Seeing the number, Su shi and Ling shi glanced at one another, and a look of disappointment flickered across their faces.

They bore high hopes for this youngster who had made many new records, but from the looks of it now, they seemed to have overestimated the other party.

"61 is a decent score, but he's still a little lacking to compete with those geniuses..."

Su shi shook his head.

"Indeed!" Ling shi agreed.

A Trust Level of 60 was already equivalent to the relationship between parent and child. Zhang Xuan's record was far beyond that of Mo Hongyi, but he still failed to meet the expectations of the two 4-star master teachers.

"This is a pass, right?"

Oblivious to the disappointment of the duo, Zhang Xuan turned to Pavilion Master Jiang and asked.

"It's a pass!" Pavilion Master Jiang nodded.

It was a pass as long as the Trust Level of their student reached forty. 61 was already an extremely high score.

Upon seeing Zhang Xuan's result, a bitter smile flashed across Mo Hongyi's face.

Given how his records were completely overthrown by Zhang Xuan previously, even though he knew it was unlikely, he still bore some expectations that he might triumph over him this time around. However, it seemed like he was being too naive.

He was truly a far match from this genius.

"Wait a minute. Liu laoshi, isn't your best student Mu Xueqing and Lu Chong? Who's this student? Why haven't I met him before?"

Even though Zhang Xuan had passed, Pavilion Master Jiang still couldn't help but ask in bewilderment.

Based on the news he got, Zhang Xuan should be the closest to Mu Xueqing and Lu Chong, so their Trust Level should be the highest of his students.

The candidates were allowed to pick any student for the test, but usually, one would pick the student they were closest with. Pavilion Master Jiang had been keeping tabs on the examination, but he hadn't seen or heard of this person. Thus, he was perplexed as to why Zhang Xuan would send this student forward.

Could it be that he had cared for this student more than the others privately, allowing his Trust Level to reach 61?

Upon hearing those words, the crowd also suddenly realized the peculiarity of this issue. Thus, they turned their sights to Zhang Xuan, curious to listen to his explanation.

"You've never met him before?"

Not expecting the other party to ask such a question, Zhang Xuan scratched his head. "Allow me to introduce him then. This is..."

Halfway through, an awkward look surfaced on Zhang Xuan's face. He hurriedly turned to look at the student who walked out from the House of Trust and asked, "That... My apologies, but I don't remember your name. May I ask how I should address you..."

Putong! Putong!

As soon as Zhang Xuan said those words, the crowd immediately fell to the ground. They felt the world spinning around them, and they nearly keeled over on the spot.

Even Su shi and Ling shi, who were shaking their heads in disappointment a moment ago, had the corner of their lips twitching.

Are you for real?

A student who has a Trust Level of 61 toward you, and you... don't even know his name?

To earn the trust of their students, most teachers would treat them as though their friend and use all kinds of means to win their goodwill. Yet, you... despite conducting lessons for them for so long, you don't even know his name...

More importantly, the other party actually had a Trust Level of 61 toward you! In other words, you're as close to him as his parents...

The heck!

Everyone hurriedly turned to the student.

Your teacher doesn't even know who you are, and yet, you possess such deep trust in him, even moving your clan to stand against the Lin Clan for him... Why?

"Reporting to teacher, I am Ji Yi. Teacher once offered me some pointers, solving the problem of my blocked meridians on the left side of my body..." Upon hearing his teacher's question, the young man immediately replied with an agitated look.

"Ji Yi?" Zhang Xuan scratched his head in confusion.

He really hadn't heard of this name before. However, he did remember solving a student's problem of blocked meridian on the left side of his body. It was at the very first day that he happened to see a student suffering from such a problem.

With half of the meridians in his body blocked, he might become paralyzed if he were to continue cultivating. Thus, Zhang Xuan stepped in and helped him.

In the midst of doing so, this fellow's cultivation also rose by two stages, leaving many onlookers green with envy.

Thinking of it now, he seemed to recall seeing the name Ji Yi in the Library of Heaven's Path. However, as he had met and helped too many students back in Tianwu Academy, and this student didn't have any distinctive traits to him, he forgot about this matter.

Operating under three identities, Liu Cheng, Zhang Xuan, and Yang Xuan, he had so many things to handle that he even finding time to eat was difficult, so how could he have the energy to remember the names of each and every student?

It was already good that he could remember Lu Chong, Mu Xueqing, and Meng Tao's names.

"Alright, allow me to introduce him to you all. He's Ji Yi, and he's... my student!"

After finding out the other party's name, Zhang Xuan introduced him grandly to Pavilion Master Jiang.

