Chapter 412: Avenge Him!

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"Lu Chong!"

After hearing the anxious bellows, Zhang Xuan stepped out of his trance from the Soul Tempering of a Mentor's Calligraphy, and the first sight that appeared before him was Lu Chong's chest being pierced by a sword. Countless thoughts immediately exploded in his head, and his eyes reddened uncontrollably.

Even though he met this student considerably later than his other direct disciples, the other party held the greatest trust and most earnest emotions for him.


Bellowing furiously, Zhang Xuan's head jolted, and a golden book suddenly appeared.

All of a sudden, a might capable of causing the entire world to crumble appeared. A gale rose, and the clouds swiftly flew by. A book as heavy as a mountain abruptly fell straight on Commander Liang's head.


Without the slightest obstruction, as though a watermelon crushed by a steel hammer, his head burst into bloodied remnants. Under the intense shock wave from the blow, a huge hole, several hundred meters deep and wide, appeared in the col.


Ding Mu, Lin Long, and the others, who were hiding behind the boulder, preparing to launch a second wave of assault, were dumbstruck with terror. They didn't think that the Zhizun realm advanced stage Commander Liang could be destroyed by an object the other party thrown out casually. Their faces paled, and they nearly fainted from fear.

They knew that Yang shi would surely bestow Zhang Xuan with some life-saving treasure, but how could they have known that it would be such a fearsome object!

Even Transcendent Mortal experts weren't capable of striking out a huge hole in the ground.


Knowing that it was impossible to withstand such might, Ding Mu didn't dare to hesitate in the least. He immediately turned around to flee.

Beast Tamer Zhou Jin also quickly followed suit.

The two of them had reached Zhizun realm, and their speed was astonishing. In just two breaths, their silhouettes turned into a white flash, and they were already a hundred meters away.

"Your Highness, wait for me..."

Not expecting her husband, as well her greatest backer, to abandon her without any warning, Lin Long hurriedly chased him with a ghastly pale face.


Upon seeing someone run out from the boulder, how could Zhang Xuan not tell what was going on? Roaring frenziedly, he commanded the golden page rotating in the air toward Lin Long.


The entire ground quaked violently. Yet again, a huge hole several meters wide appeared. Smashed by the immense might of the golden book, Lin Long was reduced to meat paste. Having fled swiftly, Ding Mu and Zhou Jin managed to escape the crisis.


"Hurry up and get on the savage beast!"

Seeing the sight behind them, the duo felt even more frightened. At this moment, Ding Mu couldn't care less about anything else. Leaping onto the back of the Gold-scaled Lightning Beast, he immediately commanded it to fly as far away as it could.

Zhang Xuan's mystic tool was simply too powerful. The might of his tool could even smash a Transcendent Mortal expert easily, needless to say them.

If they couldn't escape, the only thing that awaits them would be death.


Howling furiously, Zhang Xuan was just about to send the golden page straight toward the duo and the savage beast when 'weng!', the book disappeared. In the next moment, an indescribable fatigue overwhelmed him, leaving him groggy-headed, ready to faint at any moment.

"Lu Chong..."

Knowing that it was impossible for him to catch up to a Zhizun realm intermediate stage savage beast, Zhang Xuan withstood his dizziness to examine the condition of his student.

The other party's eyes were tightly shut, and he had already lost consciousness.

However, as though delighted to see that his teacher was safe, even though he couldn't open his eyes, a faint smile hung on his lips.

He was still tightly holding on to the sword on his chest, unwilling to let go even upon death.

As though he was declaring that even upon death...

As long as teacher was fine... everything was alright!

"Heaven's Path zhenqi can cure all wounds, you'll be fine..."

Tears that felt like burning oil flowed down Zhang Xuan's cheeks. Grasping the other party's palm, Zhang Xuan furiously infused the Heaven's Path zhenqi within him into the other party's body.

"Tea-teacher, how did you know that my purpose is to exact vengeance?"

"Liu laoshi, please guide me..."

"You can't hurt him, because... he's my teacher!"


Recalling the bits and pieces of the youngster before him, Zhang Xuan trembled in agitation.

After two years of silence, Lu Chong had become a reticent person. During their time together, he didn't speak much. Most of the time, what Zhang Xuan saw was his determined gaze and reliable back...

In order to exact his vengeance, Lu Chong knelt in front of the academy for seven days straight and remain silent for two years. Despite the unimaginable pain from the poison tempering, Lu Chong persisted on with it. Even though he knew that the Lin Clan was powerful, he still charged straight at them...

This reticent but determined youngster felt cold, but his heart was filled with warmth.

To protect the teacher that he respected and admired from the bottom of his heart, he was willing to give in his own life.

Lu Chong, my student, I have failed to protect you!

Wake up, give me a chance to make it up to you...

Zhang Xuan infused the Heaven's Path zhenqi furiously into the other party, but Lu Chong's slim figure didn't budge at all.


Seeing the frenzied look on the young man before her, Mo Yu's face paled.

Everything happened too quickly. By the time Mo Yu saw Liang Qingming, it was already too late. She thought that Zhang Xuan would meet his demise.

Yet, she couldn't have imagined that a student would give up his life just to save him.

Mo Yu clenched her fists tightly and walked forward.

"Zhang Xuan!"

She bellowed, but there was no response.

"Zhang Xuan!"

She shouted once more, and only then did the most radiant genius of Tianwu Royal City raise his head blankly, as though he had lost his soul.

"Don't panic. You possess unparalleled medical skills... Lu Chong will be fine!"

Feeling a deep piercing pain in her heart upon seeing the state of the man before her, Mo Yu consoled.

"Right, my medical skills..."

Upon the other party's reminder, Zhang Xuan finally recovered. Focus returned to his blank and soulless eyes.

That's right!

