Chapter 401: Paying Respects to Yang shi

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Someone had rejected the acknowledgement of the ancestors after passing the master teacher examination?

You must be pulling my leg!

Is there... such an insane figure in the world?

"Winning the acknowledgement of a senior is a huge blessing! Reject? Who in the world is it?"

After a moment of daze, Pavilion Master Jiang nearly went insane.

Mo Hongyi's feat of winning the acknowledgement from a single ancestor had already broken the record of Tianwu Kingdom for the past three hundred years, and it had incited a wave of excitement within the Master Teacher Pavilion.

Pavilion Master Jiang also felt honored; he would be able to keep his head up in the other Master Teacher Pavilions of the other kingdoms in the future.

Yet, for someone to reject the ancestors' acknowledgement...

It was fortunate that Mo Hongyi wasn't around. If he were to learn of this news, wouldn't he spew blood and faint on the spot?

"This... That's impossible!"

Su shi and Ling shi were perplexed as well.

The acknowledgement from the ancestors would grant one with a unique aura that would raise one's Soul Depth swiftly. There wasn't a single master teacher who could reject such a benefit. This...

"Wait... The headquarter said that if there's a Teacher Acknowledgement Hall of any branch has collapsed, report swiftly... The Teacher Acknowledgement Hall here has collapsed!"

Ling shi was the first to realize this matter, and his face tensed.

They didn't know what 'Rejection of the Ancestors, Sorrowful Chimes of the Bell' meant, but since the headquarter had asked about the collapsing of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall, it wasn't difficult for them to deduce the matter.

The headquarter wasn't so idle as to do unnecessary things. Since they asked about the collapsing of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall, it must have something to do with these nine words.

"You mean that... the person who rejected the acknowledgement of the ancestors might be in this guild?" Su shi eyes widened, and his voice sounded a little hoarse.

In the past few days, only Mo shi and Zhang shi had passed the examinations. The former had managed to win the acknowledgement of one elder while the latter caused Kong shi's statue to fall over and the entire Teacher Acknowledgement Hall to collapse... Even though the entire incident was bewildering, they didn't see him reject the ancestors.

"Let's ask about it!"

Confused, Ling shi dabbed the brush in ink and wrote, "What does 'Rejection of the Ancestors, Sorrowful Chimes of the Bell' mean?"


The words disappeared, and not too long later, a radiance flashed, and another line of words appeared on the Communication Wall.

"Not absorbing the unique aura granted by the ancestors, rejecting their goodwill..."

Upon realization, the group shuddered once more.

To reject the ancestors and induce their sorrowful cries...

How incredible must a figure be to do such stuff?

They stared at one another in shock, bewildered over who had that kind of guts that do such a thing. At that moment, the wall before them shone once more, and a few more line of words appeared.

"Two days ago, at shu hour [1], he rejected the acknowledgement of all of the ancestors and Kong shi, resulting in the shaking of the statue... Under such circumstances, it's highly possible for the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall to collapse! If there's the shaking of the Kong shi's statue or the collapsing of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall in any branch, report swiftly!"

"Two days ago, at shu hour... That seems to be around the timing when Zhang shi is seeking acknowledgement from the elders..." Su shi trembled.

"Indeed! The trembling of the statue and the collapsing of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall... Could the one who incited the sorrowful cries of the ancestors be... Zhang shi?"

Ling shi's body swayed vigorously.

He was just thinking which incredible figure it could be, when it turned out to be the fellow just around them!

Are you for real?

"It should be true..."

Upon thinking of something, Pavilion Master Jiang smiled bitterly.


Hearing Pavilion Master Jiang affirm the matter, the two 4-star master teacher turned to look at him.

"A similar situation happened two days ago. The ancestral tablets of the Teacher Acknowledgement Hall trembled... and Kong shi's statue moved as well..."

After pondering for a moment, Pavilion Master Jiang explained the situation that happened two days ago.

"The Trembling of Myriad Tokens... Celestial Master Teacher? Trembling of Kong shi, this is... Kong shi Admits a Disciple, the Student of the Sage?"

"But more importantly... he was rejected?"

Su shi and Ling shi was on the verge of going insane.

It was one thing to reject the acknowledgement of the ancestors, but to reject an offer to become Kong shi's student...

Since it happened here, it was clear that it was the doing of a genius in the guild.

In that instant, a figure appeared in their minds...

Zhang Xuan!

"It must be him!"

With quivering lips, Su shi jumped up in agitation.

Celestial Master Teacher, an existence whom even Kong shi wanted as his student... Initially, they thought that all they would find was a slightly more capable genius. Never in the dreams did they expect that they would find such a formidable figure whose feats exceeded their imagination.

"Hurry up and inform the headquarter! Have the pavilion master welcome him personally..."

Ling shi excitedly picked up the brush and prepared to write on it.

Putting aside Kong shi's intent to take him in, just the fact that Zhang Xuan was a Celestial Master Teacher already made him an existence worthy of the pavilion master to invite over personally.

Of the entire continent, only Kong shi had managed to become a Celestial Master Teacher. Other than him, no one had ever achieved that feat.

"Ling shi, wait a moment..." Jiang Shu hurriedly stopped him.

"What's wrong?"

Frowning, Ling shi turned to look at Jiang Shu.

"The matter of Celestial Master Teacher is too big... I'm afraid that it might bring calamity to Zhang shi if the matter were to leak out. Besides... Kong shi being rejected isn't a glorious affair. I've already ordered the others to keep quiet on the matter, but if the news were to leak in the headquarters..." Pavilion Master Jiang explained.

Even though the Master Teacher Pavilion possessed overwhelming authority in the continent, they still had many hidden enemies.

Besides, given that the Master Teacher Tournament was going to be held, if other powers were to learn of the existence of such a formidable genius, they might be tempted to poach him or even cut him off before he grows.

