Chapter 417: The Cute Whirlwind Wolves

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"Fool!" Wei Youdao harrumphed coldly in disdain.

Those were Whirlwind Wolves, one of the most aggressive savage beasts in the forests. Even though they only possessed a cultivation of Zongshi realm advanced stage, in a practical battle, even Half-Zhizun cultivators had to be wary.

Yet, this fool actually charged in without any preparation... You must be joking!

"Whirlwind Wolves fancy the meat of Flowing Wave Beast. If one were to barbecue the meat and offer it to them, one could easily earn their goodwill. But of course, that isn't sufficient to tame a Whirlwind Wolf. It would require at least two to three additional years of hard work to do so... For this fellow to charge in without any preparations, it can't be that he intends to face them straight on?"

Jiang Nanping's mouth widened in astonishment, "How can there be such a foolish person in the world? Could it be that... he isn't a beast tamer?"

No matter how much strength one possessed, or how much zhenqi one harnessed in one's body, it was impossible for one to barge through the trial consisting of ten powerful savage beasts using brute force. One had to utilize all kinds of beast taming methods and win the other party's goodwill so as to keep it from attacking one.

To charge straight in without any preparatory work...

There must be something wrong with his head!

No sane beast tamer would do this!

"If he's truly a beast tamer, then he's a shame to all beast tamers in the world!" Wei Youdao harrumphed coldly.

"That's right!" Jiang Nanping nodded.

No rational beast tamer in the world would commit such foolishness.

"Let's not talk about him. Brother Wei, how would you get past this stage?" Disregarding that mad fellow, Jiang Nanping asked curiously.

As geniuses, the both of them were rivals. However, at the same time, they were also learning from one another and improving together.


Wei Youdao's mouth curled up, and a dazzling smile surfaced on his dashing face. "Simple, I'd offer them the barbecued meat of a Flowing Wave Beast and the spring water from the Turquoise Clarity Mountain. After which, I'd defeat the strongest one of the lot in the fastest time possible!"

Hearing the other party's solution, Jiang Nanping couldn't help but clap his hands in praise. "Brother Wei is indeed incredible! The Flowing Wave Beast and water from the Turquoise Clarity Mountain are the favorites of the Whirlwind Wolves. Using these two things to win their fancy before striking down on one of them violently... The most attractive carrot and the most painful stick! They'd surely lose their fighting will swiftly. Brilliant, that is truly brilliant!"

"Hehe... No matter how united savage beasts are, they're only beasts. One just has to divide them and make them lose their fighting will. The first stage actually isn't too difficult!"

After which, Wei Youdai turned to Jiang Nanping and asked, "What about you, Brother Jiang? How will you deal with this situation?"

"Me?" Jiang Nanping raised his right hand and pointed to the cage valiantly. "My method is different from that of Brother Wei. I'd... I'd... The heck! What is going on? How is this possible?"

Jiang Nanping was about to explain the idea he had in mind to the other party when his eyes narrowed. Gradually, his face paled, and he nearly lost his balance and fell down from shock.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing his good friend losing his composure, going to the extent of even spouting vulgarities, Wei Youdao frowned. He also turned his gaze to the cage below.

With a single look, his body trembled, and he nearly spurted a mouthful of blood.

"Thi-this... Are my eyes playing tricks on me?"

The duo stared at one another silently.


"Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang, you two must be old! I told you all that Zhang Xuan couldn't be as incredible as you all put him out to be, but you all just wouldn't listen to me. See what's happening now?"

Upon seeing Zhang Xuan diving into the group of Whirlwind Wolves, Luo Tang glanced at the two elders behind him and shook his head.

What in the world were you all thinking?

Do you think that this goof can represent the Xuanluo Mountain Range Beast Hall in this competition?

And that he is superior to me?

You must be pulling my leg!

"It's fortunate you two didn't bring him here. Otherwise, it'd only be embarrassing!"

Luo Tang spoke with a concerned tone, but smugness hung on the corners of his lips.

Those two old fogeys actually compared him with this fool? They must be blind!

"Actually, I don't mean to blame you all by saying these words. I just hope that you all won't be deceived by the lies of despicable people..."

Halfway through his words, Luo Tang suddenly felt someone tugging on his sleeve.


Luo Tang frowned. Turning around, he saw Fang Jin staring at him with a dazed expression. Fear and shock reflected in his eyes.

"Brother Fang..."

Luo Tang was taken aback. He was just about to ask about it when he caught sight of the scene below with his peripheral vision. In that instant, it felt as though his head exploded, and tears threatened to spill from his eyes.

What was... this situation?

In the cage below, the ferocious and valiant Whirlwind Wolves were standing before the young man with a fawning look. They rubbed their heads ceaselessly on the pants of the other party and licked him throughout... On top of that, they were wagging their tails so fast that it almost looked like a propeller, and it looked as though it was going to be shaken off at any time now.

They were not attacking him... but fawning over him?

You all are the Conquerors of the Forest, the fearsome Whirlwind Wolves, not pugs...

Why in the world are you all acting cute?

What are you all up to?

