Rubbing his glabella, Zhang Xuan finally woke up.

There was too much information contained within the Library of Heaven's Path, causing the time he was passed out to last much longer than before.

However, the rewards he got was massive as well.

Battle techniques, apothecary, beast tamer, painter, physician, master teacher, poison master...

The information of countless occupations had become his own. He no longer had to dive into the Library of Heaven's Path to look up this information; with a single thought, it would appear in his head.

To gather all of this knowledge, even if one possessed photographic memory, it would take at least dozens of year. On the other hand, Zhang Xuan only took an entire day...

If others were to know about it, they would definitely spurt blood.

What genius and what advanced master teacher... Before such efficiency, they meant nothing at all.

There was no basis of comparison at all.

"As expected of the Book of Heaven's Path. It truly doesn't let me down!" Zhang Xuan chuckled.

Even though he knew the might of the Book of Heaven's Path, the pages of which were formed by the earnest gratitude of a student, was formidable, he couldn't help but feel impressed every time he used it.

To casually raise his Soul Depth by 5.0 and assimilate the knowledge contained within the innumerable books in the Library of Heaven's Path for his own...

Regardless of which one it was, it was sufficient to send anyone into a frenzy.

"The Book of Heaven's Path probably has many more uses than this!"

Zhang Xuan had only managed to uncover these two effects by chance. The use of the Book of Heaven's Path was surely much more than that, and he had verified it back then.

It seemed like he had to accept more students in the future and win their gratitude so as to collect much more golden pages.

This way, he would be able to grow swiftly.

After waking up, he spent a long time reorganizing his knowledge before stretching lazily and walking out of the room.

Upon walking into the main hall, Sun Qiang walked up to him and reported, "Young master, someone has requested to meet with the old master, and they have already waited for an entire morning!"

"Requested to meet the old master? Who?"

Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

"They said that they were from the Master Teacher Pavilion. One of them is Su Fan while the other one is Ling Yuheng!" Sun Qing replied.

"Su Fan? Ling Yuheng?"

Zhang Xuan was perplexed. Who were they? There didn't seem to be these two figures among the master teachers of Tianwu Kingdom...

"Wait. They are... Su shi and Ling shi?"

An epiphany struck him, and he nearly fainted on the spot.

Back then, when Pavilion Master Jiang introduced the two master teachers to him, out of respect, he didn't use their full names. As such, Zhang Xuan didn't relate Su Fan and Ling Yuheng to the two 4-star master teachers instantly. However, given that they came from the Master Teacher Pavilion and they were here to look for 'Old Master Yang Xuan', who else could it be other than those two fellows?

Didn't he say that he would tell them about it once 'Yang shi' returns? Why would they rush here all of the sudden, not to mention, early in the morning?

He hadn't even made preparations yet...

The two 4-star master teachers were existences that surpassed Zhizun realm experts... Yet, they had been waiting at his entrance for an entire morning?

"Where did you arrange them to rest at? The guest room or the conference room?"

Upon thinking about how he kept these two formidable figures waiting, Zhang Xuan's mouth twitched, and he couldn't help but ask.

"Guest room? Conference room? They didn't even bring anything when paying a visit to Yang shi, are they worthy of such treatment?"

Sun Qiang harrumphed in disdain. "I had those two disrespectful fellows wait outside the residence! If not for the fact that they came from the Master Teacher Pavilion, I would have chased them away already! Who the hell do they think they are, to not even know the rules!"


After hearing those words, Zhang Xuan's body swayed, and he nearly collapsed to the ground.

"Young master, what's wrong?" Sun Qiang hurried forward to support him.

"What's wrong?"

Zhang Xuan nearly burst into tears.

The hell!

Do you know how powerful the two of them are? What's wrong?

This useless fellow! How did he find himself such a darned butler...

The two of them were 4-star master teachers, and he kept them waiting outside for an entire morning...

