Chapter 380: Knocking

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"What do we do?"

Not only did they fail to treat the other party, the physician even fainted. Lin Ruotian and Ji Feng stared at one another light headed.

What kind of opponent did Lin Lang and Ji Mo meet for them to land in such a state?

"Physician Mu Hong's medical skills are top-notch in Tianwu Kingdom. If even he is helpless toward their affliction, then no physician will be able to do anything!"

A moment later, Ji Feng suddenly thought of something and said, "Unless... we neutralize the poison in their bodies first!"

"Neutralize the poison in their bodies? We don't even know what kind of poison it is, how can we neutralize it?"

Lin Ruotian shook his head.

It was no easy feat to neutralize a poison. Without knowing that poison it was and the concentration of it that one consumed, it was impossible to do so!

"Indeed, if we wish to treat a poison which even Grandmaster Mu is helpless toward, we will require the help of a real poison master..."

Ji Feng nodded.

"Poison master? Right, the Great Herb King of the Red Lotus City is currently in the capital. Hurry up and invite him over. I heard that Hall Master Liao Xun of the Poison Hall had just arrived yesterday as well. Invite him over too!"

Upon hearing the words 'poison master', Lin Ruotian's eyes lit up and he hurriedly issued several instructions.

He had some connections with the Great Herb King, otherwise, it would be impossible for him to procure the poison used to kill the Gold-tailed Lion.

"Hall Master Liao Xun? Isn't the hall master of the Poison Hall..." Clan Head Ji Feng asked doubtfully.

Ji Feng didn't have much contact with the Poison Hall, but as one of the most feared and unique occupations, he knew a thing or two about it. He might not remember the name of the hall master precisely, but he was certain that it wasn't Liao Xun.

Furthermore, what in the world was the hall master of the Poison Hall doing at Tianwu Royal City instead of his own base?

"I don't know the details either, but it seems like the previous hall master passed away, and his student had taken his place. The reason why he's here is to send off a seemingly formidable figure!" Lin Ruotian pondered for a moment before replying.

He had heard the news from the mouth of the Great Herb King personally. It seemed like the headquarter had sent an envoy to their branch, and Hall Master Liao was here to see off the other party.

"Regardless of the reason, their presence is a secret. We mustn't let anyone learn of it!"

After explaining the situation, Lin Ruotian turned to look at Ji Feng, and a menacing glint flashed across his eyes. "Clan Head Ji, I only told you the truth because of the several generations of close ties between our clans! You should know, better than most, what you should and shouldn't say!"

Poison masters had a hostile relationship with the other occupations. If other people were to learn that the hall master of the Poison Hall was here, it was highly likely that unnecessary conflict might occur.

"Clan Head Lin, don't worry. My lips are sealed!" Seeing the other party's stern expression, Ji Feng's face turned grim as well and he hurriedly nodded in agreement.

He had no choice but to submit. Given the Lin Clan's strength, if he were to do anything excessive, the Ji Clan might be history tomorrow.

And the Tianwu royal family would be pleased to see such a sight.

Large clans like theirs were a hindrance to the authority of the royal family. They would definitely be delighted to see them destroying one another.


Not too long later, the Great Herb King and Hall Master Liao Xun arrived in the room.

At this moment, Liao Xun already had the disposition and authority befitting that of a hall master. With his hands behind him and eyes that seemed to peer into the far distance, he felt like an unfathomable being.

Upon seeing him, the incomparably arrogant Lin Ruotian and Ji Feng didn't dare to pull their weight at all. They hurriedly clasped their fists and greeted him, "Lin Ruotian and Ji Feng pay respect to Hall Master Liao!"

Different from the other occupations, poison masters tended to have weird quirks in their character. If one were to offend a poison master, he could very well poison one without one noticing, and one would die with utmost grievance.

"Un!" Seeing the respectful attitude of the two, Liao Xun nodded his head in satisfaction. Then, glancing at the duo, he asked, "May I know what business does Clan Head Lin have to invite me over so urgently?"

