Chapter 419: Seven Meridians Vicious Bear

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"What's going on?"

"Are the two Tiger Head Beasts sick?"

"Sick my head! Can't you tell? It's obvious that they're intimidated..."

"After the other party said that 'if you all don't fall, I won't be able to proceed on with the trial', those two fellows immediately dropped from fright..."

After a moment of silence, an uproar burst in the area.

They had seen savage beasts fighting resolutely against an opponent to their last breath.

They had seen arrogant savage beasts who disregarded all that came their way...

But they had never seen a savage beast who played dead even before the fight began...

How scared are you both of that fellow?

"Without making a move, he made the ferocious Tiger Head Beast so scared that they chose to play dead?"

Luo Tang and Fang Jin nearly bit their own tongues.

Wasn't this way too exaggerated?

Those were Tiger Head Beasts, incomparably ferocious animals! They were existences who dared to bare their fangs against Zhizun realm experts! Yet, after witnessing a single punch, they immediately fell to the ground and allowed saliva to trickle from their lips...

Can you all be any more shameless than that?

What ever happened to the pride of a savage beast?

The backbone of the Dictator of the Forest?

The disposition of a Zongshi realm pinnacle?

Luo Tang and the others felt as though their worldly horizons were being pushed to new boundaries.

Ten minutes ago, they prided themselves on being invincible in the art of beast taming in Xuanyuan Kingdom. However, upon seeing Zhang Xuan, they realized how insignificant they were.

Despite inducing Complete Submission among a group of Whirlwind Wolves within a few breaths, that fellow... kicked them away as though they were nothing.

Alright, you might not necessarily need them, so I will grudgingly overlook it. But... to scare a Tiger Head Beast into playing dead with a single word, isn't that way too exaggerated?

"If it were me... What would happen?"

Putting himself in the other party's situation, Luo Tang immediately burst into tears.

If he was the one facing the three Tiger Head Beasts, he would probably immediately fall to the ground and play dead upon hearing the other party's howl...

Before this, he thought that Hall Master Feng and the others were going overboard praising this fellow. However, only now did he know that there was a world of a difference between this fellow and him.

"I won't be able to do so either..." Fang Jin shook his head with a bitter smile.

Even as a Half-Zhizun expert, he didn't stand a chance against three Tiger Head Beasts at once. Under such circumstances, the best he could do was to run as far as he could. Subduing and taming it were completely out of question.


"The Tiger Head Beast's defense is strongest at its abdomen, but it's also where its strength originates from. Through striking at that spot with pure brute strength, that lad instantaneously destroyed its biological structure, resulting in its nausea and powerless!"

Seeing that sight, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen widened his mouth in shock. It took him a long moment before he recovered. "After seeing the sight, the two remaining Tiger Head Beasts knew that the same plight would befall them if they were to be struck...

"Once a savage beast loses its fighting prowess, it would be no different from dead. No matter how foolish they might be, it was clear what they should do!"

The primal instincts of a savage beast also taught them to avoid the strong. When facing a being far stronger than itself, even the most arrogant savage beast would back down.

"Indeed. However... to achieve this, one needs to possess more than brute strength. Above that, one has to have a complete understanding of the physique of a Tiger Head Beast so as to instantaneously determine the point of weakness among the muscles, bones, and meridians amidst its huge abdomen before one can subdue it with a single blow..."

Grand Elder Wei Yuqing was also stunned.

Those were Tiger Head Beasts! Even with his current strength, it was still impossible for him to instill so much fear in them with a single blow that they would play dead!

This was no longer just a matter of possessing immense brute strength. Only those who possesses complete understanding of the Tiger Head Beast, its habits, attacking pattern, physique, and such were able to do so!

Only then would one be able to achieve such a feat so easily.

Was... Was he still a human?

For a 2-star beast tamer who wasn't in his twenties yet... How in the world did he do it?

"If I'm not wrong, he probably has a Tiger Head Beast as a tamed beast. After innumerable days and nights of companion, he managed to gain an in-depth understanding of the latter. Otherwise... it doesn't make sense at all!"

After thinking for a moment, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen eventually spoke up.

It was impossible for such knowledge to appear from nowhere. It was only through books and practical experience that one could gain complete understanding over something.

Back then, there was a painter in the capital who, in order to bring out the spirit within bamboo, planted bamboos all around his house and observed them day after day. After twenty-seven years, he managed to produce a masterpiece and made a name for himself!

In order to better understand their tamed beast, some beast tamers would choose to accompany their tamed beast day and night. Some even went to the extent of mimicking their actions so as to learn more about their habits. Through this, they were able to create cultivation techniques that complemented their tamed beast, and they were also able to earn trust from their tamed beast as well.

Given that the other party was able to get the Tiger Head Beasts to admit defeat in an instant through means they were unable to think of, this could only mean that the other party's understanding of this savage beast had far surpassed them.

Most probably, he had put a lot of effort into the study of Tiger Head Beasts.

And to do so, it was likely that he had tamed one.


Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded in agreement. Then, he glanced at the cage, and worry surfaced in his eyes, "He might be able to pass this stage due to his deep understanding of the Tiger Head Beast, but the third stage won't be that easy!"

"For the third stage, he'll have to face the Half-Zhizun [Seven Meridians Vicious Bear]

Hall Master Xie Jiuchen's complexion slowly turned grim, "This kind of savage beast is extremely rare, and it's nearly impossible to tame it. Thus, it's impossible for him to have prior knowledge of it!"

