Chapter 415: Ten Beasts Cage

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What do you mean?

That Zhang Xuan you speak of might be a genius, but aren't I one as well?

Why do you hold so high expectations of him yet think so lowly of me?

We are both 2-star beast tamers, I am not inferior to him in any way!

"That's not what we mean, it's just that..."

Hall Master Feng smiled awkwardly, "The Beast Taming Competition gathers all of the geniuses in the vicinity of Xuanyuan Kingdom, so we mustn't let our guards down. We have to proceed carefully!"

"Proceed carefully? What is there to be careful about! I've studied the previous competition, and all I've to do is to tame a Zhizun realm primary stage savage beast. Even though my current cultivation realm hasn't reached Zhizun realm, I am still confident of doing so!"

Clenching his fists tightly, the young man drove his cultivation.

Zongshi realm pinnacle!

To reach Zongshi realm pinnacle under thirty; even in Tianwu Kingdom, he could be considered as a genius. It was no wonder he was so confident.

"The test for the competition changes each time, so I'm not too sure about what will be tested this time round. However... I've heard that the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall has captured a powerful savage beast a while ago, and they've tried taming it multiple times, only to end in failure. In order to resolve the matter quickly so as to prevent any unnecessary trouble, they decided to bring forward the competition so as to gather the geniuses from all regions here!"

After a moment's hesitation, Hall Master Feng decided to reveal the news that he had heard. "In my view... I think it is very probable for the test to be related to that powerful savage beast they caught!"

"I share your sentiments as well. The Beast Taming Competition is held once every five years, and the timing has always been fixed. There's no reason for them to suddenly push it forward just to conduct it earlier!" Beast Tamer Wang nodded in agreement.

A friend of theirs from Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall had secretly delivered this news to them. However, whether it was true or not still had to be seen.

However, based on their analysis, the intelligence was likely to be true.

Otherwise, there was no reason for them to push forward the competition all of the sudden, catching all of the candidates off guard.

"The Beast Hall has captured a powerful savage beast? What cultivation realm is it?"

Beast Tamer Luo was surprised.

"I'm not too sure about the details either!" Hall Master Feng shook his head.

He might be the head of the Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall, but he still wasn't qualified to learn of the confidential secrets in the Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall.

"Since even 3-star beast tamers are unable to tame it, who of the younger generation could possibly succeed? Even if it's related to that, it'll probably be researching the savage beast's habits, likes, dislikes, and such to help with the taming process."

Beast Tamer Luo lifted his head proudly and boasted, "On those aspects, I won't lose out to anyone!"

Only those beneath thirty are eligible to participatr in the Beast Taming Competition hosted by the Beast Hall. Beast Tamer Luo didn't dare to say much about the experienced beast tamers, but under the age limit, he was confident that there were very few people who could triumph over him in the field of beast taming in the vicinity of Xuanyuan Kingdom.

"I am aware of your capability, but I've heard that numerous talented beast tamers have emerged this year, and all of them are formidable as well! Wei Youdao from Jibei Kingdom, Jiang Nanping from Kaixiong Kingdom, Ji Wuxin from Hongquan Manor... They are all powerful adversaries who have reached 2-star pinnacle below thirty...

Seeing Beast Tamer Luo's confident face, Hall Master Feng glanced at Beast Tamer Wang before speaking.

The young man before him was a talented beast tamer, and if not for Zhang Xuan, he would be the number one beast tamer among the younger generation in Xuanluo Mountain Range.

However, he had a clear, fatal flaw: arrogance.

If it wasn't for them being unable to get into contact with Zhang Xuan, honestly speaking, they wouldn't have approached him for this competition.

As a beast tamer, it was good to be confident but disastrous to be arrogant. Arrogance could potentially earn one the ire of the savage beast one was trying to tame.

Having headed the Beast Hall for so many years, Hall Master Feng had seen many formidable beast tamers being torn apart by savage beasts due to this.

"They're indeed not bad. I've cross hands with them, and back then, I was indeed not a match for them. However, I've learned a new beast taming technique since then, so it won't be easy for them to triumph over me..."Beast Tamer Luo said, placing his hands behind his back.

However, halfway through his words, a cold harrumph sounded behind him.

"Such arrogant words. I was wondering who it was, so it's a braggart!"

A young man walked over and scoffed.

"Fang Jin? Why, you wish to compete with me?" Recognizing the other party, Beast Tamer Luo frowned.

"Compete? Luo Tang, do you think you are worthy of competing with me?"

Chuckling softly, Fang Jin drove his cultivation, and his powerful aura gushed into the surroundings.

"Half... Half-Zhizun?"

Beast Tamer Luo widened his eyes in shock as he subconsciously retreated two steps.

He thought that it was already a formidable feat for him to reach Zongshi realm pinnacle. To think that Fang Jin had already reached Half-Zhizun!

The stronger a beast tamer was, the easier it was for them to win the respect of a savage beast and tame it.

