Chapter 384: Recognized by Wang Ying

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As an ex-member of the modern society, Zhang Xuan always thought of violence as the last resort.

And from the looks of it now, he had no other choice!

Since that was the case, there was no need for him to maintain his politeness.

Isn't your Lin Clan formidable?

No one in Tianwu Kingdom means a thing to you?

Since that is the case, I'll beat you all into submission. I'll let you all know that...

There is a type of person in this world... that you can never offend!

"Zongshi realm pinnacle?"

"Guild Master Liu is actually a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert?"

"No wonder he dared to challenge the Lin Clan head on... With the strength to cripple Lin Hu with a single body slam, he does have the rights to do so!"


Upon sensing the aura Zhang Xuan emanated, everyone jolted.

It turned out that the other party's cultivation of Tongxuan realm primary stage was just an illusion. In truth, he was actually at Zongshi realm pinnacle!

With such strength, he was definitely counted as one of the top figures in Tianwu Kingdom!

"He... He..."

Mo Yu's eyes were about to pop out from her eyes.

Other people didn't know Guild Master Liu's true identity, so even though they were shocked, that was just about it. After all, while it was an amazing feat for one to cultivate to Zongshi realm pinnacle at twenty-four to twenty-four-year-old, it wasn't completely unheard of.

However... Mo Yu knew of the other party's true identity.

Zhang Xuan!

He had only reached Zongshi realm a few days ago, so how could he have reached the pinnacle stage in just six to seven days?

Every single advancement in Zongshi realm required a huge amount of time. It would be difficult even for a genius to reach pinnacle from primary stage without a few years of effort. Yet, to do so in a few days...

She felt as though her comprehension of the entire world was collapsing, and she was on the verge of going insane.

More importantly... He had reached at least the level of a 3-star apothecary, master physician, master painter, 2-star beast tamer, and 2-star master teacher...

All along, she had thought that his weak spot was his cultivation. Yet, to think that he didn't lose out in that aspect as well... Mo Yu felt as though she was going insane.

It was no wonder why the other party wasn't interested in her. With such talents... A much wider world was waiting for him out there.

"Liu laoshi... is a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert, even above that of Zhang laoshi?" Zhao Ya and the others were shocked.

When the other party had broken her sword with a single finger, she knew that the other party wasn't weak. However, she couldn't have imagined that he would be so fearsome.

Zhang laoshi was only at Zongshi realm primary stage, yet he was at pinnacle...

To be even stronger than Zhang laoshi... It was no wonder why Mu Xueqing and the others were so adamant about guarding his honor.


"Zongshi realm pinnacle? You're indeed incredible to possess such strength at such a young age. However, that's far from enough for you to challenge our Lin Clan. Clan head, allow me to teach him a lesson!"

Zhang Xuan's strength had caused the entire Lin Clan to be dumbstruck. However, at this moment, an elder stepped forward. His eyes were as sharp as a knife and as cold as frost.

"It's Lin Clan's Second Elder, Lin Xie!"

"He's a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert! Furthermore, he's just a step away from reaching Half-Zhizun!"

"He is ranked fourth in the Ten Great Experts rankings!"

"Given that he's making a move personally, Liu laoshi is in trouble..."


The crowd narrowed their eyes once more.

Liu Cheng might be formidable, but compared to the Ten Great Experts of the kingdom, he was still lacking significantly.

These ten were the ones who stood out among the numerous Zongshi realm pinnacles, climbing to the very peak of strength in the kingdom... And this person was rank fourth among the group!

His strength could no longer be described with 'fearsome'.

Putting everything aside, even the Third Elder whom Zhang Xuan castrated with a single kick wasn't a match for him.

"Alright, be careful!"

Lin Ruotian nodded.

As the head of the Lin Clan, he had to consider his own standing and authority. While Liu Cheng was powerful, he still wasn't worthy of him making a move personally.

Of course, having the Second Elder to make a move first was also to see what kind of trump cards the other party possessed. This way, he would be able to make precautions as well.

"Don't worry, he'll be a piece of cake!"

Waving his hands casually, Second Elder Lin Xie walked up to Zhang Xuan, and with a look of superiority, he sneered, "Lad, make your move. I would like to see what gives you the right to spout such arrogant words and lay your hands on our Lin Clan!"


Paying no heed to the other party's provocation, Zhang Xuan shook his head impassively, "You aren't sufficient. All of you should come at me together!"

Since he was here to get back at the Lin Clan for Lu Chong, and he had already revealed his cultivation already, he couldn't be bothered to hide his strength anymore.

