Chapter 413: Xuanyuan Kingdom's Strength

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As a person born in the information age, Zhang Xuan was brought up to settle conflicts peacefully. Despite having transcended into this world, a part of him was still resistant to claiming the lives of others. However, who knew that a moment of benevolence would ultimately lead to Lu Chong's state.

If only he had known, he would have gotten Little Su to get rid of this Lin Long and Commander Liang, and today's matter wouldn't have occurred.


Mo Yu frowned. "Lu Chong has to be avenged, but... do you know anything about Xuanyuan Kingdom?"

Zhang Xuan shook his head.

As a lower ranked kingdom, Tianwu Kingdom didn't have much information on Xuanyuan Kingdom.

As such, Zhang Xuan's understanding of Xuanyuan Kingdom was also severely limited. He knew some brief details, but when it came to the more confidential matters, it blurred out. Thus, even after reading through all of the books in the book collection vault, his understanding toward this Conferred Kingdom was still vague.

At the very least, in terms of national strength and influence, he knew very little about Xuanyuan Kingdom.

"Despite not knowing anything, you wish to avenge him?"

Mo Yu rolled her eyes.

You sure are courageous. The person you are facing is the crown prince of Xuanyuan Kingdom. To make things worse, the current emperor is ill, making the crown prince a person who can ascend to the throne at any moment.

As such, he already possesses the authority over the troops in the country, and he can deploy all of them against you.

Putting aside how many troops there are in a Conferred Kingdom, just the number of experts in their midst makes it an existence impossible for you to succeed by charging in alone.

Unless you possess the cultivation equivalent to Su shi.

But even with this kind of strength, you will surely meet with all kinds of obstructions when trying to kill a crown prince of a country.

"To earn considerable prestige and standing in Xuanyuan Kingdom, one must at least reach Zhizun realm intermediate stage! Even though you are able to match up to even Half-Zhizun cultivators at the moment, you are still lacking as compared to real Zhizun realm experts!"

After a moment of hesitation, Mo Yu explained with a slightly lighter tone.

The young man before her had just lost his student. She was afraid of agitating him into doing something atrocious.

"It's not just lacking, it's being completely helpless against Zhizun realm expert!" Zhang Xuan fell into contemplation.

Zhizun realm was the highest level a Fighter could reach. At the intermediate stage, one would possess 20,000 ding of strength. At the advanced stage, 30,000 ding, and at the pinnacle, 40,000 ding.

Taking into consideration Zhang Xuan's physical strength and zhenqi strength, his total strength only added up to around 15,000 ding. He was still a long way from comparing up to the more powerful Zhizun realm cultivators.

On top of that, he was only using strength as a comparison. After reaching Zhizun realm, one's reaction speed and comprehension toward battle techniques would rise significantly. That was also the main reason why no Zongshi could match up to a Zhizun.

"It's good that you know. My suggestion is that... since the Master Teacher Tournament is going to be held in three months' time, it's best for you not to get involved in such trouble at the moment. As long as you join the tournament and get a good placing, with your newfound standing, you'll be able to request the Master Teacher Pavilion to avenge Lu Chong! At the same moment, no one would be able to say anything about it. This is the most convenient and easiest way at the moment!" Mo Yu shared her thoughts.

Zhang Xuan's cultivation was currently lacking. If he were to forcefully try to exact vengeance, he would be putting himself in huge danger.

Since that was the case, he might as well go for the Master Teacher Tournament first. By then, with his prestigious standing gained from the tournament, no one would dare to stop him from avenging Lu Chong.

Master teachers possessed high standing, but that was relative.

2-star master teachers were a formidable existence in Tianwu Kingdom, but when it came to Xuanyuan Kingdom and the Myriad Kingdom Alliance, they didn't mean much at all.

Only when one proved their strength or unlimited potential would one be highly regarded and feared.

Otherwise, no amount of words would carry weight.

"I can't wait for three months, and I believe that... Lu Chong doesn't want me to wait either!"

