Chapter 405: The Formidable Sun Qiang

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"This is the Lin Clan Residence?

As the number one clan in Tianwu Kingdom, even if it was late at night, the Lin Clan Residence should have been bustling with guests.

However, the empty courtyard was wrecked, and there wasn't a single guard or servant to be seen.

It was completely different from how she remembered it.

"Liu Cheng, I'm going to kill you..."

Princess Consort Lin Long's beautiful eyes widened in rage, and her black hair drifted slightly despite the absence of wind. Her furious howl reverberated within the residence.

When she received the news back then, the person named Liu Cheng was in the midst of dealing with the Lin Clan Residence. Without a doubt, that fellow must be the culprit!

"Hurry up and look around to find my father and my little brother. If anything happens to them, I want the entire Tianwu Kingdom to be buried along with them!"

Her silver teeth clenched tightly in resentment, and deep killing intent flashed in her eyes.

How dare a Tier 1 Kingdom, a trash-like existence whom wasn't worthy of her consideration, lay its hands on her Lin Clan? It was courting death!

To dare assault the Lin Clan, that Liu Cheng had to die!

And for the Tianwu royal family to know of the matter but stay idle, it must pay the price as well!

"Yes!" The two men behind her immediately darted away.

Eastern Palace Commander Liang Qingming possessed the strength of a Zhizun realm advanced stage, while Beast Tamer Zhou Jin, who tagged along with the two of them, had reached Zhizun realm primary stage.

The two Zhizun realm experts moved swiftly, and before long, they reported back to the princess consort.

"Your Highness, Clan Head Lin and Young Master Lin are over there!"

Upon hearing that her father and younger brother weren't dead yet, Lin Long heaved a sigh of relief. She hurried over, and entered a giant hall. With a single look, her face immediately crumbled.

The duo was alive, but they were no different from being dead.

Their cultivation had been dissipated, and there wasn't a single spot on them that was intact. Heavily injured, even if they were to be saved at this point, they were already crippled.

The younger of the duo was unconscious, and if not for his faint breathing one would have thought that he were dead.

"Long-er, you must exact vengeance for us!"

Upon seeing her walk over, Lin Ruotian immediately rushed over, as though meeting his savior.

Back then, even though Lu Chong didn't kill him, he had Hall Master Liao plant at least seven lethal poison all over his body, causing him to be in agony at every single moment.

On top of that, the Lin Clan's fall from grace caused all of their past enemies to come knocking. The torture and humiliation he'd suffered made him tempted to commit suicide.

If not for a tenacious drive pushing him on to wait for her daughter and have her exact vengeance for him, he would have already given in.

"What happened?"

Lin Long hurriedly fed the other party a recovery pill before asking.

"It's... Liu Cheng! No, to be precise, it's 2-star Master Teacher Zhang Xuan! His student is that bastard who fled from the Qu Clan two years ago..."

After consuming the pill, Lin Ruotian recovered some of his stamina. Gritting his teeth, he started recounting the matter.

But of course, all he talked about was how he was insulted and humiliated by the other party. As for the cause of the matter, as well as the destruction of the Qu Clan, he didn't bother to fill the other party in on the details. But in any case, it was unlikely that the other party would care either.

"Zhang Xuan?"

Lin Long narrowed her eyes and bellowed, "Commander Liang, head to the Master Teacher Pavilion at this moment and capture Zhang Xuan! I want him to pay the price and let everyone know that only death awaits those who dares to offend our Lin Clan!"

"Your Highness, please reconsider your orders. This Zhang Xuan is a 2-star master teacher, and a genius at that. He's likely to be a target of protection of the Master Teacher Pavilion..."

Frowning, Liang Qingming tried to persuade the other party.

A 2-star primary master teacher didn't mean much to Xuanyuan Kingdom.

However, killing a master teacher publicly might result in a backlash. Even Xuanyuan Kingdom couldn't afford to incur the wrath of the Master Teacher Pavilion.

"He destroyed my family and killed my kin. So what if he has the backing of the Master Teacher Pavilion? Can a master teacher act unreasonably just because he has backing? Besides, the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion's Pavilion Master Luo is a close friend of the crown prince. As long as we explain the situation to him, he should overlook the matter!"

Lin Long's eyes reddened in fury.

The pavilion master of Xuanyuan Kingdom's Master Teacher Pavilion was Luo Qianhong. With his backing, Lin Long had very little worry. After all, it wasn't beneficial for him to turn against the future emperor over such a minor character.

"Yes!" Seeing the other party's insistence, Liang Qingming could only obey her orders. Nodding, he was just about to leave when another voice sounded.

"Wait a moment, I want to go with you. I want to see how this fellow is torn apart..."

The savagery on the emaciated face of Lin Ruotian created an extremely eerie sight, as though a demon who had climbed out of hell.

"Alright, let's go together!"

Seeing her father's state, Lin Long immediately agreed to the matter.

Thus, the group climbed onto the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast and darted into the skies.

"I've been keeping tabs on that scoundrel. He isn't in the Master Teacher Pavilion now, but in a residence not too far away!" Lin Ruotian said.

Knowing that his daughter would rush in as soon as she could to exact vengeance, he had the final loyal servants of the Lin Clan keep an eye on Zhang Xuan... Instead of escaping, the other party had been holing himself in his residence.


Given the speed of the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast, it only took a few moments for it to reach the skies above the residence.

"Commander Liang, I hope that you can capture him alive. I want to torture him slowly to his death..."

With a face distorted in savagery, madness shone on Lin Ruotian's face.

As the father of the princess consort of Xuanyuan Kingdom, he knew some of the important figures around the crown prince, and Liang Qingming was one of them.

