The last test of the 2-star master teacher examination was for them to assume the role of a teacher under another identity and raise the Trust Level of their student in them to forty within ten days.

It hadn't even been seven days, and they were already here. Could it be that their students' Trust Levels in them had already reached forty?

"That Zhang Xuan is here too?"

Hearing the conversation, Su shi looked over and asked, "What's going on?"

"It's like this..."

Pavilion Master Jiang explained the situation in detail.

There were several hundred types of 2-star master teacher examinations depending on the guild one was in.

This was precisely the reason why all of the 1-star master teacher in the guild, and this was including Principal Xie, didn't know that the examination for the duo was to conceal their identity and teach at Tianwu Academy.

"So that's the case! I am also quite interested to see how high the Trust Level Zhang Xuan's students have in him under his disguise!"

After comprehending the situation, Su shi nodded, turned his head to the side, and asked "Ling shi, do you want to come along as well?"


Ling shi smiled, "I am fine with going over as well, but we have to make some preparations beforehand. As 4-star master teachers, our arrival will surely cause a huge uproar, and the results of the examination might be affected. So, you all shouldn't immediately reveal our identities when we arrive in the examination hall later on!"

As 4-star master teachers, the two of them possessed esteemed standing. Even the emperor would have to welcome them personally with utmost respect in deference to their position.

If news of their arrival were to spread out, it would definitely cause a huge commotion. There was a great possibility that it might affect the accuracy of the results of the test.

Jiang Shu and the others nodded in agreement.

Since these two had spoken, who would dare to refute them?

The group headed straight for the examination hall, and before they could enter, they could already hear a huge commotion in the area.

"Why did the bell suddenly ring?"

"I've no idea. Maybe someone is going to take the master teacher examination? However, there doesn't seem to be anything here though?"

"Impossible. Back then, when Zhang shi and Mo shi were taking the examination, I was here, and the bell wasn't rung then..."


Pushing the door open, they immediately saw a huge crowd before them.

It was the group who had gathered at the entrance of the Lin Clan previously.

Mo Tianxue, Mu Yangfeng... Many esteemed figures of Tianwu Kingdom were within the crowd.

They had all rushed here upon hearing the bell to join in with the commotion, but due to the various restrictions of the Master Teacher Pavilion, they could only wait here. Even until now, they had no idea what was going on.

"Pavilion Master Jiang is here! Pavilion Master Jiang, what happened?"

Upon seeing the group walk in, someone among the crowd shouted.

Of the group, the most conspicuous person was Pavilion Master Jiang. No one paid any heed to Su shi and Mo shi, who were standing at the back.

Besides, even if they were to notice them, they wouldn't recognize them anyway.

The Myriad Kingdom Alliance was simply too far away, and Su shi and Ling shi were figures way beyond them. Pavilion Master Jiang also only managed to recognize them after their introduction.

"Something did happen, but there's no need to panic. You will all know soon enough!"

Pavilion Master Jiang shook his hands casually before turning around to discreetly issue some instructions to Elder Zhu.

As soon as the Trust Level of Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi's students reach a minimum of forty, he would announce their true identity instantly. In a sense, this could be considered as a huge matter.

However, he couldn't say anything about it now. If not, it might affect the final result.

After being delegated with some tasks, Elder Zhu backed down, and soon, he led two people in.

Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi!

But they were still currently in disguise as Liu Cheng and Sun Cheng.

"It's Guild Master Liu and Sun laoshi!"

"I've heard of this Sun laoshi as well! He was also accepted into Tianwu Academy a few days ago, and his lessons are formidable as well. My son attended his lessons and his cultivation immediately soared furiously!"

"To invite the two of them over... Could it be that the Master Teacher Pavilion is going to make an exception for the two of them and grant them the position of a master teacher?"

"Grant them the position of a master teacher? There has never been such a practice. I reckon that the Master Teacher Pavilion is just going to bestow them with some special privileges or something..."

Discussion sounded among the crowd once more.

These two had made a name for themselves recently, and there were quite a few people who had looked into their backgrounds... Due to several personal circumstances, neither of them were eligible to take on the master teacher examination!

To be brought here despite their ineligibility... Most probably, the Master Teacher Pavilion was just going to grant them some privileges and protect them.

Such matters had happened in the past as well.

More than a century ago, there was a teacher whose lessons was incredible, and he made a huge contribution to society. Thus, the Master Teacher Pavilion granted him the title of an Honorary Elder, and his standing immediately soared. Eventually, even the Tianwu royal family had to treat him as an important guest.

Could it be that it was happening again?

"Wait a moment. If that's the case, why would their students be here then?"

"That's true..."

Soon, someone noticed that something was amiss. Usually, this kind of bestowment would be announced beforehand. On top of that, this wasn't good enough a reason to knock the Assembly Bell and have all of the master teachers gather here.

And most importantly of all, there was no reason for the duo to bring all of their students here for the ceremony.

The crowd here was brought together by Liu Cheng's students. They might not recognize Sun Cheng's students, but upon seeing that Lu Chong, Mu Xueqing, Meng Tao, and the others here, they immediately knew that something was amiss.

Actually, they weren't the only confused ones. Mu Xueqing and the others were perplexed as well.

Teacher had Lu Chong urgently gather all of them, so they thought that it might be an important matter. They couldn't have imagined that the location they were heading to was... the Master Teacher Pavilion.

Liu laoshi wasn't a master teacher, so there shouldn't be any reason for him to be here.