It was better to proceed prudently.

"Pavilion Master Jiang is right. We should report this matter straight on to the pavilion master alone. The fewer people who knows of it, the better it is!" Su shi nodded grimly in agreement to Jiang Shu's words.

"Un!" At this moment, Ling shi also recovered from his agitation and nodded. He then wrote on the wall, "None!"

Since they decided not to speak of this matter on the Communication Wall, they could only reply like this for now.

"Celestial Master Teacher, and on top of that, a person who nearly became Kong shi's student... It's one thing if we didn't know, but once we know, we should pay him a visit regardless of the cost!"

After replying to the headquarters, Su shi and Ling shi could no longer suppress their agitation in their hearts

They might be 4-star master teachers, but as compared to a Celestial Master Teacher, they were way too lacking.

They had only earned the acknowledgement of the ancestors, but the other party earned the acknowledgement of the heavens...

The gap between them couldn't be summarized with just the single word 'large'.

As long as he survived, he would most probably reach the pinnacle of this world.

"We must pay a visit to Zhang shi eventually, but the first person we should meet is... Yang shi!" Su shi replied grimly.

"To be capable of grooming a Celestial Master Teacher, and more importantly, have his own student reject even Kong shi, how fearsome must this Yang shi be? If we were to listen to even a word of his guidance, we might be able to take a huge step forward in our cultivation!"

At this time, Ling shi also came to the same conclusion, and he nodded in agreement.

One could have a lot of teachers in their life.

But there were some who have decided to only acknowledge one teacher in their entire life.

It was just like Kong shi's students. Even if they wanted to acknowledge others as their teacher, no one would dare to accept them!

For Yang shi, Zhang shi was willing to even reject Kong shi. How fearsome could this Yang Xuan be?

"Let's go!"

Without any hesitation, the two 4-star master teacher swiftly headed for Zhang Xuan's residence.


In the past few days, Mo Hongyi had been in a good mood.

Ever since that Zhang Xuan fellow's appearance, his records had been beaten one after another, and his title as the number one genius had been usurped.

Since he wasn't as capable as the other party, he could only work diligently in hopes of overtaking him in the future.

And his efforts paid off. Two days ago, he was acknowledged by the ancestors, and he managed to triumph over Zhang Xuan for once.

With this, he had broken the record of the Master Teacher Pavilion for the past three hundred years.

Wasn't that Zhang Xuan a genius? Wasn't he formidable?

But, so what? Zhang Xuan still ended up being acknowledged by none of the ancestors at all.

In the end, he was still the ultimate victor.

A slight smile curved onto Mo Hongyi's lips.

The refusal of the ancestors to acknowledge him meant that he had come to the limits of his potential, and his future achievements were limited!

He had heard of many geniuses who shone brightly when they were younger, only to end up just like anyone else in the future.

This Zhang Xuan was probably still the same as well.

So what if he was a genius? Potential was the key!

"I should look for Su shi and Ling shi, and see if they are willing to take me in as their student. If they really take me in, I would surely be able to surpass Zhang Xuan soon!"

Tidying up his clothes, a streak of excitement flashed across his eyes.

Ever since Pavilion Master Jiang introduced Su shi and Ling shi to him, the intention to take one of them as his teacher had sprouted in his mind.

If he succeeded, a whole new world would open before him.

"Mo shi, my apologies, but Su shi and Ling shi have already left this morning!"

Mo Hongyi looked around the Master Teacher Pavilion, but he couldn't find the duo. In the end, after asking around about the matter, he met with Pavilion Master Jiang.

"Left? Where did they go to?" Mo Hongyi asked.

"Oh, they went to Zhang shi's residence!" Pavilion Master Jiang replied.

"Thank you..."

Upon learning of their whereabouts, Mo Hongyi nodded and left.

"I need to hurry..."

It was very possible that Zhang Xuan might have the same thoughts as him.

How could he give this good opportunity away to that fellow?

He had surpassed the other party in the acknowledgement of the ancestors, and this was a good omen. As long as he worked hard, he would surely be able to surpass the other party's records.

Zhang Xuan's residence wasn't too far away from the Master Teacher Pavilion. It didn't take too long for Mo Hongyi to arrive at his destination.

Turning around the streets, he suddenly caught sight of two figures and hurriedly stopped.

"That is... Su shi and Ling shi?"

The two master teachers were standing quietly in front of Zhang Xuan's residence with a respectful look.

Didn't they head here early in the morning? Why were they still standing at the doorstep?

More importantly... that respectful attitude... what in the world was that?

They were 4-star master teachers, the respected elders of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's Master Teacher Pavilion. Even if the emperor of Xuanyuan Kingdom were to come, he would have to welcome them subserviently.

Yet, at this moment, they seemed no different from anxious students...

Mo Hongyi blinked his eyes in disbelief.


Just as he was still in the midst of his shock, the gates to the courtyard opened, and a plump man walked out. He spoke casually, "The old master has just returned, and he has asked for you two to enter! I'll just say this in advance, the old master doesn't like a ruckus, so try to maintain silence after you enter!"


"Don't worry, we'll definitely keep quiet!" Su shi and Ling shi hurriedly nodded.

"Alright, then let's go!"

Waving casually, the plump man led the way.

The two master teachers hurriedly followed behind.

"The heck..."

Mo Hongyi's eyes were about to fall to the floor.

What... in the world is going on?

To think that 4-star master teachers would still have to request for a meeting!

On top of that, to wait an entire morning for it?

And that butler's casual attitude, almost to the point of being rude... Wasn't he afraid of being smacked to death?

Mo Hongyi's mouth twitched violently, and he felt as though the entire world had gone wrong.

[1] shu hour is from 7PM to 9PM



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