Not too long later, Physician Mu Hong arrived under an elder's lead.

"Paying respects to Clan Head Lin and Clan Head Ji!"

Mu Hong clasped his fist and greeted impassively.

As a 3-star physician, he had his own pride. Even though these two were powerful figures in the capital, given his standing, there was no need for him to act subserviently around them.

"Grandmaster Mu, I ask of you to save my son..." Lin Ruotian hurriedly requested.

"Don't worry!"

Offering the other party an assurance, Mu Hong walked nonchalantly toward Lin Lang and Ji Mo, squatted down, and started examining the duo.

There was no such thing as 'feeling one's pulse' in this world, but examining, questioning, and listening were three fundamentals to diagnosing.

Even though he couldn't question the other party due to their lack of consciousness, as a 3-star physician, he was still able to determine the rough problem the duo was suffering from.

"How is it?"

After a long moment of silence, Lin Ruotian couldn't hold back his anxiety any longer and asked nervously.

Lin Lang was his only son, and he had always doted on him. Seeing the other party in such a state had left him discomposed.

"His injuries are severe. It seems like someone has struck him forcefully relying solely brute force. If I'm not wrong, the person who injured him must be someone who is adept in physical body cultivation!"

After finishing his diagnosis, Mu Hong exhaled deeply and stood up. Placing his hands behind his back, he began explaining.

Cultivators often used zhenqi when fighting with one another, and one of the most distinctive traits of injuries caused by zhenqi was that they tended to be internal. In other words, injuries sustained from fighting with another cultivator tended to be at one's meridians or organs. On the other hand, the two before him had their teeth knocked off, bones shattered, and skin ripped apart. It was clear that this was mostly done using physical strength.

Thus, the culprit must either be an expert skilled in physical body cultivation or a savage beast.

"A physical body cultivator?" Lin Ruotian frowned.

He hadn't heard of anyone cultivating one's physical body to the level of a Zongshi realm in Tianwu Royal City.

Perplexed, he looked at the Physician Mu Hong worriedly and asked, "Grandmaster Mu, is there any way to treat them? If not... I'll try looking for other physicians, or perhaps... invite Guild Leader Liu over!"

"Don't worry, it's just some superficial wounds. There's nothing to worry about!"

Hearing the doubt in the other party's voice and the words 'Guild Leader Liu', Mu Hong's face darkened and he gestured haughtily.

In the past, he was the top physician in the Tianwu Kingdom. No one dared to doubt his capability. But ever since Guild Leader Liu's appearance, everyone had been carrying doubts at his skills, and this left him dismal.

Was Guild Leader Liu the only capable physician among them?

"Then, I'll be troubling Grandmaster Mu then!"

Hearing that the other party had a solution, Lin Ruotian and Ji Feng heaved a sigh of relief.


Not wasting any time, Mu Hong immediately flicked his wrist, and a jade bottle appeared in his hands. With a slight shake, medicinal fluid immediately flowed out and dripped on Lin Lang's exposed skin.


Upon contact, bubbles started to appear on the wounds, and the glaring lacerations healed at a speed visible to one's eyes.


Seeing the apparent effects, Lin Ruotian and Ji Feng's eyes lit up.

As expected of a 3-star physician! His skills were indeed superb!

"This is a medicinal fluid that I concocted by myself. It is exceptionally effective on external injuries. Regardless of what injury it is, upon contact with it, it'll heal quickly. It's truly a miraculous medicine..."

Seeing the surprise on the faces of the two, Physician Mu Hong nodded in satisfaction. However, halfway through his words, Lin Ruotian's face slowly turned into shock.

"Wait, Grandmaster Mu, look..."

Seeing the other party's bizarre reaction, Mu Hong immediately followed the other party's fingers and glanced at Lin Lang, and the sight before him left him dumbstruck.

The wound that had just healed torn apart, and the laceration grew even larger than before. Even worse, blood flowed profusely out of the wound.

Take for example, if the wound was two fingers wide before, after coming into contact with the medicinal fluid, not only did it not recover, it even became three fingers wide and started bleeding!