He sure was courageous!

Zhang Xuan felt blood welling up at the back of his throat.

If he didn't discipline this butler of his soon, it was just a matter of time before he is done in by another party.

It was fortunate that those two master teachers had a good temper. Otherwise, if they were to lash out, even the entire Tianwu Kingdom wouldn't be sufficient to placate their wrath!

Just as he was about to berate the other party, he suddenly recalled that the other party's arrogant personality was a result of 'Yang shi's' teaching back then. Suddenly, he felt stifled within.

"Hurry up and invite them in. Make sure to treat them respectfully..."

Holding back his frustration, Zhang Xuan instructed. However, halfway through his words, he shook his head, "Forget it. Just treat them as any other guest, and bring them over here. I'll contact teacher now..."

The 'old master' whom the other party wanted to meet was supposed to be an equal existence to them. If he were to change his attitude now, it could bring even more trouble.

It wasn't his first time playing off as an expert, and he didn't mind doing it again.

Besides, he had no other choice anyway...

The butler had already gone so far. If the strength of this 'Yang shi' turned out to be inferior to them, wouldn't they immediately fly into a rage?


Sun Qiang walked out.

Upon seeing him leave, Zhang Xuan took out a set of clothes from his storage ring and put it on. Then, operating his Heaven's Path Disguise Art, his muscles started moving, and his appearance changed.

It didn't take long for him to turn into 'Yang Xuan'. However, with his stronger cultivation and higher Soul Depth, he held a much more imposing disposition compared to back when he was still at Tianxuan Kingdom.

Ascertaining that there were no flaws in his disguise, Zhang Xuan walked over to the main seat, sipped on his tea, and waited patiently.

Not too long later, the duo walked in under Sun Qiang's lead.

As Zhang Xuan expected, they were Su shi and Ling shi.

"This is the old master, Yang shi!"

Upon seeing that the old master was in the main hall, Sun Qiang was dazed for a moment before hurriedly introducing with a proud look.

"Su Fan pays respect to Yang shi!"

"Ling Yuheng greets Yang shi!"

The duo clasped their fists respectfully.

Even though they could tell that Yang shi was man of great capabilities through Zhang Xuan, they still felt a little displeased at how the other party kept them waiting for an entire morning.

No matter what, they were 4-star master teachers. To be left waiting at the doorstep, it could only mean that the other party didn't think much of them.

Thus, they started observing this Yang Xuan as soon as they arrived, intent to see if he was as formidable as the others made him out to be.

But with a single look, they frowned.

The muscles and the bones of the man before them didn't align perfectly with one another, and there were signs of them being moved. Clearly, he was in disguise.

They couldn't discern his original appearance, but through his clean and smooth skin, as well as his powerful vitality, he was likely to be young.

There were geniuses in this world, but no matter how talented a person was, he needed time to grow. In the end, age was still a limiting factor for one's abilities.

"This Yang shi seems young..."

Upon seeing through all this, Su shi sent a telepathic message to Ling shi.

"Indeed. However, I can't see through his cultivation!" Ling shi frowned.

They were both existences who surpassed Zhizun realm. As long as the other party's cultivation didn't surpass theirs, they should be able to discern the other party's cultivation easily, even if the other party tried to conceal it. However... despite their intent observation, they were unable to tell anything at all. This meant that the person before them could only be stronger than them.

"Un!" Su shi nodded.

He was unable to see through the other party's cultivation as well.

There were only two possibilities if one was unable to see through another person's cultivation. Firstly, the other party was stronger than them. Secondly, the cultivation technique that the other party cultivated was at a much higher level than their own, resulting in his zhenqi being so pure that one was unable to make a clear assessment.

Regardless of which of the two possibilities it was, it could only mean to say that Yang shi wasn't an ordinary person.

"Done looking yet?"

