Chapter 392: Envoy from the Headquarters

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"This sound is the bell from the Master Teacher Pavilion to gather all master teachers! Something huge must have happened!"

Zhao Ya's face tightened in worry.

The bell from the Master Teacher Pavilion wouldn't sound for no reason, and when it did, it meant that something urgent and important had occurred.

"Let's go over to the Master Teacher Pavilion and take a look first. If teacher is in the capital, he'll surely rush over as well..."

Frowning, Zhao Ya instructed.

The bell demanded for the presence of all master teachers. If Liu laoshi was truly Zhang laoshi, he should rush there upon hearing the bell as well.

"Un!" Zheng Yang and the others nodded.

Thus, the group started heading toward the Master Teacher Pavilion.


"This is the Assembly Bell? Who rang it?"

Standing at the entrance of the Lin Clan was Pavilion Master Jiang, who was still in a slight trance after Zhang Xuan's lecture. Upon hearing the sound, he was taken aback.

Not everyone was qualified to ring the bell in the Master Teacher Pavilion. In the entire Tianwu Kingdom, only the pavilion master and the other two 2-star master teachers wielded the rights to do so. However, given that the three of them were here, what in the world was going on?

"Something urgent must have cropped up. Let's hurry back to take a look!"

A grave look appeared on Elder Zhu's face.


Pavilion Master Jiang nodded. Without any hesitation, he led the group of master teachers gathered here back to the Master Teacher Pavilion as quickly as possible.

"Let's go over and take a look as well!"

Mo Tianxue and the others also followed them back to the Master Teacher Pavilion.

The Master Teacher Pavilion was the foundation of a kingdom. Without their support, putting aside the fact that the kingdom's tier might be lowered, it would also make the kingdom more prone to attacks.

At this moment, the sound of the bell reverberated through the entire capital, attracting the attention of countless people.

Even Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi were taken aback.

"The Master Teacher Pavilion is summoning us; let's go over as well!"

Mo Hongyi said grimly.

"Un!" Zhang Xuan nodded.


Lu Chong hurried forward.

"Find Mu Xueqing and the others, and bring them to the Master Teacher Pavilion!" Knowing Lu Chong's intentions, Zhang Xuan immediately issued him some instructions.

Initially, they had agreed on finishing the examination tomorrow. However, since that Mo Hongyi had recovered, and he was going to head there anyway, Zhang Xuan didn't mind finishing the examination today so that he could be promoted to a 2-star master teacher.


Not daring to dawdle, Pavilion Master Jiang and the others rushed straight back; it didn't take them to long to arrive at the Master Teacher Pavilion. As soon as they stepped into the guild, an apprentice quickly walked up to them.

"Pavilion master, Elder Zhu..."

"What happened?" Jiang Shu looked at him with a deep frown sitting on his forehead.

"The headquarters sent two envoys over... Seeing that there isn't a single master teacher here, they instructed me to ring the Assembly Bell!" The apprentice explained.

"Envoys from the headquarters?" Gedeng, Pavilion Master Jiang's heart skipped a beat. "Bring me over quickly!"

Upon walking into the main hall, he saw two elders seated at the very top of the room.

"You're Jiang Shu?"

Before Jiang Shu could reply, an elder stroked his beard and introduced themselves, "I am Su Fan, and this is Ling Yuheng. We're from the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's Master Teacher Pavilion!"

"Su Fan? Ling Yuheng?"

Pavilion Master Jiang was stunned for a moment before a jolt shot through his entire body. Disbelief shone in his eyes, "The 4-star master teachers of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance... Su shi and Ling shi?"

Even though Jiang Shu had never been to the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's capital before, Su shi and Ling shi were names that all master teachers within the Myriad Kingdom Alliance were familiar with. Could they... be those two legendary figures?

Why would they... visit Tianwu Kingdom personally?

"Hehe! That's us!"

Chuckling, the duo nodded slightly.

Their movements and words weren't excessive, and they exuded an extremely peaceful and tranquil feeling. The crowd didn't feel the slightest bit of pressure or intimidation from them,


Upon hearing their words, the faces of Elder Zhu and the others turned pale, and they nearly fainted on the spot.

They were legendary figures who were said to possess the capability to turn stone into gold, and the destructive might to crush mountains and split rivers.

