Chapter 389: Kong shi's Personal Letter

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A unique formation had been laid out on the Communication Wall, allowing one to transmit messages to one another instantaneously over long distances.

The Wall of Pill Formulae and Wall of Dilemma operated by the same concept as well.

The cost of this object was extremely high. Even though it was only a wall, a grade-3 pinnacle formation was laid out on it. It was through the formation that one could transmit the message from one wall to another.

The cost of a single wall was so huge that even the Tianwu royal family couldn't afford it.

Only some of the more esteemed guilds were equipped with it.

No one could have imagined that there would be one in the Lin Clan as well.

In order to protect her family, Princess Consort Lin Long was even willing to pay such an immense price.

Picking up a brush, he clenched his jaws and wrote a line of words on it.

"The Lin Clan has been besieged by the scoundrel, Liu Cheng. Lin Lang and father are severely injured. Require immediate aid!"


A bright light shone, and the words slowly faded.

After which, Lin Ruotian heaved a huge sigh of relief. A savage glint flashed across his eyes.

"Liu Cheng and Tianwu royal family... I want you all to pay for all what has happened today!"


Beside the imperial palace of Xuanyuan Kingdom, there was another massive palace.

It was the East Palace, otherwise known as Crown Prince Palace!

It was where the crown prince of Xuanyuan Kingdom lived.

In a room at the very corner of the palace stood a white wall. It had been quiet for a very long time, but today, a bright light shone, and a few words appeared on it.

"Something bad happened. Hurry up and inform Her Highness..."

The face of the guard in charge of the wall warped in panic, and he hurriedly instructed the servants.

Other people might not be aware of the purpose of the wall, but he was well-aware that it was linked to the old home of the princess consort. For it to be activated all of a sudden, not to mention with such a message, it was clear that... something huge had happened!

Soon, an elegant-looking lady walked over.

Xuanyuan Kingdom's princess consort, Lin Lang's elder sister, Lin Long!

"Father... brother!"

Seeing the words on it, the lady's body shuddered, and a malicious aura flowed out from her.

She was extremely concerned about her family; she didn't think that such a situation would occur since it hadn't been long since she had left Tianwu Kingdom!

"Liu Cheng? Who is this Liu Cheng?"

Bellowing furiously, resentment flowed through Lin Long. "Hurry up and get General Liang here!"


The guards hurriedly walked over.

General Liang, Liang Qingming, was the general under the command of the crown prince. As a Zhizun realm advanced expert, he was in charge of the security of the East Palace.

Only the crown prince and the princess consort could issue him commands.

Soon, a middle-aged man walked over.

His black dress up and sharp eyes gave him an extremely cold appearance. With just a single glance, shudders would instinctively run down one's spine.

"Your Highness was looking for me?"

Bowing politely, Lian Qingming clasped his fist.

"General Liang, pick two experts to accompany me to Tianwu Royal City!" Lin Long said.

"Tianwu Royal City?" Liang Qingming asked doubtfully.

"That's right. My Lin Clan has been trampled by others, and my younger brother and my father are severely injured. Make sure to do it fast..." Lin Long instructed anxiously. "No, two experts aren't sufficient. You shall go with me now! Only with your strength will I feel assured!"


Liang Qingming hesitated. "However, the crown prince hasn't returned yet. Shouldn't I ask for his permission before leaving?"

"What permission? If you don't hurry, my Lin Clan will become history!" Lin Long flung her sleeves furiously.


Knowing that the crown prince doted greatly on Her Highness, if her clan were to be destroyed, he would be implicated as well. Thus, without hesitating for too long, Liang Qingming nodded, "If you're in a rush, we should ride on the crown prince's [Gold-scaled Lightning Beast]! Possessing a strength of Zhizun realm intermediate stage, it is capable of traveling at high speed. Tianwu Royal City might be slightly far from here, but on it, we can arrive in just two days!"

"Alright!" Lin Long nodded.

As a Zhizun realm savage beast, the crown prince's Gold-scaled Lightning Beast was capable of traveling several ten thousand li in a single day. [1]

They might make it in time if they travel on it.

"Have Grandmaster Beast Tamer Zhou follow us, and get him to drive it as fast as he can!" Lin Long instructed once more.

"Yes!" Liang Qingming turned around to make preparations.

In less than an incense's time, a massive savage beast appeared in the courtyard. Lin Long dived into the room on its back, and with a flap of its wings, the savage beast soared into the skies.


Peng! Peng!

Slowly advancing forward, Zhang Xuan broke through seven to eight formations before reaching the room where Lin Ruotian escaped to.

Following behind Zhang Xuan, Liao Xun got a clear glimpse of the strength of this young man.

Regardless of which formation it was, with a single look, he was able to stop it with a kick... This was no longer something that could be described with the word 'fearsome'.

It was fortunate that he reacted decisively and turned against the Lin Clan on the spot. Otherwise, he wouldn't even know how he died.

"You sure caught up fast!"

Knowing that they would appear, there wasn't the slightest panic in Lin Ruotian's eyes when the door was opened. Instead, with savagery on his face, he hissed, "However, even if you managed to catch up, do you dare to kill me? I've already informed the princess consort of this matter, and her men will arrive soon! As long as you dare to touch a single strand of my hair, not only will you die, the entire Tianwu Kingdom will be buried as well!"

"You mean that if we don't make a move on you, the princess consort will let us get away scot-free?"

Seeing the confidence on the other party's face, Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly.

The grudge was already picked, and even if Zhang Xuan allowed Lin Ruotian to get away, the other party wouldn't let him off.

"You..." He thought that the other party would be hesitant after hearing his words, but all the other party showed was indifference. Lin Ruotian was taken aback.