They stared intently at Yang shi with a tenacious drive to dig out every single detail of his, only to see the other party casually lifting a teapot and slowly pouring himself a cup of tea. Without even glancing at them, his impassive voice sounded.

"We've heard of the numerous amazing feats of Yang shi, and your ability to nourish a student like Zhang shi has filled us with admiration and curiosity. Please pardon our breach of etiquette!"

Upon being exposed, the duo felt a little awkward. Smiling faintly, Su shi and Ling shi glanced at one another before taking a seat.

"It's not a problem!"

Putting down the teapot, Zhang Xuan lifted his head and glanced at them.

Only then did the duo clearly see his appearance. Yang shi was in his forties, and he had a dashing appearance.

Su shi and Ling shi immediately tried to match his looks to the descriptions of the master teachers they had heard of, but at this moment, they suddenly saw the other party's clear eyes.

Looking into those eyes, Su shi and Ling shi's breathing immediately hastened. Their eyes widened, and they nearly dropped the teacup in their hands onto the floor.

"This is..."

"Eye of Insight!"

Small strings of Insight Energy flowed within those wise and deep eyes, making the person before them an unfathomable existence.

With just a single look, a name immediately appeared in their minds...

Eye of Insight!

This was an ability that only 6-star master teachers could comprehend. It was said that those who possessed this could peer into the essence of the world with a single look...

They thought that it was only a legend, but to think that it would be true!

And for it to appear on the person before them at that!

"Could it be that..."

The lips of the duo quivered.

Could this Yang shi be a 6-star master teacher, or even higher than that?

The very thought of it vanquished their displeasure from being disregarded by the other party.

Putting aside the knowledge and rallying ability of a 6-star master teacher, with his cultivation itself, he would be more than capable of destroying the entire Myriad Kingdom Alliance!

Even if an expert of his caliber were to humiliate them, they wouldn't dare to utter a single word of complaint!

This was the strength and rank of a 6-star master teacher!

The disparity between each rank grew larger the higher up the ladder of a master teacher. Especially after 5-star, the difference between each rank was like heaven and earth.

A 2-star master teacher might be hard-pressed to defeat ten 1-star master teachers, but it was a walk in the park for a 6-star master teacher to subdue a hundred 5-star master teachers at once.


The duo's hearts jolted. Fortunately, the Insight Energy flowing within Yang shi's eyes disappeared after a short moment, and he reverted back to his original state. Gazing at the duo impassively, Yang shi said, "Su shi and Ling shi, may I know the reason for your visit?"

"Ah..." Su shi was dumbstruck.

Initially, they thought that Yang shi would be around their caliber, and their highest estimate was 4-star pinnacle or 5-star. If so, they could still interact and trade some insights. Who could have thought that... the other party would display the Eye of Insight which only 6-star master teachers could comprehend?

They could still trade insights with those around the same level as them, but with this kind of expert... How in the world should they trade insights with him? It would be more like seeking guidance!

But given how they abruptly visited the other party, if they were to say that they were here to seek guidance, that would be a huge breach of etiquette!

"Actually, we asked a favor of Zhang shi. May I know if he has discussed the matter with Yang shi yet?" Ling shi reacted swiftly, and he hurriedly replied.

"That's right! We're here for this matter!" Su shi nodded vigorously.

"Is it about the matter of the Master Teacher Tournament?" Zhang Xuan frowned.

He was perplexed by why these two experts were so intent to find 'Yang shi', but to think that it would be for this matter.

Back then, when the other party told him to discuss this matter with his 'teacher', it seemed like they really meant what they said.

"Yes. Despite being under twenty, Zhang shi possesses outstanding talents. If he were to join, he'll surely be able to make a name for himself..." Su shi hurriedly explained. However, before he could finish his words, a cold harrumph echoed in the hall.

"Does my student need a tournament to prove himself?"

Yang shi gestured haughtily, "You must be joking!"


Su shi and Ling shi shuddered, and their faces paled simultaneously.



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