Under such rumors, the group subconsciously felt that they lived in a completely different world from the duo. Yet, to think that there would come a day where they would be talking harmoniously.

Initially, they were still slightly intrigued about the ringing of the Assembly Bell. This bell was usually used for emergencies, and only the 2-star master teachers had the right to ring it. As 4-star master teachers, the duo was more than qualified to ring the Assembly Bell.

However, as 4-star master teachers, the duo was indeed more than qualified to ring the Assembly Bell.

"There's no need to get nervous. The purpose of our visit is to look for Zhang Xuan!" Seeing the stiff expressions on the crowd, Su shi chuckled lightly.

His voice was as gentle as a spring wind, and subconsciously, the stiffened bodies of the crowd relaxed, and their tension disappeared.

Impartation of Heaven's Will!


Sensing the visible changes in their bodies, the crowd was filled with awe for the duo.

To dispel their nervousness with a single word, surely they would be able to render them powerless with another.

The might of a 4-star master teacher... was indeed fearsome!

"Zhang Xuan?"

Heaving a sigh of relief, Pavilion Master Jiang asked doubtfully.

Zhang Xuan had broken innumerable records of the Master Teacher Pavilion. Even though Jiang Shu didn't report the matter to the headquarter, the headquarter had a way of looking into such matters. Given the outstanding results, it would be difficult for Zhang Xuan to not attract any attention.

"May I know if Zhang shi is here?" Su shi looked around the room.

"Reporting to Su shi, Zhang Xuan is currently in the midst of his 2-star master teacher Trust Level test, so he isn't here..."

Pavilion Master Jiang hurriedly replied.

"He isn't here? Then, bring me the Record Crystal of his master teacher examination. I want to take a look at the situation!" Upon hearing that Zhang Xuan wasn't around, Su shi issued another instruction.


Not daring to keep such esteemed guests waiting, Pavilion Master Jiang immediately issued the orders, and a master teacher quickly rushed out. Soon, the Record Crystal that had recorded Zhang Xuan's examination was brought into the main hall.

Su shi and Ling shi glanced at one another. Then, Su shi stretched his hand forward to slightly tap on the Record Crystal, and the scene of the examination back then immediately appeared.

House of Trust, Supporting Occupation Pavilion, Puppet Hall, Cultivation Technique Ocean, and Unerring Pavilion...

Seeing the young man undertake the tests one after another, the initial calmness of Su shi and Ling shi slowly faded, and eventually, just like the many others who were present that day, it transformed into shock.


Soon, after watching the entire proceedings, the duo glanced at one another, and they could see the incredulity in each other's eyes.

Despite teaching his students for just a couple of days, he managed to induce of Trust Level of 85 in them; at the start of the examination, his Soul Depth was only 5.1, but in the blink of an eye, it increased all the way of 10.1; scoring 130 points in the Supporting Occupation Pavilion where the highest possible score should have been 100; inducing the Harmonious Chiming of the Hundred Bells in the Cultivation Technique Ocean, and getting it to submit with a bellow; uncovering thirty flaws in the Unerring Pavilion; reaching Zongshi realm in just a few moments...

Despite witnessing his feats personally, they couldn't help but doubt that they were dreaming.

Where in the world did this fellow pop out from? How did he manage to achieve such outstanding results?

"Reporting to Su shi and Ling shi, I, Jiang Shu, can use my reputation as a master teacher to guarantee that Zhang shi didn't even know the proceedings of the examination beforehand. All of his records were made on the spot, and the Record Crystal hasn't been tampered in any way!"

Seeing the disbelief in their eyes, Jiang Shu hurriedly explained.

"Un, we're still able to tell whether the Record Crystal has been tampered or not..."

Su shi nodded.

As a 4-star master teacher, he was more than capable of telling with a single glance whether the person before him was lying or not, and whether the Record Crystal had been tampered with or not.

This was precisely the reason why he found the entire situation inconceivable.

Of the kingdoms beneath the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, there didn't seem to be a single one who was as incredible as this Zhang Xuan.

But of course, if this wasn't the case, they wouldn't have rushed from the alliance to such a remote location upon receiving the news.

"Tell us about the background of this Zhang shi!"