Based on what he knew, the other party possessed a strength of Zhizun realm advanced stage!

With such strength, he could wipe out the entire Tianwu Kingdom easily!

Even the guardian beast of Tianwu royal family was only at Zhizun realm primary stage. An expert of this caliber could easily crush it to death.

"Don't worry!" Liang Qingming nodded. He walked up to the head of the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast and gazed coldly at the residence below. The might of a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert immediately shrouded the entire area, and a cold voice boomed.

"Zhang Xuan, come out and die!"


His voice was infused with the zhenqi of a Zhizun expert, and the entire capital trembled before it.

"Come out and die?"

"Shit, the princess consort of the Lin Clan is here!"

"This is bad. Judging from the might from his voice itself, he's at least a Zhizun realm expert. Can Zhang shi... really stand against him?"

"Zhang shi might be strong, but he's still far from a match from Zhizun realm experts. This time, he's really in trouble..."


The voice alarmed the entire population of Tianwu Royal City, and their faces paled.

The backing of the Lin Clan was no secret. Even though there hadn't been any movement from Xuanyuan Kingdom's side the past few days, they knew that it was only the calm before the storm.

At this moment, given that fearless and mighty voice and the gigantic savage beast flying in the air, without a doubt, the other party... was here!

They were here to exact vengeance!

"Zhizun realm... advanced stage? If I'm not wrong, that must be the commander of the Crown Prince Residence, Liang Qingming!"

In the palace, Mo Tianxue also heard the voice as well. Rushing up to the highest tower, he saw the middle-aged man on top of the savage beast, and his lips quivered in fear.

As a vassal state, he still knew a little about the various powers and important figures in Xuanyuan Kingdom. Given the powerful might he shown, without a doubt, this middle-aged man had to be the Zhizun realm advanced stage commander!

"Zhizun realm advanced stage? Isn't Zhang shi in trouble then?"

Mo Yu's body swayed, and anxiety filled her.

Even though Zhang Xuan had produced miracles time and time again, there was a huge gap between Zhizun realm advanced stage and Half-Zhizun.

To think that Lin Long would actually send such a person here! How in the world could Zhang shi withstand such overwhelming strength?

"There's... nothing we can do! On top of that... it seems like Tianwu Kingdom is doomed as well..." Mo Tianxue's body shuddered.

The other party was a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert. No strategy would work when there was such a humongous disparity in strength.

Even the guardian beast was helpless in this situation.

They weren't a match at all.

"Xiao Yu, take this ring and escape swiftly. As long as you survive, even if the kingdom is destroyed, it can still be rebuilt..." Mo Tianxue hurriedly took off the storage ring from his forefinger and passed it over to Mo Yu.

Mo Yu was talented and smart. If Tianwu Kingdom were to be destroyed today, she would be the only hope to rebuilding it from ruins. No matter what, she mustn't die here.

Otherwise, Mo Tianxue wouldn't be able to face the predecessors of the Mo Clan even upon death.


Mo Yu's body trembled in agitation.

She was unwilling to abandon her father, but she knew that this was the best solution they had.

Back then, Lin Long could eradicate the entire Qu Clan over such a minor matter. Given that how the entire Lin Clan was destroyed this time around, it was highly possible that she would turn her rage to Tianwu royal family after Zhang shi dies!

It was highly possible that she would wipe out all that possessed the royal blood in vengeance.

"Alright, go. I can't go with you... If I were to leave now, there'd be a pandemonium. My fate will be one with Tianwu Kingdom!" Mo Tianxue said determinedly.

As the emperor of the kingdom, he couldn't abandon his men now.


Knowing that his death was sealed with this decision, Mo Yu's body trembled. She wanted to say something, but at that moment, an impatient voice echoed from the Zhang Xuan's residence.

"Audacious! Which idiot is causing a ruckus here? You must be tired of living! If you wish to meet the young master, go out and kneel!"


Mo Yu and Mo Tianxue were stunned.

Given the huge uproar Liang Qingming stirred, almost every single person in Tianwu Royal City was staring at this situation intently. Upon hearing those words, they were dumbstruck, and they nearly spurted blood.

This was a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert from Xuanyuan Kingdom! To speak such words...

Everyone immediately hurriedly leaped to the highest location to see who was the one speaking. Perhaps, it might be a formidable figure who could save Tianwu Kingdom from this impending catastrophe. However, with a single look, they nearly keeled over.

It was a potbellied middle-aged man... Butler Sun.

In the past few days, quite a few people have come into contact with this fellow, so many knew that his cultivation was only at Pigu realm pinnacle. Even in Tianwu Kingdom, he stood at the very bottom of the power pyramid...

With such weak cultivation... How did he find the guts to spout such brazen words?

For you to dare spout such words, do you know how powerful is that guy in the sky?

Mo Yu and Mo Tianxue glanced at one another, and they trembled in fear.

At Zhizun realm advanced stage, the other party could be considered as an expert of the highest tier even in Xuanyuan Kingdom. For a mere Pigu realm butler to act so arrogantly...

The heck!

This matter was already hard to resolve, and this fellow just had to anger him further.

Without a doubt, a festival of blood would soon begin in this city.


While everyone was in a frenzy, Liang Qingming nearly fell from the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast upon hearing those words.

He was a famous and respected figure even in Xuanyuan Kingdom. He thought that his bellow would send these insignificant ants from a backward kingdom trembling in fear, but to think that... there would be someone who would disregard him, even ordering him to kneel outside...

The heck!

Are you brave, or is there a screw loose in your head?

"I'll count to three. Get Zhang Xuan to scramble out here, or else, I'll destroy the entire residence and have everyone within accompany him to hell!"

Liang Qingming's face twitched furiously.



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