Chapter 388: Formation Destroying Kick

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In order to protect her own family, that legendary princess consort once requested for a grade-3 pinnacle formation from Xuanyuan Kingdom's Formation Master Guild to protect the Lin Clan Residence so that the clan could be everlasting.

It was precisely because of this that even though the guardian beast had managed to reach the Zhizun realm, Mo Tianxue didn't dare to do anything out of fear.

Initially, he was still praying that perhaps no one here was capable of activating this formation. How could he have known that not only was Lin Ruotian capable of activating it, he was even able to do it in an instant, thus shrouding all of them in it.

This was a grade-3 pinnacle Killing Formation!

Different from the Confinement Formations, those who were trapped in the formation would be attacked by all kinds of bizarre attacks. At grade-3 pinnacle, even a Zhizun realm expert could easily die under the onslaught of the formation.

"Haha, all of you, die..."

As soon as the formation was activated, it seemed as though countless menacing sharp blades had appeared in the air, threatening to fall from the skies at any moment and eliminate all within the area. Lin Ruotian's eyes reddened, and he roared in excitement.

This formation was the one which his daughter, Lin Long, left behind to guard the Lin Clan. It could only be used once, so Lin Ruotian was determined not to use it unless the Lin Clan was in a desperate situation.

He was unable to cope with Liu Cheng already, and now that Hall Master Liao had gotten involved as well, he knew that it would be impossible for him to withstand their combined might. Thus, without any hesitation, he immediately activated it.

Didn't you all want to kill me?

Alright then, I'll have all of you die here!

A grade-3 pinnacle formation was a formation that could trap and kill even a Zhizun realm pinnacle expert. No matter how powerful you are, you are only a Zongshi realm cultivator!

Death is all that awaits you!

"Finished... To think that I would die due to my curiosity!"

"The Lin Clan actually had this kind of trump card. No wonder the royal family was reluctant to make a move on them..."

"At least we are dying to a powerful formation like this..."


Despair appeared on the faces of the people trapped in the formation.

Formation master was an occupation at the forefront of the Upper Nine Paths. The might of a formation in operation was unimaginable.

Once trapped, they could only wait for their deaths!

"Pavilion Master Jiang, you have some understanding of formations. Can't you bring us out?" someone shouted.

Everyone immediately turned their gazes to Pavilion Master Jiang, as though seeing their savior.

On top of being a 2-star master teacher, Jiang Shu was a 2-star formation master as well. It was possible that he could have a solution to this crisis.

"I... am helpless as well. This formation is way beyond my level of understanding!"

Shaking his head, Jiang Shu smiled bitterly.

He was just a 2-star formation master. There was nothing he could do in the face of a formation of this level.

"Then, we're really doomed..."

Hearing that even Pavilion Master Jiang was helpless before it, the crowd felt despair.

"Haha, only a 3-star formation master is capable of deciphering a grade-3 pinnacle formation! You all? Don't even dream about it..."

Watching their panic and despair, Lin Ruotian howled frenziedly.

However... Before he could finish his words, a voice suddenly interrupted.

"Only a 3-star formation master can decipher this formation? I don't think that's necessarily the case!"

The voice was exceedingly calm, and it contrasted greatly to the panic in the surroundings.

Hurriedly turning their gazes over, they saw that the one who spoke was Guild Master Liu.

The youngster simply shook his head, walked forward, and kicked into empty air.


The air suddenly froze, and the fleeting mist, as well as the blades above them, suddenly stopped.

The formation had been stopped!

As though he had only done something insignificant, Zhang Xuan clapped his hands and said, "See, didn't I just decipher it?"


The smile on Lin Ruotian's froze, and his eyes slowly widened. His body swayed, and he nearly failed to catch his breath.

That was a grade-3 pinnacle formation! Even 4-star formation master wouldn't be able to stop it as casually as he did... To do it with a single kick...

The heck!

Where is the fairness in the world?

