Chapter 395: Kong shi, Accept Me!

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The Trust Level's cap was 100, and anything above 90 was considered to be at the pinnacle. Usually, this was a relationship that only existed between 6-star master teachers and their students.

A Trust Level above 95 was even rarer. At the very least, at their level, Su shi and Ling shi had never heard of it.

This kind of Trust Level was known as 'Impeccable Trust, Life-and-death Companions'!

In other words, with this kind of Trust Level, under the instructions of his teacher, the student wouldn't hesitate to charge to his death.

Su shi and Ling shi could only feel the world rotating around them.

A moment ago, they thought that Zhang Xuan was inferior to those top-notch geniuses, and only now did they realize that the other party had only chosen not to bring out his best student...

A Trust Level of 99...

Putting everything aside, even their students whom they have taught for more than thirty years didn't reach this level...

Yet, in just six days, this fellow...

How could there be such an incredible monster?

"Trust Level of 99?"

"So high?"

The room immediately burst into commotion.

There were many clan heads and elders in the examination hall... Even though they weren't master teachers, they still knew what Trust Level meant. To reach the level of 99...

This was beyond their imagination; such a feat sent them into a frenzy.

"How could he be an ordinary teacher with this kind of Trust Level? Even master teachers wouldn't be able to achieve such results!" someone shouted.

Only with the trust of one's student would one be able to teach properly. Thus, trust had always been an important factor between the relationship of a master teacher and a student. To be capable of such a feat, could it be that this Liu laoshi was a master teacher?

They had never considered this possibility, but at this moment, they couldn't help but doubt this matter.

"Alright, since the examination has ended, allow me to announce the news that I spoke of earlier!"

Seeing the doubtful expression on the crowd, Pavilion Master Jiang chuckled. Turning to Zhang Xuan and Mo Hongyi, he said, "You can take off your masks now!"


Knowing that they had passed their examination and it was time for them to revert back to their original identity, their hands reached for their faces, and tore off their masks.

"It's... Zhang shi!"

"Liu laoshi is Zhang shi?"

"No wonder! All along, I've thought it was weird that two geniuses could appear in the capital all of the sudden. To think that... they were the same person!"

"In my entire life, I've only admired two people, and now, it has dropped down to one!"


A ruckus broke out in the examination hall.

The two geniuses that appeared in the capital recently had been a topic of contention, and many fans and haters had been arguing as to who was superior... Yet, to think that they were the same person!

The heck!

Surely there was a mistake somewhere?

If so, didn't it mean that this Zhang shi was also a monster in the Way of Medicine and swordsmanship as well?

"Liu laoshi... is Zhang shi?"

Upon seeing the other party take off his mask and hearing the discussions of the crowd, Mu Xueqing, Lu Chong, and the others were dumbstruck.

A while ago, out of admiration for Zhang Xuan, they had desired to have him take their class. However, they knew that it was impossible...

To think that their dreams then actually came true! Happiness came so quickly! Liu laoshi was actually Zhang shi...

If only they'd known earlier, they wouldn't have bothered competing with Zhao Ya and the others!

They fought so heatedly with one another, only to realize that... they were rooting for the same person.


Standing at the back of the crowd, Zhao Ya and the others, who had just arrived at this moment, smiled bitterly.

Even though they had their guesses about this matter, seeing this sight personally still astounded them.

This was especially so for Zheng Yang and Yuan Tao. The two of them were already on the verge of tears, and if they could, they'd knock their heads against the ground and die.

As students, they actually poisoned their own teacher...

What in the world was this!

They had truly brought Zhang laoshi shame this time.

"Guild Master Liu... is Zhang shi?"

Mo Tianxue was also taken aback. He glanced at his daughter and shook his head helplessly.

Before, he'd thought that Zhang shi was beyond their reach, so he had his daughter interact more with Guild Master Liu, earning his favor if possible.

But from the looks of this, this was just wishful thinking on his part...