Glancing at his unconscious student, a sharp glint flashed across Zhang Xuan's eyes.

Three months was too long, Zhang Xuan's wouldn't be able to hold back his rage for that long.

The other party had reduced Lu Chong into such a tragic state, and he still had to leave him carefree for three months? You must be joking!

"But your current strength... isn't even at Half-Zhizun realm yet, how do you intend to exact vengeance? You would require the strength of a Zhizun realm pinnacle at minimum to do so. Otherwise, you'll just be killed..."

Seeing the determination in Zhang Xuan's eyes, Mo Yu panicked.

What was wrong with this fellow?

I have already told you that even Zhizun realm experts dare not do anything in Xuanyuan Kingdom, so what in the world does a person like you, who hasn't even reached Half-Zhizun yet, hope to achieve there? Aren't you just courting death?

One must know that there was a huge bunch of Zhizun realm pinnacle experts within a Conferred Kingdom. If one wanted to go against the royal family, one had to be at least a Half-Transcension.

"Zhizun realm pinnacle? Simple!" Zhang Xuan said.

"Simple? Could it be that... you have an idea in mind?" Seeing Zhang Xuan's confident declaration, Mo Yu's eyes lit up.

Seems like he has his own plans, I am probably overthinking it...

After all, how can a genius act so rashly!

Just as Mo Yu heaved a long sigh of relief and prepared to ask Zhang Xuan about his plans, the young man before him declared gravely, "I'll just have to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle in the next few days then!"


Mo Yu's body swayed, and she nearly choked on her saliva.

The heck!

Can you say anything more ridiculous than that?

Zhizun realm is the last trial a Fighter has to undergo, and the difficulty in progressing in that realm is multiple folds higher than that of Zongshi realm.

Do you think that it's like cabbages in the market, easily obtainable?

Reach Zhizun realm in the next few days...

Can't you speak normally?

If those who are stuck in Zongshi realm pinnacle heard your words, they would definitely pummel you to death.

And to think that I thought you had a good idea in mind, to think this would be it...

"Zhao Ya, hurry up and persuade your teacher..."

Unable to stand it any longer, Mo Yu turned to the lady beside her.

"Persuade? Teacher is right, why should I persuade him?" Zhao Ya asked doubtfully, as she stared at Mo Yu.


Mo Yu flew into a frenzy, "That's Zhizun realm, Zhizun! It's not that easy to achieve a breakthrough as you all think! Even if your teacher were to dedicate the entire three months to his cultivation, it would be impossible for him to reach Zhizun realm..."

"Teacher only used a month to advance from Pixue realm to Zongshi realm pinnacle. In fact, when he just arrived at Tianwu Royal City, he was only at Tongxuan realm pinnacle. However, he's already at Zongshi realm pinnacle now, and it has only been ten days since then... Don't worry about it, it's not a big deal!" Zhao Ya consoled.

They'd seen all kinds of miracles occurring due to their teacher, and this had left them with deep trust in him. Putting aside reaching Zhizun realm pinnacle, even if Zhang Xuan claimed that he would reach Transcendent Mortal realm tomorrow, they would surely believe it.

How big a matter is it; must you react so vehemently?

"..." Mo Yu.

What the heck... was with all of them!

Not only were they not shocked by Zhang Xuan's declaration to reach Zhizun realm pinnacle in just a few days, they even felt that it was natural?

Mo Yu hurriedly turned her gaze to Zheng Yang, Wang Ying, and the others.

However, all she saw was their looks of disdain, as though mocking her for her horizons being too narrow...

Unable to hold back the agitation in her heart, Mo Yu spurted blood.

To think that I, the princess of Tianwu Kingdom and a 1-star master teacher, would be looked down on by a bunch of students... What in the world is this?

But thinking about it... their words did make sense.

The fellow before her couldn't be understood through common sense. When he took the master teacher examination, he had barely reached Zongshi realm. Yet, when he faced the Lin Clan, he was already at Zongshi realm pinnacle.