With his strength, he was unmatched among the Zongshi realm pinnacle cultivators. No matter how formidable this Second Elder could be, he couldn't possibly withstand his might.

"You want all of us to come at you together? You should try to get past me first before spouting such conceited words..."

Not expecting that he would be underestimated despite being the ranked fourth expert in the kingdom, Lin Xie's complexion turned awful. He immediately charged forward, and his palm smashed directly down toward Zhang Xuan.

"It's Elder Lin Xie's [Great Split]!"

"Many experts have fallen to this move. To think that he would utilize it at the very start of the battle!"

"He has no choice on this. That Guild Master Liu had defeated Elder Lin Hu in a single blow, so he must have felt pressured. That's why he chose to use his strongest attack right from the start!"

"I wonder how will Guild Master Liu cope with it..."


Upon seeing Elder Lin Xie's offense, graveness started spreading throughout the crowd.

While Lin Hu was strong as well, he was far from a match to Lin Xie.

Given that such an expert had used his strongest attack right from the start, even the ranked first and second Mo Tianxue and Mo Hongyi would have to deal with it cautiously.

"Elder Lin Xie's Great Split might be formidable, but this move is only a feint. His true ace is the [Consecutive Phantom Kicks]!"

Standing by the side, Mo Tianxue said grimly.

"Consecutive Phantom Kicks?" Mo Yu was taken aback by her father's words.

"Indeed. The Great Split is an attack with a downward trajectory, and the immense might behind it instinctively made one cautious toward it. However, in truth, it is just a cover for his lower body attack!"

Mo Tianxue explained. "This consecutive kick is extremely treacherous. Back then, when I sparred with him, I nearly fell for his trick!"

The Great Split was an attack that came from above whereas the Consecutive Phantom Kicks was an attack that came from below. The main reason for the imposing might from the former was so as to conceal the movements below.

If one wasn't aware of it in advance, even a stronger opponent could fall for it.

"Then... Isn't Guild Master Liu in danger?"

Mo Yu frowned, and anxiety flashed across her face.

Her father was already ranked first among the Ten Great Experts of the kingdom. If even he had nearly fallen for the trick, then didn't that mean that Zhang Xuan was in dire trouble? It's worth noting that the Ten Great Experts rankings only include those of Zongshi realm pinnacle. As Lin Ruotian had reached Half-Zhizun, he wasn't considered in the list.

"He is in danger. It all depends on whether he's able to see through it in advance and guard against it. However, in my opinion, it'll be extremely difficult for him to do so! After all, even though it may seem simple on the surface, it is actually quite an effective... The heck!"

Recalling how frightening the move was, Mo Tianxue shook his head and expressed his doubts. However, before he could finish his words, he suddenly froze. He was on the verge of having his final string of sanity snapped. "What... What is this?"

Mo Yu also hurriedly looked at the fight, and the sight she saw made her freeze as well. For a moment, her mind went blank.

Before Elder Lin Xie's powerful Great Split could strike Zhang Xuan, he was already sent flying by a single kick from Zhang Xuan. At this moment, he was already convulsing on the floor. His injuries were... all too similar to the Third Elder's...

A certain essential organ had... exploded!

With a single kick... it exploded! Lin Xie didn't even get the chance to react before he was kicked...

How in the world did the other party do it?

No matter what, the other party was the fourth strongest expert among the Zongshi realm pinnacle cultivators in the kingdom!

Upon seeing the sight, the crowd suddenly felt a chill within their pants, and cold sweat dripped profusely from their forehead.

They had clearly heard the crisp sound of an egg shattering just now. From the looks of it, this famous Elder Lin Xie was probably completely crippled... He had probably lost his functionality as a man.

"I already told you that you aren't sufficient, but you refused to listen..."

Disregarding everyone's shock, Zhang Xuan shook his head.

The other party's combination of Great Split and Consecutive Phantom Kicks was a deadly combo, and it would be difficult for any other Zongshi realm pinnacle to avoid it. However, Zhang Xuan possessed the Eye of Insight. Before the other party could make his move, he had already seen through it and counterattacked in advance.

Putting aside the fact that the other party's strength was inferior to him, even if he was an equal, how could he possibly withstand Zhang Xuan's pre-emptive strike?

"This is... Heaven's Path Leg Art?"

Wang Ying was taken aback.

When her teacher had imparted her this leg art, he had allowed her to come up with her own name. Eventually, she decided to follow by the name her teacher came up with and addressed it as Heaven's Path Leg Art.

This leg art was created by her teacher, and it was only imparted to her... How could this Liu laoshi know of it too?

