This person before them could potentially be a master teacher beyond 6-star. At the same time, his student, Zhang Xuan, was a person who was capable of breaking the records of the guild simultaneously. If he truly wished to make a name for himself, there was no need for him to join any tournament whatsoever. In fact, just by saying that he was Yang shi's student, he was already able to incur the envy of countless geniuses in the world.

"Yang shi, I have misspoken! Pardon me," Su shi hurriedly apologized.


Zhang Xuan waved his hands casually. "If this is the reason why you all are here, you all can leave now. The decision is in Zhang Xuan's hands! I am only his teacher, I'm not his nanny. I don't interfere in all of his affairs."

"We were rash..."

Upon hearing the other party's intent to chase them out, Su shi and Ling shi hurriedly stood up, but they didn't leave immediately. Instead, a hesitant look appeared on their face, and Su shi gritted his teeth and asked, "Actually, I have met with some doubts in my cultivation, and I would like to ask for Yang shi's guidance."

This was a master teacher who was likely to exceed 6-star! He might not necessarily meet another one in his entire life. Since he met with one, if he didn't ask any questions, he would surely regret it for the rest of his life.

"What doubts do you have?"

Zhang Xuan clenched his fists tightly, but he put on a nonchalant expression.

This was what he feared the most disguising as a higher ranked master teacher. As a master teacher, he had a duty to enlighten his juniors. While he could refuse the other party, it could potentially raise doubts on his character, or even worse, his identity.

Seeing that the other party didn't reject them outright, Su shi heaved a sigh of relief. A hint of delight flashed in his eyes, and he hurriedly replied, "The cultivation technique that I am cultivating now is Miniature Solar Art, and every time I drive it to the seventh circulation I feel as though my body is being torn apart, and I'm unable to continue on. This matter has been plaguing me for a while, and I've been unable to find a solution to it!"

"Miniature Solar Art?" Zhang Xuan's face darkened.

He had assimilated the knowledge of the books in Tianwu Royal City into his head, but this name didn't ring a bell at all. He had no idea what the sixth or seventh circulation the other party was talking about was at all

"Show me!"

Even though Zhang Xuan felt a little stifled within, he had experienced this kind of stuff numerous times, so he didn't panic at all. Instead, he slowly sipped on his tea before raising his gaze to ask. His movements were composed and refined.

"Yes!" Su shi nodded.

To offer the most accurate guidance, one had to see the situation for themselves first.

Su shi moved to the center of the room and sat down cross-legged. Then, his hands moved in a circular motion, and spiritual energy started to concentrate in the center.


The speed at which spiritual energy was being absorbed was so swift that a deafening sonic boom sounded.


Seeing the speed at which the other party was pulling in spiritual energy at, Zhang Xuan's eyelids twitched.

As expected of a 4-star master teacher, his means were indeed exceptional.


Given that the other party was operating his cultivation technique, a book immediately appeared in the Library of Heaven's Path.

Zhang Xuan quickly flipped through it.

"Su Fan, 4-star primary master teacher, Transcendent Mortal cultivator, an elder of the Myriad Kingdom Alliance's Master Teacher Pavilion. Cultivation technique: Miniature Solar Art. Flaws: ..."

Su Fan's information was recorded in detail in the book.

After using the golden page and assimilating the knowledge in all of the books of the Library of Heaven's Path into his head, Zhang Xuan already knew that beyond the Fighter 9 dans was [Transcendent Mortal].

The Fighter 9 dans was actually a stage to bring the strength of a mortal to the very limits. From there on, one would surpass his mortality to reach higher realms.

Just like the Fighter 9 dans, the Transcendent Mortal realm also had 9 dans. However, as Tianwu Kingdom didn't have access to books of that level, there wasn't any detail description on it.

However, given that the person before him was a Transcendent Mortal expert, regardless of whether it was his physical body, spirit, or level of existence, he had already surpassed that of Zhizun realm to reach the heights unattainable by mortals.

It was just like the gap between a Phantom weapon and a Spirit weapon.

Their level of existence was completely different from one another.

After reading through the flaws written in the book, a bizarre look flashed on Zhang Xuan's face.


The moment Su shi started cultivating, Ling shi hurriedly turned his gaze onto Yang shi.

As an old buddy of the former, Ling shi knew about this problem as well. He searched through countless books and even asked a higher tiered guild through the Communication Wall about the matter. However, no one had been able to answer this question.

Since Su shi had brought up this problem, Ling shi was curious to see how Yang shi would deal with this situation.

Given that the other party was likely to be a master teacher ranked beyond 6-star, seeing how he dealt with problems and learning from him might prove to be helpful to him for his advancement in the occupation.

Thus, he focused his all of his attention on Yang shi, intent on catching every single action of his.

However, after taking a brief look, a deep crease furrowed on his forehead, and doubts sprouted in his mind.

It was normal for master teachers to ask of the other party to display their cultivation technique or battle technique and observe it intently so as to determine the problems within them. However... Yang shi closed his eyes right after catching a glimpse, and fell motionless. What in the world was he up to?

Don't you have the Eye of Insight?

Shouldn't you use this ability to determine the faults in his cultivation?

Why aren't you using it?

On top of that, the faults in cultivation techniques tend to be deeper than battle techniques. You should at least observe it for a while longer and even ask him some questions about the matter before making a decision!

To do nothing at all, and close your eyes as though you are sleeping... What kind of diagnosis method is that?

Ling shi was baffled.

Master teachers were similar to physicians in several ways. One had to observe carefully to determine the crux of a problem before dealing with it at the very root.

As a 4-star master teacher, Ling shi knew more than ten thousand diagnosis methods, but none of it consisted of a momentary glimpse before closing one's eyes and falling into a daze...