Back then, when Grand Elder Lin Tao said that this Guild Master Liu was capable of stopping formations with a kick, he thought that it could just be a coincidence. Perhaps the other party was familiar with the Confinement Formation used to trap the Gold-tailed Lion. But this one...

Even Lin Ruotian himself only deciphered it halfway. The only reason why he could activate it was because he had control over the core of the formation. If he could lay out such a formation himself, he wouldn't have hesitated to activate it earlier.

For a physician, an amateur, to stop it with a single kick...

Lin Ruotian's body convulsed, and he nearly tore out his hair.

"This... this..."

"The formation stopped?"

"It was stopped with a single kick?"

Pavilion Master Jiang also felt his head turning blank.

Even a Zhizun realm expert could easily die in a grade-3 pinnacle formation. To stop it with a single kick...

Painter, apothecary, beast tamer, master teacher, physician... and it turned out that he was a formation master on top of that!

Brother, you should just tell us what there is in the world that you don't know so that we can prepare ourselves mentally!

"Another kick again?"

Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu glanced at one another and shuddered.

Was this really a formation that could kill even a Zhizun?

Why did it seem no different from a toy?

How in the world did he do it?

"Right, I have to escape!"

While the crowd was overwhelmed with shock, Lin Ruotian finally recovered. Gritting his teeth, he immediately darted into the residence.

No matter how foolish he might be, it was already clear that the tides had changed. The best he could at the moment was to preserve his own life!

He had to inform the princess consort of this matter as soon as possible so that she could send her men over. Otherwise, the Lin Clan would truly be destroyed today!


Darting into the residence, he immediately triggered the formation within. A mist immediately floated into appearance, shrouding the entire Lin Clan.

As the base of the Lin Clan, it was impossible for it to be guarded with just a single formation. However, given how easily the strongest formation laid had been broken, all this formation could do was to delay his enemies.

But of course, this little time meant a lot to him under the current situation!

"You wish to escape when you haven't apologized yet?"

Seeing the other party scrambling back into the residence, Zhang Xuan shook his head. "I've already said it; if you don't apologize, I'll beat you until you apologize... Lu Chong, charge in!"

Returning the sword back to Zhao Ya, Zhang Xuan chuckled softly. He walked up to the residence and kicked at a certain spot once more.


The formation shrouding the residence stopped.

The teacher and student entered.

"Wait for me..."

With the departure of the duo and the bizarre gazes of the crowd, how could Hall Master Liao Xun and the Great Herb King dare to remain here? They immediately dashed into the residence as well.


As the commotion came to an end, silence loomed over the entrance of the Lin Clan Residence.

"Looks like... the Lin Clan is done for!"

Looking at the convulsing elders who were lying on the floor and Lin Ruotian who had escaped without any hesitation, the crowd was still in a daze.

Back then, when their children and juniors pleaded with them, they thought that this Liu laoshi was being a little too rash arguing with the Lin Clan. Only now did they realize... how hilarious their thoughts were.

Singlehandedly, he managed to crush the Lin Clan who dominated the capital!

This was something they could have never imagined in the past.

What in the world was that fellow? How could he be that powerful?


Contrary to the shock of the others, the eyes of Mu Xueqing and the others were glowing, and they clenched their fists in excitement.

All that lingered in their minds was a voice that kept shouting — 'He is my teacher!

'My teacher managed to destroy formations with a single kick and vanquished the Lin Clan which dominated the capital!

'My teacher, with his powerful sword qi, was able to even render a Half-Zhizun expert helpless...'

How lucky and proud they were to have such a teacher!

As their hearts trembled in agitation, their eyes suddenly fell on a few other people.

They were Zhao Ya, Zheng Yang, and group.

"Zhao Ya, I know that Zhang shi is formidable, but is he capable of unleashing sword qi that rendered even a Half-Zhizun helpless and stop a grade-3 pinnacle formation with a single kick like Liu laoshi?"

With her hands behind her back, Mu Xueqing's eyes shone with excitement.

