening to it, as though an Impartation of Heaven's Will, causing everyone's soul to tremble in agitation.

Even he himself couldn't help but feel refreshed after saying those words. It was as though his mind had cleared up suddenly.

Mo Yu clenched her fists tightly, "No wonder Zhao Ya and Mu Xueqing are willing to give it their all to fight for his honor. So, this is the true meaning behind being a teacher and student!"

She was a master teacher as well, and she had her own students too. However, her understanding of teachers and students was only limited to the impartation of knowledge and clarifying doubts.

All along, she couldn't understand how Zhang Xuan's students could come into conflict with one another just because of a few words. But now, she finally understood... It was out of pure admiration for their teacher!

It was because of their teacher's earnest sincerity in facing them that the students were willing to follow him, going to the extent of even fighting to defend his honor.


Mo Tianxue nodded.

As the emperor of Tianwu Kingdom, he had met with many teachers and students. However, it was an extremely rare sight to see such deep trust between teacher and student.

Many teachers and students only come together out of convenience and benefit, and such a relationship was bound to fall apart eventually.

It was no wonder why he could win the hearts of all of his students in just a few days in Tianwu Academy. His character and charisma were truly way beyond other teachers, and this included master teachers as well.

"To win the hearts of others, one had to present his own first..."

He felt completely impressed.

This Liu laoshi treated his students with his heart, treating them with utmost honesty and concern. Naturally, it was only right for him to win the love and respect of his students.

Then, Mo Tianxue turned to look at the guards and the convulsing Elder Lin Hui on the floor, and a headache immediately struck him.

"Cough cough, it's not that I want to ruin this atmosphere, but Guild Leader Liu... You were truly reckless this time!"

The people you two are going against aren't just anyone but the Lin Clan!

Even if the Lin Clan don't dare to do anything to you out of fear of your position as the guild leader of the Physician Guild, but what about your students? Your kin and friends?

The Lin Clan didn't just have the backing of the Formation Master Guild... There's also the princess consort of Xuanyuan Kingdom!

That unreasonable older sister of Lin Lang!

This was what worried him the most.

Two years ago, a conflict broke out with the Qu Clan when her elder sister was visiting, so she sent a Zhizun realm subordinate to destroy the entire Qu Clan.

The royal palace knew of this matter, but intimidated by the Zhizun realm expert, they couldn't say a single word!

But now... The student injured Lin Lang severely, and according to the rumors, he even pushed the other party into a fecal drain, humiliating him. On the other hand, the teacher went even further, castrating the Lin Clan's Third Elder, leaving him no different from a eunuch...

This was picking a fight with the Lin Clan! Furthermore, it was the kind of irreconcilable one!


Hearing his words, Zhang Xuan looked at Mo Tianxue impassively and replied, "Even if I did nothing today, do you think that the Lin Clan would spare me?"

"This..." Mo Tianxue was stumped.

If Lu Chong was truly taken away today, given the Lin Clan's means and connections, it would be a walk in the park to find out who his teacher was.

Zhang Xuan's feat of saving the Gold-tailed Lion and pointing out that it was poisoned had wrecked the Lin Clan's plans, making him an eyesore to them... Even if they knew that Zhang Xuan wasn't involved in this matter, they might very well make use of it to strike him.

Thus, it was just bringing the conflict forward.

"Since Lu Chong calls me his teacher, I can't stand and watch idly by the side!"

Deciding not to dawdle on this matter, Zhang Xuan said impassively, "I'm not done looking through the books yet, so I'll leave you all to settle the rest. As for Lu Chong, wait for me here. Don't leave this place first..."

After which, he walked back into the depths of the book collection vault, and it didn't take long for him to disappear from the eyes of the crowd.

"He wants to continue reading now?"

"Even with this timing, he still has the mood to continue reading?"

Seeing him heading into the depths of the book collection vault, Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu glanced at one another and a strong sense of vertigo overwhelmed them.

Big brother, this is the Lin Clan! Even the royal family doesn't dare to face them head on. After beating up their elder, you simply throw him on the ground and leave him to be...

Continue reading?

There are more than ten million books in this book collection vault! Even a decade wouldn't be sufficient for you to finish all of them. What use is there for you to read for a little longer?

"This fellow... Perhaps... He truly likes reading!" After a long moment of silence, Mo Yu forced out a few words.

It had been awhile since she was acquainted with Zhang shi. She remembered that back then, when they were at the Beast Hall, he also demanded to look through the books in the library.

After which, when they arrived at Red Lotus City, the reward he wanted for treating the Great Herb King was also books.

Right now, even though he had picked a fight with the Lin Clan, all that was on his mind was to read books... Exactly how deep was his passion for reading!

It was no wonder why he could take on so many occupations at such a young age. This probably had something to do with his passion for books.

The thoughts of the duo wandered around the place.

Actually, Zhang Xuan wasn't acting calm, he truly didn't think much of the Lin Clan. While it might be the dominant power in Tianwu Kingdom, he didn't think that it posed a threat to him.