"Two years ago, we were all Zongshi realm pinnacle cultivators. Given your beast taming capability, you could be considered as one of the top of the younger generation. However, Wei Youdao, Jiang Nanping, and the rest of us have already achieved a breakthrough since then. If this is all you have, I advise you to leave quietly now so that you don't make a mockery of yourself!"

Fang Jin looked at Beast Tamer Luo indifferently.

"You..." Beast Tamer Luo's face turned pale. "You mean that... Wei Youdao and the others have also achieved a breakthrough in their cultivation as well?"

There was a world of a difference between Zongshi realm pinnacle and Half-Zhizun. There were many who were stuck at Zongshi realm pinnacle for their entire life, unable to take the next step forward. How did all of them manage to achieve a breakthrough in the past two years?

"Not only so, Wei Youdao has even reached Zhizun realm primary stage!" Fang Jin replied.

"Zhizun realm primary stage?"

Beast Tamer Luo clenched his fists tightly, "So what if you are stronger? What we are competing on is our beast taming skill and understanding of savage beasts. Even if you're stronger, it doesn't mean that you can just beat a savage beast into submission..."


Just as Beast Tamer Luo was refuting the other party's words, the ground suddenly quaked. A thunder-like chiming of a bell suddenly boomed.

"A bell? Crap, something huge is happening!"

Hall Master Feng's face suddenly warped.

Luo Tang and Fang Jin, who were in the midst of an argument, suddenly stopped their actions, and their eyes narrowed.

There were many savage beasts reared in the Beast Hall, and in order to avoid alarming them, quietness had always been upheld here. Unless something huge happened, the bell would never be chimed.

Its chiming meant that all beast tamers had to gather immediately to face whatever that was threatening the Beast Hall!

What could have happened for this bell to chime all of the sudden?

Dong dong dong!

The bell continued chiming.

"Quick, count the number of chimes!" Hall Master Feng urged.

The number of chimes represented the message the Beast Hall was trying to relay to the beast tamers.

Soon, when the chiming stopped, Luo Tang announced, "There was a total of... seven chimes!"

Fang Jin also quickly turned his gaze to Hall Master Feng. Even though they were beast tamers as well, such incidents were rare, and their knowledge of these old traditions couldn't match up to this old head of Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall.

"Seven chimes, this is..."

Recalling the rules surrounding the chiming of the bell, Hall Master Feng's face paled. His body trembled vigorously as he muttered, "Someone is challenging the Ten Beasts Cage? How... How is that possible?"

"Ten Beasts Cage?"

Luo Tang and Fang Jin glanced at one another doubtfully.

This was their first time hearing of this term.

"Ten Beasts Cage is actually a long and narrow metal cage. Placed within it are ten savage beasts, and the further one advanced, the stronger the savage beasts become... To pass the trial, one has to travel from one end of the cage to the other end alone within two hours..."

Hall Master Feng's lips quivered.

"Ten savage beasts? Alone? This... Is it even possible?"

"It's the primal instinct of a savage beast to attack strangers on sight. If that wasn't the case, beast tamer wouldn't be such a respected occupation either. One has to travel from one end of the cage to the other end and face ten savage beasts within two hours?"

Luo Tang and Fang Jin exclaimed in shock. Even Beast Tamer Wang was dumbstruck.

Savage beasts had a skeptical nature, and they possessed an innate hostility toward humans. Without any unique means, one would be attacked as soon as they came within the proximity of the savage beast. On top of that, the cage was narrow, so it was impossible to avoid contact altogether.

It was possible to subdue a savage beast within two hours, but to face ten of them consecutively? How was that possible?

Suddenly recalling a matter, Luo Tang hurriedly asked, "Right! How strong will be the savage beasts be?"

If the strength of the savage beasts was much weaker than the challenger, then even if there were ten of them and their strength rose progressively, it wouldn't be completely impossible to clear the trial.

"The first four savage beasts will be a small cultivation realm weaker than the challenger. The three afterward will be of the same cultivation as the challenger. The next two will be a small cultivation realm stronger than the challenger, and the final one will be... two small cultivation realms stronger than the challenger!"

Hall Master Feng's voice quivered as he spoke.


The faces of the other three immediately turned ghastly pale.

As beast tamers, they were well aware of how fearsome savage beasts were.

They possessed immense physiques and frightening brute strength; in the same cultivation realm, human cultivators were definitely no match for savage beasts. Yet, at the very end, one had to face a savage beast two small cultivation realms stronger than oneself?

Are you for real?

"There's no doubt about it, anyone who tries to challenge will surely die... Who would do something so foolish? What does one stand to gain out of this?"

Fang Jin couldn't help but ask.

Intrigued, Luo Tang and the others turned to look at Hall Master Feng as well.

It was impossible for someone to take such a risk if there was nothing to gain from it. This Ten Beasts Cage was clearly a death trap... Why would anyone even try to challenge it?

Surely it was seeking death?

"Of course there are benefits to it!"

Hall Master clenched his fists so tightly that his nails were sinking into his flesh, "Anyone to succeeds will be bestowed with a drop of...

"Spirit beast blood essence!"



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