"What's going on?"

He had just bragged that his medicine was a private concoction when such a matter occurred. Mu Hong's complexion immediately turned awful. He quickly poured the fluid on another region.


Just like before, the regenerated flesh suddenly tore apart once more and became even more glaring.

"That can't be..."

He didn't expect such an abrupt change. With a flick of his wrist, Physician Mu Hong took out seven to eight different medicinal fluid and poured them into different wounds.

These miraculous medicines for one's external wounds were also effective at the start, but before long, the wounds started tearing apart once more. It was just a while ago that Lin Lang's bleeding stopped and his condition stabilized, and they thought that with Physician Mu Hong skills, Lin Lang could make a full recovery. However, not only did the latter fail to treat Lin Lang, he even caused the wounds to widen and blood started flowing profusely from them once more. With every passing second, Lin Lang's face was turning paler and paler.

"Grandmaster Mu, please... stop for a moment!"

Seeing the other party grabbing another dozen bottles once more, clearly intending to try them one by one, Lin Ruotian shuddered and hurried forward to stop him.

Grandmaster Mu, I invited you here to treat my son, not to kill him... If you continue on like this, my son will probably die from excessive bleeding before you managed to find the correct medicine!

"Don't worry, I know what I'm doing!" Physician Mu Hong interjected as his face darkened.

Trying all of the medicinal fluids in his storage ring one by one, the frown on his face slowly deepened, and his complexion turned more and more awful.

Eventually, by the time he finished experimenting with all of his medicine, Lin Lang's breathing was already extremely faint, to the point that it seemed as though he was just a step away from death's embrace.

"So, how is it?"

Lin Ruotian's lips quivered vigorously.

Even though his son was severely injured, he was still in a stable condition a short while ago. Yet, under Physician Mu Hong's hands, his son's condition deteriorated by the second, to the point that it seemed as though he would die at any moment. This made Lin Ruotian extremely frustrated, but he didn't dare to lash out at this moment.

If not for Guild Leader Liu foiling his plans, making him subconsciously hostile toward him, he would have surely invited him over instead of Physician Mu Hong.

If this previous guild leader was at a loss as well, Lin Ruotian had no idea what he should do next.

"Based on my diagnosis, Lin Lang gongzi's wounds aren't just normal, superficial wounds. I'm afraid that he's... poisoned!"

After hesitating for a moment, Mu Hong slowly answered.


Lin Ruotian was taken aback.

Could the person who attacked his son be a poison master?

Otherwise, normal poison should be ineffective against Zongshi realm experts.

"Indeed! This poison is extremely bizarre, so I wasn't able to recognize it instantly. However, there's no need for you to worry too much about it. I will use my zhenqi to expel it. Once the poison is expelled, his injuries shouldn't open up again. By then, he'll recover swiftly!"

Physician Mu Hong replied.

After trying out numerous medicines, he finally concluded that the other party had been poisoned. Otherwise, how could these medicines, which were effective on others, have such bizarre effects on him?

However, there were countless different poisons in the world. Mu Hong wasn't a poison master who specialized in the field, so there was no way he could identify the poison Lin Lang was suffering from. Thus, the only possible treatment he could conduct was to forcefully expel the poison from the other party's body.

"I'll be depending on Grandmaster Mu then!" Lin Ruotian hurriedly nodded.


Replying casually, Mu Hong helped Lin Lang up and sat cross-legged behind him. Placing his palm on the other party's back, he slowly infused a surge of zhenqi into the latter's body.

There was a unique method to expel the poison from another person's body. As a 3-star physician, he had learned it before and was familiar with it.

His zhenqi slowly flowed through the other party's meridians, checking them inch by inch.

"Here it is..."

Before long, Mu Hong found where the poison was located, and his eyes lit up.

After one was poisoned, the poison would flow through one's meridians and travel around one's body. If one wanted to expel it, one had to locate it first. Otherwise, regardless of what solutions one used, if it was targeted at the wrong spot, it would all be for naught.

