Chapter 414: Xuanyuan's Beast Hall

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Lu Chong could even disregard his own life for him. As his teacher, what could he not give up for the other party?

So what if he had to face a Conferred Kingdom?

So what if he had to face off against a Master Teacher Pavilion?

Lu Chong, don't worry! Regardless of who the other party is, to dare to reduce you to such a state, as your teacher, I will make him regret his actions!


Knowing that it was impossible to persuade the fellow before her, Mo Yu shook her head helplessly, and decided not to harp on this issue. "So, what do you intend to do now?"

"I'll head to Xuanyuan Kingdom!" Zhang Xuan replied. At the same time, he whistled, and the air current above suddenly grew chaotic. The Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast whizzed over from the distant sky and landed right before him.

Only in Xuanyuan Kingdom would he be able to find sufficient Zhizun realm cultivation technique manuals for him to grow stronger swiftly.

If he were to remain in Tianwu Kingdom, his strength would just stagnate.

Just like Mo Yu said, without sufficient strength, it was impossible for him to accomplish anything at all. He might even lose his life due to it.

"Xuanyuan Kingdom's capital, Xuanyuan Royal City, is a few hundred thousand kilometers away from here. Given the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast's Half-Zhizun realm strength, even if it were to fly with all of its strength, it would take at least seven to eight days!" Mo Yu replied.

As a Conferred Kingdom, Xuanyuan Kingdom's territory was significantly larger than Tianwu Kingdom. Taking seven to eight days to travel to its capital from here could already be considered fast.

"Seven to eight days?" Zhang Xuan was taken aback.

That was already around the duration he had stayed in Tianwu Royal City.

Mo Yu nodded, "Indeed. This is already the limit of a Half-Zhizun realm savage beast. Well, if it reaches Zhizun realm, it would only take three days. Otherwise, we can only go over like that!"

Half-Zhizun realm and Zhizun realm was only a small leap in one's cultivation stage, but for an aerial savage beast, it meant more than a twofold increase in its flying speed.

"Zhizun realm aerial savage beasts can travel that quickly? Then, I'll raise its cultivation realm then..." Zhang Xuan nodded.

"Raise its cultivation realm?" Mo Yu flashed a bitter smile.

She'd almost forgotten it. On top of being a genius master teacher, the fellow before her was a formidable beast tamer as well. Even until now, she had been unable to make sense of the 'Beast Pummeling Taming Method' that the other party created. She couldn't understand how it could make savage beasts obedient to one, and why it would induce a breakthrough in them.

Lifting her head to take a look, she saw that the young man before her had already gotten into action; he walked over to the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast and smashed his fist onto it.

Peng peng peng peng!

If it was any other beast tamer, it would be impossible for them to punch their tamed beasts so fearlessly. Even if a contract had been established between them, such an action could easily incur the other party's resentment, and this may turn out to be a potential threat in the future.

Yet, when Zhang Xuan's fist landed on the savage beast, the huge fellow howled in delight. A euphoric expression slowly surfaced on its face as it lay motionless on the ground.

To react in such a way while being pummeled, that savage beast was truly one-of-a-kind...


After a moment of pummeling, the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast released a piercing howl, and it broke through its bottleneck. In an instant, its aura surged and pierced through the clouds.

Zhizun realm!

Upon reaching a whole new realm, the Howling Firmament Beast's physique grew larger, and its movements became sharper.

The group climbed onto the back of the savage beast, and after ascertaining the direction, it started flying toward the horizon.


Sitting cross-legged in the room on the back of the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast, Zhang Xuan recalled the events from earlier.

Due to the dire circumstances then, all that was on his mind then was to kill Liang Qingming. And somehow, the golden book suddenly appeared and crushed him to death.

Could it be that... the Book of Heaven's Path also possessed the ability to smash someone to death?

When he first obtained the Library of Heaven's Path, he thought that while others were throwing out all kinds of mystic treasures, he would end up hurling books at others... To think that it was true!

Recalling the might of the book, Zhang Xuan was awed.

For a Zhizun realm advanced stage expert to be smashed into a lump of meat in an instant, the might of the attack was already beyond that of ordinary Transcendent Mortal realm experts.

