Chapter 381: My Students Cannot Be Bullied

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Is there something wrong with him?

Lin Ruotian was the clan head of the number one clan of Tianwu Kingdom, a 3-star formation master, and a Half-Zhizun expert. Of the thirteen countries, everyone would bow to him in utmost respect, not even daring to breathe loudly for fear of incurring his wrath!

Yet, not only did this fellow pummel his son and an elder of the clan, he even came here to settle the score, saying that he wanted to return justice to the world...

The heck!

I should be the one settling the score with you! What the heck are you here for?

Liu Cheng, you rascal, I will make you regret your actions!

Did you think that our Lin Clan is something you can play with?

Let me tell you, our Lin Clan has never feared anyone before!

Since you are so anxious to die, I'll grant your wish.

With a face completely stiffened with anger, Lin Ruotian prepared to head out to see what the other party was up to when a voice so loud that it echoed throughout the entire capital sounded.

"The head of the Lin Clan, whoever you are, hurry up and get out here to apologize! Otherwise, don't blame me for getting nasty!"

A voice seething with rage boomed across the lands.

"The heck!"

"Who the heck is that? He must be insane to dare to pick a fight with the Lin Clan!"

"To be so disrespectful to the Lin Clan... What's going on?"

Hearing the deafening voice, everyone was scared out of their wits.

Openly provoking the Lin Clan?

Who could that brazen fellow be?

"Isn't he being too gutsy?"

"Get nasty with his meager ability? Isn't he afraid of biting his tongue bragging like that?"

"He must be tired of living..."

The declaration outside sent the Lin Clan's hall into an uproar. The eyes of the elders turned red with fury, and they were about to faint from anger.

Ever since the Lin Clan's rise to power, when had anyone dared to insult them publicly right at their door!

How dare that conceited physician do so?

"Damn it! Elders, follow me. Let's slaughter that arrogant fellow!"

Bellowing furiously, Lin Ruotian started walking outside. But halfway through, he suddenly recalled something and turned to look at the Great Herb King and Hall Master Liao Xun.

"Hall Master Liao and the Great Herb King... I might have to trouble you two on something!"

"Un?" The duo stared at one another.

"My son and Ji Clan's gongzi were poisoned by the student of Liu Cheng, so there's a high probability that his student might be a poison master as well! It is difficult for me, even as a Half-Zhizun, to deal with a poison master. Thus, I hope that hall master can help me!"

"Poison master? If he is one, I would definitely know of him. Otherwise, he probably only learnt some superficial stuff outside!" Hall Master Liao nodded as he gestured casually, "Alright! Leave that little ant to me. It isn't anything much anyway!"

As the hall master of the Poison Hall, there was no reason for him to not know any poison masters in this vicinity!

Since he had never heard of the other party, that could only mean that he wasn't anything at all.

"Thank you!"

Lin Ruotian's eyes lit up, and he hurriedly nodded.

Actually, what he feared the most wasn't Liu Cheng, but his poison-using student. Even Physician Mu Hong was unable to resolve the poison on Lin Lang, which goes to show how dangerous the poison was! Given how Lin Ruotian didn't know a single thing about poison, there was a high chance he might fall to it as well!

Since the hall master of the Poison Hall was willing to make a move, then there was no need for him to worry at all.

"Let's go!"

With sufficient backing at hand, Lin Ruotian immediately led the various elders, Liao Xun, Grand Elder, Ji Feng, and the others out.


Returning to an hour ago.

After stretching his back lazily, Zhang Xuan walked out from the kingdom's book collection vault.

After more than two hours of hard work, he had finally added all of the books to the Library of Heaven's Path.

Due to him overexerting himself and collecting the books too quickly, he felt like groggy headed at the moment.

It was fortunate that he had experienced a significant rise in his cultivation recently, and he had been nourished by the Insight Energy when he became a Celestial Master Teacher, thus strengthening his soul significantly. Otherwise, he would have definitely fainted halfway through by the violent jolt in his head given the speed he was collecting at.

"Right now, I am only lacking the books at the Physician Guild and Formation Master Guild... I should find some time to finish those books there before using the golden page!"

Zhang Xuan muttered silently.

He wasn't anxious to use the golden page. It was a one-time consumable, and he wanted to maximize the what he got out of it.

"Liu laoshi!"

The moment he walked out, Lu Chong immediately stepped forward and clasped his fist respectfully.

Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu were around as well, and they immediately walked up to Zhang Xuan.

It wasn't that they didn't wish to leave, but they dared not to. If they were to leave now, what would they do about those fellows lying on the floor?

"You haven't sent them back yet?"

Seeing that the Third Elder was still convulsing on the floor, Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

The imperial physicians of the royal palace had conducted a primary treatment on them, but given how severe their injuries were, this primary treatment was only sufficient to prevent their injuries from worsening.

"Send them back?" Mo Tianxue scratched his head.

You didn't say how we should go about settling this, how do we know what we should do?

Sending them back was no different from declaring war on the Lin Clan. There would be no retreat if they were to do so.

"Un! We can't possibly leave them to die here!" Shaking his head casually, Zhang Xuan turned his attention from the wounded to Lu Chong and said, "You should be able to tell me about your enemies now, right?"

For fear of implicating his teacher, Lu Chong beat around the bush when Zhang Xuan asked him the last time. However, since Zhang Xuan was already involved in the matter, it should be alright for Lu Chong to explain the entire happenings already!

Upon hearing his question, Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu's attention was piqued. They also wanted to know what in the world happened that made this fellow beat up even the young master of the Lin Clan!