Even though Zhang Xuan's strength was only at Zongshi realm pinnacle, with the Library of Heaven's Path, he could match up to even a Half-Zhizun expert!

If it comes down to it, he could also summon for the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast to back him up... or even reveal his identity as Zhang shi!

A genius master teacher, the senior of Pavilion Master Jiang, and Master Teacher Yang Xuan's student... With his identity, no matter how brazen the other party was, it was unlikely that they would dare to do anything to him.

Thus... In Zhang Xuan's eyes, the Lin Clan that Mo Tianxue and the others feared tremendously meant nothing at all.

Rather than wasting time on them, it was a better use of time to read books.


Lin Clan.

The Lin Clan's Elder Assembly Room was a grand and extravagant hall. It was usually restricted to the others, and even elders would have to apply for permission before being allowed to enter. However, at this moment, a huge crowd was gathered, and the entire field was chaotic.

Two young men with faces swollen as large as a pig's head were lying on the floor. It was nearly impossible to discern who they were just by their outer appearance itself.

They were Lin Lang and Ji Mo gongzi whom Lu Chong mercilessly pummeled.

At this moment, the filth had already been washed out from their body. But even so, the stench had seeped into their skin. No matter how many times they were washed, green flies still lingered around them, as though they had found a pair of rare delicacies. Just the sight of it was enough to send one barfing.

In the room stood the clan head of the Lin Clan, Lin Ruotian, and few other people.

"Clan Head Lin, what's going on? How did my son land in such a state during a visit to the Emerald Pavilion?"

Amidst the ruckus, a tall middle-aged man walked over anxiously.

The clan head of the Ji Clan, Ji Feng!

Upon seeing the motionless body of his son on the floor, Ji Feng's face steeled. Rage bubbled deep within him, threatening to erupt at any moment.

He knew of Ji Mo gongzi's intention to visit Lin Lang gongzi to plead with him.

In fact, he was the one who hinted it to him. Otherwise, how could Ji Mo ride a carriage out so openly when he was supposed to be grounded in the residence?

Initially, he thought that with the influence of Lin Lang and the Lin Clan, the matter with Zhang shi could be easily resolved. Yet, never in his dreams did he expect that before this matter could be settled, his son was already beaten up to such a tragic state.

The Emerald Pavilion was Lin Lang's establishment, the expenditure abyss of the capital!

Not even nobles dared to act up in there, yet Ji Mo was knocked into a coma in there... Who in the world could it be? How dare he? Did he have no eyes for the law, for the Ji Clan, for the Lin Clan?


"Clan Head Ji, calm down. The Third Elder has already led a team to apprehend the culprit. He should be returning soon!" Lin Ruotian said.

"Besides, your son isn't the only one. Even my Lang-er came under his attack!"

"Even Lin Lang gongzi was attacked?"

Ji Feng had rushed here immediately upon hearing the news about his son being beaten up, so he was oblivious that Lin Lang was attacked as well. He hurriedly asked, "Where is Lin Lang gongzi? Are his wounds severe?"

"Isn't he lying together with your son?" Lin Ruotian's complexion darkened.

What in the world is wrong with your eyes? My son is lying right next to your son! How can you miss him?

"This is... Lin Lang gongzi?"

Only then did Ji Feng notice another figure lying next to his son, and he immediately leapt in shock upon seeing the face.

Even though his son was severely injured, he could at least see the rough distinctive features on him. But this Lin Lang gongzi was beaten to the point that he didn't even seem human anymore. On top of that, an overpowering stench was emanating from him. If not for Clan Head Lin's words, Ji Feng could have never imagined that this pig-head like fellow... was the famous number one gongzi in the capital.

It was impossible to guess this much solely from his outer appearance...

"What happened?"

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Ji Feng asked hesitantly.

He thought that the other party was already being brazen for beating his son, but to think that even Lin Lang gongzi wasn't spared either... At this moment, he realized that the other party wasn't just brazen, he was insane!

"The two of them were already in this state by the time I arrived!" Lin Ruotian shook his head.

He wasn't exactly sure of the happenings either. He had to wait for the Third Elder's return to confirm the matter.

"Then... We should treat them quickly. Their wounds don't seem to be light..."

Seeing that the other party wasn't certain on this matter, Ji Feng chose not to dawdle on this topic.

"Their injuries seem to be a little bizarre, ordinary physicians are incapable of treating them. I have already invited Physician Mu Hong from the Physician Guild over. Judging from the time, he should be arriving soon..."

Lin Ruotian replied.

"Ok!" Ji Feng nodded.

Other than the Guild Leader Liu who suddenly became famous recently, the most capable physician in the capital was Physician Mu Hong.

As the previous guild leader and a 3-star physician, he wasn't an easy figure to mobilize. Even so, he didn't dare to turn down an invitation from the clan head of the Lin Clan.



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