Chapter 382: Shadows of a Storm

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They couldn't remain motionless toward a teacher who was willing to offend the Lin Clan for his own student.

"Alright. Even though we've decided to help Liu laoshi, our strength alone isn't sufficient. I know that everyone here has rather strong backing, so I hope that you all will try to mobilize them. Only then can we truly help Liu laoshi!"

Even though Mu Xueqing had an urge to charge over at this very instant to help her teacher, she knew that being rash was useless. She would only be a burden.

While she didn't have too many classmates, each of them had a powerful background.

Taking Meng Tao for example, his father was the guild leader of the Painter Guild, 3-star Painter Meng Yuan.

The others were the same as well. If they could mobilize all of these forces together, even the Lin Clan would be hesitant to lay their hands on their teacher.

"Alright!" Hearing their senior's words, the crowd knew that this was the best solution at hand. Thus, they nodded in agreement.

"Let's start now then. Remember, we have to be fast!" After instructing the group, Mu Xueqing immediately dashed to the Apothecary Guild.


"Zhao Ya, let me tell you some good news!"

At that moment, in the residence that Physician Bai prepared for Zhang Xuan, Yuan Tao ran over to Zhao Ya with an excited expression.

"What good news?" A beautiful lady glanced at Yuan Tao curiously.

At this moment, Zhao Ya's aura felt deep and dense, and one could sense fearsome strength within it. Even though she was only standing quietly on the spot, one could feel an extremely powerful pressure emanating from her.

Zongshi realm intermediate stage!

As expected of a grade-4 pill! Using the Frigid Yin Pill to further awaken her physical constitution, her strength immediately surged. From Pixue realm, she broke through several realms to reach her current level.

Her improvement was so huge that anyone who heard of it would be scared to death.

After the consumption of the Frigid Yin Pill, her Pure Yin Body had been successfully awoken to twenty percent.

Her disposition became even more refined, and her outer appearance looked even more enchanting than before.

If she was a rare beauty before, then she must be a fairy now. Even if Mo Yu were to appear before her, she would definitely feel embarrassed by her own form, not daring to compare with her.

Those possessing unique constitutions were people favored by the heavens. The moment it was awakened, one would gain overwhelming talent. This was the reason why countless people dreamt of possessing one.

But of course, the awakening of a unique constitution was also extremely difficult. There were plenty of people who knew that they possessed a unique constitution, but despite their hard work, even when knocking on death's door, they weren't able to trigger their potential at all. In the end, they could only die in regret.

While the Unravel Yin Pill and Frigid Yin Pill did trigger the awakening of Zhao Ya's Pure Yin Body, they only played a supporting role. The main reason was because she cultivated a simplified version of the Heaven's Path Divine Art. Her pure zhenqi allowed strength to flow through her meridians and acupoints perfectly.

It was with this foundation that her cultivation was able to progress swiftly without leaving behind any traumas.

If it was anyone else, they would definitely face numerous problems in the midst of their cultivation.

"That shameless Liu laoshi has met some trouble!" Yuan Tao's eyes shone in excitement.

After lacing the other party's teapot with poison, he had been waiting for news of Liu laoshi being poisoned to arrive... In the end, he never heard anything of about the poison, but instead, he learned of a far larger affair.

"What trouble?" Zhao Ya was bewildered.

"There is a student beneath him who we never met before known as Lu Chong. For some reason, his clan offended the Lin Clan, and the latter purged his entire family. Unwilling to see his student suffer such injustice silently, Liu laoshi rushed to the Lin Clan to cause a huge ruckus!"

Yuan Tao chuckled.

"Lin Clan? You mean Tianwu Kingdom's number one clan?"

Having been in the kingdom for a period of time, she had already heard of the various powers throughout the kingdom several times by now.

The Lin Clan was an extremely fearsome existence. Putting aside their immense influence, they even had Xuanyuan Kingdom as their backing.

It was said that even the Tianwu royal family dared not to offend him. Why would this Liu laoshi rush there to cause a ruckus?

"Right, that Lin Clan. He went to their doorstep to insult them, demanding that they apologize..." Yuan Tao chuckled delightfully.

No matter how formidable you might be, you are just an ordinary teacher. Tongxuan realm primary stage, and you dare to cause a ruckus at the Lin Clan, whose strongest expert is a Half-Zhizun. If this isn't courting death, what can this be?

"You mean that... he went there for the sake of his own student?" Disregarding Yuan Tao's glee, Zhao Ya frowned.

Despite having just arrived, they have already learned how fearsome the Lin Clan was. There was no reason why Liu laoshi would be ignorant of it!

Despite knowing the risks, he was willing to brave through the flames for the sake of his student... How much courage did that take?

How could such a noble person also be an unreasonable person?

Could it be that they have been misunderstanding him all this time?

"This... You're right!" Not expecting Zhao Ya to be concerned about an entirely different matter, Yuan Tao pondered for a moment while scratching his head.

"Call the others over as well and tell them of this matter!" After hesitating for a moment, Zhao Ya instructed.

She was the strongest among Zhang Xuan's five students, and she seemed to have taken the role of the de facto leader of the group, especially now that Zhang shi wasn't around.

"Yes!" Yuan Tao walked out. Not too long later, Zheng Yang, Wang Ying, and Liu Yang arrived as well.

"Zhao Ya, what's your view on this matter?" Upon entering, Zheng Yang immediately spoke up. Clearly, Yuan Tao had already explained the matter to them clearly before.