"It's like this!" Lin Ruotian immediately replied. "My unworthy son is afflicted with lethal poison, and even Physician Mu Hong is helpless before it. Thus, I invited you over in hopes that you could save him..."

"Afflicted with lethal poison?"

Liao Xun glanced at the trio lying on the ground, including Physician Mu Hong, impassively and replied, "They're indeed poisoned. However... Why should I help you?"

What business of it is mine that your son got poisoned?

Other people might be eager to suck up to your Lin Clan, but I'm not interested in it at all!


Seeing the nonchalance on the other party's face, Lin Ruotian's face flushed. He felt so stifled that he could puke blood at this moment.

The Lin Clan was the number one clan in Tianwu Kingdom, and all along, he had been the one to crush others with his authority and demanding for privileges from others. When was anyone able to speak to him like that?

However, before this dangerous man, he didn't dare to act up at all.

The other party was indeed weaker than him, but poison masters tended to have numerous bizarre means up their sleeves, and they couldn't be measured simply by their cultivation. There were plenty of weak people who were capable of killing experts stronger than them.

Not only was this Liao Xun the hall master of the Poison Hall, he was also a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert as well. It was in Lin Ruotian's best interest not to offend the other party. Otherwise, if the other party were to fly into a rage, he might just poison everyone in the residence.

Thinking of this, no matter how infuriated Lin Ruotian was, he could only suppress his rage down. With a flick of his wrist, a jade bottle appeared in his grasp.

"This is the [Golden Origin Pill], a grade-3 intermediate pill. This is forged by Grandmaster Tie You of Xuanyuan Kingdom, and it has reached the level of Perfection! It'll definitely help your cultivation to advance upon consumption, and you might even step into the level of a Half-Zhizun!"

The attribute of the Golden Origin Pill was metal, and metal had a 'sharp nature'. The pill carried the effect of breaking through the bottlenecks one faced in one's cultivation.

Furthermore, at the level of Perfection, the value of this pill was immense, rivaling that of a spirit stone!

It wasn't an easy decision for Lin Ruotian to take this out.

"Golden Origin Pill?"

Without even looking at it, Liao Xun waved his hands in disdain and said, "Pills are useless to poison masters. Don't even bother taking such stuff out; you'll embarrass yourself!"

Poison masters cultivated poison attribute cultivation techniques, and they consumed poisonous substances to augment their cultivation. Pills didn't have much of a use to them.


Not expecting that the other party would treat the item he had to undergo a mental turmoil to take out with disdain, Lin Ruotian's face immediately reddened in embarrassment. At this moment, he was completely lost, not knowing what else he could offer the other party.

"Alright, how about this! I'll state my terms, and as long as you can accomplish it, not only will I help you resolve your son's poison, I can even kill someone for you!" Liao Xun glanced at Lin Ruotian and said.

"Feel free to speak!" Seeing that the situation wasn't completely hopeless, a spark of hope appeared in Lin Ruotian's eyes.

"Simple. I heard that your Lin Clan is extremely influential in the kingdom. Thus, I hope that you can help to construct a trading hub for poison masters in the capital!" Liao Xun revealed his motive.

If not for this, he would never have come here.

Poison masters couldn't just stay in the Poison Hall for their entire life. They also had to come out and trade with others. If a trading hub could be built here, it would mean that the identity of poison masters would be officially recognized. If so, they could avoid many troubles, and there would be no need for them to intentionally hide from public view.


Lin Ruotian hesitated for a moment. "I believe that you should know that even though our Lin Clan possess immense authority in Tianwu Kingdom, we aren't the true ruler of the country. I'm afraid that we might incur the displeasure of the guilds if we were to build a trading hub here all of the sudden..."

"Don't beat around the bush! The Great Herb King has already told me what you're up to. Didn't you poison the Gold-tailed Lion so that you can replace the monarchy? Don't worry! As long as you agree to my request, we have a poison that can deal with that Zhizun realm guardian beast!"