A genius of that caliber was bound for the vast world outside. Tianwu Kingdom wasn't big enough to confine him, and it was a matter of time before he spread his wings to reach even higher heights.

After unmasking, all kinds of thoughts flashed through the minds of the crowd. However, what that dominated the minds of most was astonishment.

No one could have imagined that Guild Master Liu who caused a huge uproar in the capital and the great genius Zhang Xuan would be the same person.

After all, the both of them possessed different levels of cultivation and appearances. Also, their background was flawless, and all the evidence proved that they were two different people...

"Here's your emblems!"

Knowing that there would be such a sight, Pavilion Master Jiang paid it no heed. He took out two emblems and passed them over to the duo.

Since they had passed the examination, from today onward, they were 2-star master teachers.

"Everyone, since Zhang shi and Mo shi have passed the 2-star master teacher examination, they'll have to head to the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall to seek the ancestors' acknowledgement. Thus, we'll leave first!"

Placing the emblem into the palms of the duo, Pavilion Master Jiang smiled and clasped his fist toward the crowd.

"Alright, we'll be leaving now!"

"Since this is the tradition of the Master Teacher Pavilion, we shan't impose on you all then..."

"In any case, being able to personally witness a Trust Level of 99 between a student and teacher and the unveiling of Liu laoshi's true identity as Zhang shi... This trip isn't wasted!"


Knowing the meaning behind the other party's words, the crowd bade their farewells.

The reason why they came here was to uncover the reason behind the ringing of the Assembly Bell. Being able to witness the final proceedings of the 2-star master teacher examination made this trip one worth taking.

Today's matter would surely spread across the thirteen surrounding kingdoms in the fastest time possible; Zhang Xuan would soon become the idol of countless people.

Soon, only the master teachers were left in the examination hall.

"Zhang shi and Mo shi, since you two have passed the 2-star master teacher examination, then going by our traditions, we'll have to bring you all to the ancestors to seek their recognition, as well as to explain the responsibilities and duties of a master teacher to the two of you... Let's head to the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall together!"

After the crowd left, Pavilion Master Jiang started speaking.


Aware of this rule, Zhang Xuan nodded. Then, following behind Pavilion Master Jiang, he headed out of the examination hall.

The Teacher Acknowledgement Hall wasn't too far away from the examination hall. In just a few footsteps, the group reached their destination.

Countless ancestral tablets filled the room, and a massive statue stood at the very center of the room. Holding onto a scroll in his hands, he had an imposing appearance.


Catching sight of the tablet, Zhang Xuan's head jolted. Confusion blinked into his eyes, "It's that... old geezer?"

He just met that man this morning, right after he was conferred as a Celestial Master Teacher!

Not only did the other party pull him into an illusion, he even demanded him to become his student. Back then, Zhang Xuan rejected him flatly. To think that there would be a statue of him in the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall.

"Who's this old geezer? Is he the previous pavilion master? Why would the statue of this shameless fellow be placed here?"

Recalling how the other party tried to do him in secretly, Zhang Xuan felt a little frustrated. Turning to Pavilion Master Jiang, he pointed to the statue and questioned righteously.

What in the world was this!

The Teacher Acknowledgement Hall was such an important location, yet the statue of that despicable old geezer was actually placed here. Wasn't this way too inappropriate?

"Old geezer?"

Pavilion Master Jiang, Su shi, Ling shi, and the few other master teachers tagging along turned pale, and they nearly fainted on the spot.

This was Kong shi, the greatest teacher in history!

No matter who it was, even if one was a 9-star master teacher, one would have to bow to him with utmost respect. Yet, to address him as old geezer...

The heck heck heck heck!

You must be mad!

"Audacious!" Fling his sleeves, Su shi roared furiously.

"I'm speaking the truth. This fellow assaulted me..."