Knowing that there was no use hiding it any longer, Lu Chong finally nodded and explained, "Actually, my name is not Lu Chong but Qu Chong. I am the young master from Tianwu Kingdom's Qu Clan..."

"Qu Clan? The Qu Clan whose entire clan of 137 people was killed two years ago? They still have an... offspring alive?" Glancing at one another, Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu were filled with shock.

"Yes, I managed to survive that ordeal..." With reddened eyes, Lu Chong gritted his teeth.

"You two know about this matter as well?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

Could it be that the royal family colluded with the Lin Clan and helped to conceal the matter?

"We do, but we had no choice then. Lin Long, Lin Lang's elder sister and the princess consort of Xuanyuan Kingdom, issued an order personally, and a Zhizun realm expert came personally to destroy the entire clan!"

At this, the usually calm emperor couldn't help but take in a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes, "There were many seniors and children in the mix. After the event, I went personally to take a look, and they didn't spare a single person. Everyone was killed in a single blow!"

Upon hearing his words, Lu Chong seemed to have returned back to the time two years ago. Tears began to ripple in his eyes, threatening to trickle down at any moment.

He was only seventeen years old this year.

Back then, when the tragedy struck, he was only fifteen years old!

For a fifteen year old to see his parents and kin being reduced to corpses, the agony he had undergone was hard to imagine.

"What happened?"

Zhang Xuan narrowed his eyes. He felt outraged; his blood boiled.

Even though he hadn't undergone this kind of pain before, he could almost see the sorrow and despair on his student's face then.

If that wasn't the case, how could a fifteen-year-old child kneel quietly outside an academy for several days straight, all just to gain the strength to exact vengeance!

He also wouldn't have endured the torture from the tempering of the Poison Body and forcefully raised his strength to Zongshi realm intermediate stage in just a few days!

"I heard that Lin Lang had set his eyes upon the Qu Clan's young mistress, Qu Ling, but the latter refused to give in to him at all, injuring him even... If I'm not wrong, his injury was somewhat similar to that of the Third Elder, and this caused Lin Long to fly into a rage. Thus, she sent a subordinate to exact vengeance on the Qu Clan!" Mo Tianxue spoke of what he knew of the matter.


Glancing at his silent student, Zhang Xuan reorganized the story in his head.

Lin Lang was probably infatuated with Qu Ling, and he forced himself on her. In the end, the latter accidentally struck his vitals, causing him to become infertile.

Having terminated the Lin Clan's lineage, Lin Long flew into a rage and sent a Zhizun realm expert to exact vengeance...

"Even though the fault is on Lin Lang, they chose to blame the Qu Clan for it, killing the entire clan for this matter?" Zhang Xuan's face was scarily dark.

Ever since his reincarnation, it was the first time he had flown into a rage.

Raping a woman and going to the extent of destroying the other party's family... In the face of the Master Teacher Pavilion, how dare they commit such atrocities?

"Teacher, please redress my grievances!" Clenching his fists tightly, 'Putong!', Lu Chong kneeled on the floor. His entire body trembled in agitation.

"Don't worry. Now that I know of this matter, I'll definitely find justice for you!" Anger burned in the eyes of Zhang Xuan, and he gestured grandly, "Let's go!"

After which, he walked behind the men who were in the midst of sending Third Elder and the others to the Lin Clan.

"Guild Master Liu, you... what are you intending to do?"

Seeing the other party walking away without saying a single word, Mo Tianxue gulped down a mouthful of saliva and asked. Mo Yu also couldn't help but look over.

"Not much, just seeking justice for Lu Chong!" Placing his hands behind his back, Zhang Xuan's impassive voice wafted in the air.

He could ignore everything else, but he felt that he should return justice to the 137 people the Lin Clan killed, and let everyone know that...

My students...

Cannot be bullied!


"What... did you say? Teacher brought Lu Chong to the Lin Clan, and he is currently insulting the other party on their doorstep?"

In Liu laoshi's classroom in the Tianwu Academy, Mu Xueqing stared at Meng Tao in disbelief.

The Lin Clan was the strongest clan in Tianwu Kingdom! Even her father had to tread carefully around them. Yet, her teacher actually ran to the other party's doorstep to insult them... Are you for real?

Teacher had always been a calm person. Why did he suddenly commit such foolishness?

"You remember that Lu Chong left to exact his vengeance, right? Worried about him, teacher asked me to send some men to keep a lookout on the situation in the capital these past few days, and this is what my men just told me..."

Meng Tao continued, "Those men are my father's trusted aides, so there's no mistake about it!"

"Exact vengeance? Could it be that Lu Chong's enemy is the... Lin Clan?"

It was no wonder that fellow pretended to be mute! With this kind of enemies, she wouldn't dare to say anything either!

Enemies of this level were even more fearsome than facing the royal family of Tianwu Kingdom...

Mu Xueqing felt as though she was going insane.

"No, we can't stand idly by the side when teacher is in trouble!"

After recovering from her shock, Mu Xueqing clenched her fists tightly, and determination gleamed in her eyes.

How could they, as students, remain unmoved when their teacher is in trouble?

Even if others could, she, Mu Xueqing, couldn't do it!

"Senior, we'll go as well!"

"Senior, bring us along too! Teacher is our benefactor, and now that he's in trouble, how can we wait here idly?"


Mu Xueqing's words immediately stirred the entire group.

It hadn't been long since they'd met Liu laoshi, but they could sense their teacher's earnest concern for them, and this filled them with respect for him.



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