Liao Xun replied impassively.

"You have a poison that can deal with Zhizun realm savage beasts?" Lin Ruotian's eyes lit up.

The sudden breakthrough of the Gold-tailed Lion had forced him to rein him in ambitions. The promise of Hall Master Liao had caused his ambitions to emerge once more.

Honestly speaking, even without opening up a trading hub, poison masters were still trading in public.

In truth, the Red Lotus City was already the largest trading hub for poison masters. In a sense, opening a trading hub in the capital wouldn't change anything, yet at the same time, he could pull an expert to his side... Why should he turn down such a beneficial deal?

Thus, Lin Ruotian nodded, and just as he was about to speak, a guard suddenly rushed in.

"Clan head, this is bad..." Even before reaching the room, the guard's voice had already sounded.

"What's wrong?" Interrupted, Lin Ruotian was displeased.

"The Third Elder, he..." The lips of the guard who came in quivered violently.

"What's wrong? Did he catch the culprit? What's there to panic about if the culprit has been caught?" Lin Ruotian asked.

Given that the Third Elder had gone out personally to apprehend the culprit, it was likely that the culprit had already been killed by now.

"That's not it... Someone has sent the Third Elder back! He is severely wounded, and he's currently unconscious. Furthermore..."

"Furthermore what?"

"Someone has kicked his lower body, and he's already completely inept..." The guard was on the verge of tears.

"Kicked his lower body?" Lin Ruotian was stunned for a moment before frenzy spread across his entire face. "Who is it? Who is the one who dares to assault a member of our Lin Clan?"

The heck!

The Lin Clan had always been a dominant power in the capital, an influence that no one dared to provoke. What in the world was going on today?

First, his son was pummeled by someone and thrown into the fecal drain. Then, the Third Elder, who had gone on to investigate the matter, was kicked infertile!

When did the Lin Clan become such easy targets to bully?

If they were to remain motionless before such clear provocation, how could the Lin Clan establish its might in Tianwu Kingdom?

"It's... It's the royal palace who sent them back here! It's said that the culprit who assaulted the young master had escaped to the royal palace, but the Third Elder still managed to track him down through the Seeking Mouse. Eventually, a fight occurred, and the Third Elder has been reduced to such a state from a kick by his opponent. As for the other guards, we don't know whether they're still alive or not..."

The guard revealed everything that he knew about the matter.

"The one who attacked the Third Elder seemed to be the new guild leader of the Physician Guild, Liu Cheng, and the one who attempted to assassinate young master is his student..."

The Lin Clan had spies in Tianwu Kingdom, so it wasn't difficult for them to get their hands on this news.

"Liu Cheng? Damn it... To dare to injure my son and the Third Elder, he's disregarding the authority of our Lin Clan! I swear that I will kill him..."

After clarifying the entire issue, Lin Ruotian howled frenziedly!

Where did this fellow come from? Why did he keep hindering the Lin Clan? Was he addicted to it?

We are already very kind to overlook the matter of you curing the Gold-tailed Lion and hindering our ploy. Yet, you still dare to send your student to assassinate my son, even going to the extent of injuring the Third Elder yourself...

You are just an honorary guild master; did you think that you are some big shot?

"Men! Capture Liu Cheng and bring him to me! If I don't kill him, I won't be able to quell the anger boiling in me..."

Feeling so stifled that he could spurt blood, Lin Ruotian gestured grandly, and the aura of a conqueror slowly exuded from him.

Who cares that you are some mere guild master or genius? I'll kill those who dare to offend me! Even if the Physician Guild headquarter were to investigate this issue in the future, I would stand on the side of reason...

Before he could finish issuing his instructions, another guard ran over anxiously and reported, "Clan head, this is bad... That Guild Master Liu and his student are already at our door, saying that they'll settle the score with our Lin Clan today and return justice to the world. They demand us to... apologize!"

"Apologize? He injured our men, and he still wants us to apologize?"

With eyes turning crimson, the final string of Lin Ruotian's sanity snapped.



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