Upon recalling that sight, Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel frustrated. Just as he was about to continue speaking, he suddenly froze. Turning to Su shi with a doubtful gaze, he asked, "Who are you? Where did you come from? Is this your place to speak?"

There were a total of thirteen 1-star master teachers and three 2-star master teachers in Tianwu Kingdom. Adding Mo Hongyi and him, there was a total of five 2-star master teachers now.

Zhang Xuan had met all of them before, and other than them, there was no one who could match up to his current standing in Tianwu Kingdom. The hierarchy among master teachers was strict, and lower ranked master teachers weren't allowed to talk back to higher ranked ones.

Didn't this old fellow know that he was a 2-star master teacher?

Wasn't he afraid of being charged with insubordination...


Pavilion Master Jiang, Vice Pavilion Master Guan, Elder Zhu, and the others tugged at their head in frenzy.

Criticizing Kong shi as a shameless, old geezer was already sufficient to send everyone into a frenzy. And yet, now you're criticizing a 4-star master teacher in public?

All of the master teachers who followed along felt as though they were going mad.

They didn't even dare to breathe loudly before the two 4-star master teachers for fear of incurring their displeasure. Yet, this fellow criticized one of them to his face.

Do you need to be so courageous?

"Don't worry. Su shi and I came from afar, and Pavilion Master Jiang hasn't introduced us yet. So, it's natural for Zhang shi to not recognize us!" Sensing the awkwardness in the atmosphere, Ling shi spoke up.

Master teachers needed to have a disposition and attitude befitting of their positions.

They had concealed their identity intentionally, so it wasn't surprising for the other party to not know the truth.

"Seeing how respectful your tone is, I'll forgive you this time around!"

Zhang Xuan nodded.

Given the earnest attitude of the other party, Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered to pursue this matter either.

"Cough cough!"

Upon seeing that his words had earned him the 'forgiveness' of the other party, Ling shi immediately choked on his saliva.

Given that the other party didn't know their identity, he couldn't be blamed for his lack of respect. Thus, instead of dawdling on the issue, Su shi began to introduce the statue, "I was rash just now. Once I introduce the person the statue is modelled after, you will understand the reason behind my words. In the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall, even 9-star master teachers were only given the rights to have their names marked on the ancestral tablets. Yet, the massive statue is placed right in the center of the hall. Can't you guess his identity?"

"His identity..."

Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

As soon as he saw the old geezer's appearance, he immediately recalled how the other party assaulted him when he was off guard, and clouded by rage, he immediately spoke without thinking... Thinking of it now, there was indeed something amiss.

Marked on the ancestral tablets were 8-star, 9-star master teachers whose name and feats shook the entire continent... Even so, their names were only inscribed on the tablets. Yet, this person had a gigantic statue placed at the very center of the room. This, in itself, already said a lot about the identity of the person.

"Could... Could he be..."

A possibility flashed across his mind, and Zhang Xuan widened his eyes in shock.

"Indeed, he's Kong shi!" Su shi stroked his beard. "As the founder of the Master Teacher Pavilion, all newly appointed master teachers are to pay respect to him."

"Kong shi?"

Zhang Xuan was stunned.

He had been looking into Kong shi's affairs to uncover the cure for the Innate Fetal Poison all along.

However, perhaps due to the remote location or that too long a time had passed, there wasn't too much information on the other party left in this world. Eventually, even with the help of the Library of Heaven's Path, the only solution Zhang Xuan got was that he had to become a 9-star master teacher to resolve this poison.

Thus, he intended to head to higher tiered Master Teacher Pavilions to continue looking into the matter, but who could have thought that...

Kong shi tried to take him in as his student, yet he... straightforwardly... rejected him?

"Old geezer... Ah, no, Kong shi. I agree to it! Take me in as your student, take me in as your student..."

With a pale face, Zhang Xuan howled before diving straight toward the statue with glowing eyes.

"..." Su shi and Ling shi.

"..." Pavilion Master Jiang and the other master teachers.



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