"The two teachers, who goes first?" Pavilion Master Jiang smiled at the duo.

"Sun laoshi, you should go first!" Zhang Xuan said.

Until now, Zhang Xuan still felt a little guilty that his students were the cause of his suffering.

"Alright then, I'll go first!" Mo Hongyi didn't turn down the offer. Beckoning behind him back, two students walked out. "You two, go in and test your Trust Level. Don't let me down!"

"It's them?"

Upon seeing the duo, Zhang Xuan was slightly taken aback.

He actually recognized the duo! They were the two students whom he met during the public recruitment exercise; one of them detested studying while the other one was on the verge of expulsion...

After being accepted into Tianwu Academy and taking over Mu Xueqing's class, Zhang Xuan had been busy, so he forgot about the duo. To think that they had become Mo Hongyi's students.

Back then, Zhang Xuan had already accurately pointed out the crux of their affliction. As such, Mo Hongyi was able to allocate the most appropriate treatment for their afflictions.

It was no wonder why Mo Hongyi was so confident of passing the examination.

He had come prepared.


The two students nodded and entered the House of Trust.

The procedure was exactly the same as for the 1-star master teacher examination.

"Could this Sun laoshi be... Mo Hongyi?"

Taking this scene into sight, Mo Yu suddenly came to a realization.

Since Liu Cheng was Zhang Xuan, then Mo Hongyi who had taken the 2-star master teacher examination alongside him had to be this Sun Cheng.

"Only those who are taking the master teacher examination will have to test the Trust Level of their students, right? Could it be that these two are intending to take the examination as well?"

"But they don't possess the State of Insight, how can they take the examination?"

"Let's wait and see. The answer should be revealed soon!"

The crowd was completely bewildered by this bizarre turn of events, and a deep crease was etched onto their foreheads. They had absolutely no idea what Pavilion Master Jiang was up to, and why this Sun laoshi was bringing his own students here to test their Trust Level.


A short moment after the entry of the duo, light shone on the door of the House of Trust, and a few digits floated into appearance.

The crowd hurriedly took a look.


Upon seeing the numbers, Mo Hongyi's tension immediately escaped from him, and he heaved a huge sigh of relief.

He was confident that it would exceed forty, but when it came down to it, uncertainty started scratching at his mind. Upon seeing the results, he felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off his chest.

Given that he had passed the examination within ten days, he was, as of now, officially a 2-star master teacher!

"Not bad!"

Su shi and Ling shi nodded in approval.

They had heard of this Mo Hongyi before, and he did possess outstanding talents. In a Tier1 Kingdom, he was indeed a top-notch genius. In fact, even in Conferred Kingdoms, he would rank among the top. However... in the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, he was still far from matching to the true geniuses.

While he wasn't mediocre, his feats wouldn't impress anyone there.

"Liu laoshi, it's your turn!"

Now that Mo Hongyi had passed, the eyes of Pavilion Master Jiang and the other master teachers immediately centered on Zhang Xuan.


Stretching his back lazily, Zhang Xuan nodded and smiled, "If I recall correctly, as long the Trust Level of a student of mine reaches forty, I would have passed the examination, right?"

He seemed to recall that a single student was sufficient for the test. If so, there was no need to trouble the rest of them.

"Indeed!" Pavilion Master Jiang nodded.

"Alright. You enter!"

Surveying the crowd, Zhang Xuan casually pointed.

After several days of interaction with his class, he was confident that the Trust Level of any single of his students would definitely exceed forty. Since that was the case, there was no need to intentionally cause a ruckus.

Cough cough!

At times like this, it was best to maintain a low profile.

Of course, if Mo Yu and the others were to know his thoughts, they would definitely faint on the spot.

Low profile? How in the world do you fit that image? It will already be a miracle if you don't flip the entire world upside down.

"Yes, teacher!"

A student walked into the House of Trust.

"He's Zhang Xuan?"

After Zhang Xuan's student walked into the room, the two 4-star master teachers from the headquarter immediately turned their attention to Zhang Xuan.

The scene they saw in the Record Crystal was simply too shocking. They were curious to see if this young man could create another miracle this time.

"He seems quite confident. Just that, I wonder what his results will be!" Stroking his beard, a contemplative look appeared on Su shi face.

"Thirty years ago, our guild also used the same test for the 2-star master teacher examination. I recall that there's a genius who managed to induce a Trust Level of 65 in his student!"

Nostalgia filled Ling shi's eyes.

The Myriad Kingdom Alliance had once adopted this examination method before as well, and countless geniuses had achieved outstanding results in it.

"Indeed. That kind of Trust Level is already comparable to one's parents. To achieve such a level in ten days, and under disguise at that, that person's means were indeed outstanding!"

Su shi nodded,

It would be difficult for even a 3-star master teacher to induce a Trust Level of 65 in a person within a short period of time, not to mention, in an inconspicuous, disguised identity.

To achieve such a result when starting from scratch was indeed a formidable feat, even within the Myriad Kingdom Alliance.

But of course, this was only limited to the Myriad Kingdom Alliance. In higher tiered empires, there were even more absurd geniuses.

"This Zhang Xuan has managed to make so many news records. I wonder if he can surpass the previous genius's record of 65..."

Ling shi said.

"Un! Only if he breaks that record will he have the right to compete with those people..."

The duo spoke using telepathy, so no one could hear their words.


Just as they were discussing, the door of the House of Trust swayed, and a few digits floated into appearance... 61!



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