"Lin Lang gongzi cultivates the Lin Clan's cultivation technique so his zhenqi should be of a completely different nature from mine, making it impossible for the two to fuse together. I just have to wrap my zhenqi around the poisoned zhenqi and force it out of his body..."

After finding the precise location, Mu Hong didn't get excited. Instead, he became even warier instead.

Being poisoned meant that the poison had already fused with one's zhenqi and body. To expel it, one's zhenqi had to be of a different nature from the other party first.

Otherwise, if the zhenqi were to fuse together, not only would one be unable to expel the poison, it was also highly likely that the poison from the patient would travel back to the one treating him.

The Lin Clan's cultivation technique that Lin Lang cultivated was completely different from that Physician Mu Hong cultivated. To make an analogy, it was just like oil and water. As long as he proceeded carefully, it shouldn't be a problem for him to expel the poison zhenqi out.

Physician Mu Hong carefully pushed his zhenqi toward the other party's poison zhenqi, and then, the two touched.

Just as he was intending to expel that poison zhenqi out of Lin Lang's body, 'Tzzz la!', an explosion sounded. It was as though fire meeting with gasoline.

The poison immediately seeped into Physician Mu Hong's zhenqi.


Physician Mu Hong's eyes narrowed. Before he could react, his hands swiftly turned black. Then, the poison immediately spread upward, turning his arms black as well.

"This... This... How is this possible?"

Mu Hong's face turned pale. He nearly turned insane on the spot.

He had seen potent poison, but he had never seen one so formidable!

He had personally treated a victim of a grade-2 poison before, and logically speaking, as long as his zhenqi was immiscible with that of the patient, the poison shouldn't pose any threat to him...

After all, if their zhenqi doesn't fuse together, there was no medium for the poison to afflict him!

What in the world was this?

Why was his zhenqi immediately poisoned, as though gasoline coming into contact with flames?

"Damn it. It must be because... pure zhenqi is contained within this poison. That kind of zhenqi is capable of fusing with any zhenqi..."

A thought suddenly flashed through Mu Hong's mind, and he recalled some records on a book.

Given that his zhenqi swiftly fused with the other party, transmitting the poison during the process, there was only one possibility. That was... the one who poisoned Lin Lang possessed exceptionally pure zhenqi. This allowed the poison to fuse perfectly with his zhenqi, thus transmitting the poison to him in an instant.


Mu Hong's body swayed.

Not only did he fail to cure Lin Lang of his poison, he even got poisoned instead...

Mu Hong was on the verge of tears.

He was just thinking that he could prove to the Lin Clan that he wasn't inferior to Liu Cheng by treating Lin Lang successfully, yet the situation ended up like this...

What in the world was this!

Flicking his wrist, Mu Hong immediately took out an antidote and sucked on it in his mouth. Just as his condition just barely alleviated, Lin Ruotian walked over with a panicked expression and grabbed his hand. "Grandmaster Mu, what's happened? Why did you..."


Mu Hong had just forcefully suppressed the poison aura from traveling around his body when the other party's sudden grasp interrupted his concentration. Suddenly, he lost control of his zhenqi, and the poison zhenqi immediately broke through the two blockages he had just created on his arms and spread across his entire body.


A mouthful of blood spurted from Mu Hong's mouth. His body staggered weakly.

"There's something weird about his poison..."

Before Mu Hong could finish his words, his vision went dark and he fainted.

"Grandmaster Mu..."

Seeing a 3-star physician, as well as the previous guild leader of the Physician Guild faint on the spot, Lin Ruotian and Ji Feng were stunned.

Who can tell me what just happened?

Physician Mu Hong, aren't you here to treat our sons?

Why did Lin Lang's injury worsen with every action you took? Not only that, your face turned pitch black, and you even fainted.

To think that a physician would get poisoned in the midst of his treatment and faint...

Mu Hong, didn't you just confidently declare for us to not worry?

Don't worry... With this kind of standard, I would be a fool not to worry!



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