In other words, even Su shi would have been unable to withstand that attack!


"But... it's a one-time consumable!"

Zhang Xuan shook his head helplessly.

The move was indeed strong, but... it depleted the golden pages within the Book of Heaven's Path, and with that, he had no golden pages left.

It seemed like he would have to bring in more students, win their gratitude, and produce a few more golden pages for his own security.

To be able to assimilate the content of the books in the Library of Heaven's Path into his own knowledge, raise his Soul Depth by 5.0 instantaneously, destroy an enemy far beyond one's cultivation realm...

Zhang Xuan had only discovered three uses of the golden page, but every single one of them was fearsome in their own right.

If he could gather sufficient golden pages, he wouldn't have to fear anyone anymore. He could just toss a book at anyone who dares to provoke him!

"Judging from how long the golden book was materialized... there seems to be a time limit of ten seconds!"

He tried to recall the details of the previous battle.

Seeing Lu Chong being impaled right before him had clouded Zhang Xuan's mind, so he didn't think much into the details then. However, now that he had calmed down, he was able to deduce some matters by analyzing the situation.

This Book of Heaven's Path could be summoned at Zhang Xuan's will to smash his enemies.

However, after leaving the Library of Heaven's Path, it could only sustain itself for around ten breaths or so before disappearing.

If not for this time limit, Ding Mu wouldn't have been able to escape!

This book could even smash Transcendent Mortal experts to death, needless to say, those two fellows.

"After going through Soul Tempering of a Mentor's Calligraphy, my Soul Depth has increased considerably!"

Looking at Kong shi's personal handwriting had sent him into a unique state that nourished his mind.

If not for the lapse in his awareness due to that, with the Heaven's Path Movement Art, it would be difficult for even a Zhizun realm expert to kill him!

"My Soul Depth has reached 12.1. That's sufficient for me take the 4-star master teacher examination!"

Even though the Soul Tempering of a Mentor's Calligraphy only managed to work for a short period of time, given that it was induced by Kong shi's handwriting, it still granted him a huge growth in his Soul Depth, raising it by 1.0.

Given that the examination requirement on one's Soul Depth increased by 3.0 for each tier, Zhang Xuan's Soul Depth was already sufficient for him to take the 4-star master teacher examination.

"With the rise in my Soul Depth, my Eye of Insight has also grown significantly stronger! In the past, I could only peer into the essence of cultivators possessing the same level or weaker cultivation than me, but now, I can easily see the flaws and problems of even a Half-Zhizun!"

As Zhang Xuan's Soul Depth reached 12.1, the level of a 4-star master teacher, his Eye of Insight also enjoyed a qualitative improvement.

Given his cultivation realm of Zongshi realm pinnacle, it was impossible for him to peer into the flaws of a Half-Zhizun in the past.

But now, even if an expert of that level were to appear before him, Zhang Xuan would still be able to see through his flaws easily even without the Library of Heaven's Path.

The Library of Heaven's Path was formidable, but it had many flaws.

For example, it required one to execute his battle technique or be unconscious before a book on one would be compiled. On the other hand, just by expending some of one's Soul Depth, the Eye of Insight allowed one to peer into another's flaws. In a sense, it was much more practical and applicable than the Library of Heaven's Path.

"Not only so, the efficacy of my Impartation of Heaven's Will has also improved significantly!"

Currently, Zhang Xuan had comprehended a total of two unique abilities of master teachers.

The Eye of Insight and Impartation of Heaven's Will.

Through the Impartation of Heaven's Will, by expending his Soul Depth, Zhang Xuan could easily induce trust in another. On top of that, he could also drive another person's cultivation through his words.

In the past, the Impartation of Heaven's Will only influenced cultivators who were much weaker than him. But now, he would be able to influence those of the same cultivation realm as him, Zongshi realm pinnacle, through words alone.

All in all, the benefits that he derived from the Soul Tempering of a Mentor’s Calligraphy were substantial. However, they were mainly limited to the master teacher abilities; it didn't contribute to his cultivation or any other aspects.

"All of you, show me your battle techniques!"