"Lu Chong, I'll leave it to you to exact your vengeance. After you're done, look for me at the academy! Liao Xun, you stay here to support him!" Zhang Xuan instructed, not bothering with the arrogant Lin Ruotian.


Lu Chong and Liao Xun nodded.

All of the powerful elders had been defeated, and the rest had either escaped or scattered. There were no longer any powerful figures in the Lin Clan that were a match for Lu Chong and Liao Xun.

Having settled the matter here, Zhang Xuan slowly walked out of the Lin Clan Residence.

At this moment, the crowd outside had yet to scatter. Upon seeing Zhang Xuan, admiration glowed on their faces.

"I am truly thankful for all of your support!"

He knew that these people were gathered under the effort of his students. Even though they didn't do anything, the fact that they were willing to offend the Lin Clan at this crucial timing to back him up made him emotionally indebted to them.

"Liu laoshi (Guild Master Liu) is being too polite, we didn't do anything at all..."

The crowd immediately bowed; their faces flushed in embarrassment.

They intended to help Liu Cheng, but in the end, the other party managed to wipe out the Lin Clan singlehandedly.

"I, Liu Cheng, am one to repay favors. How about this, I will conduct a lecture here for everyone in gratitude for all of your help!"

Given the sentiments they had shown, Zhang Xuan couldn't remain unmoved.

"A lecture?"

Delighted, everyone's eyes shone in excitement.

Even though this Guild Master Liu wasn't a master teacher, he was a Zongshi realm pinnacle expert who had comprehended Sword Heart.

His lecture would definitely contribute greatly to their cultivation!

"The core of cultivation lies in one's heart..."

Without wasting any time, Zhang Xuan started speaking. His voice touched the hearts of the crowd, shaking their souls.

In order to prevent his true identity from being revealed, he didn't utilize Impartation of Heaven's Will this time. Even so, there were many who managed to achieve a breakthrough in the midst of his lecture.

There were at least a hundred people who came to back Zhang Xuan up, and there were seven of them who managed to achieve a breakthrough!

"To induce a breakthrough in the crowd in a single lesson, as expected of the most talented master teacher in Tianwu Kingdom..."

Seeing this sight, Pavilion Master Jiang felt impressed.

Despite being a 2-star pinnacle master teacher, he wasn't capable of this feat.

The other party's explanation was detailed and simple. Concepts that were often difficult to grasp became exceedingly simple under his explanation. It felt as though the cultivation of others were a huge ball of wool whereas he had managed to sort it out neatly into strand after strand.

Under his explanation, it felt as though they were given a glimpse into the essence of cultivation. Under such circumstances, it would be difficult for them not to improve.

"Incredible... To think that the lecture of Liu laoshi isn't inferior to Zhang shi at all!"

"Indeed! I found myself a new idol today!"

Hearing Liu laoshi's lecture, Zheng Yang, Yuan Tao, and Liu Yang fell into a trance.

In the past, they had always though that Zhang laoshi was the greatest teacher in the world, and that all other teachers were trash before him. However, at this moment, they realized that there was a much larger world outside the one they knew.

Zhang laoshi was formidable, but it would be hard for him to triumph over this Liu laoshi.

It was laughable that they had always thought that the other party was unworthy of his reputation.

"Do you think that Zhang laoshi's lesson is better, or that Liu laoshi's lesson is better?"

Seeing the expression of the group, Zhao Ya shook her head helplessly and asked with a bizarre look.

"The both of them... are good!"

With a scarlet face, Zheng Yang replied.

He wanted to say that Zhang laoshi was better, but the lesson of this Liu laoshi wasn't inferior to their teacher's in any way.

"Forget it, you all go figure it out yourselves!"

Since teacher didn't say anything, Zhao Ya couldn't be bothered to explain either. Turning around, Zhao Ya and Wang Ying left together, leaving behind three dumbfounded guys behind.


After completing the lesson, Zhang Xuan returned to Tianwu Academy.

Not too long later, Lu Chong walked up to him, and with slightly reddened eyes and a trembling body, he knelt to the floor.

All of the words that he had wanted to say seemed to converge into a single one, "Teacher..."

It was because of his teacher that he had a chance to exact his vengeance and found the purpose of his existence.

It was because of teacher that his parents were able to rest peacefully in the earth, and that he will not be ashamed to meet them when he finally reunites with them.

Finding such a good teacher was the best thing that the heavens had given him.

"Stand up!"

On the classroom, Zhang Xuan looked at him gently, "You should be able to tell me why the Lin Clan had to eradicate your clan now, right?"

Even though Lu Chong's elder sister had castrated Lin Lang, the Lin Clan, in consideration of their reputation, shouldn't go to the extent of destroying an entire clan consisting of more than a hundred members.

Most probably... there was another more compelling reason!

Back then, in the royal palace, Mo Tianxue and Mo Yu were around, so Lu Chong didn't mention the matter. The duo didn't realize anything, but Zhang Xuan still noticed that something was amiss.

"Teacher, it's true that the Lin Clan didn't destroy my Qu Clan because of that matter... It's because of an heirloom in my clan!"

Without any hesitation, Lu Chong immediately revealed the truth.

Given how much his teacher had done for him, he had decided that he wouldn't hide anything from him.


Zhang Xuan frowned.

"Yes, it's an [Ancestor's Handwritten Letter]!" Lu Chong replied.

"Ancestor's Handwritten Letter?"

Zhang Xuan was perplexed. "Why would the Lin Clan want a handwritten letter from your ancestors?"

This letter was most probably a letter Lu Chong's ancestor left to his offspring, but why would the Lin Clan fight for it, even going to the extent of wiping out an entire clan?

"The handwritten letter of our ancestor indeed isn't worth much, but... within the letter is the handwritten reply from Kong shi!" Lu Chong explained.

"Kong shi's handwritten words?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback, and his head turned blank.



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