"Wang Ying, what's wrong? What did you say?"

Hearing Wang Ying's muttering, Zhao Ya glanced at her doubtfully.


With a reddened face, Wang Ying hurriedly shook her head.

Liu laoshi had moved too quickly just now, and she had barely caught a glimpse of it, so she wasn't too sure... Thus, she didn't dare to speak of it yet.

"Since you all aren't willing to make a move together, then I will!"

Seeing that everyone had been shocked by that single kick of his, Zhang Xuan harrumphed softly. Then, with a swift movement, he suddenly appeared amidst the Lin Clan members.

He was so fast that it seemed as though it was teleportation. Before the elders could take a good look, he had already appeared before them.

Peng peng peng peng!

The sound of fists sinking into flesh and slaps striking faces sounded; screams of agony filled the surroundings.

Before Lin Ruotian could react, the dozen or so elders beside him was sent flying at the same time. Falling to the ground, all of them either fell motionless or convulsed vigorously. In any case, none of them were capable of fighting anymore.

"Heaven's Path... Movement Art?"

This time, Wang Ying caught Liu laoshi's movement clearly, and her breathing hastened and her face flushed deep red.

She wasn't too sure with the Heaven's Path Leg Art, but there was no doubt about it, this movement art was Heaven's Path Movement Art!

Why in the world was Liu laoshi... capable of executing the Heaven's Path Movement Art created by Zhang laoshi?

Could it be...

A possibility appeared in Wang Ying's mind, and her slender body trembled vigorously. Slowly, her face turned paler and paler, to the point that it was no different from a sheet of paper.

It was after Zhang laoshi left that Liu laoshi appeared!

And after Liu laoshi appeared, Zhang laoshi had never appeared again...

All along, they had trusted the words of the Master Teacher Pavilion that he had gone for some test... Could it be that he had assumed the identity of Liu laoshi to take on the role of a teacher at Tianwu Academy?

If that was true... then Mu Xueqing was his student as well?

Then Zhao Ya and Mu Xueqing's duel...

It was no wonder why he stopped their duel that day, saying that they were being 'preposterous'. It must be that he was unhappy seeing his students fight with one another... He wasn't oppressing them with his capacity as a teacher!

Wang Ying's body turned cold.

"The poison..."

At this moment, she suddenly recalled she sneaked into Liu laoshi's classroom with Yuan Tao and Liu Yang to poison his drinking tools, and her face twitched. At this moment, she truly felt like crying.

If Liu laoshi was truly Zhang laoshi, then their act of poisoning him...

That was completely an unpardonable crime!

What the heck was this...

To think that she played along with Yuan Tao and Liu Yang and attempted to poison Zhang laoshi...

Until now, they still didn't know whether Zhang laoshi fell for the poison or not. If he really fell for it, then how could they face him in the future?

Their teacher had treated them earnestly, yet all they had been trying to do was to do him in return...

"What's wrong?"

Seeing Wang Ying's slightly scrunched face, Zhao Ya asked worriedly.

"It's nothing..."

Wang Ying hesitated for a moment, but she eventually closed her mouth, deciding against revealing her conjecture.

What would happen to Zhao Ya, Yuan Tao, and the others if she told them about it? How would they react?

At this moment, she felt so distressed and lost.


Wang Ying was at a complete loss.

On the other hand, Lu Chong, who was standing behind Zhang Xuan, had his eyes widened to the brim, and he was on the verge of going insane.

When he saw his teacher shattering the Third Elder's eggs with a single kick, he knew that he must be formidable. At the very least, he should be stronger than him...

Yet, never in his dreams did he expect that he was so much stronger!

Singlehandedly, in less than two breaths, he rendered more than a dozen elders of the Lin Clan powerless...

How did he do it?

Even a Half-Zhizun would be incapable of doing it to this extent!

If he knew that his teacher was that incredible, he wouldn't have hidden the matter from him!


While Lu Chong was overwhelmed with shock, Lin Ruotian was about to go mad.

The reason why the Lin Clan was able to dominate the entire Tianwu Royal City wasn't just because of his strength as an individual, but because of the immense strength that each of these elder wielded!

Initially, he thought that given how the other party was just a mere Zongshi realm pinnacle, the crowd would be more than sufficient to subdue him. Yet, to think that in the blink of an eye, all of the elders he had brought out would be either crippled or severely injured...

What in the world was this?

"Liu Cheng, die!"

Roaring furiously, Lin Ruotian could no longer suppress his rage. He raised his palm and struck straight at Zhang Xuan.



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