After sorting out his current state, Zhang Xuan turned to look at Zhao Ya and the others.

It had been a while since he had last given them guidance. Even though they had improved swiftly, it was clear that they were unable to keep up with Zhang Xuan's footsteps. Thus, it was imperative for Zhang Xuan to pull up their cultivation so that they could at least fend for themselves.


On the broad back of the savage beast, the group demonstrated their battle techniques, and Zhang Xuan offered them pointers one by one.

Three days passed in a flash. After Zhang Xuan's guidance, the group's cultivation rose significantly. Wang Ying, Zheng Yang, and the others reached Pixue realm, and even Yuan Tao, whose cultivation was often lagging behind the others, had managed to open one acupoint.

By unleashing the potential of her unique constitution, Zhao Ya even managed to reach Zongshi realm advanced stage.

With the Pure Yin Body and Heaven's Path Sword Art, she would be a match for even typical Zongshi realm pinnacle experts.

Zhang Xuan also offered Mo Yu some guidance, and the latter improved significantly as well.

"Why aren't we heading to Xuanyuan Royal City?"

After consecutive days of flight, just when the capital was in sight, Zhang Xuan suddenly commanded the Howling Firmament Beast to steer toward another direction, heading toward the mountain range not too far away.

"I need a place to raise my strength!" replied Zhang Xuan calmly, looking out of the window.

"Raise your strength?" Mo Yu blinked in confusion.

Seeing how adamant Zhang Xuan was at avenging Lu Chong, Mo Yu thought that he would cultivate hard in these three days so that he could at least reach Half-Zhizun. Yet, other than offering them guidance and taking care of Lu Chong, he didn't even bother cultivating at all.

And only when he was close to reaching the capital did he suddenly speak of raising his strength...

Did this fellow require some unique location for his cultivation?

"The Beast Hall!" Zhang Xuan explained.

After reading through all of the books in Tianwu Kingdom, even though Zhang Xuan had yet to get a good grasp of the various powers located within Xuanyuan Kingdom, at the very least, he managed to find information on the locations of the occupation guilds.

Similar to that of the Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall, Xuanyuan Kingdom's Beast Hall wasn't in the city either. It was located in the depths of the mountain range several dozen kilometers away from the capital.

"Beast Hall? You're going there to raise your cultivation?"

Hearing the location, Mo Yu was even more perplexed.

She had heard of savage beasts visiting the Beast Hall to raise their strength, but she didn't know that it applied for humans as well.

Could it be that his cultivation technique required the presence of savage beasts?


Just as Zhang Xuan was heading for the Beast Hall in the small town located in the vast area controlled by the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, three figures leaped off the back of an aerial savage beast.

Of them, two were Zhang Xuan's acquaintances; Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall's Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang.

A man in his late twenties accompanied them. That man's chest was puffed out, and he had an arrogant look on his face.

"Beast Tamer Luo, this is the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, where the Beast Taming Competition will be held!" Hall Master Feng said.

"Un, I know! Don't worry, a championship, is it? I'll definitely take first place for you all!" Beast Tamer Luo waved his hands casually, as though speaking of an insignificant issue.


Hearing the arrogant words of the other party, Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang exchanged glances, and a bitter smile flashed across their faces.

This Beast Tamer Luo was one of the more talented beast tamers in Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall, but he was, by no means, the most talented one.

If not for the competition being brought forward by four months, and the fact that they were unable to find the candidate they had chosen, Zhang Xuan, they would have never brought this fellow over.

Since the Steelfang Howling Firmament Beast had been taken by that fellow, the group could only travel here on a Zongshi realm savage beast. Due to its limited speed, it took them more than a month to arrive here, and all of them were wearied by the long journey.

More than a month ago, Zhang Xuan had still been looking for the Poison Hall. Since he wasn't even at Tianwu Royal City yet, they were unable to find him

"Why? You don't trust my capability?

"Hmph, why do you keep mentioning that Zhang Xuan? He's a 2-star beast tamer, but so am I! He passed the examination on his first try, but so did I! In fact, I even did better than him! How can you be so confident in him and yet doubt me?"

Seeing the expressions of the duo, Beast Tamer Luo flung his hands in displeasure.



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