Returning the Record Crystal, Su shi probed.

"Yes, this Zhang shi comes from Tianxuan Kingdom..."

After organizing the information on Zhang Xuan in his head, Pavilion Master Jiang replied.

Talent wasn't the only factor required for one to become a master teacher; one had to have a clean background as well. It wasn't too difficult for him, as the head of the Master Teacher Pavilion, to look into Zhang Xuan's identity and background.

"... Currently, he's a 3-star painter, 2-star beast tamer, and an apothecary and physician exceeding 3-star. Naturally, he doesn't have the emblems for the latter two yet. Even though his skills have reached the required level, his cultivation is still much too lacking... He's currently at Zongshi realm pinnacle, and he has comprehended the Partial Heart realm of Sword Heart..."

Jiang Shu recounted.

Every single point that he brought up caused the shock on Su shi and Ling shi's faces to deepen, and eventually, the duo became completely numb to his achievements.

However, a doubt slowly sprouted in their minds. How in the world did a fellow who originated from such a remote location be skilled in so many occupations? On top of that, to possess such incredible talent as a master teacher?

Upon thinking of this, Su shi couldn't help but raise his doubt.

"I was perplexed over this matter initially as well, but eventually, I realized that it's because Zhang shi's teacher is formidable!" Jiang Shu explained. "It's very likely that he's a 4-star master teacher as well, or perhaps... even surpassing that level!"


The faces of the duo immediately turned grave. "What's the name of his teacher?"

"Yang Xuan!"

"Yang Xuan?" Su shi and Ling shi frowned.

They knew quite a few 4-star and 5-star master teachers, but they had never heard of this name,

"This Yang shi is currently my teacher as well..." Sensing their doubts, Jiang Shu started to recount how he met Yang shi, and how he eventually acknowledged the other party as his teacher.

"With just the slightest guidance from him, you were able to tame the Crimson Tiger. On top of that, he was able to tell the flaws in your cultivation in that short fight between you and the Crimson Tiger?"

Su shi widened his eyes in shock.

Su shi was also capable of those two feats... But he definitely wasn't able to do it as quickly and easily as the other party did.

Given how easily that Yang shi did so, not to mention, during the fight between the Crimson Tiger and Jiang Shu, he was still on the back of an aerial savage beast, the other party's eye of discernment was simply way too formidable!

"That's right!" Jiang Shu nodded.

Honestly, he was filled with earnest respect and admiration for Yang shi.

After cultivating the improved cultivation technique that the other party gave him, not only did he recover from his hidden trauma, he could even vaguely sense that he was going to achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation soon.

No matter how foolish one was, it would be clear to them that this was all Yang shi's work. With just a casual pointer, he was able to induce such massive effects. Given that Zhang shi was his direct disciple, he must have undergone personal tutelage from the other party on a daily basis. Under such circumstances, it wasn't unimaginable for him to be capable of such incredible feats.

"Is that Yang shi still in the capital? Can you bring me to pay him a visit?"

Recovering from his shock, Su shi couldn't help but ask.

Even though he had never heard of Yang Xuan, given how the other party managed to groom an outstanding student like Zhang Xuan and induce such a huge improvement in Jiang Shu with just a few casual pointers, his ranking as a master teacher must definitely be above theirs. If they could meet and interact with him, they would definitely benefit greatly from the exchange.

"Teacher is currently in the capital, but... he is often out. If the two elders wish to meet him, please allow me to first report the matter to him first!" Jiang Shu hurriedly replied.

Even though his teacher was in the capital, he was often out of the residence. Also, without teacher's permission, he didn't dare to bring anyone else over, even if the people he was bringing over were 4-star master teachers.

"Un! We'll be troubling Pavilion Master Jiang then..."

Su shi nodded. Just as he was about to continue speaking, Elder Zhu, who had gone out a while ago to settle a few matters, suddenly rushed back anxiously.

"Su shi, Ling shi, and pavilion master, Zhang shi and Mo Hongyi have returned and they are currently at the examination hall. It seems like they have decided to end the examination in advance..."

"End the examination in advance?"

Pavilion Master Jiang froze. "It has only been a few days since the examination started, and they have already succeeded in inducing a Trust Level of 40 among their students in their disguised identity?"



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