"It can't be that... even he can't solve it?"

A thought appeared in Ling shi's mind.

Given how the other party possessed the Eye of Insight, he bore no doubts toward the other party's identity. However, he couldn't bear to see his good buddy to be disappointed once more.

"Alright, it's enough!"

At this moment, Yang shi finally opened his eyes and said. There wasn't a single emotion that could be seen on his face.


Calming down his cultivation, Su shi stared at Yang shi hopefully.

"Yang shi... Is there a solution?" Ling shi asked carefully.

Given how the other party closed his eyes right after catching a glimpse... He didn't think it was likely, but that couldn't stop him from hoping.


Zhang Xuan shook his head. "There's no problem with his cultivation. The Miniature Solar Art is also very compatible with his physique!"


The duo was stunned.

If there was nothing wrong with his cultivation, and his cultivation technique was compatible with him as well, then why would he be unable to continue upon coming to the seventh circulation?

"You wish to reach the eighth circulation?"

Seeing the duo fall silent, Zhang Xuan gazed at Su shi and asked.

"Yes! I've been stuck at the seventh circulation for more than five years already, but I'm still unable to find the method to achieve a breakthrough..." Su shi hurriedly nodded his head.

The cultivation technique that he practiced, the Miniature Solar Art, was a Spirit cultivation technique. It had been more than fifty years since he started cultivating the technique, and he had endured intense heat and frigid chill innumerable times to master it. He thought that he could try for the ninth circulation, the highest realm of the technique, at a single go to achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation...

But he couldn't have imagined that he would be stuck at the seventh circulation.

For five consecutive years, his cultivation had stagnated. He had asked countless master teachers about this matter, and numerous elders of the guild even sat together to inspect this matter. However, none of them was able to determine the root of the problem.

"If you wish to reach eighth circulation, then listen to my instructions. Don't try to retaliate and don't harbor any doubts!"

Zhang Xuan stood up and slowly walked toward Su shi with his hands behind his back.

"Alright!" Su shi agreed without any hesitation.

The person before him was an expert who groomed a Celestial Master Teacher. Since the other party was willing to help him, this was an extremely good opportunity for him.

"Alright. Start cultivating once more. I'll use a special method for you to pass the seventh circulation, but before that, you have to close your eyes. No matter what happens, just focus all of your attention on driving your cultivation technique!" Zhang Xuan said gravely.


Still seated cross-legged on the floor, Su shi took a deep breath and started to cultivate once more.

"You can't sit, you have to cultivate in the horse stance!" Zhang Xuan instructed.

"Cultivate in the horse stance?"

Su shi was taken aback, but he nodded his head without much hesitation.

At his level, he was more than capable of multitasking. Putting aside cultivating while in a horse stance, he could even cultivate while executing a battle technique.

"Alright, I'll begin then!"

Thus, Su shi took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Gu gu gu gu!

The spiritual energy from the air began to be pulled into his body once more.

The Miniature Solar Art induced concentrated yang energy to be infused into one's zhenqi, thus granting one strength far greater than those of the same cultivation realm.

This was precisely the reason why, even though Su shi and Ling shi were both 4-star primary master teachers, the former possessed a much higher standing.

Su shi reached a state of imperturbability as soon as he began. Satisfied, Zhang Xuan nodded. He circled around the other party before turning over to Ling shi.

"Do you wish to help him?"

Ling shi was taken aback. "How can I help him?"

Shouldn't your guidance be the key to his breakthrough? I have a play in this matter as well?

"Just listen to my commands!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Yes!" Ling shi agreed.

The other party's action of closing his eyes after a glimpse had already left him doubtful. Yet, at this moment, the other party was asking him to help him in this matter. Ling shi's curiosity was piqued.

He wanted to see what kind of method the other party would use to help Ling shi to reach the eighth circulation, and what kind of role he would play in the matter.

"Hold on for a moment!"

After hearing Ling shi agree to the matter, Zhang Xuan stood silently on the spot, staring intently at Su shi impassively.

Gu gu gu!

Along with Su shi's cultivation, his aura gradually grew stronger and stronger, as though a dragon awakening from his slumber.

"Fourth circulation... Fifth circulation... Sixth circulation!"

Feeling the aura on the other party slowly growing more and more powerful, Ling shi's expression turned graver and graver.

The two of them were close buddies, and Su shi had cultivated the Miniature Solar Art before Ling shi on numerous occasion, so he was well aware of the details of his cultivation technique, as well as when the problem would occur.


The sixth circulation came to an end, and as soon as the seventh circulation began, 'jiya!', a crisp sound echoed from Su shi's bones, and it sounded as though something had broken. Then, his flesh started to tear apart, and blood spilled out from the lacerations.

In the blink of an eye, the scholarly-looking Su shi suddenly became a demon that crawled out from hell.

"Yang shi, Su shi... might be unable to hold on any longer..."

Upon seeing the state of his old buddy, anxiety showed on Ling shi's face.

Based on his understanding, this was the limit of the other party. Any further than that might cause severe injuries to him.

It was precisely because of his body being unable to withstand the cultivation technique that the cultivation of his old buddy had remained stagnant for the past five years. This was also why he was intent on visiting Yang shi after hearing about his incredible feats.

"Un! Let's begin now, come over here!"

Nodding, Zhang Xuan beckoned Ling shi over.


Ling shi hurriedly rushed over.

"You just have to do this..."

Zhang Xuan sent him a telepathic message, explaining his 'secret technique' to him clearly.

"This... this..."

Upon hearing Yang shi's 'secret technique', the edges of Ling shi's mouth twitched, and his entire body froze on the spot. He was already on the verge of tears.

What the heck was this solution? Are you trying to kill him through my hands?

"Will it... really work?"



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