"This is... Complete Submission? It's offering to form a contract with him?"

Swallowing a mouthful of saliva, Luo Tang spoke with a hoarse voice.

It couldn't be any clearer to him that the Whirlwind Wolves, who were feared as the Conquerors of the Forest, were fawning on Zhang Xuan, hoping that the other party would take them in as his tamed beast!

Weren't Whirlwind Wolves proud animals who refused to associate themselves with humans? Didn't taming them take several years of relentless effort?

When did they become like dogs, stretching out their tongue and shaking their tails... waiting for someone to tame them? On top of that... Complete Submission?

"What in the world happened?"

Unable to comprehend the sight before him, Luo Tang turned to look at Fang Jin.

He was too busy lecturing Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang a moment ago, so he didn't pay careful attention. He didn't think that such a huge turnaround would occur in a blink of an eye. The situation at this instant left him completely baffled.

"That... Beast Tamer Zhang rushed into the wolves, and after pummeling them for a moment, it just... just... turned out like this!"

Fang Jin was also on the verge of tears. He tried to explain the situation, but he realized that he had no idea what had just happened either.

He had seen the entire proceeding clearly, but yet... despite seeing everything, he found himself even more confused than Luo Tang.

The ferocious disposition of the Whirlwind Wolves a moment ago wasn't just a facade. Given his eye of discernment, he could at least tell this much...

Yet, why did they suddenly change their attitudes after getting beaten up?

He had once accompanied an elder in the Beast Hall to capture a Whirlwind Wolf, and he had seen its callous personality for himself. Sometimes, it would even launch a lethal assault on a person right after it was fed with delicacies!

Otherwise, it wouldn't have earned the nickname 'Ingrate Wolf'.

It was one of the hardest savage beasts to tame. Yet, it was reduced to such a state right after a round of beating...

Can you all be any more shameless?

Can you all be any more embarrassing than this?

"They became like that right after a pummeling?"

Luo Tang was also dumbfounded. He was about to enquire more about it when Hall Master Feng and Beast Tamer Wang spoke in agitation.

"It's Beast Tamer Zhang's unique technique, [Beast Pummeling Taming Method]!"

"Indeed! To think that he would use it here. No matter how I look at it, I can't help but be impressed!"

"Beast pummeling taming method?"

Luo Tang and Fang Jin stared at the duo in confusion.

"Un, beast pummeling taming method is a unique technique that Beast Tamer Zhang's teacher came up with. As long as a savage beast is beaten up using this technique, it would immediately submit to one. Back then, during the beast tamer examination, he used this technique to tame a Half-Zongshi Viridescent Eagle on the spot."

Seeing incomprehension in the eyes of the two, Hall Master Feng explained.

Getting a savage beast to submit through beating it?

What the heck?

Shouldn't beating savage beasts trigger the rebellious streak in them?

To submit after a pummeling...

How in the world could there be such a bizarre beast taming technique in the world? Why did it feel as though they were dreaming?

The duo only felt thunder rumbling by their ears, and their head was about to convulse from shock.


"Complete Submission... He actually tamed those Whirlwind Wolves in just a few breaths?"

At this moment, Wei Youdao and Jiang Nanping had finally recovered from their immense shock from the sight, and a dazed look appeared on their faces.

"Even though Whirlwind Wolves are only Zongshi realm advanced stage savage beasts, they possessed incredible speed and outstanding offensive ability. They'd definitely boost one's fighting prowess significantly. That fellow is truly lucky..."

Jiang Nanping commented in envy.

He thought that given how rash this fellow was, he would definitely be torn to shreds by the fangs of the Whirlwind Wolves. Yet, not only was he fine, he even managed to tame four Whirlwind Wolves at a single go...

"Indeed. I don't know what kind of secret technique he used to tame those Whirlwind Wolves, but it's an extremely fortunate affair for a beast tamer to have a savage beast willingly pledge its servitude to him. That fellow must be overflowing with joy at this moment..." Wei Youdao said.

There were different stages to the taming of a beast: Inceptive Taming, Advanced Taming, and Complete Submission.

Only upon Complete Submission would a savage beast willingly sign a contract and serve one. This wasn't just a show of acknowledgement by a savage beast, this was also a display of the capability of a beast tamer.

That fellow must be feeling proud at how he managed to get the proud Whirlwind Wolves lower their heads in such a short period of time!

Even if he failed the later stages, he would have already succeeded in making a name for himself...


Awed, the duo glanced downward to see the contract forming between the young man and the four savage beasts, but contrary to their expectation, the young man kicked them away impatiently.

"Scram to the side, don't cause me trouble here!"

Peng peng peng peng!

Four sorrowful cries sounded as the Whirlwind Wolves were kicked to the side. Then, the young man started walking with large strides over to the next stage.

Wuu wuu wuu wuu!

Despite being kicked, not only did the Whirlwind Wolves not charge forward to attack Zhang Xuan out of anger, they even laid on the ground motionless, not daring to make a single move as they watched the other party off with gazes mixed with desire and frustration.

"The heck!"

Upon seeing this sight, all of the spectators were dumbfounded.



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