"More importantly, it possesses immense strength. Even though its cultivation is only at Half-Zhizun, it's very likely that its true strength has surpassed ten thousand ding!"

"Un. The Seven Meridians Vicious Bear only has seven meridians in its body, but it provides them with an advantage as well. To make up for the lacking quantity of meridians in its body, its meridians grew thicker, granting it with immense strength. If not for its slow movements, it would have been surely classified as a Zhizun realm savage beast!"

Grand Elder Wei Yuqing nodded.

The only reason why the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was publicly acknowledged to be a Half-Zhizun realm savage beast was because of its lacking speed. However, in terms of strength, even Zhizun realm primary stage cultivators were unable to match up to it.

"In order to make up for the flaw of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear, the area for the third stage of the Ten Beasts Cage is made narrower. This way, its limited speed wouldn't become too much of a problem, and the challenger won't be able to circumvent it. Given the strength of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear, it'll be difficult for that lad to get by using the two techniques he used for the previous two stages!" Hall Master Xie Jiuchen said.

Even though Zhang Xuan had passed the first two stages easily, there was a possibility that he might have prepared specially for them in advance.

If he had studied the flaws of the two savage beasts intensely beforehand, it wouldn't be too difficult for him to pass the two stages.

But the third stage was different. Due to the narrow area, it would be difficult for one to escape from the assault of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear. On top of that, the flaw of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was on its back, and given the limited area, it was impossible for one to sneak to its back and strike it. Thus, one would be forced to face it straight on.

It was one thing if Zhang Xuan's cultivation equaled with it. However, not only was the savage beast's cultivation one small realm higher than Zhang Xuan, he also had to face two at once...

The difficulty was unimaginable.

It was not an exaggeration to say that there was no hope of victory.


"Most probably... His challenge will come to an end here!"

Jiang Nanping's tightly clenched fists slowly released.

It was true that the other party had shocked him with his feat with the Tiger Head Beasts.

But the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was different.

Given the narrow space, one could only face it in a battle of strength.

Without sufficient strength, losing... was inevitable.

From the battle between the young man with the Whirlwind Wolves, it was clear that he was more adept in swift movements. Such cultivators often lacked strength.

After all, it was impossible for one to be skilled in everything.

"Even a Zhizun realm primary stage cultivator would be unable to subdue a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear. He'll... surely be unable to withstand its attacks!"

Wei Youdao shared the same point of view.

If the second stage with the Tiger Head Beasts could be described as dangerous, then the third one with the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear would cause despair.

Even with its slow speed, it was impossible for a Zongshi realm pinnacle to triumph over it.

"Let's see what weapon he'll use!" Jiang Nanping commented.

Due to the overwhelming difficulty of the third stage, challengers were permitted to use their choice weapon from a selection provided by the Beast Hall.

However, due to the confined space, one had to choose carefully. If the weapon was too long, one would not be able to move freely, and it would become a burden instead. On the other hand, if it was too short, it would be difficult to deal significant damage to the massive body of the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear, thus rendering it useless.

If one didn't choose wisely, it would almost be equivalent to forfeiting.

"He's already in front of the weapon rack. I guess he'll probably use a hammer or something similar. It allows him to launch powerful blows, and it is easy to use as well."

"I think it should be a sharp dagger or something of the sort. It'll be much easier to use them..."

The duo stared fixedly at the young man below as they spoke their conjectures. However, before they could finish their words, the sight below caused them to freeze.

The youngster below simply walked past the weapon rack as though he didn't see it.

"He didn't choose anything? What does this mean? It can't be that... he intends to face the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear barehanded?"

"Barehanded? Is that fellow mad?"

The Seven Meridians Vicious Bear was known for his immense strength. Through the skillful utilization of one's weapon, one might still stand a chance...

But barehanded, how could he possibly win?

This was no different from smashing an egg on a stone! This was courting death!

"It's beginning... It's too late to choose a weapon now..."

Just as the duo were shocked, the young man below had already walked into the attacking radius of the two Seven Meridians Vicious Bear.

Roar! Roar!

Two massive figures blocking the narrow passageway of the cage entirely roared furiously as they stared at the young man in savagery.

As though they would tear him apart.

"Not only does the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear possess immense strength, its defense is also top-notch. Under such circumstances, the narrow space is truly advantageous to it... This stage is a little tricky!" Zhang Xuan muttered as he looked ahead.

There was a lot of information on the Seven Meridians Vicious Bear within the books that he assimilated to his head, and thus, he knew how fearsome and powerful these two fellows were.

If he hadn't cultivated the Heaven's Path Golden Body 2-dan, he would surely find it difficult to face them. But now, they didn't mean much to him.

As for weapons...

The spear art, sword art, and saber art that Zhang Xuan learned were way too sharp and powerful. If he were to accidentally kill the other party in the midst of the battle, wouldn't the Beast Hall come after him?

Even in Xuanyuan Kingdom Beast Hall, Half-Zhizun savage beasts were rare.

"Alright, I should hurry up. I still want to gather a few more drops of spirit beast blood essence..."

Shaking his head, Zhang Xuan dashed forward. In the blink of an eye, he was already standing right before a Seven Meridians Vicious Bear. Then, with both of his hands, he grabbed the arm of one of the massive fellows.


Howling furiously, Zhang Xuan flipped it over.


"What's this fighting method?"

Wei Youdao, Jiang Nanping, Hall Master Xie Jiuchen, Grand Elder Wei Yuqing, and the others were dumbfounded by the sight.



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