"It's worth a try!"

After which, Zhang Xuan walked back to his seat and sat down calmly. Then, he poured himself a cup of tea and silently sipped on it.

"Try?" Ling shi spewed blood.

The method you brought up is obviously a murder attempt! I thought that you are confident in this matter. To think that it would only be a... 'try'!

What if it doesn't succeed? Won't Su shi die for real?

I will have to bear the crime of killing a comrade if that happens!

"Yang shi... Is there any other possible solution?" Ling shi asked, hesitant to use Zhang Xuan's method.

Zhang Xuan couldn't be bothered to answer Ling shi's question. He sat quietly on the spot, not even sparing the latter a glance.

Upon seeing his attitude, Ling shi knew that it was impossible to pry anything out of his mouth even if there was another solution. Thus, he turned his gaze to Su shi hesitantly.

What the hell was this! The one who was afflicted with the problem was Su shi, and the one who wanted to pass the seventh circulation was him as well, then why was the one who was in dilemma him...

"How is it? Hurry up! I can't hang on any longer..."

While Ling shi was still conflicted, Su shi bellowed with a savage expression.

He had already held onto the seventh circulation for quite a period of time now. If nothing was done, he would surely be severely injured once more, and this attempt would end in failure.

In the past, that was the case as well. Every time he tried to cultivate this technique, he would have to rest for at least a month.

Honestly speaking, Su shi felt stifled as well. What was wrong with this old buddy of his?

Since Yang shi had already told him the solution to the problem, he should hurry up. What was he hesitating for? Did he want to see him fail this attempt and be stuck in bed for another month?

"Alright then!"

Hearing the other party's urging, Ling shi gritted his teeth and walked over. Then, with a look of pity, he said, "Su shi, I'm sorry!"


Su shi was taken aback.

Using the 'secret technique' to help me pass the seventh circulation is helping me, so what do you mean by 'sorry'?

Before Su shi could make sense of the situation, he suddenly felt a strong shock wave from beneath his crotch.


Just the immense shock wave he felt caused Su shi's soul to almost leave his body in fright.

If the attack were to strike him, he would surely be crippled! There was no doubt about it!

Even though he was already old and it wasn't of any use already, it was still a part of his body. What in the world are you trying to do...

"Don't move!"

Just as Su shi was about to twist and avoid the attack, Yang shi's stern voice echoed. The slight moment of hesitation sealed his fate. Ling shi's leg flew swiftly upward.


Su shi's face immediately distorted. His vision darkened, and an intense pain struck his entire body from his crotch, causing him to almost faint on the spot.

Ling Yuheng, you'd better remember this...

Howling furiously in his heart, he was just about to tear the person before him apart when a giant palm struck his head.

After seeing that he was still alive after having his crotch struck, the other party wanted to finish him off with a slap?


Su shi burst into tears.

Didn't Yang shi get you to use that 'secret technique' he taught you? Why are you beating me up instead?

You don't think that crippling me is enough, so you wish to claim my life as well?

Stifled, Su shi tried to avoid the attack but to no avail.

In terms of strength, the two of them were on par. Even if Su shi could defeat Ling shi, it would at least take a thousand blows. Now that his crotch had been struck, and unimaginable pain was coursing through his body, how could he possibly be in the condition to avoid the other party's attack?

Furthermore, the other party used his zhenqi to seal his surroundings, causing him to be unable to move at all. Before he could struggle free, the other party's palm had already struck his head.


His vision turned dark, and he spurted a mouthful of blood.

But all of a sudden, Su shi felt a powerful strength gushing from his dantian, and unable to hold himself back anymore, he roared furiously.


A powerful shock wave immediately gushed forth from him, and cracks swiftly spread across the floor tiles as though a spider web. At the same moment, the tables and chairs in the vicinity was reduced to dust.


As though having eaten some nutritious tonic, his zhenqi, which had stopped moving, suddenly formed a torrent, and having broken through the countless shackles from before, it performed another circulation in his body.

The eighth circulation!

"I suc-succeeded?"

Recovering from his pain, Su shi sensed the raging and seemingly endless zhenqi flowing through his body, and he froze for a moment before frenzied delight grasped him.

Never in his dreams did he expect to break through the obstruction which had hindered him for five years just like that...

"It worked?"

Ling shi thought that his friendship with the other party would have come to an end after he crippled him and struck him on his face. He didn't expect the other party's aura to suddenly surge, allowing him to break through his bottleneck at the seventh circulation.

He hurriedly turned to look at Yang shi. As though knowing that this would happen, the other party was still drinking his tea calmly, not paying any heed to the situation here.

"This is a problem which even the pavilion master and a 5-star master teacher couldn't solve. Yet, with a single kick and slap..."

Ling shi's eyes opened wide, and his body trembled slightly.

He knew that it was impossible for Yang shi to be simple, given how he was able to groom a student of Zhang Xuan's caliber, but... he didn't think that he would be so impressive!

With a single glance, the other party had already found the root of the problem, as well as the solution to it. On top of that, he didn't even use his Eye of Insight at all. Yang shi's capability was already beyond his imagination.

"Just that... isn't the solution... a little way too ridiculous..."

After recovering from his shock, Ling shi's first reaction was speechlessness.

When other master teachers guided someone, they would often alter their cultivation technique, point out the errors in their cultivation, recommend them some effective pills, or something along those lines. Yet, this fellow's guidance was actually a kick and a slap...

It was simple, but...

Upon recalling the kick just now, Ling shi's mouth couldn't help but twitch.

Even if the other party wasn't crippled, he would have to at least recuperate for two years before being able to use it once more.