There was only an interval of six to seven days between the two events!

If he could advance into Zongshi realm that swiftly, then perhaps... he might be able to do the same for Zhizun realm as well.

"Even if you reach Zhizun realm pinnacle, Ding Mu is still the crown prince of Xuanyuan Kingdom. If you were to kill him, it might cause instability within the country. I'm afraid that... the Master Teacher Pavilion will hinder you!" Mo Yu said, while forcefully suppressing her bursting frustration from being looked down on.

"Hinder? Isn't the Master Teacher Pavilion supposed to protect master teachers?" Baffled, Zhang Xuan frowned.

The Master Teacher Pavilion was an organization created by master teachers for master teachers.

Given that the other party had attempted to assassinate a master teacher, even if the Master Teacher Pavilion chose not to crack down on the culprit, how could it defend the culprit?

"The Master Teacher Pavilion does protect the welfare of master teachers, but... if a Conferred Kingdom is involved, the matter becomes uncertain! After all, if a crown prince of a kingdom of such level were to be killed, it would definitely cause a tremendous chaos in the country. Perhaps, it might even result in war, the death of innocent civilians, and displacement of population. In order to prevent this kind of situation, it is highly likely that the Master Teacher Pavilion might choose the other party over you! After all, you are only a 2-star primary master teacher, so you don't wield sufficient weight yet..."

Mo Yu continued, "Besides, the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion is close with the royal family. As an outsider, it's likely that you'll be shunned instead!"


Zhang Xuan fell into deep contemplation.

Even though Mo Yu's words were frustrating, he had to admit that they made sense.

The purpose of the presence of Master Teacher Pavilions was to maintain peace in the region.

Given that Zhang Xuan was going to kill Xuanyuan Kingdom's crown prince, it would be hard for the Master Teacher Pavilion to simply watch by the side.

Besides, no matter how impartial the Master Teacher Pavilion was, the Xuanyuan royal family had been in power for innumerable years. Along with the passing of time, they had established close ties with one another. With the identity of an outsider 2-star master teacher, it was indeed difficult for him to get them to his side.

Rules are impartial, but humans have feelings.

"That's indeed a problem!"

Upon thinking of all of these, Zhang Xuan nodded. Then, turning to Mo Yu, he asked, "Isn't there any solution for this matter?"

"There is, just that... it's too difficult!"

Mo Yu shook her head.


"If you want to stop the Xuanyuan Kingdom Master Teacher Pavilion from hindering you, or even support you, you have to impress them with your capability." Mo Yu said.

"Impress them with my capability? You mean... Pavilion Crashing?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

If one wanted the Master Teacher Pavilion to submit to one swiftly, there was only a single method. That was... Pavilion Crashing!

It was similar to dojo crashing.

With the strength of an individual, one would face the entire Master Teacher Pavilion. Once one succeeded, regardless of how strong one was or what requests one had, the Master Teacher Pavilion was to obey without any conditions.

This matter was written within the books of the Master Teacher Pavilion, and upon Mo Yu's reminder, he recalled it.

"That's right, I'm referring to Pavilion Crashing! However, the master of Xuanyuan Kingdom's Master Teacher Pavilion is a 3-star master teacher, and his strength has reached Half-Transcension... Without the strength and capability of a 4-star master teacher, it'll be impossible for you to succeed in the Pavilion Crashing." Mo Yu explained patiently.

The master and elders of Xuanyuan Kingdom's Master Teacher Pavilion had all reached 3-star, and they possessed fearsome cultivation to match it.

Pavilion Crashing consisted of tests of all fields. It was similar to Pill Debate; without sufficient strength and knowledge, it was impossible for one to succeed.

"If they know what's better for them, they'll choose not to interfere in this matter... But if they insist on protecting that crown prince..."

Zhang Xuan's eyes narrowed, and he clenched his fists tightly, "Then, I don't mind... crashing it!"



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