"That... Liu laoshi failed to remain impartial during the duel between me and Mu Xueqing, but his willingness to stand up against authority for the sake of his own student makes him a respectable teacher!" Zhao Ya replied.

She didn't have a good impression of Liu laoshi, and she had some qualms with his way of doing things, but the truth is the truth. She couldn't conceal it, and she couldn't pretend not to see it either.

"Indeed!" Zheng Yang nodded.

"Why don't... we go over and take a look! If we were to watch idly as something happens to such a good teacher who cares about his own students, Zhang shi will definitely blame us when he returns!"

After a moment of consideration, Zhao Ya made a suggestion.

Zhang shi was exactly the same kind of teacher as Liu laoshi. If the two of them knew each other, they would definitely see a soulmate in one another.

Since Zhang shi was currently in the midst of the 2-star examination, there was a responsibility for them, as his students, to stand up.

"That's right, Zhang shi would do anything for us. This Liu laoshi would also give his all for his own students... We can't allow anything to happen to such a good teacher. No matter what, we have to go over and take a look!"

Zheng Yang nodded.

Even though their strength was lacking as compared to the Lin Clan, they represented Zhang shi. Even if the other party wanted to take any actions, they would have to consider Zhang shi.

"Alright, let's go!" Upon coming to a decision, the others nodded as well.

Given how Liu laoshi was willing to stand up against the Lin Clan for his own student, it wasn't surprising that Mu Xueqing and the others were able to fight against them without backing down at all.

Such a teacher was indeed worthy of respect.

He possessed character and charisma similar to Zhang shi!


"Rash, too rash..." Hearing the report from his subordinate, Mo Tianxue was nearly scared out of his wits.

As the emperor of the kingdom, every single action of his represented that of the kingdom. As such, when Zhang Xuan left, he wasn't able to tag along. Thus, he had been getting his men to keep tabs, and upon hearing the news he nearly passed out from shock.

He thought that the fellow was only going to the Lin Clan to have them explain themselves and apologize, but who could have thought that he would start to criticize the other party at their doorstep, even demanding the clan head to come out...

The heck!

Wasn't this courting death?

"Men, gather all of the troops in the kingdom and have them wait for further orders!" Gritting his teeth, Mo Tianxue commanded.

Nothing can happen to Guild Master Liu. Putting aside the favor he had shown in treating the guardian beast, just his identity as the guild master of the Physician Guild made him a target worthy of protection.

Besides, the Lin Clan had also stepped on his bottom line. If it came down to it, he'd turn against the Lin Clan...

In any case, even if he were to try to fawn on the Lin Clan, it was impossible for them to back down anyway.

"Yes!" A person with a commander's bearing swiftly left the hall.

"Mo Yu, go over to the Lin Clan to take a look. If they make a move on Guild Master Liu, try to stop them..."

After making a few more arrangements, Mo Tianxue beckoned Mo Yu, and the duo hurriedly rushed to the Lin Clan.

As the number one clan of the kingdom, their main residence wasn't stationed too far from the royal palace. It didn't take long for the duo to arrive at the vicinity of the Lin Clan Residence. Outside the residence, they could see a huge bunch of people gathered around.

Taking a closer look, the both of them were dumbstruck.

"That's... Demonic Hands Chen Jianze? The eccentric Zongshi realm pinnacle expert who cut down his enemy's hands to cook and eat... I thought that he doesn't interfere in worldly affairs? Why is he here?"

"That's... The guild leader of the Painter Guild, Meng Yuan? Isn't he still in the midst of his painting journey?"

"The guild leader of the Apothecary Guild... 3-star Apothecary Hong Yun... and Apothecary Mu Yang?"

"The boss of Tianwu Bank..."

Seeing the group of people gathered before them, Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu were stunned.

All of them were esteemed figures that could shake the capital at its core. It would be an extremely difficult task for even the royal family to gather them, why would all of them gather here all of a sudden?

"Could it be that... the Lin Clan has gathered them together to deal with Guild Master Liu? Wait... But there should be no need for them to gather all of these people just to deal with him?"

A thought flashed through Mo Tianxue's head, but he immediately shook his head.

Given the influence of the Lin Clan, it was a walk in the park to subdue a single Liu laoshi. There was no need for them to utilize all of these connections.

"Father, they are here to... help Guild Master Liu!"

Mo Yu spoke up.

Upon hearing those words, Mo Tianxue suddenly noticed that they were all standing behind Guild Master Liu, as though acknowledging him as their leader.

In other words... They were here to support this Guild Master Liu?

But... why?

Even if the royal family were to fight with the Lin Clan, it would be impossible for him to gather so many people together. How in the world did a Tongxuan realm primary stage teacher who had just arrived at Tianwu Academy possess such immense rallying power?

Even Mo Tianxue felt faint-headed, and he was on the verge of going insane.

"Perhaps, it could be... his unique charisma..."

Mo Yu sighed softly.

Even though she was a proud princess and a genius, she couldn't help but admit that this Zhang Xuan seemed to possess a certain magic to him. He seemed to be able to win over all of the people around him and, as though a rolling snowball, his influence seemed to grow by the day.

It would be impossible for anyone to imitate his charisma, not even Mo Hongyi.

"Look, Clan Head Lin is out!"

"So many elders! It seems like the entire Lin Clan has been mobilized..."

"But I guess that's to be expected. After all, no one can stand having a person criticizing them at their front door..."

In the midst of his contemplation, a commotion suddenly broke out in front. Mo Tianxue hurriedly looked over and saw Clan Head Lin Ruotian leading a group of elders out. His face was as cold as ice.



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