"Yang shi, thank you for helping me achieve a breakthrough..."

At this moment, Su shi had finally finished his cultivation, and his aura felt significantly stronger than before. Excited, he hurriedly clasped his hand to thank Yang shi.

Having reached the eighth circulation, his cultivation rose significantly as well, even though it was still slightly unstable as he hadn't reinforced yet it. But in any case, he had managed to take a step forward after five years of stagnation.

Just that... the price was a way too high!

The excruciating pain left his legs shaking non-stop, and cold sweat trickled down his forehead profusely. If not in consideration for his image, he would have definitely bent down and scrunched in a C shape.


Putting down his teacup, Zhang Xuan stood up and gazed at the duo calmly, "Do you all understand the reason behind this?"

"Yang shi, please enlighten us!" The duo gazed at one another before bowing toward Yang shi.

It was unfathomable how a single kick and a slap could work such miracles.

Even though they had seen the sight for themselves, they still couldn't help but find it inconceivable.

Seeing the incomprehension in their eyes, Zhang Xuan shook his head and turned to Su shi.

"The technique you cultivate is Miniature Solar Art, and your physical constitution also possesses overwhelming yang energy. Without a doubt, this cultivation technique complements you very well! Rationally speaking, it shouldn't be a problem for you to reach the eighth circulation. However..."

With a deep gaze with slight traces of regret within, Zhang Xuan continued, "Time trickles on like a relentless river. As you age, your physical function slowly deteriorates, and the yang energy within your body is already unable to keep up with your cultivation technique! If I'm not wrong, you don't have much of an interest in the opposite gender now, right?"


Su shi felt a little awkward.

As he aged and his physical functions deteriorate, his interest toward the opposite gender slowly died down.

However, this was his secret. After having such a matter pointed out by the other party, his face immediately flushed in embarrassment.

What men feared was having their impotency pointed out.

"Since even the opposite gender is unable to attract you, it goes to show that the decline of your yang energy has already reached a severe state. Without sufficient yang energy to sustain your cultivation technique, no matter how formidable you are, you won't be able to drive it as easily as you used to."

Disregarding the other party's embarrassment, Zhang Xuan continued explaining, "The crotch isn't just the symbol of one's masculinity, it's also the origin of yang energy in a man. As such, when Ling shi struck on it with his might, the yang energy accumulated within immediately gushed out, granting you with a further drive for your cultivation technique.

"But of course, this didn't necessarily guarantee that you can exceed the seventh circulation. Just in case, I had him strike your head as well.

"The head is where the yang energy gathers at! After the origin has been struck, the dissipated yang energy would gather at your head. Thus, when Ling shi struck your head, you immediately broke through your bottleneck, reaching the eighth circulation!"

Chuckling lightly, Zhang Xuan stood up with his hands behind his back. The shadow behind him extended far, making him look incomparably large and powerful.


The duo was shocked.

The other party had put it simply, but as master teachers, they knew how difficult the matter was.

While it was true that the crotch was the birth of yang energy, it was also the weakest spot of a man. On top of that, the head was an even more vital region. To strike the both of them consecutively...

If there was the slightest error in the other party's conjecture, Su shi would have died!

To have such grasp over Su shi's illness, was this person before them... still a human?

"Incredible! Yang shi is truly incredible..."

Glancing at one another, the same though appeared in the duo at once.

To be able to identify his problem with a single glance accurately and accurately determining the amount of strength Ling shi should put into his attack in just this short period of time... There was no one that they knew who was capable of such a feat!

To think that they thought that Yang shi would be of equal standing as them! In the end, there wasn't any basis of comparison between them at all, they were at completely different levels!

As expected of the master teacher who had comprehended Eye of Insight, fearsome!

"You should hurry up and condition yourself. Your injuries are also quite severe this time around."

Seeing the expression of the duo, Zhang Xuan knew that he had managed to hoodwink the duo, and he inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, he looked at Su shi in sympathy.

If Zhang Xuan made a move himself, he could use Heaven's Path zhenqi to stimulate the other party's acupoints to release the accumulated yang energy. This would produce the similar effect of breaking through the seventh circulation as well.

However, the other party would surely be able to see through the uniqueness of his Heaven's Path zhenqi, as well as his cultivation. If so, he would give himself in. Thus, after much contemplation, he decided to go with this.

However, this was indeed a little too violent...

Even Zhang Xuan couldn't help but feel a chill at his crotch upon seeing the sight.


Upon hearing those words, Su shi heaved a sigh of relief. Putting everything aside, he immediately sat down and drove his cultivation, warding off the excruciating pain he was suffering from the two violent blows.

"Yang shi, Su shi has managed to reach the eighth circulation this time, but... if he wants to try for the ninth circulation, what should he do?"

At this moment, Ling shi couldn't help but ask.

Only after reaching the highest level, the ninth circulation, could Su shi attempt to reach for higher realms. Given how difficult it was for him to reach the eighth circulation already, what should he do to reach the ninth circulation?

"Simple! Just use the same method. If a single kick doesn't work, then kick another time. If it still doesn't work, then kick it ten more times... Eventually, sufficient yang energy should be stimulated for his breakthrough!" Zhang Xuan replied calmly.

"Ten times?"

Ling shi's sweat immediately flowed down profusely.

At the same time, Su shi's body trembled upon hearing those words, and his cultivation nearly went berserk.

The heck...

If only that I knew this would happen, I shouldn't have picked up this cultivation technique!


While the two master teachers were on the verge of a breakdown, not too far away, in the Lin Residence, a giant savage beast flew straight over. Hu! It landed at the center of the courtyard, and two men and a lady alighted from its back.



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