Zhang shi was incredible, but he had only managed to reach Zongshi realm a few days ago. On the other hand, not only was their Liu laoshi a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert, he even managed to subdue the number one expert of Tianwu Kingdom, Lin Ruotian!

The title of the number one expert in the kingdom rightfully went to him!

How your Zhang shi be a match for such a person?

"Liu laoshi... is indeed incredible!" Zhao Ya replied calmly.

"Zhao Ya, why would you..."

Seeing Mu Xueqing's gleeful look, Zheng Yang and the others were infuriated. They thought that Zhao Ya would refute the other party, but never in their dreams did they think that she would admit it directly. This caused their faces to flush in anxiety.

"Don't worry. Liu laoshi may be incredible, but our Zhang laoshi... isn't inferior in any way!"

Knowing that Liu laoshi and Zhang laoshi were the same person, there was no need for them to argue over this matter anymore. Since teacher had intentionally hidden his identity, not even notifying them of the matter, it wasn't Zhao Ya's place to expose him then.

Harrumphing coldly, Zhao Ya turned around.


A powerful aura surged forth from her. The strength belonging to a Zongshi realm intermediate stage rushed at Mu Xueqing and the others as though a massive wave.

"Zongshi realm intermediate stage?"

"Wasn't she still at Pixue realm a few days ago? How did she jump two realms all of the sudden?"

"This is the result of Zhang shi's guidance?"


Sensing the aura from Zhao Ya, the crowd fell into a commotion once more.

Due to the uproar from the duel between Zhao Ya and Mu Xueqing, the crowd knew that she was only at Pixue realm two days ago. To reach Zongshi realm intermediate stage within two days...

This rate of advancement was way too fast!


Mu Xueqing's eyes narrowed.

Initially, she was indignant when she lost the second duel against the other party, and she thought that she would be able to defeat the other party now that she had reached Tongxuan realm. Never in her wildest imaginations did she expect that the other party would have improved as well, and for it to be... even more drastic!

She had skipped past Tongxuan realm to reach Zongshi realm intermediate stage directly!

This... How could she fight against this?

Could Zhang shi's guidance truly be that incredible?

"That's nothing much. Five days ago, Lu Chong was only Dingli realm primary stage, but he has already reached Zongshi realm intermediate stage already!" Meng Tao harrumphed.

"Advancing from Dingli realm primary stage to Zongshi realm intermediate stage in just five days?"

Before the crowd could recover from their shock, another astonishing news blasted at them once more.

Liu laoshi and Zhang shi, aren't the two of you too monstrous!

It would already an incredible feat to induce an advancement of one's cultivation by a small stage in just five days. Yet, your students leaped through several realms in just a few days...

"Looks like this Liu laoshi is as talented as Zhang shi!"

"Indeed, the two of them are on par with one another. They're both incredible geniuses!"

"Actually, I think that Liu laoshi is more incredible. Inducing a growth from Dingli realm primary stage to Zongshi realm in five days is clearly much more difficult than inducing a growth from Pixue realm to Zongshi realm in two days!"

"More importantly, he possesses a powerful cultivation. No matter how talented Zhang shi is, his true strength is only at Zongshi realm primary stage!"

"Actually, I think that Zhang shi is more formidable! Just by his feats of bashing through the various stages in the master teacher examination and breaking all of the records already made him superior to most talents out there. More importantly, he is still young, so he still has a bright future before him..."

Amidst the crowd, many loyal fans of Zhang shi and Liu laoshi appeared, and they began to quarrel with one another. Neither side was willing to give in to the other.


Escaping in a panic, he soon arrived at a sealed chamber. There was nothing but a white wall in the room.

With a flick of his finger, a droplet of fresh blood fell into the aperture on the wall.


A bright light shone, and the wall was activated.

It was something similar to the Wall of Dilemma in the Physician Guild and the Wall of Pill Formulae in the Apothecary Guild — Communication Wall!



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