"..." Jiang Shu.

"..." The crowd.

We have already heard your conversation, what is the use of you introducing him to us once more?

More importantly, given the confused look on your face, all you know about the other party is probably just his name. Clearly, you don't even know what clan he comes from and even how old he is!

You might as well just remain quiet like that. At the very least, we can suffer less damage from this farce...

At the side, tears were trickling down Mo Hongyi's eyes.

What in the world was this!

In order to raise the Trust Level of his students in him swiftly, he only ran short of serving them as though they were his ancestor. Every day, he would ask about their condition and personally tutor them on their cultivation. He would stay up all night to ponder over their situation, fearing that he might make the slightest mistake...

In the end, the Trust Level of these two fellows ended up to be only 42. Yet, Zhang Xuan didn't even know the name of his student, and the Trust Level was already 61...

The heck! We are both humans, why is there such a huge disparity between us?

He instinctively turned to look at his two students, and he nearly broke down.

These two fellows were staring at 'Liu laoshi' with shining eyes. Clearly, they wanted to become his students as well, and they were filled with envy for Mu Xueqing and the others.

That is enough of you two! Even you two are treating me like that?

It's as though you two have never met a teacher before! Besides, I, Mo Hongyi, as the number one genius of Tianwu Kingdom, am not inferior to him, alright?

Seeing the sight before him turn dark, Mo Hongyi suddenly realized what a foolish decision it was for him to take the 2-star master teacher examination along with this fellow.

"This monster..."

Mo Yu muttered.

Others might think that Zhang Xuan was putting on an act. After all, the idea of him not knowing the other party when the other party had a Trust Level of 61 in him was inconceivable. However, Mo Yu knew that this was true.

Sometimes, this fellow could be so astute that it induced fear in others, and at other times, he could be so clumsy that it left others frustrated.

Putting aside his students, Mo Yu thought that it was very possible that if she didn't accompany him to look for the Great Herb King, he might not even remember her name as well.

Just the thought of it left her stifled.

"Alright. Then... can we test the Trust Level of Lu Chong then?"

Holding back his frustration, Pavilion Master Jiang asked.

If even a student he didn't know could have a Trust Level of 61 in him, then what about Lu Chong?

After all, for Lu Chong, Zhang Xuan even went to the extent of standing against the Lin Clan singlehandedly!

Taken aback, Zhang Xuan hesitated. "This..."

"Teacher, I'm willing to give it a try!"

Before Zhang Xuan could finish his words, Lu Chong had already stepped forward.

He was also curious to see how much trust he had in his teacher.

"Alright then, be careful!"

Seeing the intent gazes of the crowd, Zhang Xuan knew that it would be difficult for him to reject the matter. Thus, he shook his head helplessly.

He had only intended to pass this examination peacefully...

Sigh, why was it so difficult to keep a low profile?

If Mo Hongyi were to know of his thoughts, he would definitely spurt blood.

Brother, do you know how hard I've been to keep a high profile all this time, and yet, you managed to reach so high while trying to maintain a low profile...

Upon receiving permission, Lu Chong walked into the House of Trust delightfully.


The House of Trust whirled into operation, and radiant light flashed.

"Will the Trust Level of this student be higher than the previous one?"

Taking this sight in, Su shi couldn't help but ask Pavilion Master Jiang telepathically.

He had just arrived at Tianwu Kingdom, so he hadn't heard of the affairs between Zhang Xuan and Lu Chong. Naturally, he couldn't understand the relationship between the duo.

"Su shi, just wait and see!" Pavilion Master Jiang chuckled softly.

He wasn't too sure how much trust Lu Chong would have in Zhang Xuan, but he had seen the sight previously for himself.

To return justice to his student, Zhang Xuan was willing to stand against the powerful Lin Clan. It would be inconceivable if Lu Chong's Trust Level wasn't high.

"Un!" Su shi and Ling shi glanced at one another. They knew that Pavilion Master Jiang must have his intentions for saying so, and their expectations couldn't help but rise.

The crowd was also curious about the results. The entire examination hall fell silent, and everyone's eyes were fixated on the door of the House of Trust.


A moment later, the House of Trust began to shudder, and under a slight buzzing sound, several digits floated into appearance.

Upon seeing the numbers, everyone's eyes widened in shock, as though they had seen a ghost. Shock couldn't even begin to describe their emotion.

Even the lips of Su shi and Ling shi were quivering, and their eyeballs nearly popped out of their skulls.

"99? A Trust Level of... 99? This is..."

"Impeccable Trust, Life-and-death Companions?"



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