On top of his medical skills, he had the Library of Heaven's Path.

There was nothing that could hide from the heavens. As long as Lu Chong wasn't reduced to ashes, there would surely be a solution for his situation!

A flicker of hope appeared in Zhang Xuan's eyes.


Zhang Xuan thought, and a book appeared in his head. He hurriedly flipped through it.

"There's still hope for him..."

Upon seeing the contents on it, Zhang Xuan's body trembled. In an instant, his entire face turned red.

He thought that being stabbed by the sword of a Zhizun realm expert, Lu Chong's death was inevitable. Yet, there was still a breath left in him.

All kinds of flaws were written on the book; Lu Chong's meridians had been crushed by the other party's Zhizun realm zhenqi, and his internal organs had also suffered heavy damage. Under such conditions, anyone else would have been dead.

However, having cultivated the Heaven's Path Golden Body and Poison Body, Lu Chong's body was several times stronger than that of an ordinary cultivator. On top of that, Zhang Xuan had infused his Heaven's Path zhenqi into the other party timely, thus preserving a final breath within him.

"I should heal his meridians and internal organs first!"

Having assimilated all the knowledge within the books in the Physician Guild, even without the Library of Heaven's Path, Zhang Xuan's medical skill wasn't inferior to that of a 3-star physician. He knew that the priority at hand was to heal the other party's injuries first.

Thus, he immediately directed his Heaven's Path zhenqi to flow throughout the other party's body, healing his damaged meridians and organs.

At the same time, he fed the other party a recovery pill.

Having ransacked the Lin Clan, he had many of such recovery pills within his storage ring. If it was effective, he was willing to feed all of them to him.

"Zhang Xuan..."

Seeing spirit returning to the young man, and that he was starting to treat Lu Chong, Mo Yu heaved a sigh of relief. Then, lowering her head to take a look, her eyes narrowed.

Under the application of Zhang Xuan's zhenqi, Lu Chong's wounds recovered at a visible pace. His pale face, due to excessive loss of blood, also slowly regained its redness. Even though he was still unconscious, his wounds seemed to have already fully recovered on the surface.

"Healing a person's body thoroughly with just zhenqi?"

Mo Yu's body trembled in disbelief.

Even though she had seen Zhang Xuan's medical skills before, he had often made use of silver needles to stimulate one's acupoints before issuing prescriptions to follow up.

To be able to heal one's injuries and repair one's meridians like that... How pure must his zhenqi be?

"Could he possess... superior zhenqi?"

The thought flashed across Mo Yu's eyes.

It was said that due to the absurd purity of superior zhenqi, it could be used in treatment or clearing away blockages in a person's meridians... All along, Mo Yu thought that it was only a legend. To think that there would come a day which she would see such a sight with her own eyes!

To possess cultivation technique capable of cultivating zhenqi of such caliber, how powerful must Yang shi be?

It was no wonder why Su shi and Ling shi would obey his commands willingly!


After repairing the final injury on Lu Chong's meridians, Zhang Xuan heaved a sigh of relief.

Zhang Xuan refreshed the book on Lu Chong, and with a single look, his face steeled.

"Teacher, how is Lu Chong?" Zhao Ya asked worriedly.

"There isn't any problem with his physical condition, but his consciousness has sunk into a deep sleep. It's hard to tell when he'll be able to wake up!"

The damage Lu Chong had suffered previously was too tremendous. Even if the unparalleled Heaven's Path zhenqi could heal all of his injuries, it was completely helpless as to his mental condition.

Under the current situation, it was possible that Lu Chong might awake anytime, perhaps even at the next instant, but it was also possible that he might never wake up.

"What should we do?" Zhao Ya asked.

"I don't know either!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head in desolation.

Even though he had taken in all of the knowledge within the books of the Physician Guild for his own, he still wasn't able to find a solution to this situation.

Blocked meridians, afflictions, inability to break through one's cultivation bottleneck... The Heaven's Path zhenqi could cure all of those. However, consciousness was a matter of one's soul. It was something incredibly unfathomable and hard to grasp. No matter how formidable Heaven's Path zhenqi was, how could something physical affect the ethereal?

"We might not have any solutions, but Yang shi might have an idea!" Seeing the awful look on the young man's face, Mo Yu consoled.

"Yang shi?"

Zhang Xuan's complexion turned even more awful.

"I've heard that upon reaching 7-star, master teachers would be capable of using one's words to influence one's actions, consciousness, and soul. Lu Chong has only fallen into a deep sleep. If a master teacher of such a level were to delve into his mind and wake him up, Lu Chong might regain consciousness!" Mo Yu continued.

"Influence one's consciousness and soul?" Zhang Xuan clenched his fists tightly together.

It was just like what the other party had said. Lu Chong's consciousness was just asleep. If someone could delve into his mind and wake him up, it was possible that Lu Chong might regain consciousness.

"Un. Even though I've only heard it from others, it's true that high ranked master teachers possess unfathomable means beyond us. We might be unable to find a solution now, but it doesn't mean that there isn't one..." Mo Yu replied.

"You're right!" Zhang Xuan nodded.

It was just like his Innate Fetal Poison. Even though he didn't find a solution for it in Tianxuan Kingdom or the Poison Hall, there was definitely one out there in the vast world, in one of the innumerable Master Teacher Pavilion. Even though it was like searching for a needle in a haystack, at least it gave him a direction.

He was helpless toward Lu Chong's current situation, but as he grew stronger and read more books, he might be able to find a solution to his problem.

"I'll eventually find a solution to cure him, but before that..."

After hearing Mo Yu's words of consolation, Zhang Xuan felt at ease. But soon, he narrowed his eyes, and killing intent burst from his body, drowning the entire sky in it as though a torrent.

"I will... avenge him!"



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